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OOC Rocketjock Eatery (A Star Wars: Intervention OOC/OOG discussion thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Bravo, Apr 5, 2011.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    I liked it, had to edit out a language issue. [face_shame_on_you] :p

    Not sure Taab would give away that he is only there to protect Lasso though since his mission from the KoJ is supposed to be a secret (unless that has changed for this game).

    I think instead the exchange would go like this.

    You could even just get away with the "No" and leave the rest of his dialogue out. :p

  2. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

    [Jedi mind trick]You saw no bad language.[/Jedi mind trick]

    Okay, but the dialog is great (I think)! What if I shorten it? And good catch on the KOJ reference...I honesty missed it (and I wrote it...).
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    *picks up hachet* Alright, I see something.

    I don't think Jeth would just dole around that he was in the Arkanian Black Guard like it was locker room talk, not unless he wanted someone dead after what we put into his background and the ole' leaders info digger turning up dead after getting little more than that to pass along. Unless of course Havah just really doesn't like any of his fellow Mercs anymore [face_tee_hee]

    So instead for that part and the snake reference maybe something along the lines of. . .
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    Okay, I started listing things while reading at work, mainly typos to catch.



    Yavascout (several times) - It's Yavscout! Though, I suppose you could use 'Yavascout' as a verbal tic for Doctor Cook that Yav just has to put up with.

    Actulise Station - Actualise Station

    less then legal - less than legal

    existance - existence

    mirco jump in system - micro

    looking overt at - looking over at

    the Corellian mercenary captain caught the rifle with one hand and rested it against his shoulder facing upwards into the air and said to the gathered Mercs. Taab put his helmet on over his head


    If you have a dictionary, I would check "flexiplast stationary". I think this one means 'standing still'.
    Eg. stationery vs stationary


    Bravo, this could be the difference between British English and Colarado English, so I need to ask, do you actually say "minus well" rather than "might as well", or is that just a regular typo?

    I did toy with Captain Jenkins having a Kingdom of Jod class or intra-Regional snobbery moment when he heard Captain Stakes say that in my last post.
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    Sep 10, 2001

    Okay all, remember these below posts are NOT In Character, rather Out of Character / Out of Game for review by players and staff for a fair, balance, and honest portrayal of Intervention playable characters for the introduction of the second game, Echoes in Eternity. These posts are to not be added upon to, edited, and / or otherwise altered or tagged henceforth to and any additions or other alterations to the posts are to only be done by Game Master Bravo. Any suggestions, concerns, reviews, and any other form of reply should be done in the Out of Game and / or Out of Character format to respect the purpose and intent of the Out of Game threads. No information from these posts may be used In Character in the current game of Intervention.

    Did that sound legal enough to cover our bases for a OOG thread? ;) This notice will be posted above each post to respect the definition and function of the OOG threads.

    Echoes in Eternity [Introduction] Draft One, Part One (Take Seven); 10-19-2013

    5 Months after the events of "Star Wars: Intervention," .5 ABY

    Bridge, mercenary vessel Johnny Boy, a heavily modified Marauder-class Corvette, nearing Brosi---Corporate Sector Authority

    The soft purr and gentle click, click of computer systems, with the occasional beep mixed in, filled the otherwise quiet bridge of the mercenary crewed Marauder-class Corvette named the Johnny Boy. The sound of footsteps as crew members walked back and forth with the inside level voices of the bridge crew presented a gentle environment for the bridge. A bridge that, all too many times before, had been a place of intense emotions and decision in the midst of combat. But now, for this moment, it was peaceful, although a faint sense of tension could be felt lingering in the recycled air. After all, they were waiting on the edge of the star system, clamped onto a passing by comet. It had been Lasso's idea; the young Corellian captain felt that the CSA had more then enough first hand knowledge of smugglers and pirates in this region of space, so an attempt at fooling them would be a waste of time. Instead, the mercenary Captain had discovered a passing comet that was due to pass by their solar system of choice's outskirts. So, a day's worth of free loading off of a comet had saved fuel and resources, something that the mercenary crew desperately needed at the moment.

    Captain Jason Lasso sat back in the Captain's chair, looking out at the approaching world of Brosi, at this range a distance globe against the blackness of space. He regarded the planet from the database file floating in the hologram off to his right, looking at the blue, green, and brown globe hanging in the blackness of space, the blackness speckled by stars in the far distance. Jason kept tapping the right arm rest gently in a rhythmic fashion singing a song quietly to himself as the soft voices rang throughout the bridge as crew members talked about their particular duties on approach.

    MUSIC: Scarlet Town

    Their destination was a shabby port of call town on planet that reminded the Corellian Captain of the Scarlet Town song. Their purpose was to gather much needed supplies and avoid as much attention as possible. While hiding a Marauder-class Corvette on planet would be increasingly difficult---considering the Espo security presence around and on the planet---that wasn't the plan. Far from it.

    Until then, however, his mind wandered to the events of the last few months. After everything had happened----since Watava and the whole start of a story that sounded more like a fairytale then real life---the Kingdom of Jod had simply disappeared. The coming events of a coming Shadow War between the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Beasts, and the Kingdom of Jod were, it seemed, just a bad dream. Maybe the whole thing with Watava and the Kingdom of Jod had all been a bad dream and it never happened. On the brink of destruction, their gallant Captain Rick Taller gone, the Mercs had tasted the bottom of the barrel, the very pits of hell and death. And then, suddenly, it was done. The Empire's Project Zero was gone, destroyed by a Force "virus," Darth Vader had seemingly moved on to other things, the Emperor still lived, and Hilick Soal....Imperial Security Bureau Investigator Hilick Soal and his infamous Royal Red Squadron had vanished. It was the ultimate anti-climatic moment for the Mercs. Even the Empire, for all intent and purposes, had left them alone. Various leaders and well-known members of the Mercs were still on holo-vids across the Galaxy, thanks to the Imperial Security Bureau, but even then the repeating holo vids were old and out of date and repeated the same old information---the flexiplast stationary in old cantinas across the galaxy were old and torn. It was as if the Mercs and the Kingdom of Jod had never existed.

    There had never been a "happily ever after" to the Mercs' story. Maybe, Lasso thought, if they could have personally destroyed Project Zero and taken this "Shadow War" to the Empire, then for a group of rag-tag bloodied mercenaries, their could of been a happily ever after. But instead, after Port Haven and recovering the Johnny Boy from Actualize Station, everything just stopped in regards to the Jod's Prophecy and what their Ancient Scrolls told them. Maybe, after all, Lasso's second in command, Yavscout, had been right. As the Surefall Paramedic had put it perfectly after the events of Port Haven and the Jod disappearing, "They lost a destroyer, rescuing your arse. Maybe they figured the Prophesy wasn't worth the fething hassle."

    That statement from the Elf Commander had stuck in Lasso's head as the days turned into weeks and weeks into months and the Kingdom of Jod never reappeared. Eventually, things had to be repaired on the Johnny Boy, food had to be bought, fuel had to be purchased, and crew had to get paid. So the Mercs took the Johnny Boy and disappeared among the other less fortunate citizens of the galaxy, conducting shady and less than legal business to pay the bills. For the Mercs, as their founder Taller had lead the group by, the Mercs were driven by a consuming fire to destroy the Empire. But even then, when the dust had settled after Port Haven, the Mercs had done their very best to avoid the Empire and had succeeded thus far. Despite that avoidance of why they were in existence, Lasso had the desire to hit the Empire hard and where it hurt. The only question was timing.

    If not the rest of the mercenary crew, Lasso was driven by a statement Taller had told him when he gave command of the Johnny Boy and Mercs over to Jason Lasso: "But, what I do want from you Jason, is for you to be able to stand by your convictions, even when the whole galaxy tells you not too. Because, at the end of the day, its not about the rest of the galaxy. Its about what you did with your life." Jason's convictions drove him beyond the normal limits of any normal man.

    "Status?" Jason asked out-loud.

    "In position, Cap," Andrew 'Guitar' Monk said more professionally then his rock-star life style would normally dedicate, "All systems are green."

    "No sensor pings or patrols," the female Gossam Chief Petty Officer Wa Yay, the ranking non-commissioned officer on the Johnny Boy, said, turning around in her chair from the sensor station.

    "Communications are clear. No tracking detected, no code words, and no military traffic," said Nal Tubben, their new male Sullustan communications officer; the alien was blind due to combat in the Galactic Civil War while serving the Rebel Alliance.

    Lasso looked at his PAC20 visual wrist comlink, which had the time. Two hours and nothing. It was time.

    "Its time to go," Lasso said and looked across the command way to Yavscout; the Elf Surefall Paramedic was...playing a game, Dejarik to be precise, on a palm-sized device. "Commander?" Lasso said with reserved patience.

    "One moment," the Elf said, "I've almost got in the top twenty."

    "Commander," Lasso said with a bit of bite.

    'Yav looked up, "I won."

    "I'm so glad," Lasso said with a forced smile, looking across the bridge, "Miss Yay, the bridge is yours. Keep us out of sensor range and remain comm silence unless otherwise ordered. Once the fireworks starts, do a micro jump in system; those pirates should be just ahead of you, so make it look like your firing at them with intent, but miss every shot. Taab says they're testy about their shields not being at one hundred percent going into battle."

    Chief Petty Officer Wa Yay, the ranking non-commissioned officer on the Johnny Boy, turned around from her sensor station, a serious look---as always---on the Gossam's face, "Aye-aye, Captain. Best of luck to you, sir." Her CSA Captain's uniform and forged identification ranking cylinders (that worked 100%) spoke of her role.

    Lasso got up, his coat flowing behind him. 'Yav was close behind him as they neared one of the two turbolifts. As the turbolift doors closed behind them, Lasso looked over at Yav.

    "Again, 'Yav?"

    The Elf shrugged, "I got bored."

    "But its setting a bad example for the crew, to see you playing games during a serious mission."

    "What happened to you? Have you been watching the Imperial Academy holovids again?"

    Lasso smirked at that comment, "No, flexing my wings a bit in the command chair."

    The turbolift stopped on the second level, opening its doors. The two commanding officers stepped out and walked towards the medical bay.

    "Castell didn't do that for you?" Yav asked.

    Lasso smirked, "I learned that trying to slip undetected onto a Imperial occupied factory world for supplies and blowing up a few things is akin to asking for a death sentence."

    "Was that before or after we had half the Imperial Navy chasing us?" Yav asked sarcastically.

    "Before, since your choice of words was rather colorful over the comlink," Jason answered with a lop-side smile.

    "While you were playing pirate, I think I lost my body weight in sweat as we tried to high tale it out of there. So my colorful words were acceptable, considering the circumstances."

    "We did make out like bandits with those Diamond Boron Missiles, Homing Torpedoes, Advanced Homing Cluster Missiles, and T-33 plasma torpedoes. Don't forget those handful of Intruder missiles too. That was a nice grab, those Intruder missiles."

    "You tell that to the cleaning droids who cleaned my chair afterwards. I'm pretty sure they don't share your mission successful view. Speaking of that, we need to have a talk about the whole chain of command. Captains should really stay with the ship and the Commander go on ground missions."

    "Haven't you watched the holo vids labeled Star Trek? Captains go all the time, with a bunch of red shirts who never return. The Captain saves the day and the Commander gets to play Captain for a day."

    "Yea, we'll have to talk about the functionality of that," Yav said with sour taste, "I have the ability to re spawn if killed. You don't, sir."

    "We could just take the whole command crew, leave the ensign on the bridge, and risk losing the main plot characters to the story yet, somehow, survive and become heroes. Take a few red shirts for canon fodder. Oh wait, we're doing that now."

    "Your a sick man," Yav said, the two stepping into the medical bay.

    "Doctor," Lasso said, looking over at Chief Medical Russel Cook; the Johnny Boy's doctor was finishing packing an "away bag" and threw it over his shoulder, walking towards the command pair.

    "Mr. Yavascout and Mr. Lasso, both of you have missed your pre-away mission medical checks."

    "Note it in my record, Doctor," Lasso said, "I'll catch up next month."

    "It doesn't work like that," Russel said, sighing, "Yavascout, your excuse?"

    "Busy becoming the top ranked player on the Leader Boards for my game."

    "At least you have an excuse, however sad," Russel said, eying Lasso, "Shall we?"

    The trio continued to the aft turbolifts, "How bad is it Doctor?" Jason finally asked.

    "You mean my inability to stop a simple nose bleed because I am out of everything?" Russel replied.

    Jason cringed, "That bad? Well, after today's raid, you'll feel like a big city's general hospital on supplies."

    "What do you mean raid? I thought we were going to buy supplies?"

    "With what credits? Are you sure you want to be a mercenary, doctor?" Yav asked matter-of-factly.

    "I'm not so sure now," Russel replied, "We're not stealing from the local hospital, are we?"

    "View it more like a transfer of overstocked medical supplies from the CSA to the Mercs. Just not legally," Lasso replied as they entered the turbolift and took it downwards.

    "I protest to this," Russel said.

    "Noted," Lasso said, "You can stay here. I'll make sure I try my best to get the right band-aids for a galactic bio chemical attack from the Empire. A band-aid can heal that, right?"

    Russel sighed, "I can't entrust you with my medical supplies, you don't know what a doctor needs."

    "My point taken," Jason replied, looking across the doctor to Yav, "One last time, Commander?"

    The Elf nodded, "Winterkill, Havah Jeth, and myself take the fuel depot and energy cell reserves; covert all the way in, all stealth. Cain Varss, Jensen Visak, and Masha Tinovorsh fly top cover; they'll also in charge of supporting any ground operations in force. Atin, Mary Formal, Havoc Neb, and Seira Trasks runs spotter for ground and air forces in the Luck's Gamble, running as a civilian freighter in the area picking up supplies from the factories for shipment deeper into the CSA; they act as a quick support unit if needed, if things go south. You, Taab, and Kilo Typhon run the local Espo command post downtown to draw forces away from the hospital and fuel depot and energy cell reserves. Totter and the Doctor run the hospital supply run. And the Johnny Boy plays how many times they can miss hitting those pirate ships, ready to transport us to safety once everything is set in place."

    "Good," Lasso said, the turbolift ending its ride. The doors opened unto the hanger bay, where the rest of the Mercs were gathered around their new Luck's Gamble, a ILH-KK Citadel-class civilian cruiser. The old Sentinel-class Landing Craft having met an unfortunate demise two months earlier.

    "We're thirty seconds behind schedule, Captain," Taab said matter-of-factly as he tossed Lasso his A280 blaster rifle; the Corellian mercenary captain caught the rifle with one hand and rested it against his shoulder facing upwards into the air; Taab put his helmet on over his head, hiding his facial features.

    "Don't mean to be selfish and all," Cain Varss said all too slick, leaning up against the Citadel's side port TIE wing; the pilot was flipping a virboblade knife in an elegant dance along his right hand without looking at it and instead focusing on everyone else, "But am I taxi escort? Because, I'm itching to blast something."

    Lasso smiled, "You'll have plenty, Cain. We expect at least the whole squadron worth of IRDs to be airborne once they know something is up."

    "Good," Cain said, grinning like a predator at the coming battle, "I like a challenge."

    "Any other intel, Captain? Jensen Visak asked more seriously then his flight teammate, the man's eyes piercing for knowledge of the coming battle, "I'm sure the CSA has more then just a squadron of IRDs. You did say there was a defense presence in orbit around the planet, correct?"

    "I've called in some old favors," Taab said almost coldly, cutting in before the Corellian Captain could respond, "Long overdue favors. We'll have some a group of pirates keeping the local space cowboy Espo's busy. Nothing special, but enough for them to force the Espos' ground assets to handle us."

    "Pirates?" Masha Tinovorsh, with a more then a dose of disgust in her voice, "And what says they won't come after us or strike a deal with the Espo's if the going gets tough to turn us in?"

    Taab smiled behind his helmet, "Because, they know I'd kill them all if they betrayed me."

    "Any us in there?" Kilo Typhon asked, putting his helmet on, his voice changing suddenly with the voice filter, "It would be comforting."

    "No," Taab said, "You die, its on you. Not on me. I take care of me and my business." The bounty hunter turned and headed for the landing ramp of the Citadel.

    Kilo shifted in his armored, "And I thought I was an ass."

    "Don't worry," Cain said, "You still hold the ass card. It must go with people wearing armor."

    "Ouch," Jensen said, giving Cain a high-five as they passed each other to their respected fighters.

    "Yea," Kilo replied, "Tell that to your girlfriend. By the way, her perfume smells great."

    "Men!" Masha said, sighing, rolling her eyes.

    Havah Jeth looked sideways to Winterkill, the latter of which shrugging, "Kids."

    "I feel old," Havah said, the two commandos pealing off to the shuttle.

    "Okay," Lasso said to everyone, "Let's be bad guys."

    "Your supposed to say when everyone is still gathered here," Yavascout pointed out.

    "I knew that," Lasso replied.

    "Yea...sure," The elf said, walking towards the shuttle.

    "Timing," Russel said as he walked with Jason towards the shuttle, "All about timing."


    Luck's Gamble, a ILH-KK Citadel-class civilian cruiser, atmosphere of Brosi

    The white clouds parted way in front of the Citadel's cockpit, as the shuttle flew threw the darkened night skies, a pair of high powered fog lights piecing through the night sky. The story of why two starfighters---in specific Cain Varss and
    Jensen Visak---were attached on two external docking bays, and why Masha Tinovorsh escorted in a third starfighter ("switching" out with a docked fighter for fuel and rest), was made believable because of the area of space the now named Coward's Run had to travel to make it to CSA space. A forged document with CSA Espo approval of the escort was the final layer of the cake. While Lasso and company had made it past orbital security and CSA ground clearance, they still had sensors watching them from both places. The Espos were ruthless thugs, everyone knew that. But they weren't pushovers either.

    Winterkill maneuvered his helmet into position, hearing the snap-hiss as the self-contained oxygen turned on. Shortly afterwards, data started scrolling down his view screen of the suit's status and the wearer's health, "Fancy," the Nagai said, his voice filtered by the helmet.

    "Indeed," Havah Jeth said, putting his helmet on, "If my days in the Arkanian Black Guard have taught me anything, its to be able to spy out military equipment when I see it. And this stuff...isn't cheap and no way we could afford it. Care to tell the story?"

    "Just an old employer," Yavascout said, putting his own helmet on, locking the oxygen environment into the blaster resistant and stealth / sensor resistance high altitude Wingsuit, "They are...well equipped."

    "Still as slippery as a snake," Jeth said, shaking his head at Yavascout.

    "And as loyal as a Wookiee," Yavascout added in.

    Captain Jason Lasso came walking through the cargo hold, squeezing in between one of the walls and the military modified Seraph-class urban landspeeder and Bantha-II cargo skiff, the former of which was stripped of its military weapons and prepped for the hospital run for the Doctor and Totter, "Ready?" Jason asked.

    Yavascout gave a thumbs up and the three commandos walked towards the landing ramp; the Luck's Gamble was still pretty high up in the sky, following the preplanned flight course chosen by Espo air control at the command center; a flight course that was, for the Mercs' benefit, only a few hundred meters South of their destination to the fuel and energy depot; the wing suits would easily make up the difference between the two.

    Lasso grabbed onto a near-by cargo strap as he activated a wall-mounted comm, "Bridge, Commander Yavascout's team is ready. We are green."

    "Copy loud and clear, Captain," came back Atin's voice, "Hold onto something."

    A few moments later, the lights went red and the landing ramp opened just enough to allow passage if squeezed through. The sudden in-balance of air inside the cargo hold was enough for Jason to tighten his grip around the cargo strap. Yavascout, Havah, and Winterkill were on their own as they helped each other up the ramp incline and, in union, all jumped out of the crack between ramp and ship hull and into the night sky. They were on their own, on comm silence, on a mission only 3 commando-trained mercenaries could handle: steal fuel and energy cells quietly, hijack a transport hover truck, and then get picked up by the Luck's Gamble outside of the city. All without a shot being fired.

    As the landing ramp closed, Taab and Kilo Typhon came up, the latter's armored feet clanking heavily throughout the ship, "We're next," Lasso said matter-of-factly and the three of them loaded themselves into the Bantha-II, which had been upgraded with armor and an E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster turret on the front railing, supported by a mounted LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun (with a large ammo reserve it feed from hidden in the deck plates of the skiff) on the port side and a mounted Z-6 rotary blaster cannon (with large energy reserve under the deck platting) on the starboard side, with two HH-15 projectile launchers hidden in floor compartments on the skiff right before the drive cockpit, with eight rounds per launcher; finally, a Model CR-24 flame rile was located roughly in the middle of the skiff, in a floor compartment. A Rodian from the crew had been added to the mission at the last second, as an extra gunner / tech slicer into the Espos command post systems. Lasso took up the driving position, as the Rodian loosened the cargo straps. Positioning the skiff in place, Jason put on a air mask; his two fellow organic comrades had their own sealed armored suits.

    Soon, the renamed "Coward's Run" made a noticeable and sudden drop in altitude and Lasso found himself, along with everyone on the skiff, strapped in with safety harnesses to the railings of the skiff as they dropped away from the quickly disappearing cruiser. As planned, the Coward's Run started billowing smoke and flame from one of its engines, as if the craft had lost engine parts, which would explain the sudden sensor readings from the cruiser from CSA scanners. The "emergency" would force the cruiser to land at the spaceport, instead of the cargo port; then the Doctor and Totter would head out for "supplies in town" for the ship as they awaited on repairs.


    Ground, Brosi

    "You know what needs to happen," Taab was saying matter-of-factly as the three men and Rodian hurriedly removed the parachute from the skiff, the surrounding forested mountain concealing their landing in the darkness; a fair sized "port of call" town was below in the valley, "If we don't produce something on this mission op, we risk loosing some of the crew. Jod prophecy or not. "

    "And you?" Lasso asked, finishing throwing off his section of parachute to the ground and grabbing a cigar from one of his pouches along his belt and lighting it; took a long draw, exhaling the smoke in a long sigh.

    "I have my reasons for staying," Taab said, jumping back onto the skiff to man a gunnery position.

    "Yea, I guess we all do," Jason said not so encouragingly; the mercenary captain jumped on board, taking the driver seat again.

    "Why do I feel we're like a dysfunctional family," Kilo asked out-loud, jumping on board and the Rodian taking the other gunnery emplacement Kilo did not.

    In the distant, Lasso watched as the Luck's Gamble headed to the local spaceport, flame and debris following in her wake. Her one escort and two docked starfighters were already separating themselves from her, as to give the illusion of a true emergency, but also positioning themselves to be in position when needed. The three fighters broke for a high flight ceiling, as was requested by Espos ground control. The three starfighters agreed, once again playing the game. Once the fireworks started and the Espos in orbit above the planet were caught, the Mercs would be in the perfect condition to draw the less the agile (in atmosphere) ARDs.


    Air space above port of call town, Brosi

    "Okay you apes," Cain Varss said over the encrypted squadron channel, "Are you ready to earn your booze and women tonight?"

    "Watch the company Cain," Masha Tinovorsh said. "I don't play the field."

    "After tonight's paycheck, you won't care," Jensen Visak put in.

    "Is all you men think about is that?" Masha asked, adding, "When Lasso signed me on, he said I was joining a respectable crew."

    "Yea, we tell everyone that," Jensen replied, "Helps recruitment quotas."

    Cain laughed.

    "Very funny," Masha said, "Last one to three kills buys the drinks."

    "Oh, a challenge?" Cain said, leveling out his starfighter above the cloud line and slowing down.

    "Afraid that a girl's going to upstage you?" Masha asked.

    "No," Cain said.

    "Aren't we full of Sith today," Jensen replied.

    "Shut up," Cain said, adding, "After tonight,, you'll all be asking me for how I got the female company on both arms."

    "Boys, we have a mission," Masha cut in, bringing her fighter along to the right of Cain's and a bit to the rear; Jensen brought up the left and a bit to the rear, across from Masha.

    "Ahh...who's in charge?" Jensen added.

    "What do you who's in charge?" Masha asked, "Which one of you laser brains thought up of flying up here?"

    "He's the brains," Cain inserted, "I'm just the heroic guy who saves the day."

    "Great," Masha said, "Just great."

    "Well," Jensen said, "We have a squadron of IRDs scrambling from the space port in the city, per sensors. We'll have gravity and maneuverability in favor of us, since IRDs are not very mobile in atmosphere. We can use the cloud cover to mask our approach and take 'em out from on top."

    "He sounds like a leader," Masha added.

    "Yea, but can brains here lead? Jensen, I'll take this one. I'm itching for a kill."

    "Care to use my plan?" Jensen asked.

    "As long as it keeps me drinking, I'm game," Cain said, "Okay, lets do this. Shields to full, lets use that lightening storm over there as cover. It should add a element of surprise to those Espos Sith heads."

    "Step one to staying alive: have a leader. Step two, have a plan. We just did it in reverse," Masha added.

    Imperial Space



    [1] Quote from Firefly I believe.

    Okay, thoughts? Mercs are done, maybe add in greater depth here or there with more sleep. I want to add the Imperial side of things, to better paint the picture. But I don't want to present a daunting task for new players to read a novel length introduction and get discouraged. But yet, I don't want to strike out on a good story telling point either to better paint the galaxy. I'm still trying to find that balance and Heavy Isotope's comment had got me thinking about that balance.
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    Sep 10, 2001

    , post: 51070876, member: 1379973"]I like it, I think the length is irrelevant honestly, as long as the content is good. That being said I don't think it's too long and it held my attention very well. Is it possible for more clarity when you said "("switching" out with a docked fighter for fuel and rest)," like, Blade Dancer would seem a little inconspicuous so I get that or she wasn't the first choice for the escort? (Which I think fits her characterization of inexperience, yet eagerness. Like Winterkill said "kids." :p ) When I got to the TBC part I was left wanting to keep reading; so any more elaboration could work. But I think that's a good point to split off the groups and allow us to post IC after small intros for each group to set up their scenes. :D (i.e. a small post about the mercs making the jump in the wingsuits, then the ones on the skiff, Luck's Gamble and their escort. Like, just to give us something to go off of.)

    There's a grammatical error when "Kilo shifts in his armored -" proof reading isn't a strong suit for me, but that's what I noticed.

    All together I'm getting excited for it! [face_dancing][/quote]

    I fixed it, how does it sound now?
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    So, what was the language issue that got moderated? I did not notice anything when I read it.
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    Bravo Yes I get it now, thank you. :) I like the new additions to the post, in terms of a new join I think it may be a good idea to let them know which section of the intro would directly apply to them if they are joining from the start, if they feel like it's too much to read. Other than that just letting them know what the scene has been set up as and giving them a few suggestions to start would work out well for anyone looking to join up.
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    Additional corrections?

    pair of high powered fog lights piecing through the night sky - were you after piercing


    The Espos were ruthless thugs, everyone knew that. But they weren't pushovers either.

    Does the second sentence refer to Espos or Mercs?
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    Sep 10, 2001
    Mitth, I'l edit in your requests ASAP. For some reason, I missed your post last night. [face_dunno]

    Heavy, I like your comment about new players and clarifying the intro for them. I'll edit it into the opening post.

    It refers to Espos, but I see where your coming from Sith. I'll toss it around in my head to word it a better way.

    I will be getting to tags either really late tonight / early morning or on Sunday. I've been working on work stuff all day. I got chewed a new butt on Friday at work for being 2 months behind on some important paperwork.
  11. Heavy Isotope

    Heavy Isotope Jedi Knight star 4

    Oct 10, 2013
    Thanks Bravo

    One last thing is that I know it's been 5 months since the end of the current story arc, but Masha isn't that much of a smart aleck yet. :p The dialogue for her is fine the way it is she's just a lot less talkative; for now.

    I hope that everything turns out ok for you too by the way.[:D]
  12. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Thanks Heavy; if you want to, feel free to rewrite those lines and post them in here, so I can edit them into the next draft. :)

    I am headed to Church. Once I'm back, I'll start working on responding to tags and finishing up the draft today.
  13. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Good post, Heavy Isotope. With one tiny flaw.
  14. Heavy Isotope

    Heavy Isotope Jedi Knight star 4

    Oct 10, 2013
    Ok Sith let me know what's wrong and I'll request an edit or correct it in my next post.
  15. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    I am typing up that promised post from Sunday now. Sorry, Church ran late Sunday, then the Patriots/Jets and later Broncos/Colts football games distracted me. Then I fell asleep from a lack of sleep Saturday night...which was worth it, because the new movie Gravity was amazing! First movie to really give space travel its realistic due in modern times; the space station and dead bodies builds were amazing, as were the views of Earth. The storyline was good, if a bit sad and very shallow for depth.
  16. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Don't worry. Correcting in my post.

    Bravo, glad you have had a chance to enjoy yourself.

    Bardan, splendid post, mate.
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  17. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    It wasn't the plan, Sith. I was just exhausted and distracted Sunday. I'm getting old I think, not able to do those late nights anymore. [face_beatup]

    As for work, please pray (or send good wishes or thoughts if you don't pray). Work was hell again today because of that paperwork (got ripped again about it) and my Director (the boss, boss) returns to work tomorrow. My Assistant Director has been the one giving me grief over the late paperwork since Friday, rightfully so though on her part. I have the paperwork done now, after working on it tonight when I got home from work. Now I just have to face my Director about the late paperwork, which I'm worried about, but God does good to those who love Him (Holy Bible; book of Romans).
  18. Heavy Isotope

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    Oct 10, 2013
    Hang in there Bravo. I always found that no matter what happens in life you're where you're meant to be and the choices you have can always make a better outcome, just try to stay positive. I'm sure your boss will be ok because you've completed the paperwork instead of not at all. [face_peace]

    I meant to give this to you earlier by the way, DRL kicked me in the shins too, here's the dialogue changes I'd like to ask for. Red text will be the original dialogue and black will be the changes, bold is just the scene it's referring to. I'll be giving explanations for a change in case it's necessary. Of course you have the final say in what's changed, so I appreciate you taking the time to read. [:D]

    (The reason being is Masha's particular way of speaking, she doesn't project much emotion in her voice, like a deadpan style of dialogue, unless she's afraid. Even then it's not much, think like Aubrey Plaza's character in Parks and Rec, just less snarky and vindictive. :p)

    Aboard Johnny Boy, gathered around Luck's Gamble.

    "I've called in some old favors," Taab said almost coldly, cutting in before the Corellian Captain could respond, "Long overdue favors. We'll have some a group of pirates keeping the local space cowboy Espo's busy. Nothing special, but enough for them to force the Espos' ground assets to handle us."

    "Pirates?" Masha asked with a slight note of disdain in her voice, "Like, how do we know they aren't going to sell us out to the Espos, or that they'll come after us if the going gets tough?"


    "Yea," Kilo replied, "Tell that to your girlfriend. By the way, her perfume smells great."

    "Oh, please." Masha sighed, crossing her arm and rubbing her eyes with her free hand. Trying to ignore the comment.

    Air space above port of call town

    (There's quite a few changes here, sorry, please bear with me. Any lines that aren't Masha's is just there to aid the dialogue and has NOT been changed. ;) )

    1: (I wanted to change this because Masha has been around military men since she was 16 and isn't as easily offended about the talk of women unless it gets really bad, but she won't try to be "one of the guys," either.)

    "Okay you apes," Cain Varss said over the encrypted squadron channel, "Are you ready to earn your booze and women tonight?

    "So long as I'm not one of 'em," Masha Tinovorsh said, "Cheers though."


    2: (Same reason as #1)
    "After tonight's paycheck, you won't care," Jensen Visak put in

    "I doubt that, I've heard it all, flattery doesn't charge this battery," Masha said with what little jest she could muster, "Captain told me he had a respectable crew, though sometimes I wonder."

    "Yea, we tell everyone that," Jensen replied, "Helps recruitment quotas."

    "I supposed I'll find out soon enough then," she added.


    3: (as part of her character development I want her to open up a little bit more and more as the story goes on. Since it's 5 months later she's a little more trusting of some of the crew and letting herself laugh and joke like this is an example of that.)

    "Shut up," Cain said, adding, "After tonight,, you'll all be asking me for how I got the female company on both arms.

    Masha let out a little laugh, something the crew noticed was rare, "Take it easy, gents. Don't we have a mission?" She brought her fighter to the right of Cain's and a bit to the rear; Jensen brought up the left and a bit to the rear, across from Masha.


    4: (Masha's not blatantly mean unless someone's mean to her first. She's a bit non-aggressive in her personality, but honest none-the-less.)

    "Ahh...who's in charge?" Jensen added

    "Wait, what?" Masha asked, "Who's idea was it to fly up here in the first place? Or were we the only laser brains they trusted to fly cover?"

    "He's the brains," Cain inserted, "I'm just the heroic guy who saves the day.

    "Well I guess we're shiny, now that's been established." Masha said with sarcastic confidence.


    5: (Some of the dialogue sounded like it'd be clunky for her to say, she's serious, but not too serious. The portrait of seriousness comes from her not being very talkative, which is seen more often than not. I know the scene isn't centered around her, I'm just referencing the reason in #3.)

    "Well," Jensen said, "We have a squadron of IRDs scrambling from the space port in the city, per sensors. We'll have gravity and maneuverability in favor of us, since IRDs are not very mobile in atmosphere. We can use the cloud cover to mask our approach and take 'em out from on top.

    "Volunteering yourself? Like, don't get me wrong, this sounds like a solid plan." Masha added.


    6: (Just a minor tweak, if you don't mind.)

    "As long as it keeps me drinking, I'm game," Cain said, "Okay, lets do this. Shields to full, lets use that lightening storm over there as cover. It should add a element of surprise to those Espos Sith heads."

    "Hmm... Plan first, leader second; sounds reverse to me." Masha joked.


    There's two references in there, the first being the line about flattery which is from Wreck-it-Ralph. The second is when Masha says the situation is "Shiny," I'm sure a few of you know that's a reference to the way the crew talks in Firefly. Again, thanks for taking the time to read this. :D
  19. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Comes into the comforting establishment that is Rocketjocks with some beef patties he has just bought, pulls two ice-cold cans of Old Jamaica Ginger Beer out of the fridge, slides one down the bar to the seated Heavy, and settles down to toast the huge digital clock on one wall, whose light blue numerals on glossy black background, are counting down to the end of Intervention.

    Getting close now.

    And frankly, a better use of that wall, than counting shopping days till Christmas.

    I popped back to the early pages of this thread, and I really missed the days when we attempted to treat this place like a clubhouse.

    So, Intervention. We're getting close. And Port Haven will never be the same again. For a start, its about to get a whole lot muddier.

    Bravo, awesome post in the hangar of the Jod destroyer. =D=.
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  20. Heavy Isotope

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    Oct 10, 2013
    Catching the beverage and crackin' it open to toast with Sith, remarking on the short but overly enjoyable time she had in this part of the story. "You know, I make a tasty burger. I think you ought to let me have a go with that grill."

    That familiar feeling of excitement crept back into her head. Re-reading the intro post, very excited!


    I read a little bit of the first two pages yesterday actually, good stuff haha!

    Honestly the scale of this story is a bit mind blowing, hence my little mistakes here and there. Sometimes I'm a loss at what to post, but I love to write. That's really what brought me back to the JCF. :p The way this is set up, the wiki, the library thread, this thread. It's incredible. :)

    I'll second that, Sith!
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  21. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Well put Sith. Yes, I know I've been in and out this week. Its been crazy at work---as you all knew the story---and Church last night. Work is going better, so thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. :) Not out of the woods completely at work, but making progress in that direction.

    Heavy, back in the summer of 2010 and in 2011, Intervention was one of the most played and viewed RPGs and we stayed that way for almost or over a year (memory is a big foggy). We're not being cocky or self-centered, but we had and still do have a excellent staff and players. DRL has taken its toll on us all in various ways after 4 years, but all of the Quick Reference, Library Wiki, Rocketjock, and game thread have all been the contributions and tireless work and effort of all involved. Intervention has become, as a friend told me a few weeks ago, as the old Jedi Outcasts RPGs were here during the hay-day years back in the early 2000's: the strong, reliable game that sticks around and has a good reputation. In 4 years, we have survived countless good games, outlasting them all. Somehow, we keep going, despite some very good games and Game Masters popping up around us. I think it comes down to our community; Intervention has its own sense of community inside the greater community that is the Role Playing Forums. We're not isolationists by any means, but we all have a understanding of what Intervention is and we seek to build the game as a community, instead of just an entertainment venue.
  22. Heavy Isotope

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    Oct 10, 2013
    I just wanted to say I've never seen a written RPG of this scale. I'm definitely looking forward to what comes, with everyone! I agree with what you say about community, a collaborative effort is a great undertaking to only make people closer. Thanks for letting me be a part of it guys. :)
  23. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Thank you for choosing us, Heavy. :)
  24. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Final draft of game opening thread. Thoughts?

    Star Wars
    Echoes in Eternity

    It is a dark time in the galaxy, although hope has flared on the distant horizon. The evil Galactic Empire's Death Star has been destroyed, saving not only the struggling Rebel Alliance, but giving hope to a galaxy plunged in darkness for far too long. As the events of the Death Star unfolded, another battle for life or death took place over the Outer Rim planet of Port Haven. There, Imperial forces lead by Emperor's Hand Mara Jade sought to capture the new leader of the mercenary group known as the Mercs. To her Master's dismay, the mythical Kingdom of Jod prevented the evil Empire's plans from being successful. And in further reaches of the galaxy, the Empire's top secret Project Zero comes to a destructive end, ending the Empire's bid to establish a top secret base in the Kingdom of Jod's home galaxy of Companion Cresh. Now, the Heroes of Yavin of the Rebel Alliance have been trapped in the Yavin System for 5 months, due to the Blockade of Yavin by Imperial Forces under the command of Darth Vader.

    The Mercs, once lead by a Clone Wars veteran Captain Rick Taller, is now lead by his successor, a young firebrand Corellian by the name of Jason Lasso. Consumed with the Prophecy, as defined by the Kingdom of Jod for the Mercs to be "like shooting stars" in the galaxy's darkest hour, the Mercs escape Port Haven, recovered their beloved Marauder-class Corvette from the Kingdom of Jod's repair bays, and blasted out into the galaxy to ready themselves for the coming Shadow War between the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Kingdom of Jod, and the Jod's arch enemies, the Beasts. Ready to finish the bloody business that they were unfairly thrown into under Taller's leadership during an Imperial ambush near Port Haven several months before the Battle of Yavin, the Mercs look forward to meeting up with Jod forces in the galaxy proper. And the Jod never showed. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months and finally, with no sign of the promised Jod for the coming Shadow War, the Mercs moved on, desperate for fuel, food, and credits to pay the crew. Adrift in a galaxy that was once defined by a daring prophecy amidst the Galactic Civil War, the young Corellian Captain leads his rag-tag band of mercenaries onto a new mission none of them saw coming after Port Haven: life after the Kingdom of Jod. What now becomes the question of the they fight for themselves or for a greater cause?

    For months after the destruction of Project Zero and near annihilation of most Imperial forces around the Red Rock Planet, former Imperial Security Bureau Investigator Hilick Soal readied what he could of his once mighty Royal Red Squadron of Imperial warships, preparing to chase after the Mercs and run them into the ground at Port Haven. To finally rid the galaxy----and himself---of the mercenary band that had almost brought near destruction to his personal mission from the Emperor to recover the pieces of Red Rock that once belonged to the Kingdom of Jod's historical planet in the Mid Rim thousands of years ago, now spread across the galaxy. The chance for revenge never came; the ISB and even Imperial Intelligence failed to locate the mercenaries and the few reports that could be found were of little use to track them down. It had seemed---along with the disappearance of the Kingdom of Jod---that Hilick Soal had missed his chance for revenge. Captain Rick Taller and his ragtag group of freedom fighters had slipped through his grasp...and it seemed, forever. But former gives the annotation of something taken or something added upon thy. Former, in this case, was the promotion of Hilick Soal to a new position within the Imperial Court itself as General Preeminent for saving the Emperor's life during Project Zero's destruction. Armed with a new Assertor-class Star Dreadnought named the Darkest Night, Hilick Soal is given his orders: the destruction of the Emperor's enemies by any means at his disposal and to seek out and destroy the Mercs; as Darth Vader works as the Emperor's right arm, Hilick Soal works as his left arm, and the Emperor's Hands work as his eyes and ears. Finally, Soal's orders are to locate the Kingdom of Jod by any and all means possible and bring them to their knees under Imperial rule. Foreshadowed by these orders, Hilick Soal remembers his destiny to destroy the Galactic Empire. But in order to do that, he must play the role that destiny has given: conquerer and murderer to the Rebel Alliance and anyone that stands in the Emperor's way.

    "He" and Alexander Zat roam through the criminal underground, avoiding death and enslavement at every turn. They seek the answers to the Ancient Scrolls: where has the Kingdom of Jod gone?

    Darth Vader seeks an answer to bring back his beloved Padme Amidala. Supported by a rogue Imperial scientist and cloned bodies of his dead wife, Vader seeks to bring his wife back alive through the Force. To, once again, be united with her. And then destroy the Emperor himself. Amidst his personal desires against the Emperor, Vader seeks out his son, Luke Skywalker, to unite with him in the destruction of the Emperor. Finally, with his wife and son by his side, true peace could be brought to the galaxy. But, at what cost to the galaxy? And at what cost to Vader himself?

    As the galaxy spirals out of control in madness as the Galactic Civil War rages on, an ancient darkness has awoken in the Unknown Regions and has planned it's bloody revenge against all of life itself. Rebel nor Imperial, Jod nor Beast, Merc nor civilian, will be able to stand against it. As the galaxy tears itself apart in civil war, a greater evil threatens to destroy everything and force all to bow to its rule. Can sworn enemies unite under one banner to destroy this unholy evil or will the personal desires of everyone bring destruction upon them?

    As the question of Allegiance becomes the forefront thought of every Rebel and Imperial on the front lines, ancient mysteries hidden in the galaxy may hold the key to defeating the unholy storm coming from the Unknown Regions. But, can the Mercs seek to become the heroes that they were destined to be and discover the answer before its too late?

    "What we do in life, echoes in eternity." - Maximus Decimus Meridius


    Welcome to Intervention: Echoes in Eternity, the successor of the RPF Award winning (Best Star Wars RPG, Spring 2010 and Best GM, Spring 2010) Star Wars: Intervention, which had a historic long run from June 2009 to October 2013, with well over 33 players coming and going through its doors during that time period. Intervention: Echoes in Eternity is the continuation of the epic storyline from the first game of Intervention, where a ragtag group of mercenaries known as "The Mercs" are thrown into galactic events as the mythical Kingdom of Jod, Galactic Empire, and Rebel Alliance battle it out over the last remnants of the Jod's once destroyed home world, the Red Rock Planet. The planet's rebuilt state allows the Empire to harvest the planet's given name of mineral, Red Rock, which is a rare repairing, growing, and Force sensitive rock with the ability to heal any sickness or injury, give unlimited power with just a fraction of a rock for a whole city, and provide a gateway to the Jod's home galaxy of Companion Cresh, which is otherwise inaccessible by other means other then by Sleeper Ships, and to their advanced hyperspace technology called Red Space. The game began with just the Empire and Mercs, then introduced the Rebels, Kingdom of Jod, and a ancient enemy of the Jod, known as the Beasts. Through several missions and story arcs, the Mercs found themselves entangled with a galactic prophecy of a coming Shadow War. The game ended with the near-escape of the Mercs under superior Imperial forces at Port Haven, the Mercs long-time home Shadow Port of call. This game, Echoes in Eternity, picks up 5 months (.5 ABY) after the events of the Battle of Yavin, near the end of the Blockade of Yavin.

    You are part of the mercenary group known as the Mercs; a group formed under the leadership of a former Grand Army of the Republic Non-Clone brigade leader known as Rick Taller, the Clone Wars veteran forms the Mercs over Port Haven just days after the infamous Order 66. Equipped with military equipment and what Non-Clone and Clone loyalists soldiers he has, Taller rages an all-out war against the Galactic Empire in the name of the Republic and the Jedi. Convienced that Emperor Palpatine is evil, the Jedi loyalist fights the Empire near and far across the galaxy for years. Finally, in 3 months before the Battle of Yavin (.3 BBY), the Mercs meet their match over the Mid Rim planet of Watava, when they first encounter Hilick Soal and the Imperial Royal Red Squadron. The rest of the story of Star Wars: Intervention can be located at STAR WARS: INTERVENTION; as a note, the thread was damaged during "The Move" from the old boards to the new boards and a fair amount of information is either missing or incomplete. There is a digital backup of the first 99 pages of the game, which is uncorrupted, which will be posted again hopefully for your viewing pleasure. The story was continued during "The Move" at Intervention (In-Character Game Thread; Temp Location) before the new boards came online here.

    Intervention: Echoes in Eternity is a turn based online text-based role-playing game, with the style of of play-by-post role-playing game (story format) to be specific.

    Intervention: Echoes in Eternity has several support threads that help out of game community and Library Thread information for the game as a whole:

    • Rocketjock Eatery (a Out-of-Game / Out-of-Character Discussion Thread)
      • Post questions for Game Master(s) here (replaces the usage of Private Messages, unless needed for privacy concerns)
      • Have an idea, not sure if it will work? Ask it here!
      • Have a comment on a post OOG? Anything not "In Character" goes here!
      • Please, avoid socializing when possible. The RPF has threads designed just for socializing.
    • Quick Reference
      • Our Library Thread
      • Excellent reference thread for anything Intervention!
      • No replies permitted; for Game Master posts only; do not post in the thread basically
    • Library Wiki
      • An off-site Library Thread; unknown if it will ever be finished, but still has valuable resources and information for the game! Thanks to CPL_Macja for his upkeep and additions to the Wiki Library!


    Intervention: Echoes in Eternity allows recognized character types from the Star Wars Universe; in short, no characters from other science fiction franchises (i.e. Star Trek or Firefly, etc.), unless authorized by the Game Master. Some general principals to know about characters:

    • No "super hero" characters; every character has a flaw, no one is perfect. See our Game Policies in the Quick Reference for more information.
    • No Jedi, Sith, or other "Force" based characters. Characters may have the Force, but it is restricted to Luke Skywalker's abilities in A New Hope. See our Declaration of the Force and Force Ranking System in the Quick Reference for more information. Game Master(s), for sake of storyline purposes only, are exempt from this rule.
    • Only "Merc" characters allowed; Imperial, Rebel, and / or other organization based characters are forbidden, unless authorized by either Game Master Bravo or Co-Game Master Sith-I-5.
    • No Star Wars "canon" character is playable in the game; only staff Game Masters are allowed to play characters from the movies and or books from the Star Wars universe for any extended period of time.
    • Each "player" or "staff member" may role play one "In Character" (IC; primary) character and up to two "Non Playable Characters" (NPC; secondary) characters. Game Masters Bravo, @Sith-I-5, and @Bardan_Jusik are exempt from this rule for the sake of the storyline and may role play as many characters as needed.
    • While most NPCs are free use (for all players to use), several are restricted usage to certain players. Please see the Quick Reference for more information.
    • No one can kill another player's character or restricted NPC without the prior consent of the player whom the character(s) belong to
    • MOST IMPORTANT; you must "role play" to your character sheet. You cannot be something or do something not in your Character Sheet. Your character may gain "life experience," in which Character Sheets may be resubmitted to Bravo for update approval.
    Character Sheet
    Must be filled out in full and Private Messaged---PM---to Bravo for approval before starting in the game. Once approved, post character sheets in the primary game thread.
    The below Character Sheet is referenced from the old Jedi Council Forums' RPF before "The Move" in 2012. Some modifications have been added to the Character Sheet.

    Home World:​
    ---Skin Color:​
    ---Hair Color:​
    ---Eye Color:​
    ---Other Attributes:​
    ---Other Details:​
    Skills (NEW!!!)
    ---Primary Skill: [This is something (one skill) you specialize (master) in very well and is a unique skill set to your character. I.e. starfighter pilot, soldier, doctor, mechanic, etc.]​
    ---Secondary Skill: [This is something (one skill) you are good at; its not your specialty and not something you have mastered, but it something you are good at. I.e. see above]​
    ---Life Experience: [This is a few things (up to three) you have knowledge of or general working knowledge of, usually gained through either education or life experience. You are not "good" at these skills, but are okay or at the very least workable with them when the need arises.]​
    Education (NEW!!!)
    ---General Education: [Your general education; high school, college, etc.]
    ---Specialized Education: [Did you get special training from the military or a technicial school at a particular craft or skill? Military Officer's School, Academies, Top Secret Agent training, etc.]​
    Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)
    ----Physical: [Describe a physical limitation or weakness your character has. Is your species generally weaker then most other species and do they have to rely on technology to survive in a increasingly physical world? Do they have a leg, arm, or hand missing that hasn't been replaced by a clone body part or a robotic replacement?]​
    ----Mental: [Did your character sustain a brain injury and have memory loss or a loss of certain brain function? Is your character unable to read and or write? Is your character a drop-out from high school and may lack certain knowledge of the greater galaxy and the workings therein? ]​
    ---Emotional: [Is your character haunted by the loss of a family member? A romantic relationship? A traumatic event? What could "trigger" a emotionally unstable character in a situation?]​
    ---General: [Is your character not the best hand-to-hand fighter? Not good at shooting? Does our character have a weakness when in close contact to certain objects and or people?]​
    ---Character Critical Failure: [What is one thing that can hurt your character? The inability to see in the dark or in the light? The inability to breathe oxygen? Is it the inability to swim? The inability to run? What is one thing that would cause your character to "fail" in ANY situation? What is your character's kryptonite?]​
    ---Hull Rating: [Strength of hull]​
    ---Ejection System:​
    ---Life Support:​
    ---Hyperdrive Class:​
    ---Max Cargo (kg):​
    ---Interior Description:​
    ---Other Details:​
    The Force
    -----Handle Description(s):​
    ---Force Abilities:​
    ---Force Weakness:​
    ---Other Force Object(s):​
    ---Personal History:​
    ---Military History:​
    ---Traumatic Experiences:​

    Updated: 10-13-2013

    1) Please follow the RPF Rules and be mindful of the Terms of Service, Rules of the Jedi Council Forums, and Harassment Policy.

    2) Game Master Bravo's word is final in terms of Intervention, unless otherwise stated by a Moderator or Manager of the Role Playing Forum. Co-Game Master Sith-I-5 holds identical ranking authority and his word is final approval as Bravo, unless otherwise stated by Bravo. Assistant Game Masters Mitth_Fisto and Bardan_Jusik help manage Intervention. Intervention's management team is collectively known as "Staff".

    3) All character sheets must be PMed (Private Message) to Bravo for approval; as a general rule, no Sith, Dark Jedi, or Gray Jedi are allowed. Jedi-based characters are restricted to entrance into the game with the Force abilities of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope; further information on Jedi themed characters can be found in our Force Ranking System. Players are allowed one (1) In-Character (IC) and up to 2 Non-Player Characters (NPC).

    4) All Out-of-Game and/or Out-of-Character discussions and questions should be posted and answered in the Rocketjock Eatery (A Star Wars: Intervention OOC/OOG discussion thread). The Rocketjock Eatery should be used as the public means of game questions and other discussions verses that of PM (Private Message). Private Message should be used for private discussions.

    5) All tag(s) should be replied to within a week (7 days) time period, unless other circumstances such as family, college, work, or DRL (Darth Real Life) prevent a timely reply. Please let other players and staff know of such delays via the Rocketjock Eatery (details of the delay are not required, since that information is private to you). If a response to a tag is not received within 7 days, without one of the above described reasons posted in the Rocketjock Eatery, then a staff member may use a NPC (Non-Player Character) to move your character along without directly influencing your character's actions. In general, if possible, 2 posts a week or (averaged out) 1 post every 3 1/2 days is the acceptable means of role playing activity in Echoes in Eternity (tags excluded, see above).

    6) All major storylines (a storyline that affects the game as a whole) must have prior approval by Bravo via PM or the Rocketjock. Minor storylines (those that only affect your character and one (1) or two (2) other characters with prior approval by those users) are freely allowed without Bravo's prior approval.

    7) Any disputes between players, players and staff, or staff and staff that cannot be handled in a peaceful manner, must be forwarded to Bravo via Private Message (PM) for further action. Any disputes that violate the Terms of Service, Rules of the Jedi Council Forums, and/or Harassment Policy must be forwarded to both Bravo and a Role Playing Forum Moderator or Manager immediately.

    8) Copyright; players and staff are implored to make references and give credit to any and all creations not their own that they incorporate from outside sources into the game threads.

    9) Please adhere to the "Declarations" and Game Policies listed in the Quick Reference.

    10) Have fun! :cool:

    • Game Master; Bravo
      • In charge of all game functions
      • 2009 to present
    • Co Game Master; Sith-I-5
      • Second-in-Command
      • Authority to do what is needed for the "good of the game"
      • Role Plays multiple NPCs for the game
      • Controls most Imperial storylines
      • Has authority to approve Character Sheets
      • 2011 to present (player since 2010)
    • Assistant Game Master; @Mitth_Fisto
      • Longest member of Intervention, since opening in 2009
      • Assists where needed in the game
      • Helps to oversee the game as a whole and conduct actions to ensure proper game functionality
      • 2010 to present (player since 2009)
    • Assistant Game Master; @Bardan_Jusik
      • Assists where needed in the game
      • Helps to oversee the game as a whole and conduct actions to ensure proper game functionality
      • 2013 to present (player since 2012)
    • Honorary Co Game Master; greyjedi125
      • Co Founder of Intervention
      • Former Co Game Master from 2009 to 2011
      • Assists where needed, as requested by Game Master staff
      • Not a Game Master; traditional Game Master authority and power not active, but can be if requested by Game Master staff


  25. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Awesome. =D=

    One typo detected, which in all that, is quite impressive.

    Convienced that Emperor Palpatine is evil