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OOC Rocketjock Eatery (A Star Wars: Intervention OOC/OOG discussion thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Bravo, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Say that ten times as fast as you can. ;)
  2. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Stumbled a couple times but for some reason ended the ten times fast with Hu-Rah! [face_thinking]
  3. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Bravo, awesome post for the station recorded incident.

    Mitth, nice stuff too. I certainly would not have thought to look at evaporation rings in a coffee cup!
  4. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Thanks Sith! Just posted...your thoughts? [face_thinking]

    And Mitth...tag... ]-}
  5. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    :D That is some spooky sith! Lovely stuff; I'd be wary of taking Yav there, all the things that the AI can reveal about him.
  6. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Thanks Sith! :D I wonder what Mitth thinks now... :p

    So, I added a layer of the "unknown" with a planet in the Northern Stretch. Who knows what waits there...? And Actualize Station, where does she fit in with a space station AI and a planet deep in the Northern Stretch? [face_thinking]
  7. Intervention

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    Oct 1, 2012
    Tag again Mitth. :p I hope you don't mind me reintroducing Streets briefly (since he was on the Johnny Boy). [face_nail_biting]
  8. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Markus practically weeps to mind Bravo, and I must ruminate before I post with a british accent. Yet some is unavoideable.

    The Red Queen is something from previes and a snippet or two that I have seen over the years. Although I have seen many rogue AI's, I have to admit personally it gives me the willies, but Havah has a very different feeling. Something else to work past to get this post proper. Maybe tonight or else tomorrow then.

    EDIT: As for Streets no problem, except where in that was I supposed to write a reply? His surf is rusty and so is my decoder ring :p
  9. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Deputy should be aboard the Johnny Boy.

    He was on the Mother in her hangar, and I believe Yavscout told him to check on Taller when the captain tried to tell him about Poison and other Merc codes for danger.
  10. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Go ahead and add Deputy in then Sith if you want to. Right now, it's a simple search and rescue mission and find out what the heck happened. But, the Johnny Boy is no where "normal". Rather, in a very not normal place. I'll add more detail ASAP.
  11. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Second thoughts, I won't interfere.

    Deputy got deactivated in a corridor when the JB powered down.
  12. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Do you want me to re power Deputy? They could use a astromech on a unknown world...
  13. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    They could also use an ocean :p

    Also to clarify, by Markus invading my reply in my first attempt that I scrapped I was meaning the one from B5 ;)
  14. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    I've gone down a bit of a cul-de-sac here. Got enough on my plate without running Deputy on the ship; npc him if you want.

    However, I was planning to have Rachel Williams in one of the escape pods, recalling her Wookiee boyfriend finding her and throwing her into the pod before it launched, which would potentially leave him aboard the Johnny Boy, or in another of the pods, but I won't get into that side of it until you are ready for the crew to reminisce their resistance to the invaders.

    9/12 - I note the King-II class battleships have hypermatter annihilation reactors. Like the Death Stars.

    Well I just hope the Jod bred the "suicide gene" that we have seen recently out of their commanders before putting them in charge of the new ships, cos those create one **** of an explosion when they go up.
  15. Intervention

    Intervention Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 1, 2012
    Yes Sith, the hypermatter annihilation reactors were chosen on purpose by me, but not for a bravado suicide mission. I have to check my notes as to why I did it again. ;)

    Per the OOG in the game thread, the revised King II-class Battleship specs on the next post by me. In doing more research, I have used the following specs to try to determine, using a MC80b Mon Calamari Cruiser and a Imperial I-class Star Destroyer to try to determine the number of decks that a King II-class Battleship would have based on similar size to a ImpStar. Here is my research:

    Using the assumption that,
    and the fact that the MC80B Star Cruiser (post-Endor. 3ABY) height is at 150 meters---I can find heights for earlier Mon Calamari Star Cruisers before Endor---I'm going to assume the following:

    • If a Star Destroyer bridge has 30 decks at 3 meters a piece
    • Mon Cal cruiser at 150 meters height
    • Assuming that---with weapon emplacements, hull thickness (which I don't know), reactor core size, hanger size---the bridge tower size can reproduced at least 1 /12 times for crew quarters, work space, and various other starship functions for a organic crew and 2 3/4 times for the total height of the warship
    • Assuming some decks would be larger then others (like the primary bridge in the quote above) and the hanger would be taller then 3 meters as well
    • Including the fact that the King II-class Battleship would most likely not house any important living functions aside from officer quarters, conference rooms, and escape pods in the two tower structures leading to the two command bridges....

    Then I would assume that a King II-class Battleship could have 70 decks total of height with of livable space or 210 meters tall. Of that space, including the hanger bay, reactor core, and bridge, I would assume that---with the fact that not all decks would be the same length or width with regards to the reactor core and hanger bay taking up space---40 decks at 3 meters a piece for a total of 120 meters---could be reasonable for a warship of 1,600 meters sharing reactor and hanger dimensions similar or slightly smaller or larger to that of a Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.

    Thoughts before I update and make the King II-class stats official? :confused:

    Below is imaginary support for my conclusions...











    Imagine created by CPL_Macja
  16. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Well, only weighing in on the hangar size, I would definitely make them higher than 3 metres. Think of what has to fit and fly inside, such as the vertical fins on certain types of shuttles.

    Thinking practically, I have decided that the hangar on the Delinquent would up Deck Four which it is on, and rise up through Decks Five and Six. Not sure how many metres that is, off the top of my head, but it accomodates AT-AT barges (which obviously have to be bigger than AT-ATs), Sentinel and Lambda-class shuttles; don't skimp on hangar heights.
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  17. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    I didn't include the hanger...thanks. :oops:
  18. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Yes, you did.

  19. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    See below post. Massive edit.
  20. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Official stats for King II-class Battleship. If you see errors or anything not realistic to the Star Wars naval warfare/capital ship universe, please let me know so I can make edits accordingly. Thank you.:) The reason the King II-class has been such a big issue for me last few days is the fact that it will be the center piece of the storyline for the second game of Intervention: Allegiance.


    Imagine created by CPL_Macja

    King II-class Battleships:
    Below Data specs layout and other related information taken from Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser, and Venator-class Star Destroyer.

    Manufacturer: Royal Engineering (Jod Defense Engineering Shipwrights manufactures all other ships for the Kingdom's Navy not included in the "Navy's Modernization Program")
    Model: King II-class Battleship
    Class: Star Destroyer (see: Anaxes War College System)
    Role: Battleship, Command Ship, Carrier
    Cost: Roughly the same around of an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (costs are saved through building direct, verses contracting out to other shipyards)

    Length: 1,600 meters
    Height: 210 Meters (40 decks of livable space; 30 decks or 90 meters of non-livable space: hanger bay, reactor core, etc.)
    Maximum Acceleration: >2,750
    MGLT: 65 MGLT
    Maximum Speed (atmosphere): 1,000 km/h
    Engine Units: 6 Royal One Fighter-class Engines (same look as King-class Battleships, but different internal design for better production)
    Hyperdrive Rating (Red Rock): Class .10
    Hyperdrive Rating (normal, back-up): Class 2 back-up
    Power Plant: One main Hypermatter annihilator reactor, two smaller (15% the size) solar fed back-up reactor cores (charged at 100%, can be recharged by the main reactor or solar panels; can be used with main reactor to support energy out-put for weapons, shields, sensors, and communications).
    Shields: Redundant shields, rated to Imperial II-class Star Destroyers
    Armor (Hull plating): Rated to Imperial II-class Star Destroyers
    Sensors: Rated to Imperial II-class Star Destroyers; other "additional" abilities classified by the House of Royal Intelligence.
    Communications: Rated to Imperial II-class Star Destroyers,including specifics:
    Frequency Agile subspace transceiver
    Ranger transceiver
    2 Rectenna (refitted for starship's size and use; one fitted on each rear of the bridge domes)
    Whistler encryption module
    Sub-space image transmitter
    Subspace transceiver
    hyperwave transmitter
    Targeting Systems: St2x targeting computer
    Note: Installed on both the King-II class Battleship (redesigned for warship specs) and all it's starfighters.
    Cargo Capacity: 26,000 metric tons
    Consumables: 5 years
    Officers: 6,235
    Enlisted: 19,850
    Gunners: 275
    Naval Guard: 3,000
    Total: 29,360
    Armament (142 weapon emplacements):
    Note: Imperial I-class Star Destroyers have 142 weapon emplacements)

    12 DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turrets
    8 Arrow: 2 port / 2 starboard top arrow; 2 port / 2 starboard bottom arrow
    4 Bow: 2 top, 2 bottom

    8 All purpose mass driver cannons
    8 Middle: 4 across the "middle" section of the ship, both port and starboard

    10 NK-7 ion cannons
    8 Middle: 4 port along the "middle," 4 starboard along the "middle"

    2 Bow: 1 top, 1 bottom

    62 XX-9 heavy turbolasers
    30 Arrow: 10 port top / 10 starboard top; 10 port bottom / 10 starboard top
    10 Middle: 5 port, 5 starboard
    6 Bow: 3 top bow, 3 bottom bow
    6 Aft: 3 top, 3 bottom

    40 AG-2G quad laser cannons
    10 Arrow: 5 top arrow, 5 bottom arrow
    10 Middle: 5 port, 5 starboard
    10 bow: 5 top, 5 bottom
    10 Aft: 5 top, 5 bottom

    10 Concussion Missile Launchers
    4 Bow: 2 top, 2 bottom
    6 Middle: 3 port, 3 starboard

    10 Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors
    4 Bow: 2 top, 2 bottom
    6 Bottom: around hanger bay


    4 T-65 X-wing starfighter squadrons
    3 BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighter squadrons
    1 Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor squadron
    1 Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter squadron
    1 V-19 Torrent starfighter squadron
    Total: 120 starfighters

    12 GAT-12 Skipray Blastboats (various models)

    Numerous repair and recovery vessels

    3 Aka'jor-class shuttles
    4 Nu-class attack shuttles
    12 Sentinel-class Landing Craft
    2 Gamma-class assault shuttle
    4 Y-4 Raptor-class Transports
    2 CR25 troop carriers
    1 IF-120 landing craft

    10 AT-TEs
    5 T4-B heavy tanks
    8 TX-130T fighter tanks
    20 AT-PTs
    2 AT-OTs

    3 AT-APs
    4 AV-7 Antivehicle Cannons

    Infantry: 10,000
    1 Garrison Base

    Special Notes: King-II class Battleships are the essential backbone to King Alex "The Just"'s political, military, and emonanic agenda for the Kingdom of Jod. The first class of warship designed under the Navy Modernization Program, the ship is designed to be on par with the latest military technology in the "Outside Galaxy". Able to act as a tough Battleship during times of war, a Command Ship, or even a carrier, the King II-class Battleship surpasses it's older brother, the King-class Battleship, in every way. Better armor, better shields, better weapons. The focus of adding bow weaponry, to address the major short-coming of the original King-class Battleship, was of major note and the added weaponry gives the new King II-class Battleship the ability to better pursue enemy targets.

    The King II-class Battleship adds upgraded highly sensitive and long-range sensors from the original King-class model; the addition gives the ship a edge on other warships it's size. The specifics of the sensor capabilities is currently classified.

    The latest---and biggest---internal change to the King-class model of warships is the crew. While the King II is bigger then it's original brother, the crew size has been reduced by around 10,000 crew members for a ship it's size. The reduction in crew has allowed more room for back-up generators, less strain on the life support system, and more hanger space. The reduction in crew size is made possible by a newly developed (and tested) advanced AI system---from a secret research space station in the Northern Stretch---that helps to pick-up the loose ends from a reduction in crew size. The AI's safety limits eliminates the possibility of the AI taking over the vessel, rather restricting the AI to tasks and duties that replaces the 10,000 crew member reduction.

    In addition to an AI, the King II-class Battleships are using a prototype Hypermatter annihilator reactor that is more stable then it's Clones War era counterparts; also, the engines are testing out a system to reduce engine heat and waste as to lower the ship's sensor profile.

    King-II class Battleships hold up the high expectations of culture and design that the King I-class Battleship was known for, but even more. Details:

    • Bridges (both Port and Starboard)
    Starboard Bridge (Primary Bridge, War Room)

    Oval shape design with front windows wrapping around the front part of the bridge from top to bottom. Two decks; the first, lower deck, houses crew pits for the various functions of the ship. The Helms station---a double crew member console with a Chief Helmsmen and a Assistant Helmsmen---sit at the front of the bridge behind a semi-circle of a console station. Positioned in the middle front of the bridge, they have a full unobstructed view of space in front of them.

    Wrapping around in the oval shape bridge to either side of the Helms Station are multiple consoles---seven in total----on both sides of the bridge for various functions (14 consoles all together from both sides); all the consoles are angled and positioned in a way as to get a front view of the bridges' viewports, but also allow easy access around each console. The second, higher deck, is recessed from the front of the bridge by a quarter of the distant and is a large oval shaped command deck with waist high railing all around it---breaks in two front areas where 2 small ramps head down to the lower deck---with the Captain's Chair on the starboard side of the deck and the Commander's Chair on the port side of the deck, both a bit back from the safety railing. Both the Captain and Commander chairs can rotate 360 degrees and the Captain's Chair has a master command arm rest as well. In front of both the Captain and Commander Chairs, recessed into the ground, are two holograpic displays / HoloNet transceivers, that can display live battlefield data and HoloNet communications to both command officers.

    Behind the two command chairs is a large blast door that is always flanked by two sentry Naval Guards both on the outside and inside of the door's entrance and exit. Just before the exit and to the port side corner is the "War Room" (see details below). To the starboard side of the bridge in the corner opposite is the Captain's Room, pictured below:


    Leaving the bridge, one takes a small ramp down into a lobby area where two smaller blast doors, each guarded by a Naval Guard each, lead around the second deck ramp and into the lower deck bridge.

    Directly aft of the top and lower decks is another large blast door; exiting through the heavy blast door, where two Naval Guards stand sentry duty on either side of, one takes a short walk to a bank of turbolifts and staircases that lead down to the various rooms of the Command Tower or to the super structure of the arrow shape of the ship below.

    Port Bridge (Starfighter Command and Infantry Command)

    The port bridge is identical to the starboard bridge in every way except for the fact that the Helms Station is removed up front and is replaced by a tactical observation post (with emergency back-up bridge controls in case the primary bridge is destroyed), which is staffed by 3 officers who act as look-outs and battlefield liaisons between the command staff and the field commanders. The other difference between the two bridges is the function of the 14 consoles and their staff; whereas the starboard bridge handles the warship concerns, the consoles for the port bridge (nicknamed "Starfighter Command" by most) deals with starfighters, shuttles, and infantry concerns. The third difference is the removal of the "War Room" and the addition of two ready rooms in each rear corner of the bridge; the port side one for the infantry general, the starboard side office for the Wing Commander. Both rooms are smaller then the War Room look like the following:


    The second level deck, where the command chairs are at for the starboard bridge, are replaced with the Wing Commander on the starboard side and the Army General on the port side. The port bridge also handles all shuttle launches. Both the port and starboard bridges have liaison officers to each bridge for proper secure and correct communication and also share live audio and holo feed chats during all combat operations. The "War Room" in the starboard bridge houses officers from both bridges for a mission, allowing both sides to communication face to face in the heat of battle.

    • Medical Bay (Med Bay)
    Location: Several locations, Med Bay 1 through 4. Two medical bays, one each, are located each in the bow super structure both top side and bottom. These two med bays are known as General Med Bay 1 and 2 or Gen Med 1 and 2 respectfully. Med Bay 3 is located in the forward part of the arrow top side (just in front of the two command bridge towers) and is essentially considered the overflow bay and generally reserved for the command staff, officer staff, diplomatic guests, and medical mysterious or difficult cases or life support cases; Med Bay 3 has been nicknamed the "Big 3" for both it's location and ability to handle the worse of the worse in medical cases. Medical Bay 4 is located in between the secondary and primary hangers and can be accessed by both hangers; Hanger Bay 4 has been nicknamed "First Contact" for it's location of handling wounded coming in from shuttles first. Because of it's increased volume of patients, Med Bay 4 is two regular Med Bays combined to make a double Med Bay and thus twice as big (two offices combined, double the beds, etc.); essentially, Med Bay 4 is two Med Bays back-to-back, connected through a open arch way where both are connected via the small office lobby on the left side of the main circular office. All four Med Bays have the following appearance:


    Med Bays 1 and 2 both have general knowledge medical doctors on staff 24/7 with at least one nurse 24/7 as well (12 hour shifts, rotations with medical staff); a stand-by double medic and 1 IM-6 medical droid emergency response team is also stationed at both Med Bay 1 for medical emergencies throughout the ship 24/7 (2 teams, 12 hour shift blocks). Specialty doctors can be transferred from other shifts or Med Bays as needed.

    Med Bays 3 and 4 house specialty doctors or surgeons and at least 2 nurses 24/7 (12 hour shifts, rotations with medical staff). Med Bay 4 also houses a general knowledge medical doctor 24/7 as well (including the surgeon and 2 nurses). Medical Bay 3 also houses a double medical and 1 IM-6 medical droid emergency response team for medical emergencies throughout the ship 24/7 as well (2 teams, 12 hour shift blocks).

    All Medical Bays have the following droids on staff in each Med Bay (Med Bay 4 twice as many medical droids as listed):

    1 2-1B surgical droid
    1 FX-7 medical assistant droid
    2 GH-7 medical analysis unit
    2 IM-6 medical droids

    • Crew Quarters (Command Staff, Officer, Enlisted, Pilot, Barracks), State Rooms, Conference Rooms, and "War Room":
    Note: All decks are connected via turbolifts, staircases, and maintenance tubes.

    Outside crew quarters, conference rooms, and "War Room" corridors leading to various previous mentioned areas:


    Command Staff
    Location: Command Towers leading to both bridges; starfighter, infantry, and hanger commands on the port tower' bridge, medical, and engineering commands on the starboard tower.

    Quarters feature the same carpet as the outside corridors to all quarters; white walls and ceiling give the room a larger feeling and a large viewport spans the back wall behind the bed. The quarters feature a master bedroom to the rear of the quarters separated by a wall and a thin blast door to the rest of the quarters which feature a small living room complete with small dinner table, couch for entertainment, and a holo entertainment center. To the left of the living room, from the front blast door leading to the quarters, is a half circle kitchen in the corner of the room complete with a island table with 4 stools in the middle of the kitchen. Opposite of the kitchen and directly left of the main entrance to the quarters is the refresher complete with a door for privacy. Next to the refresher, on the wall with the entrance door to the quarters, is a closet for clothes and other equipment. On the wall next to the entrance to the quarters, opposite the side of the refresher and by the holo entertainment center, is a communication screen to the rest of the ship.

    Location:Around the bases of each command tower; respected commands under each "Command Staff" tower.

    Quarters are smaller and similar to command staff quarters, however, they lack the master bedroom (instead a bed is up against the wall instead of a whole private bedroom), have a smaller living room, and kitchen is half the size. Instead of a large viewport looking out to space, a smaller view port is directly behind the bed, leaving the rest of the wall to either side solid hull. The walls and ceilings are still white and have the same style of carpet.

    Enlisted, Naval Guard, and Gunnery
    Location: Two locations; first location, spread across the top portion of the "arrow"; split into both the port and starboard sides of the arrow. Second location is positioned directly between the top arrow super structure and the top bow super structure.

    Quarters are the same sized as officer quarters and have the same carpet as all the command staff and officer quarters; however, their walls are a Imperial gray in color and feature no kitchen. Instead, 3 double bunk beds housing 2 sailors each (one on the bottom bunk, another on the top bunk) line both side walls and the very back wall. Two refreshers are in each far corner of the room between each side wall and the far wall. Two small rectangular viewports are to either side of the far side bunk and by each refresher. In the middle of the room is a single large round table---doubling as a holo gaming and entertainment table---with chairs for 4 and two smaller study desks with a single chair each are against the wall with the single entrance/exit blast door, on each side of the door. Beside each desk is a small refrigerator for left-over food, drinks, etc. Closets for clothes and uniforms by each bunk bed.

    Location: On the bottom portion of the "arrow"; split into both port and starboard sides of the bottom arrow and above the "Barracks". Shuttle and recovery and repair pilots take up the starboard bottom arrow, while starfighter pilots take up the port bottom arrow.

    Quarters are similar to Enlisted quarters, but feature 3 double bunk beds on each side wall (2 on the "right" wall, one 1 bunk bed on the "left" wall) with 2 refreshers at the back of the wall and two small rectangular viewports on either far side of both refreshers with a large circular holo gaming and entertainment center in the middle of the room with 4 chairs around it. Two study desks, with one chair each, are on either side of the entrance/exit blast door. A small kitchen is in the far left corner of the room, where only 1 bunk bed is on the "left" wall. Pilot closets for clothes and uniforms by each bunk bed.

    Location: Under the pilot quarters.

    For the 10,000 soldiers aboard the Battleship, the "Barracks" are split into two sections; each section houses 5,000 soldiers each; one section takes up the port bottom arrow, while another section takes up the bottom starboard arrow, both under the Pilot quarters. The soldiers are divided into crew quarters like that for the Enlisted naval crew members. In 3 massed cargo hold-style staging areas in each bottom wing near the Hanger Bay (with two entrances/exits; one from the Barracks and another to the Hanger Bay), soldiers can rush into directly from the barracks, collect weapons and other combat gear from locked weapon cases controlled by Naval Guard units; each cargo hold staging area can hold up to 300 soldiers each and the far walls above the entrance and exit blast doors leading to the Secondary Rear Hanger Bay are 3 massive holo displays which show combat information, military intelligence on the mission, and unit expectations (all of this combat data has already been downloaded to company and platoon leaders' data-pads before the mission became a mission). Once all soldiers are equipped, three massive ramps lead down into the Secondary Rear (and smaller) Hanger Bay for troop deployments and shuttle flights.

    State Rooms
    Location: In with the Officer Quarters---positioned behind the two bridge towers---the "State Rooms" are identical to Command Staff rooms and are given their own separate deck labeled "State Deck"; designed for visiting diplomats and VIPs. Separated from the rest of the quarters and decks by double blast layering walls, high-end communication and sensor devices, defense measures including holo cameras and sensors, and tight security involving Naval Guard patrols on the deck level and 24/7 double Naval Guard sentry outside the deck level's blast doors. The State Rooms are both safe guard from the outside for intruders for the guests and inside for the protection of the ship, as the whole deck can be ejected into space if it's guests threaten the ship's safety.

    Conference Rooms
    Location: In the command towers on both ends. Uses and sizes vary.

    Conference Room A (4 total, 2 in each command tower); Highly secured, double Naval Guard (around the clock, even with no meetings in progress) sentry flanking a eye scan and security code heavy blast door. Sound proof and sensor proof walls, for 12 people or less, are rectangular in size with all oak wood walls and a white ceiling. Lights are recessed into the ceiling, while a long rectangular heavy oak table with holo screens build into the table account for all 12 puffy black office chairs with wheels. Each conference room has white carpet and a large holo-projector / HoloNet transceiver built into the middle of the solid oak table. Flags of all the Regions of the Kingdom of Jod adore the walls at various places with holo and still photos of the Kingdom of Jod on the walls as well. A massive flag of the Kingdom's Navy addresses the far wall, opposite the single heavy blast door leading and leaving the conference room, and a flag pole on each side of the massive flag and in the corner of the room hold the Royal Palace flag to the left of the room and the Queen's Guardsmen to the right of the room. Rooms are designed for highly sensitive discussions of classified nature and blast doors are very thick; communications in the conference room can complete encrypted communications to warships, planets, and undercover assets around the galaxy. Rooms have a double Naval Guard sentry flanking the blast door on both sides outside the conference room at all times, even when not in use.

    Conference Room B (8 total, 4 in each command tower); Medium security with a double Naval Guard (during meetings only) sentry flanking the outside of a security code and eye scan secured medium blast door. Sound proof walls, circular in shape; designed for 30 or fewer people, with a all-gray wall, gray carpet, and white ceiling with recessed lighting. Walls are adored with flags from the Regions of the Kingdom of Jod and military branches; holo and still photos from the Kingdom of Jod adore the wall as well. One massive solid wood oak table with 30 black puffy office chairs with wheels is in the center of the conference room. Each place of sitting on the table is given a data-pad and important meeting notes, while a massive holo projector and HoloNet Transceiver is built into the middle of the table.

    Conference Room C (10 total, 5 in each command tower); Low security with a Naval Guard double sentry upon request outside the conference room. Security code light blast door and sound proof walls. Large circular room with two large tables (separated by a few feet, but side-by-side) for 30 people each (60 people in the room max). Designed for large meetings, the two solid oak tables hold 30 black puffy office chairs with wheels each. White carpet, gray walls, and white ceiling with recessed lightening. Flags of the Regions of the Kingdom of Jod adore the walls along with holo and still photos from the Kingdom of Jod.

    War Room
    Location: On the port corner of the starboard bridge globe, connected to the bridge by a heavy blast door.

    Designed for war as the title implies; the War Room is everything tactical that a group of military tacticians could want to run a battle. A circle of large and small holo screens feed live data from a battle to give tacticians the latest edge with touch screen commands and voice commands. A large holo projector sits in the far side of the circular room, projecting a 3D imagine of the battle in real time. Multiple smaller communication holo projection stands and HoloNet transceivers got the room's outer wall, giving each tactician a face-to-face with field officers and far off superior commanders. The room can house twenty people total, have 8 work stations (with computers and other communication and sensor equipment) with a chair each along the walls (4 on each side) towards the blast door entry and exit, and the War Room itself has a around the clock Naval Guard double sentry flanking either side of the heavy blast door leading into the War Room (even when not in use).

    • Mess Hall ("Private" and "General")
    Private Mess
    Location: Two "Private Mess" accompany a King II-class Battleship. One is located on the starboard side command tower and is reserved for the command staff of both command towers and for diplomatic guests. The other is located near the Officer Quarters and is reserved for the most senior officers.



    General Mess
    Location: Four "General Mess" are located aboard a King II-class Battleship and are designed to serve large numbers and the majority of all lower officer ranks, enlisted, gunnery, Naval Guards, and soldiers. Two General Mess are located the top bow super structure, while the other two are locate din the bottom bow super structure.

    The General Mess has a self-serve buffet bar line where people can choose from any of multipule food items cooked by the organic chefs that day and kept ready hot and filled by cooking droids. Trays and dishes are at one end of the long bar while napkins, forks, spoons, knives, cups, and fluid selection is at the other far end as you exit the line to go find a seat.


    • Hanger Bay (Primary and Rear Secondary)
    Note: Using photos below for size references only. Ignore the vessels and vehicles a King II-class Battleship does not carry.

    Secondary Hanger Bay (rear and smaller)
    Location: Behind the Primary Hanger Bay. Smaller in size, designed for ground forces and shuttle deployments.


    Primary Hanger Bay (front and larger)
    Location: In front of secondary hanger bay; larger in size and designed for starfighters.

    All the starfighters are on circular landing lifts (as shown below in the Jedi Temple photo); after each flight, fighters who need service, their landing lifts are lowered into a under level mechanic pit. The "open" landing pits are then sealed over with a retractable grate to prevent falls. When the starfighters are ready for flight, they are lifted back into position. When starfighters are not in use, for safety reasons, the fighters are lowered into the pits and only "on ready stand by" or quick reaction squadrons are in the flight position top side.

    The hanger itself is huge, holding a Imperial gray appearance as the primary color; landing lifts are numbered yellow with large numbers and squadron symbols. Rectangular in shape with a large opening large enough for a CR90 Corellian Corvette in the middle, all the services of fighters and equipment is off to the sides and away from the giant opening. Starfighters, Skypray Blastboats, and repair and recovery craft dot circular landing lifts everywhere. The lifts lower into a under level mechanic pit where all repairs and other service needs are conducted in this massive second under level of a hanger bay. Top-side, aside from the circular landing lifts, other regular hanger bay equipment, droids, personnel, and hover sleds and vehicles dot around.

    The hanger has 4 decks and 1 sub-level. The "Pits" or mechanic pits is the bottom level; under the mechanic pits is what is known as the "Dungeon" and holds all fuel, weaponry, other hazardous fuel or material, spare parts, and extra supplies for all the starfighters (the secondary rear hanger is more of a traditional hanger layout to Imperial Navy standards). Not a true level all by itself, the "Dungeon" is considered a sub-level under the Pits and is not only double layered with blast proofing material to make the sub-level like a armored box, it can also active it's own miniature ray shielding around sensitive fuels and weapons in case of emergencies and the whole sub level itself can be ejected into space in case of a uncontrollable fire as to prevent a explosion too big for the armored casing around the sub level to handle and prevent endangering the rest of the ship.

    The other 3 decks---identical in height to the secondary rear hanger bay---display the size needed for the hanger bays. Each of the two upper decks have catwalks around them and have storage rooms, offices, and break rooms for the hanger staff.


    • Security Office and Brig
    Location: Positioned directly between the two command bridges; the security officeis a large oval shaped office with hull plating and double thick blaster resistance walls on the outside of the hull plating (to hide the hull plating), blaster resistant and space-vacuum bridge-style windows, and eye scan and security code heavy air lock blasts doors (2 blast doors, each one leads out into the lobby under each command tower). The security office houses twenty-four Naval Guards (8 hour shifts, 3 shifts, rotating) staffing security consoles around the clock. Each console lines the outer wall around the whole office; the floor is carpet found on the crew quarters' corridors. A clustering of holo screens hanging from the middle of the ceiling of various sizes---allowing for both touch screens and voice commands---allows the Security Chief and his lieutenants to monitor any ship-board security issue with an array of sensors, scanners, and communication equipment. The Security Office, to the bow side of the security office, has a weapons and combat equipment locker---eye scan and security lock code---for anti-boarding actions. The Security Office can also act as a back-up emergency bridge with hidden controls and holo screens only the Security Chief knows about and has access to. Furthermore, blast shields can be lowered over the windows and the Security Office can become self-efficient with it's own back-up power, solar panel recharge for the back-up power, and own life-support and first-aids kits. Enough rations are stock piled in the aft side wall of the Security Office to last a month.

    Slightly to the port side of the hanging holo screens is a large sealed blast door hatch in the floor. It is eye scan and security code locked and leads down into the brig via a ladder. Once down, a security station of two around the clock Naval Guards (8 hour shifts, 3 shifts, rotating) to admit entrance into one of two cells to ether the port or starboard side, which are sealed by pressure locked heavy blast doors with eye scan and security lock codes (in case of a riot emergency, both cell blocks can be ejected into outer space via port or starboard sides of the ship). The port side houses a high security lock down with 8 heavy blaster resistance blast doors with cells with only a bed and a refresher toilet; no privacy. The rooms are solid metal with air being circulated through a air vent the size of a adult human male's hand up in the upper back wall. No viewports; lightening from a single recessed light in the ceiling; security holo camera, sensors, and scanners give full security access to each high security cell. The starboard cell houses 12 medium security cells (6 along each wall) with energy fields as doors and a two Naval Guard security station (staffed 24/7, 8 hour shifts, 3 shifts, rotating) in the middle of the floor.

    • Bow Super Structure (both top and bottom)
    Houses all four General Messes, two medical bays, entertainment centers (movie theaters, game centers), gyms, libraries, reading rooms, and social rooms with small coffee shops. Also houses a massive running track on both the bottom and top super structures around the whole inside structure.

    • Cargo Storage
    Located between the bottom arrow super structure and the bottom bow super structure, the main cargo holds have everything the ship needs for 5 years of deployment from rations to supplies to spare parts to anything needed by a warship. Highly secured with 4 Naval Guards staffed sentry stations at all three heavy blast door entrances and exits and Naval Guard patrols inside the cargo bay---all Naval Guards 24/7 (8 hour shifts, 3 shifts, rotating).

    • Corridors
    The majority of the King II-class corridors, except for those in the living quarters areas, hold a very Imperial look to them, fitting for a mighty warship her size:


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