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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GodlikeEnigma, May 25, 2005.

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  1. GodlikeEnigma

    GodlikeEnigma Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 20, 2005
    Hey mods can you close and lock my other RP for me please
    This is set as a alternate ending to ROTS, and therefore modifies the entire Saga.

    Anakin has just found out Sidious is Palpatine, and has reported it to Mace, Obi - Wan acute senses (at least where Anakin is concerned) has picked up the shift and headed back to Corescant, where he meets Anakin on his way to Palpatines apartment.
    "Anakin, whats wrong"
    "Master Windu, Master Fisto"
    "Calm yourself Anakin tell me what happened"
    "The Masters they went after him"
    "Went after who"
    "Sidious, where is he"
    "You don't understand Master,"
    "Then tell me Anakin"
    "Sidious is Palpatine"
    "The Chancalor and the Dark Lord"
    "Anakin we must stay in the temple, the Masters will resolve the Problem,"
    "but they'll kill him, I need him"
    "He Can Save Padme"
    "Anakin, please we cannot interfere"
    "I'm Going, Master, You can tag along if you like"

    Mace Windu has palpatine, he is slowly killing him by deflecing his lightning, Anakin bursts through the door,
    "Master Windu STOP"
    Palpatine blasts Windu and he flies into a wall, he is knocked unconcious.
    "Thank you Anakin if you had not saved me, I'm sure he would have killed me, now Anakin why are you here."
    "I need you to save Padme, I'll do anything."
    "Then kneel before me Anakin"
    Obi-Wan reaches the door, his lightsaber already flaring,
    "Anakin Stop"
    "Master Obi-Wan"
    "No Anakin I am your Master Now"
    "Sidious, you will never be his Master"
    "Anakin tell him"
    A faint grown emits from the broken master in the corner, all eyes dart to him
    "Anakin stop this madness, help me,"
    "Anakin Kill him, for Padme"
    Obi-Wan Lunges for Sidious, he is met by a wave of Force lightning which he deflects with his Saber, but is overwhelmed, and blasted back. Anakin then hurls force energy at the Sith Lord throiwng him into a wall.
    "Master Obi-Wan, I'm Sorry"
    "Anakin, thank you"

    Mace Windu finds his way to his feet and stumbles over,
    "Anakin I still sense hate in you"
    "Master Windu Please Anakin has been through enough trauma today"
    Anakins saber ignites and a look of pure hate spreads over both masters faces, he lunges in the direction of Windu, but knocks him oveer rather than stab him, He beheads the crawling, rasping Palpatine in one swift movement
    "My hate dies with him"

    The three Jedi stood recuperating, only for a few seconds, but for the three warriors it felt like a lifetime, but the eerie silence was finally broken by Master Windu
    "Palpatine, what was he doing when you"
    "Killed him" Anakin snapped almost solomnley, "I'm not sure"
    "Master Windu," Obi-Wan whispered gravely "The Com units on" the two men who wern't already looking turned to see a cold dead hand lay on the keypad. Anakin dashed over followed by the other two, he flicked the buttons where the fingers lay, a figure flickered to life, one of the gleaming white soldiers of the republic
    "Chancellor, Order 72 will be carried out, you have my word" it said Anakin turned to see Mace Windu flinching at the sound of the Clones voice, they served as a constant and unavoidable reminder of the bounty hunter he killed on Geonosis.
    "Anakin was that the only transmission Palpatine sent" Anakin fingured the small glowing keypad on Windu's request,
    "No one more was sent"
    "Where to" Obi-Wan demanded, urgancy returning to his voice
    "errrr Kashykk and someplace called Mustafar" Anakin replied obediently.
    "Master Yoda" Exclaimed the to Jedi masters simultaneously,
    "Obi-Wan there is much work to be done"
    "Yes Master Windu"
    "You must travel to this Mustafar, and Anakin, i'm almost sorry to ask this of you but you must go to Kamino, to find out about Order 72"
    "Of course Master Windu" Anakin returned
    "Master Windu, what of you and Master Yoda" Obi-Wan asked
    "I will return to the temple, the Jedi must know of these events, and Yoda's fate is now in his own hands"
    The two Jedi turned their paths would seperate here, now,
    "Master Kenobi, Master
  2. Arch_Clone_Trooper

    Arch_Clone_Trooper Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 27, 2005
    didnt knw if i should of Pmed u this but here it is

    Name: Voolvif Mon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Species: Shistavanen Wolfman
    Homeworld: Arah asteroid belt
    Affiliation: Jedi
    ---Traits: Very determined, excellent tracker
    ---Habits: quiet, hard to talk to
    ---Skin Color: dark tan
    ---Hair Color: brown, all around
    ---Eye Color: brown
    ---Clothing: brown garmet with black....ICON
    ---Other Attributes: agressive, ecellent sight, smell, and hearing
    ---Other Details:
    Weapons: Green Lightsaber
    ---Name: Fathom
    ---Class: (ep3) Jedi Starfighter
    ---Weapon(s): 2 laser cannons, concussion missles
    ---Crew: himself
    ---Interior Description:
    ---Breif Description

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: strong
    ---Religion: jedi order
    -----Blade(s): 2, single lightsabers
    -----Color(s): green
    -----Handle Description(s):
    ---Favourite Force Abilities: force shield, force jump
    ---Personal History: Separated from blood relatives, the Jedi of the Old Republic era looked to each other as family, and developed trusting bonds despite strict tenets forbidding attachment. Voolvif Monn took the edict of detachment to an extreme, and stood aloof and solitary throughout his life as a Jedi. As such, he came to be regarded as a Jedi of mystery, an unapproachable enigma.
    Jedi Master Paouoish Rahhdool discovered Monn as a cubling with strong Force potential. The infant had been orphaned on a desolate world near the Arah asteroid belt. Monn's Shistavanen heritage gave him keen sense of hearing and smell, which made him an excellent tracker. As a Jedi Knight, Monn perfected the rare Jedi skill of harnessing Force energy for defense. Monn put his skills to the test during the Battle of Geonosis, from which Monn was one of the few Jedi to emerge. Having faced that trial, he ascended from the rank of Jedi Knight to Jedi Master to command troops during the Clone Wars.

    ---Military History: jedi knight at battle of Geonosis, now a Jedi Master
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