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Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource Archive' started by LightSide_Apprentice, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    Role Playing Resource Forum: Policy, Rules, Reforms, Announcements

    These rules have been specifically designed and brought into being as a result of countless discussions, debates, conversations and other such exchanges of words, for the purposes of establishing the very heart and reason for this forum's existance. For the sake of simplicity and consistency, these rules have been modelled using the same basic format and structure of its sibling forums, the two RPFs, where actual game play takes place.

    I would like to recognise the considerable efforts made by NaboosPrincess in developing a vision for these forums, and, above and beyond that, allowing that vision to be shared and expanded so that all might join in its realisation and manifestation. Likewise, the efforts of the RPF Council to discuss and offer support of the potential uses of such a forum, do not go unrecognised. And, last, but not least, gratitude is given to the Administrative Staff, for without their approval and support we would be constrained and bound, and unable to grow into the prosperous community that we're enjoying, and fast seeking to enrich all the more.

    Threads, Articles, Guilds, and Discussion Zones

    Before we immerse ourselves into the rules of this wonderful little community it is important to recognise that this forum will be one of great diversity, and will be filled with a number of different types of threads, all focusing on different things, each of which is part of the greater whole and shares the one broad goal of enrichment in as far as shaping this forum to become an unparalleled resource for role players within and beyond this community.

    [b]Official Rules for Role-Playing Resource[/b]

    [b]1) [i]Terms of Service[/b][/i]

    All normal rules of the Jedi Council (JC) Forums apply: no flaming, no trolling, no spamming, no spoilers, no inappropriate sexual content etc, including, but not limited to hetero/homosexual allusions, innuendo or explicit scenes. Any occurrences of such behaviour (in or out of character) will be dealt with by a Moderator or Manager. For any questions regarding JC rules, refer to the JC Forums [link=]Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service[/link]. And, if issues are still not resolved, users are advised to send a PM to the forum moderator, Imperial_Hammer, or any other available Moderator for clarification. For a more elaborate listing of JC Rules please refer to the [link=]Rules & Announcements Forum.[/link]

    [b]2) [i]Language and Profanity[/b][/i]

    The general rule here is to take heed of the Language & Profanity Rules in this regard, which can be found within the Rules & Announcements Forum (see above link). When in doubt, ask a Moderator. Where no Moderator is available, refrain from posting until a Moderator [i]is[/i] available. Exercise common sense, courtesy and caution and you'll rarely, if ever, go wrong.

    [b]3) [i]Authorisation & Tips/Articles[/i][/b]

    Only those threads that are part of the "advice/tips" area must be authorised by a Moderator before creation for the simple reason of limiting redundancy and ensuring continuity and consistency across the board. Only one Article per "topic" (eg. Character Creation, Space Battles) will be permitted. That said, ongiong workshops will be limited to one thread, per author/user where that author acts as an administator, unless otherwise approved by a Moderator.

    This rule is made to discourage flooding of the forums, and to allow for the whole community to be involved in thread creation and community enrichment. Hopefully people will realise the responsibility inherent in starting an ongoing workshop or community and we will see fewer areas started and dumped by their authors. The 'punishment' for starting a second such thread will start with a warning, followed by a twenty-four hour ban, which may double for every infraction after that. If you wish to end your current thread and open a new one, PM th>
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