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RMFF Round Robin...

Discussion in 'Denver, CO' started by Jedi Girl of Corellia, Oct 1, 2002.

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    Jul 30, 2001
    Okay, so I've been caught up reading American Romantic Poets/Poetry and now sculpting, so I've kinda been slacking [face_blush] :p But I will do my best to get some stuff together this week to break through on my way to the climax of the story :D [face_devil]


    Striding past the entry to the comm center of the Caspian, Commandar Silvas Orian can hear the tremendous burst of static come from speakers of one unit and it draws his attention towards the room. As he gets nearer the door, he can sense the tension building the room, and as he catches sight of the communication crew gathering around a single unit, he knows something grave is happening.


    The ranking officer takes the comm and begins to speak into the microphone as he directs the ensign to isolate the broadcast, ?Unidentified vessel. Please secure your transceiver? We are not receiving you.? Reaching across the terminal to adjust another dial before the next burst of static comes flying over the airwaves.


    Having heard and seen enough to know what was going on, Commander Silvas Orian steps forward and begins to order his men, ?Open the outer landing pad, and prepare the emergency crews?? Grabbing the microphone from the Lieutenant, ?Pilot, you have clearance to land on the outer pad, opening now. Repeat? Outer Pad One is ready. Make your landing now? Acknowledge.?

    There is a brief moment of silence in the room, when the visual display shows the pilot making a wild course correction, putting it on a direct approach for the open pad. As soon as the maneuver is completed the comm comes alive with two distinct clicks over the ambient speakers. The big man?s chest shows the slightest heave of relief and he then turns back to the comm center crew. In his most authoritative, yet soothing voice he instructs the men once more, ?Bring him home, lads. This pilot may have a tale to tell, that we may need to hear.?
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    Jul 30, 2001
    Too tired to write tonight :(
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    Jul 30, 2001
    Still too tired.... But I have a lot swirling around in my head... So get ready for a few marathon posts :)
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    Feeling a little better tonight....


    With reports of the strife brewing on the streets and in the homes of Chandrila weighing heavily upon Silvas Orian, receiving the debriefing holo of the young pilot who crash landed on Outer Pad One just a few hours ago was the last thing he needed. As the holo plays out, Silvas tries to piece together his next counter move in this battle of wills and wits.

    Knowing that the Kuati fleet is making its move on Chandrillan space is not what he expected; at least not this soon in the game. This move has only confirmed Silvas? suspicion that the extremely cautious Kuati?s are not running this game; they are merely the pawns in someone else?s grand scheme. If only he could figure out who the player are, before it is too late, perhaps then he could calculate the winning move.

    As he contemplates this dilemma, comment made by the young pilot catches his attention:

    [blockquote]?Yes, sir? When my squadron discovered that it was a Kuati snooper, we immediately transmitted our coordinates, and a visual back to Caspian Control. It was only when we tried to communicate with each other that we learned of the communications disruption.?

    ?What do you mean by disruption, Ensign??

    ?Sir, it was almost as though something was interfering with our transmitters. And the closer we got to the Kuati vessel, the worse it became.?[/blockquote]

    Silvas switches off the holo display, leans back in his chair and strokes his chin. Turning over these statements in his mind over and over again, trying to put it all together, but not liking what he was coming up with at all. It seems the engine modifications aren?t the only thing they?ve got hidden under the tapestries on Kuat. Silvas reaches for his comm station, deciding another head might be needed to figure out this scenario.

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    Jul 30, 2001
    And here is #2 for the night... Hope to have another for tomorrow :)


    Seated at the comm station in her Uncle?s chambers, Meesahran communicates across the expanses of space. ?Yeah, I can see where that would give this idea? I?ve never really gone so far as to create such a thing, but I imagine it really wouldn?t be that hard. Some microwave or pulse generators already can have that effect, so if you just took to same principles to a larger scale, I guess it wipe everything out.? She stops a moment to consider something else, ?But then that would take you out as well. You would need some kind of frequency modulator to frazzle the other guy?s frequencies, while still leaving you an open vector to communicate. If I had some time, I might be able to figure out a countermeasure for it, but I?m just-?

    Another voice interrupts her train of thought, ?S?cool, Mees. I just needed theory to go from. I think I take it from there, but you?ll still get some of the credit when the patent it registered at the Intergalactic Patent Registrars Commission.?

    Meesahran laughs at the joke, ?Anytime, Niija? Just remember, it?s spelled with two L?s, right?? The diminutive woman on the other end laughs as she back away from the holocam. ?Okay, if that?s all you need, I have to be getting to the ceremony before it starts... Sanctuary Out.?

    As she stands up from the seat in front of the comm station, Meesahran tucks her amber tunic in on the side once more and straightens the scarf that is draping in front of her in a delicate arc, while the tail ends are thrown over her shoulders. She stops a moment to gaze at her reflection when the light catches the golden flecks scattered throughout the burnt sienna colored, silken scarf. The wispy trimmings of the scarf sway with her every movement. Hypnotized by their little dance, Meesahran thinks back to the day she received this scarf. The fingers of her left hand tenderly run across the trim as she remembers that day.

    [blockquote]Tucking in her amber colored tunic on the side once more, Meesahran finds herself fidgeting with her formal attire for yet another advancement ceremony that is not hers. Frustrated at herself, everyone and everything else she pulls on the bottom of the tunic once more as she gazes upon her reflection. Lowering her head, shamed by the anger she sees there on her face, Meesahran is surprised by the sudden feeling of fabric brushing across her nose. Opening her eyes to see a beautiful, silken scarf with tiny flecks of gold strewn amongst the rich, dark, burnt sienna fabric. As she brings her left hand up to touch the apparition, her fingers find a delicate trim with even more strands of the precious gold fibers.

    ?They come from a rare spider that weaves them for its web. There?s a millinery on Malaastare that sells the stuff.? A younger, less hardened, and almost serene Vic Orion lays a gentle hand upon Meesahran?s shoulder, ?When I saw it in the Valley District yesterday, I thought of how nice it would look when you wore your hair down like this?? Gazing at her reflection, he lowers his mouth to her ear, ?And I was right.?

    Meesahran turns around to face him, but before she finishes reaching up to him for a kiss, her uncle walks into the room, calling to her to ?Hurry, child? Or we?re gonna be late.? Stopping only when he suddenly realizes Orion is in the room. ?Orion, didn?t hear you come in? Are you both ready?? The two face the man and nod, ?Good, then let?s go. The last thing I need is another lecture from Maji about timeliness.? The man rumbles a short laugh at his own joke and the two follow him out the doorway.

    Her thoughts are soon given voice when she is broken from her daydream by the resonating voice of her uncle, ?Thinking about Orion again??

    Her face becomes flush at the mention of his name by her uncle, but she quickly recovers, ?Why do you ask??

    ?Far away look in your eye, that scarf, and we share the same blood, child. I do have an idea of how you think.? He places a caring hand upon her shoulder, ?I know that
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    Jul 30, 2001
    Okay, if I feel up to it, I'll put up another post tonight... But this one might just get me into some trouble [face_mischief]


    Finding the old, and nearly broken man before him, Falion Mussiri feels great shame. To know that his apparent failure has caused this man, this man of his own blood, to have aged thusly, gives him great pain. Entering the room, his head hung low, Falion approaches the old man.

    ?My dear Falion, why do you approach me in such anguish? You have succeeded in your missions, and you have returned with more than left with. Why do you feel such pain, old man?? Hearing those words from these ancient lips causes Falion?s heart to skip, and he plunged further into his melancholy.

    ?High Master Arankelee, I come to you to tell a tale of my failure? A failure for which I can never accept forgiveness.? Bowing to the man in acquiescence, Falion goes down on one knee,

    The High Master gestures for Falion to take the seat to his right, and upon his face is confused and worried look. ?I can foresee no deed of active malice, nor unconscious Will performed by yourself that could ever warrant such a response.?

    As Falion takes his seat he simply utters a single phrase, ?The boy lives.?

    High Master Arankelee has lost all breath with this simple statement. All color has drained from his face and it would appear as though another ten years has been added to his features in just that moment. ?He? He lives?? The High Master contemplates these words before speaking another word. ?How can you be so sure, Falion??

    His head bowed low, and his voice cracking with his torment, ?I can see it in his eyes, feel it in his presence and I know him to be the same boy, lost to us so many years ago.?

    The old man thinks on this before answering Falion, ?Not that I doubt your judgment, good old man, but you once told me he was dead, along with his father? How can you be so certain?? As Falion looks up into the eyes of the High Master, he can see the terrible wanting of hope from his words and pauses before answering.

    Needing to form the words perfectly, and not leaving any room for doubt, he takes a deep and steeling breath before he continues, ?He bears the mark upon his right shoulder, the same mark that was borne by his father.? Falion stops a moment, hearing the old man gasp in shock, and awaits his words.

    ?How can you be sure he simply not of the same bloodline?? The High Master is looking for a way to prove or disprove Falion?s claim.

    ?He carries with him the training of his father, and of his father?s master.? Falion adds, holding back the last remaining point until the old man is ready.

    ?Is there more? You have something else to tell me, do you not?? The yearning for proof in the old man?s eyes is more than Falion can bear.

    The words catching in his throat, he begins again, ?He carries a saber, one kept by his father, one made with the very same azurite crystals as can only be found beneath the very foundations of this place, and one that was made in these very same hallowed chambers, under your own guidance, High Master Arankelee? He is the boy? Alive? And dwelling within this place.?

    The old man begins to weep openly, the pain of so many years washing away with each drop from his ancient eyes. Falion does not wish to disturb the old man, but he knows he must continue. ?The boy does not know of this yet, and he is preparing to undergo the Trials with Master Dracul in the morning. Perhaps after you have seen him with your own eyes, High Master, you shall be able to understand. However, with all that you must undertake on this day, perhaps it is best if you await the morning before meeting the boy. And then you may make your decision regarding his future?? Ending with a question, and not wanting to dictate to the man his actions, Falion uses his immense talent for persuasion to guide the man without hurting his ego.

    ?You are right, Falion. As you always are, in these situations? I shall bear witness to the boy?s affects in the morning. In the light, I shall be given over to a clearer head for s
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    As much as I hate cliffhangers when I am reading... I can definitely see the appeal when writing [face_devil]


    Desperately trying to make his way through the milling residents and visitors of Sanctuary, Jae-Lee Reklaw hopes to find a familiar face in this sea of unfamiliar people and species. His anxiety level is heightened by his unfamiliarity with this place and when he is bumped into a hooded woman in a grey cloak he is shocked to see her familiar face, ?Oh, hey, I?m sorry? Crowds aren?t really my thing,?.? Her name has escaped him and his embarrassment begins to flush across his face.

    ?Ruleel? It is good to see you have chosen to stay. You will have to forgive me, as I also cannot remember your name. Lee something, was it?? She asks him, and he knows that she is only trying to assuage his guilt.

    ?Jae-Lee, but everyone pretty much just calls me Jae.? Jae cautiously puts his left arm behind his back, in an attempt to center himself by touching the cylinder resting there.

    Pulling her hood down to her shoulders, she continues, ?I imagine that you are searching for Meesahran?? Jae nods in affirmation, ?Very well, I shall take you to her conclave. I am certain that Master Bowen shall welcome you there. And if he does not, Mistress Shiiru shall, if only to spite him.? Her laugh is almost melodic, and it helps Jae to relax a little bit more. It also serves to remind Jae that his aversion to other species can be overcome.

    ?Thanks, that would help a lot.? Jae begins to follow her as she gracefully makes her way through the crowd into a series of alcoves off to the left.

    ?I understand from Meesahran that you shall undergo your first trials in the dawn? Does this mean you have chosen to follow the Will?? She looks back at him as she asks her question.

    ?Well, I?m not sure what that means exactly, but I would like to train with Master Mussiri.? She stiffens with his response and he begins to question if he hasn?t misspoken himself, ?Did I say something wrong??

    She tries to cover her surprise, ?No? It?s just that among those of the Will, they only take one Padawan at a time? And I was not aware that Meesahran was being elevated.?

    Jae suddenly realizes that Master Mussiri would be giving up his training with Mees to train him, and he begins to wonder if he has not betrayed Mees once again. The thought of betraying her gives him a cold and uneasy feeling, that creeps into his very soul. ?I didn?t know anything about that? This is all still so new to me.?

    As he contemplates what to say next, Ruleel speaks again, ?I am certain that Master Mussiri know what he is doing? It should not trouble you so.? She faces forward once more and gestures to a boy standing near a portico. Turning back to Jae once more, ?This is where I shall leave you? I must return to my own conclave.? She bows slightly to him, before she turns and walks back from whence they came.

    The boy gestures for Jae to follow him, and he does. They reach a heavy drape and the boy reaches out to pull it back, motioning for Jae to pass through. He does, and upon the light hitting the figures upon the balcony he finds on the other side he is heartened to once again see familiar and friendly faces.

    The first person that catches his gaze is Xana, her flaxen hair flowing about her shoulders in a way Jae had never seen before, and her sea foam green dress, sparkling with tiny, iridescent pearls makes him think of the fables telling him of the Sea Nymphs of Chandrila, whose beauty would cause the fisherman to crash their ships upon the rocks as they were so hypnotized by the beauty their eyes beheld. She turns as he steps onto the balcony and beams the most delightful smile at him when her eyes meet his. As he stood on awe of her beauty, the deep, booming voice of Master Dracul shakes him from his trance. ?Well! I was wondering if you were ever gonna get here, boy!? Master Dracul slaps Jae on the back to welcome him in his brutish manner. That is when Jae is able to discern the other members gathered upon the balcony: Mistress Dracul; betrothed t
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    Last one tonight :)


    The burly Commander glances at his chronometer, just before beginning the briefing of his pilots. Noting in his own mind that the ceremony at Sanctuary should be about to begin. Somewhere, deep in his inner most thoughts, he prays that this gathering of the mystics will help to restore some kind of order in the galaxy, but for the time being, it is up to men like himself to do what they can in the meantime.

    Looking out at the sea of young, idealistic faces he finds in the briefing room, Silvas Orian is given some hope. If these young people can forward enough, and have the kind of steadfast loyalty that he has found among them, then perhaps the galaxy is not lost. Stepping up to the podium, Silvas can hear the pilots hush to an almost eerie silence. Clearing his voice as he waits for the datapad in the podium to finish booting up, Silvas takes the opportunity to raise up the spirits of these brave, young people. ?I have come to you today with a heavy heart, but it is also a heart that takes strength in the knowledge that each of you is here to do their duty to themselves, to me and to Chandrila. You should all mark this day, for after this, you shall no longer be simply pilots, but you shall be forever remembered as heroes, the Heroes of Chandrila.? Silvas can feel their hearts swell up with pride and their beaming faces give him the strength he needs to continue. ?As I am certain many of you have heard already, one of our patrols was ambushed by a Kuati Snooper vessel very recently. And I am certain that you are all aware of the refitting of your own vessels as of late. The lives of five of your fellow pilots were lost in this illegal action by the Kuati?s, but their lives have not been lost in vain. As a result of the information brought to us by that one remaining brave soul, we have gained an advantage on our foe? Now there are those of you who may not understand just why the Kuati?s are our foe, but know this fact; right now they poised to strike upon our peaceful world, just on the outskirts of the system. An entire fleet of Kuati vessels is prepared to descend upon our world at a moment?s notice.

    ?I do not say these things in jest, but with the grim determination that war is about to come to Chandrila. Now, when we are at our weakest, when our people are in turmoil, and when we are without a peaceful leader. I have done my utmost to maintain peace and order down on the streets of our beloved homeworld, but it is too much for one man to do this and keep the war at bay. And so, the war comes. However, we are prepared? You are all well trained, and you are all ready to meet this attack head on. I have faith in each and every one of you.?

    Silvas presses a button upon the podium, and on the wall behind him, the holographic projector comes alive. And upon that screen is the tactical display of a capital ship, showing the exact location and number of the Kuati Fleet. ?As you can see, there numbers are great, and their technology is astounding. However, with the help of some associates, we have been able to not only break their technology, but to surpass it. You are the first members of this team to learn of this, and you will be sequestered until called to alarm. We have the advantage of surprise, people, and I intend to keep it.? Murmurs begin to fill the room, much as Silvas had expected. Each is now wondering if there is not a traitor in their midst, for the Commander to have said such a thing. ?And before you can question each other?s motive, I do not believe it to be a member of this team, but of some insidious device, somehow placed aboard one, if not many of our vessels.? This has given them back their self-confidence, and their ability to rely upon one another, just as Silvas predicted it would. ?Now, each of you are being given a heads up display of your vessel?s new capabilities and functions. Take the time to memorize it now, for the information will vanish from your datapads the moment you exit this briefing room.? Each pilot examines closely the information they are be
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    Okay, since I couldn't work today, I spent some time (off and on) working on this post. :D [face_devil]

    I think I'm going to get smacked for this one, especially if I don't write the follow up soon enough [face_mischief]


    Seated around the dais are eleven persons, all of some renown to those gathered here for the ceremony. At the center, Jae could swear that the man seated there, with his long braid and mustachio, was actually Master Mussiri. But seeing as he is the only other person that is known to him in this place, he imagines that it is just his mind playing tricks on him. He looks around at the others standing on the balcony with him, and they do not seem changed or startled by that person?s presence, and so he simply chalks it up to his nerves.

    As soon as the horns are finished playing, the figure of a woman stands from the center and proceeds to the podium. As she steps into the light, Jae realizes that it is indeed the woman who was revealed to be Xana?s grandmother, Elassi Mehand. Jae decides that he obviously did not realize her importance in this place. When she beings to speak, Jae concentrates on her words.

    [blockquote]?Good people, I come to you today, reborn:.reborn in the training of my youth, and reborn in the vocation of my lifetime. I have spent my life, not as a politician, though that role has become part of my vocation, but as a negotiator of peace. Today I embark upon a renewal of that chosen vocation, for today I believe negotiation and peace are our two greatest allies in making ourselves a part of this galaxy.

    For many years, many more than my presence has been upon this galaxy, the mystics have always kept themselves isolated. Whether they be Followers of the Force, on the Path of the White Current, or Those of the Will, or the hundreds of tiny sects spread out across the galaxy, they have all struggled to isolate themselves from the rest of the galaxy, not unlike the way those who fear us would like to have done themselves. Much of this has been done out of fear, and some out of ignorance. These times must come to an end.

    Look around you here? There are thousands of us in this place, this Sanctuary. A place we have all built together, in an effort to have one place where we can be free to grow and learn together, where we could feel safe from those who meant to harm us. In Sanctuary we have found a home, and it has been a home for all of us, no matter which path our beliefs may have taken us.

    However, the galaxy is changing so quickly, and the combining of cultures across this galaxy is as commonplace as air-breathers now. Everywhere, that is, but Sanctuary. Here, we have kept to our own conclaves, frowned upon the unions of those of differing beliefs, and overall segregating ourselves from the true foundations of each of our faiths. The single energy that binds us all together, is the only thing that should drive us, not these forced systems of beliefs, which are driving us apart. Now, when chaos seems to be the order of the day, we should be coming together to help sort out the disorder. We have great abilities at our disposal, yet we cower in this grand place like scared little derbits, frightened of the light that those gifts have bestowed upon us. Instead we should stand tall and proud, bestowing our gifts upon the galaxy, showing them that we are not herded off like so many grazers. We should act like falumpasets, calling out to one another across the expansive plains. We are many, and we are strong, and we are gifted. To hide those gifts within these walls and forget about the galaxy around us is wrong, and it should continue no more.

    If we do not unite under one banner, one energy, we might as well spurn these gifts we have been granted and turn away from the things they are calling for us to do. I stand before you today, answering the call that was sent to me. I have come here before you to ask that you all join together, fight to bring peace and order, and wherever there is darkness, to shed your light upon it. But not as individuals, as a whole, as a single entity, fighti
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    Okay, here's a quick little post... The next one is going to be a little harder, but I think a certain Dragon will be quite pleased w/ his character's performance [face_mischief] [face_devil]


    Carefully looking through every report from the field operatives of his newly formed Corellian Security Force, Meklin Suul takes great delight in seeing that all of his hard work is coming to fruition. His biggest sources of trouble on Corellia are too wrapped up in their own evil plans to be of much consequence at the moment. Tariff revenues are up, due in part to the fear he has generated with his hired mercenaries, parading as pirates. The rumors of the Kuati Drive Yards Corp improvements to their hyperdrive engines has the Corellian Ship Builders stock plummeting, which he is snatching up at bargain basement prices, all the while, holding within his grasp the schematics for bringing those very same improvements to ships of Corellian design. And regardless of who comes out a winner in the coming war in Chandrillan space, the Corellian Sector will come out ahead, with him sitting at the controls of the most powerful fleet in the galaxy. He could not have planned it any better, except that he had planned it, and that thought causes a sinister smile to begin spreading across his expansive face. Yes, everything was coming together, just as I have planned.

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    Okay, I'm breaking this one up in to 2 halves... Since it would be ridiculously long... Even for me :p So, the big fight will have to wait until tomorrow [face_mischief]


    His hands covered in thin strips of binding material, wearing a pair of loose-fitting, fighting pants and a tank shirt, Jae-Lee Reklaw prepares to go to battle the only way he knows how, standing in the center of the room, his eyes closed, and talking himself through every move and counter move he can think of, mimicking the motions in the air. So intent is he in his concentration, that he does not notice the presence of another in the room.

    The slender figure of a young woman walks cautiously around Jae, as he continues his near meditative rehearsal of his fighting moves. As she reaches his back, she carefully touches the back of his neck, at the base of the still reddened scar, and Jae nearly jumps straight out of his skin at the touch. ?WHAT THE_??!!!!!? Turning around to find Xana standing there giggling at his surprised expression, he suddenly puts a hand to his chest, ?Great Gundarks, Xana! You nearly killed me?? He takes a few very deep breaths before continuing, ?But? At least now I?m not so tense? So I guess I should thank you, huh?? He moves in closer to her.

    ?I would certainly hope so.? She says coyly as he leans down to place a gentle kiss upon her lips. ?Now that is the kind of greeting I was hoping for.?

    Jae gets that lopsided grin on his face and says, ?Well, I?ll just have to remember that for future reference,? and he winks at her.

    ?So, are you ready for your Trials, today?? She asks, already knowing that he is terribly nervous.

    Jae exhales sharply, ?I wish I knew. This whole thing has happened so quickly, I haven?t even had time to really think about what it was I was doing until I got in here this morning.? He picks her up by the waist and sits her down on the table behind her. She gracefully crosses her legs, and adjusts her dress as she comes to rest on the tabletop. ?It wasn?t until they were strapping up my hands that I really thought about what I was doing.?

    Xana pushes back a stray lock of hair from her face as she speaks, ?And what did you think about it then??

    ?I realized that my whole life would be decided by what happens here today?? Jae leans back against the counter behind him as he speaks, ?Last night, at the Gathering, I realized that what I had been searching for since I lost my father, was right here, waiting for me? Waiting for me to see what was right there in front of me for so long.?

    Xana looks a little puzzled by his words, and tries to clarify what he is saying by asking, ?What do you mean, Jae??

    ?Hearing those people talk, and everyone I have heard since we arrived here. In one way or another, I?ve heard all those things before? From my father? My father had to have been here at one time, or at least trained with someone else who had.? The excitement in Jae?s voice is palpable to Xana.

    ?How can you be so certain??

    Jae gestures his arms in a manner to show that he is encompassing everything around him, ?It?s everywhere, Xana! The words I hear, the sounds from every room in this place, the scent, the emotions, the people. I feel almost like I can sense my father in everything here, and I think its because he was one of these people before I was born.?

    ?I can only hope that these things are true, Jae.? She says, not sure if she can allow herself to believe them, but still hoping that his truth is real. ?Do you think this is something you are going to pursue, then??

    Jae looks almost shocked at her question. Getting up from the counter and walking towards her, placing his hands upon her shoulders, ?Xana, this is where I was meant to be, my whole life? I can feel it now.?

    Turning her face up to meet his, as he once again leans in for another kiss, Xana surrenders to the idea that she and Jae might be able to share a future. They kiss, and this time it is much more than a tender expression. The passion passing between the two is noticed by another visitor to the room.

    ?Hey! D
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    And this is what I'll use to break it up [face_devil]


    The comm station on his desk begins to flash incessantly, and so Meklin Suul pushes the activation button, ?Yes, what is it this time??

    ?Sir, you asked to be advised when the Asimuse?s Fury broke atmosphere on an outbound route?? The voice on the other end questions.

    ?Yes?? Meklin waits rather impatiently for the security officer?s reply.

    ?Sir, it broke atmosphere twenty units ago, and only moments ago went to lightspeed on a heading which would place it enroute to the Chandrillan Sector? Sir.?

    Meklin waits a moment before answering, ?Very well.? And he ends the transmission.

    Sitting back in his oversized chair, Meklin ponders this newest development. ?Well, it would seem that our black hearted nobles have grown anxious? It won?t be long now?? He brings his arms over his head, interlocking his fingers as he places his hands behind his head, ?Not long at all.?

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    Seated, atop the table, legs dangling in the air, palms firmly planted on the edge of the table, eyes closed and head lowered, Jae focuses all of his energy into one little spot deep within himself. As the energy swirls into a powerful vortex, deep within his center, Jae can feel the warmth from the center begin to radiate throughout his body, and that energy allows him to sense everything around him with a more attuned soul. Slowly he begins to draw deeper breaths into his lungs, until finally he raises his head and opens his eyes, and there before him stands the long, gray haired man with the long mustachio. Jae composes himself and then greets the man, ?Master Mussiri, how long have you been standing there??

    ?Long enough, young one, long enough?? He strokes his mustachio a bit with his right hand, ?You are quite gifted at finding your center, young one? Was that another of your father?s lesson?s??

    Jae thinks a moment, furrows his brow with contemplation and then answers, ?I don?t think so?? He considers his answer a bit more before continuing, ?For some reason, I think it was my mother, but I?m not sure why I think that? Just a feeling really, an image.?

    The Master bows his head in what Jae takes as understanding, and then the man speaks once more, ?Well, young one? Are you ready for the trial??

    Jae feels a slight twinge in his back, but he knows it is only nerves, so he answers the man honestly, ?Ready as I?ll ever be, I guess.? And he jumps from off of the table onto the floor. ?Are you really sure I should be doing this now, Master Mussiri??

    The old man simply nods his head, ?Of course.? And then he turns out of the room and begins to walk down a short corridor.

    Jae immediately follows the man struggles to maintain his calm. As they reach the closed portal, the old man turns back to Jae, ?Now, Master Dracul shall instruct you as to the nature of the trial, and you must pay careful attention to those instructions, for they are all you shall receive. After the trial begins, Master Dracul?s sole purpose is to bring you into submission, and he does not fail in his tasks, young one.?

    Master Mussiri?s tone is all Jae needs to know the man is direly serious, and so he solemnly nods his understanding.

    The Master opens the portal and they are bathed in the light, as they step through and into the gymnasium and out of anything that Jae could have ever considered his youth. Today, no matter the outcome, he will truly have come of age.

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    I feel bad for not getting this part done yet, so here's a glimpse of the carnage to come. Hope to have it finished tomorrow.


    Master Falion steps out into the gymnasium floor and bows to Master Dracul before he begins to speak. ?Master Dracul, I present to you this initiate for trial. Test him well, that he may someday stand at our sides as an equal.?

    Jae notices that Master Dracul is now bowing to Master Mussiri, and he gathers this is some kind of formal start to the trial that he was not made aware of before now. And that is when Master Dracul begins to speak, ?I am honored by your trust in me to properly exam the initiate you have sponsored, Master Mussiri. I shall test him thoroughly, and give careful judgment on his worth in this hallowed place.? Hearing those words has somehow made this whole experience mean that much more to Jae right now. And as he tries to reconcile their meaning in his heart, he watches Master Mussiri exit the gymnasium. He then watches Master Dracul bow to the people on the observation deck above and he mimics the Master?s homage to those present.

    Master Bowen Dracul then turns to Jae and takes in his right hand Jae?s right hand, and with his left hand he places it firmly on Jae?s right shoulder. ?Now, comes the hard part, nerf. Okay, what we?re gonna do is, run through this little obstacle course along the perimeter of the gym, and then we?re gonna square off in the center.? Jae follows along Master Dracul?s description with his eyes, and when he gets to the end, he notices to large rods, about the size of lightsabers.

    ?We don?t use the real deal here?? He says with a small amount of disappointment in his voice.

    Master Dracul shakes his head, ?Nah, if we used the real on regular initiates, we wouldn?t have very many who lived, let alone passed this trial.? Master Dracul adds a wink to his comment and the humor eases Jae?s tension a bit.

    Jae looks again at the perimeter of the gymnasium, ?So, what?s so hard about this run??

    Master Dracul gets a devilish glimmer in his eyes, ?Did I forget to mention that I will be chasing you, and doing everything in my power to keep you from reaching the sparing area??

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    Okay, so being sick has many disadvantages... One is not getting this done,a nd the other... Not being able to finish it yet... I got out of breath just writing this part! :p [face_blush]

    I'll have to the rest done tomorrow :)


    A sudden and very large lump begins to form in Jae?s throat as he hears the words come from Master Dracul?s lips. Swallowing hard, he tries to voice a reply, ?So? When do we get started??

    The larger man releases his grip on Jae and takes a few careful steps back. First he looks down to the floor, taking a deep, cleansing breath before bringing his head back up with his eyes closed, and then in an instant his eyes pop open and he shouts at the top of bellowing lungs, ?NOW!!!!?

    Jae thought for certain that the man?s outburst would have frozen him in his tracks, but instead Jae immediately darts from the man?s encompassing grasp in just the nick of time. Soon he finds himself hurtling over the racks of training gear to his right, leaping and bounding over each as he struggles to stay a hands? breadth away from Master Dracul, who is now barreling after him at an exponential rate.

    Reaching a large wall, meant to be scaled with the proper equipment, Jae finds he cannot get around it and instead makes a desperate decision to make it over the wall unaided. He girds himself up to vault the towering structure, and as he ascends its height, Jae misses his mark by only a hair, and must grasp the wall with his bare hands to keep from falling back into the hands of his pursuer. Scrambling up the rest of the wall, Jae is able to hurl himself over the top, only to find Master Dracul in close pursuit. When his feet hit the floor, Jae crouches down into a roll and gets himself out of range of the Master once more.

    This time Jae finds himself barred by a series intersecting ropes, going in various directions, elevations and angles. To him it looks like a giant web, spun by some deranged arachnid, but it also looks like a challenge to his agility; one that he may not succeed in conquering.

    With the big man, breathing down his back, Jae dives into the mass of intertwined ropes. First, finding a hole in the netting, then finding himself surrounded by an almost impassable series of intricate twists and knots. He rolls to one side, narrowly missing the heavy-handed fists of his predator, then he slides under another mass of ropes hoping to gain some ground between him and his much larger opponent. His size is an advantage in this particular obstacle, but Jae also knows that relying on that could end this little test a lot quicker than he would like at this point.

    Finding his way nearly through the conglomeration of ropes, Jae must wrench his body around another bundle of knots and twists. He can feel just how close Master Dracul is to catching him at this moment, and he knows he must prepare for the next obstacle, if he expects to beat the man to the sparring area. Reaching out with his limited senses Jae can perceive his next task; a mound of dowels.

    Breeching the ropes, Jae finds himself at the base of a large mound of dowels between himself and the next task. In a split second, and just before Master Dracul emerges from the ropes, Jae comes to an awareness of what his next move must be. Crouching down as close to the floor as he can get, Jae springs from his feet and begins to soar through the air and when he reaches the apex of the mound, he finds his chest scraping across the dowels, and that is when Jae tucks his head down and he begins to ride the wave of dowels down to the other side of the gymnasium. Upon reaching the decking, he tucks himself into a controlled tumble and rolls out onto his feet in crouching stance.

    Looking back for just a moment, he catches sight of Master Bowen atop the now reduced mound of dowels. A glint of pride in his eyes, Jae turns to forward to plan his next move, when he sees that only a single obstacle stands between him and the sparring area; another series of gear racks. Jae takes to his feet and pumps his legs so that his speed alone could carry him ove
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    aannd thennnn......

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    no pressure. just a supportive nudge. :)
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    Hmmmmmm... Not sure I like the ending on this part yet... But at least this will give AHPR something to think about [face_mischief] [face_devil]


    Standing firm, his arms carrying the tremulous force of the larger man?s swing, Jae steels his resolve to see this task to its end. The mischievous sneer that curls along Master Dracul?s lip worries Jae just a bit, but he knows that there is no turning back now. Hoping that the Master will make the first move, Jae struggles to hold his blade in the locked position, but soon the muscles in his arms begin to quiver from the strain.

    As a trickle of sweat rolls down the side of Jae?s face, he gets a sense the big man is about to make his move, and in an instant finds the man spinning his body away while holding the locked blades until his arms are whiplashed away from the ready position and bringing his blade to make contact with Jae?s back. With barely a moment to spare Jae rolls under the blade and feel the wind as it passes over his head.

    Jae scrambles out of his roll and struggles to reach his feet before Master Dracul can mount his next attack, but Jae is too late and finds himself tangled in the man?s massive thigh as it forces him to the ground with a distinct thud across his chest. Twirling himself up and over the man?s leg before the second can land its hit, Jae is finally able to make it to his feet. And he does so just in time, because as he brings his blade to the ready he is blocking a thrust from the Master?s blade. As he parries it to the left, Jae tries to land an elbow in the man?s shoulder, and instead is pushed off balance by the man?s bulk and into one of the gear racks.

    Recovering from his fall, Jae lets loose with a spin kick that catches the Master in the hip, but does little to thwart the fast slice of his rod into Jae?s chest. Feeling the full impact of the rod, Jae struggles to regain his breath, but still manages to accomplish another hit by slamming the butt of his rod into the middle of the Master?s back as he sputters for air. The Master reacts by throwing back his shoulders in pain, which gives Jae a clear shot at the man?s head. A shot Jae does not waist when throws a fearsome right uppercut into the man?s squared jaw.

    With Master Dracul reeling from the punch, Jae is able to escape his tenuous position and flips over the Master to land directly behind him. As Jae readies his blade for a perfect strike, Master Dracul spins low on the ground with a sweep kick and takes Jae?s feet out from underneath him and then brings a well placed elbow down onto Jae?s solar-plexus.

    Jae gasps for any breath of air he can muster as he lies on the floor waiting for the next blow to finish him off, when he realizes that he has one more shot to turn the tide of this battle. Bringing his knees to his chest, he springs to his feet in a deft move to right himself, but in the same motion he spins himself around so that he is facing away from the Master and then he crouches down before backflipping over the man?s head and landing two elbows (one on each side of the man?s neck), bringing the big man to his knees.

    Feeling his own confidence growing inside of him, Jae chances a quick smile. However it is short lived when the big man spins around on his knees and grabbing Jae by the knees forces Jae to fall backwards, slamming his head against the floor.

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    Swimming in a sea of indistinct light, Jae?s mind begins to struggle for a reason for this blurred confusion. When something passes across the light, casting a shadow on Jae?s face, his eyes try to focus well enough to make out what is standing before him. Slowly, just like the fog lifting off the water in some remote seaport, the world begins to take form once again for Jae. Blinking off the confusion, he finds an outstretched hand being offered to him, and in a moment of clarity he realizes that it is the hand of Master Bowen Dracul.

    Taking the hand being offered him, Jae groans and grimaces as he rises from the floor of the gymnasium. That is when the whole scenario comes flooding back into his conscious mind; his race, his fight and his defeat. The man, however, does not seem as grim as Jae at this moment. He steadies Jae with another hand upon his shoulder and then shakes Jae?s hand in the familiar Corellian gesture. Jae even makes out a smile on the man?s face, but Jae is not feeling so convivial at this moment.

    The man then leads Jae out of the gymnasium and back to the waiting area before turning to Jae once more, putting a hand on Jae?s back. ?That was quite a show you put on there, kid? Not bad at all.? And the man throws Jae a towel and walks out of the room, leaving him to his thoughts and his misery.

    Jae beings to wipe the perspiration from his face and neck, then puts a hand to the back of head. When he draws it back, he expects to find blood once more flowing from that old wound, but a well-placed knot is all that he has to show for his pain. Drying the sweat from his hair, Jae looks down into the towel, balls it up and hurls it onto the counter on the opposite side of the room. ?FRAG IT!!!? he screams at the top of his lungs, and grabs his jacket as he storms out of the room.
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    Dingy, duracrete lined alleys as far as the eye can see, strewn with any manner of shops, bars and front room establishments; this is where you find the people who do not necessarily want to be found. And this is where Meesahran finds herself tonight.

    Dressed once more in her plain flightsuit and tattered blue jacket, her hair pulled back into its braid and a rough hewn cap upon her head, she makes her way through the streets of the Trade District?s seedier side. This is the underbelly of the Core, where the average consumer never goes, and where no respectable business man would dare tread (but has at least one representative always nearby). Where every backroom deal is brokered, where every secret told is done so at a price, where every deed done also comes to a toll. And this is where she is looking for her friend.

    As she rounds one corner, a pair of Hoojibs skitter across her path, no doubt looking for some kind of mischief to get into, and get paid for. Satisfied that she is not a good mark, they disappear from sight, but she is still aware of them. On the opposite corner stands a lone Duro, hawking his wares from a cart, but they are of no interest to Meesahran and so she moves on. She needs to get past the traveler trade, and delve deeper into this dark world of the Core. Back to where the real work is done; the taverns.

    After fighting through a parade of con artists and back alley peddlers, Meesahran finally makes it to the part of the Trader?s District she?s been looking for since she set out from Sanctuary. Each one has it?s own name, and Meesahran nearly grew up on Treasure Ship Row in Coronet City, but here in the Core, this area is just a bit more treacherous, if only because the stakes are so much higher at the center of all trade in the galaxy. Maybe that is why they call it Smuggler?s Graveyard.

    As Meesahran comes to the entry of her third tavern for the day, The Trader?s Tomb, she gets a tingling sensation along the back of her neck. As she peers into the doorway, she can make out the figure of a slender man at the bar, and on either side of him sits a Rodian male and a scruffy looking human male. They both seem to be eying the slender man who is thoroughly engrossed in the drink on the bar before him.

    Deciding to slip in relatively unnoticed and enjoy the show that she is certain is about to commence, Meesahran quietly takes a seat in the back of the tavern. Just as the server gets to her table, she can see that the Rodian has started to jostle against the slender man at the bar. She quickly dismisses the server by slipping her a few coins for the water she puts down on the table, and then notices that the human on the other side of the man turns to face him for nudging him. Before a split second has passed, the slender man has pushed the arm of the human male away and has now slammed his head into the bar with a ferocious thud. And as the Rodian bumps into the man once more, he grabs the being?s arm and wrenches it around to bring the alien?s head right next to his face. She cannot hear the words passed between them, but she does see the Rodian pull something from his jacket with his free arm and put it onto the bar, just before the slender man launches the Rodian end over end away from the bar. Both men scramble to their feet and hightail it out of the tavern.

    The other patrons of The Trader?s Tomb barely pay this display any attention. Only the others at the bar make notice of the scene, by moving casually away from the man still standing with his drink. Meesahran decides that she should end her fun and approach the man at the bar.

    Reaching the bar and sliding down to stand next to the slender man, she can see that he is nursing a bottle of Corellian Whiskey on the bar before him. Shouldering up next to the man, she nods to the bartender, who comes up to her, ?Wha?cha want??

    She throws down some money on the bar for the man, ?Water? And some privacy.? The man slaps down a glass of water and sc
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    Okay.... Not a cliffhanger this time... I was informed that my life may be in danger if I did it again. ;) :D


    Settling into the back booth, Jae is visibly uncomfortable with his current situation, but he also knows that Meesahran will not be easily pushed off, and so he hunkers down to weather another storm. When the server leaves a pitcher of water on the table, Meesahran slips her a few coins and they are once again alone.

    Jae continues to stare into the bottle of whiskey in front of him when Meesahran finally breaks their deadly silence, ?So, you gonna sulk all night, or are you gonna talk??

    Inhaling sharply, Jae answers on the exhale, ?What?s there to talk about Mees??

    She leans back in the booth, throwing her legs up on the bench as she turns around, ?Plenty? How much more top speed can tweak out of The Burn with that new drive motivator Nija put in there? Or where you can get a decent nerf steak around here? Or how about that dress Xana wore last night?? There?s lots of stuff we could talk about.?

    Shaking his head, trying hard not to crack a smile at his dear friend?s humorous attempt at getting him to lighten up, Jae struggles to hold back his emotions. ?Not really interested.?

    Crossing her legs atop the bench and folding her arms across her chest, Meesahran continues, ?Okay then? What would you like to talk about??

    ?Nothing?? And he takes another slug of the whiskey, this time straight from the bottle.

    She spins around in her seat, plants her hands on the table top and stares directly into his face, ?Then why don?t we talk about what an incredible bantha?s ass you?re being right now?!?

    Wincing at her words, he simply replies, ?What of it??

    Pushing back from the table, Meesahran looks back at him in shock, ?Well, maybe you have changed more than I thought? ?Cause the Jae I knew would never have been this put down when he had so much goin? for him.?

    This time it is Jae?s turn to be shocked, but it also is his turn to be angry as well, ?What have I got, Mees? A cobbled together fighter? No family? No career or future? A friend who cringes whenever I come near her?? Oh yeah, and to top it all off, I got my ass smeared across the deck by an old man? That?s worth the price of admission right there, huh?!? His anger brought up to a fevered pitch with each word escaping his mouth, Jae is in utter shock when Meesahran starts laughing out loud. She is laughing so hard that her face is turning red, and so is Jae?s, but not from laughter. ?What the frag is so damn funny?!?

    Choking back her guffaws, she simply states, ?YOU!? and begins laughing anew. Her laughter finally begins to subside and she speaks again, ?Oh man, I haven?t laughed like that in a long time!?

    Still agitated, but now somewhat ashamed as well, Jae asks, ?Yeah? So what?s so funny??

    ?Sorry, I just couldn?t help it? Are you really sitting in here getting all bleary eyed because of that last fall?? She is wiping the tears from her eyes as she speaks.

    ?What else?? Jae asks incredulously, ?That old man made me look like a guerfel! I just barely outran him, and when we fought? I thought for sure any moment a buzzer was gonna go off and they were gonna tell me to go back to nursery school or something.?

    Meesahran, still chuckling, responds, ?And you think that because you couldn?t beat him, that you failed, right??

    ?Well, yeah, I mean-?? A realization suddenly hits Jae-Lee Reklaw, ?You mean, that?s not what it means??

    Meesahran begins to laugh outloud once more, ?Of course not, Hutt brain!? Trying to calm her laughter before speaking again, Meesahran takes a drink from her glass of water, and Jae, deciding that perhaps he needs a clearer head, pours himself a glass as well. ?In fact, I believe the words from my Uncle?s lips were, ?I can?t believe the little whelp nearly had me a few times there.? He was very impressed with your agility and speed, too.?

    Wiping the beads of water away from his lip with his sleeve, Jae just says, ?Really??

    Sitting back in the booth once more, Meesahran s
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    In an instant an angular, silvery craft appears in the space between the Chandrillan Sector and the recently arrived Kuati Fleet. Its features resemble that of a ferocious sea beast with its protruding bow, in the shape of a jagged jaw-line. As the approaching fleet begins to hail the Asimuse?s Fury, its anxious inhabitants quickly respond.

    ?Sending encrypted transponder signal now.?

    The dark and brooding man at the console finishes punching in the correct sequence of keys and then steals a quick look back at his passenger?s face. A face with such chilling and malevolent features that even he is repulsed by her rancorous smile; one which she has carried since discovering their proximity to the world of their birth. Indeed, Lady Barevi Lusankya is a woman possessed by her quest, and she will stop at nothing to see her dreams come to fruition. That thought alone has kept Corevi by her side all these years, for he would rather work with her than to ever be against her. He has seen first hand what she is capable of when she feels a person is her enemy, and that is one dark place that Corevi can never face? Not even drunk.

    Fury, you are cleared? Please await secured transmission from the command ship.

    Barevi exhales sharply, causing Corevi to wince in anticipation of her frustration, but she is satisfied with that brief display? At least for the moment.

    She begins to search the space for something, and Corevi starts using the console to scan the area, since he know what she is looking for, this time, anyway. ?They are still a few minutes out, but they will arrive in time, Dear Sister.?

    ?I would certainly hope so, for what they are being paid.? Her anger is beginning to rise along with her brow, ?It seems to me that you could have done much better in that department, Brother.?

    Corevi stiffens, but is careful not to anger his sister anymore than she already is, ?If we only needed bodies to throw away, then yes. But we will need much more than that if those troublesome mystics are still nearby.?

    Bringing her cowl back down to normal, she agrees, ?Very well? I suppose it is a small price to pay? In the end.? Her acquiescence is interrupted by a transmission coming over the comm system.

    Fury, so good of you to make it to our little event, Most Honored Friends.? The shrill, mewling voice of Ruler Vanquar Shesh, the Greater proliferates through the ship?s speakers.

    ?Thank you, Ruler Shesh? So good of you to have this little soirée in our honor.? Her villainous timber is not lost on her brother?s ears, as she placates this greedy, putrid, Kuati Lord. Even hearing his disdainful voice makes Corevi?s blood begin to boil.

    Sensing her brother?s mistrust and severe revilement of the Kuati, Barevi places a hand upon his forearm to calm his rage. Though she feels the same distaste for this treacherous and perfidious apostate, she knows that by using all of his lesser qualities, they will soon be returned to their rightful places in galactic society, and the Kuati will spend the next millennia trying to recover from their folly. In the end, all will be worth the price we have payed?

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    OKay, so I'm still working on the other 1/2 of this one... And I know it's another cliffhanger, and that I'm gonna get strung up really soon for doing this again, but.....

    I JUST HAD TO POST IT!!!!!!!!!

    [face_blush] Sorry, I just couldn't wait to post it after it was written. :D :)


    Upon reaching the entry to the quarters he has been sharing with Master Mussiri, Jae-Lee Reklaw stops and turns to Meesahran with a terrible look of shame on his face. Meesahran smiles and places her hand on his shoulder, ?Don?t worry about it? I told them we have a tradition about fighting? Something to the effect that we usually go hit a tavern or something to celebrate and/or commiserate. Kinda like licking your wounds or something.?

    Jae relaxes a bit, but still feels the need to ask, ?And you?re sure they bought it??

    ?Do they have any reason not to?? She says as she winks at him and he finally smiles in relief.

    ?Thanks Mees? Again.? And with that they both enter the chambers.

    Inside, they find Master?s Mussiri and Rivendi in the common room, but there is also another man present. Seated near the mantle, the oldest member of the council sits, his eyes filled with more life and emotion than is found in ten men. Meesahran is confused at the great man?s presence, as he has never before been present when someone was welcomed into Sanctuary, as a rule.

    Meesahran sends a questioning look to both Master Mussiri and Master Rivendi, but they simply bow their heads. Jae then looks to Meesahran for reassurance and instead finds her as confused as he is at this moment.

    That is when he notices the old man seated near the mantle. His clothing looks familiar, resembling that of one of the men seated on the dais from the ceremony. He decides that this must be the official result of his trial.

    Jae finds that his gaze is drawn to the grizzled old man, unable to really look away from him, but almost afraid to continue to stare as well. Feeling a nearly magnetic pull towards the man, Jae steps forward and away from Meesahran?s side. And then it finally dawns on him; his eyes. There is something bordering on hypnotic about the man?s eyes. They are so alive and clear for such an aged man, and their color and clarity are sharp and distinctive.

    THE COLOR! This revelation is what causes the avalanche of realizations to come crashing down upon Jae?s head. That man has eyes the same color of blue as is found in the crystals making up Jae?s two sabers. The one saber he made himself, under the careful supervision of his father?s lessons, and the other saber, the one he never speaks about. The very saber that was entrusted to him by his father. The saber he was commanded to return to his mother, when he found her. The saber, that even now, his left hand is glancing across behind his back in an absent-minded gesture.

    Staring deeply into those eyes, Jae finds that he is staring into the very same piercing blue eyes that stare back him whenever he sees his own reflection. Hoping to break the spell, Jae slams his own eyes shut, looking deep within himself and his memories. Delving deeper and deeper into his own mind, Jae finds himself being transported by a flowing current of energy, carrying him back to the place where all is truth and nothing is wrong. And then, in a flash, he opens his eyes and sees the old man for what he is, and the only thing that Jae can do is utter a single word question, ?Grandfather??
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    Here's the other half.... BTW-IS someone gonna offer me some protection at the next meeting? :)


    At the sound of Jae?s voice the crystal blue eyes of the old man begin to fill with so much joy and pain that tears begin to fall from them and run down the man?s craggy face. Jae moves closer to the man, and with each step he becomes more and more certain that his suspicion is correct; seated before him is his grandfather. Lost for so many years, wandering the galaxy in search of some sign, some clue as to his family?s whereabouts, and here they are, at the center. His father?s words begin to echo in his head once more:

    [blockquote]?Look there, to the center, when you think there is nowhere else to look.?[/blockquote]

    If he had only known that his father?s words were to be taken at more than face value, where would his life have taken him then. But now, this is not the time to dwell on the past, not when his present is filled with so many questions and the person to answer them is sitting right in front of his very eyes.

    As Jae gets close enough to the man, he takes the outstretched hand offered to him and kneels on the floor before this ancient man. ?Grandfather? Is it really you??

    Taking Jae?s hand, the old man begins to weep, and he is barely able to utter the words, ?Yes, child.? With the man?s words, Jae wraps him up in a long overdue embrace and the two men share in the warmth of each other?s bond while the other in the room watch in amazement and wonder.

    Meesahran, though still confused, finds that a single tear has made its way down her cheek when Master Rivendi places a hand upon her shoulder. She turns back to face him and sees the request in his eyes. The two slowly and silently depart the room to allow this reunion to continue uninterrupted.

    Once outside in the corridor, Meesahran chances to ask a question, ?How long have you known, Maji??

    He takes a deep breath before answering, letting Meesahran know that he has been as moved by the experience as she was, ?Only this morning? Just before the trial, Master Falion confided in me so that I might keep watch on Master Arankelee.?

    ?I guess I don?t understand? What happened??

    Master Rivendi puts an arm around Meesahran?s waist as they walk down the corridor, ?The boy was believed dead. When his father?s body was found, there were the remains of a child with him, but Master Falion was unable to discern any identity from the boy, as he had never met the child. Young Reklaw was born while Master Falion was away on a sojourn.?

    Meesahran is still confused, ?But why would Master Falion have gone looking for Jae?s father??

    ?Child? Young Reklaw?s mother was his grandniece, Master Falion went in search of the boy?s father when his mother had not heard from them in a while. In her distress, she asked her uncle to return from his sojourn in order to put her mind at ease. She was convince something horrible had happened and she could go to her father for help.? Master Rivendi?s eyes grow very sad with his last words.

    ?Why couldn?t she? Master Arankelee has always been a fair and conscientious man, hasn?t he?? Meesahran asks with her brow wrinkled in bewilderment.

    ?Child, many things shape a person, and the most prominent is to learn from one?s mistakes? Master Arankelee is no different. He was troubled by his daughter?s relationship with the idealistic and adventurous Corellian, and he placed many restrictions to their union. When young Reklaw?s father became convinced he was being made to suffer these restrictions, he and Mistress Reklaw secreted the boy away and lived separate lives so that their son would not be placed under such a heavy hand.?

    Nodding her head in understanding, Meesahran has only one more question, ?So, where does Master Falion play into all of this then??

    ?Child, your questions may seem simple now, but at the time there were many more complexities to the situation?? He takes a deep breath before answering her this time, ?For a time, young Reklaw?s father trained under Master Falion, at the request
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