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[ROTS] *Official* ROTS Initial Reaction Thread

Discussion in 'Revenge of the Sith (Non-Spoilers)' started by Mace Windy, May 17, 2005.

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  1. KnightWriter

    KnightWriter Administrator Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 6, 2001
    Just posting here so I can get a placeholder of sorts. Just came home, and it's now 3:30 am.

    Exhausted, drained and so on. Actual thoughts later on. There were 24 showings of the movie going on at the same time in the theater I went to, and that was insanity.
  2. NorCalBirdz

    NorCalBirdz Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 28, 2004
    So I have to be the first one to sound off with dissapointment? Gah.

    I don't feel like I just watched a movie, I feel like I just watched a highlight reel off Sportscenter of the end of the Clone Wars. Where were the relationships between all of the characters? Alot of scenes just sweep on by that deserved alot more attention.

    In a complete 180, I thought that Hayden was fantastic and Ewan was not good, not good at all.

    The Qui-Gon/Force Ghost explanation was a collosal dissapointment.

    I cannot stand the line from Palpatine "Lord Vader will become even more powerful than me"

    Alright I'm gonna stop because I can't put together anything coherent right now and I'm sounding like a major basher, which isn't so. And there's absolutely no room for doubt whatsoever that this is the most visually stunning movie ever.

  3. Dark Lady Mara

    Dark Lady Mara Manager Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 19, 1999
    WOW. My initial reaction: Amazement. Depression. Sadness. I think mostly I'm still in shock and trying to come to terms with the idea that Star Wars is over now. No more movies, ever. :(

    Overall, I really liked it. A couple of quick comments:

    1. I thought going in that I wouldn't be affected by the Jedi dying because they screwed up so much stuff and I don't like their order anyway, but geez. I couldn't help myself, I totally lost it when I saw them being slaughtered like cattle like that. :_| Aayla Secura, for example, was SHOT IN THE BACK. I really liked and respected her. She couldn't even have the honor of a noble death. :( And that one padawan who asked Anakin for advice, then Anakin's lightsaber ignites... YOU KILLED THEM LIKE ANIMALS, ANAKIN. :_| I was absolutely bawling by the end of the movie.

    2. You could tell there was a lot of stuff cut. Towards the end of the movie, I felt like we were hopping from scene to scene way too quickly with no transitions in the middle. It was a bit like a clip show, as someone said. ;)

    3. Josh said something really interesting tonight, and I hope he posts about it in more depth at some point. He suggested Padme was sort of like a symbiont with Anakin. She depended on him in some way. It's almost as if her sole purpose in life was to find him, marry him, and have the kids. As soon as she was done with that destiny and Anakin was gone, she just shrivelled up and died. That's a sort of tragic way to look at it. I'd prefer to think of it that way than say she just died of a broken heart.
  4. Lord_Hydronium

    Lord_Hydronium Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 11, 2002
    My initial reaction, eh? Well, my first comment when the credits popped up was something along the lines of "WHOOOOOOOO!!!"

    Fantastic. I'm still reeling off adreniline, and I'm not sure how much of it I can sort out right now. Also, I've always had trouble ranking the movies next to each other, so I'm not even going to try.

    Up to the arrest/Mace's death/Order 66 scene, the movie was "pretty good". At that point, it went to "HOLY FREAKING AWESOME" (well, "freaking" may not have been the exact word used). And while that sounds weird describing some really dark and disturbing stuff (culminating on the Mustafar landing platform, possibly one of my favorite Star Wars scenes ever), again I point to the adrenaline. And even in the midst of all this, we still get things like the Yoda/Sidious duel, which is more in the "fun" type of Star Wars. There's also the fact that we know this turns out OK in the end. That still doesn't make it easier to see the entire Jedi Order slaughtered by their own troops or Anakin choking the woman who loves him. Or god, the scene where Anakin get his injuries; I knew Lucas had that dark kernel in him (I mean, his first feature was THX-1138), but he went about as far as he could go there. And not just in terms of the look; it's positively chilling when Obi-Wan just walks away and leaves Anakin to burn.

    Anakin and Vader are now connected in my mind. Until ROTS there was this disconnect, but not any more. And Vader is definitely different - Anakin is a very sad character now. He chose to fall, but he was also tricked. And he believed he was doing the best thing every step of the way. And by the time he sees what it's brought him, it's too late; he's trapped in the suit (speaking of which, the bit where the mask is lowered onto him - brilliant) and doomed to serve his master.

    The editing of individual scenes was fantastic (IMO, AOTC's weakest point is its editing), particularly in a few parts where two scenes were cut back and forth, such as the Padme death/Vader birth and the Padme and Anakin's respective musings. But in overall terms, there was some odd pacing. The beginning just races by, until it eventually starts to settle down and get comfortable (which, ironically, is the part of the movie where it gets uncomfortable).

    Dialog: I'll call it "laserbrain syndrome". It's named after the line from ESB, "I don't know where you get your delusions, laserbrain," which, while an utterly terrible line, sounds convincing because of Carrie Fisher's delivery. Similarly, there were some lines in the love scenes that weren't very good, but Natalie Portman delivered them well (and I thought she did a great job here).

    This movie cements the 1-6 order. It feels like a unified saga, telling the life of Anakin Skywalker from beginning to end. And the continuity was amazing. There are just a ton of references and connections to the other movies. I'll save the specifics for the in-depth threads. There's a lot more I want to talk about too, but I'm going way past initial reactions, and I'll leave those for other threads as well.
  5. TurnedJedi

    TurnedJedi Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 7, 2002

    I saw the movie, went to sleep for a few hours, went to university, did some school work and now I'm home.

    I feel... Empty. My mind is filled with images, words and questions that all keep that knot I got in my stomach during the Opera-scene tight.

    So damn depressing. While it was a good film, maybe even a great film, I didn't enjoy watching it.

    I am still torn on the topic of Anakin's turn. Was it fast? Well, yes. But was it rushed? I don't know. We have gotten clues as far back as The Phantom Menace about Anakin's will.
    I think it boils down to this, Anakin had so much darkness and anger in him, so the turn itself isn't rushed, but he lets that anger and darkness out so fast that it might seem rushed.

    Some not so good stuff:
    - To much effects. I almost got dizzy from time to time, with so much going on in every shot.
    - The Vader "NOOOOO!", was a bit much.
    - Could we have gotten a shot where baby-Leia opens her eyes and sees Padmé? That would explain the whole memory thing, which I think is one of the most moving scenes in Return of the Jedi.
    - Grievous. So unneccesary. The same goes for Utapau, and the whole sequence there. Sure it was good for some cool action shots, but there already is enough action in the film and Utapau adds nothing.
    - Qui-Gon's revelation. ?. What was that? And how does Anakin know how to do it in Return of the Jedi?
    - So what about Sifo-Dyas?
    - Palpatine scarred by his own Force-lightning. While a cool scene, and a utterly unpleasant, it begs the question: Why doesn't Luke get any in Return of the Jedi?

    Some good stuff:
    - The acting, all around.
    - Padmé's death intercut with Vader's birth.
    - Darth Plageuis. Truth? Lie? Anakin's true origin?
    - Artoo! So cool, and he KNOWS it all!
    - Tantive IV.
    - Alderaan. At last!
    - The love story. And the Japor snippet is back!
    - Order 66.
    - The final shots.
    - When Anakin escorted Palpatine back to the senate, by brother leaned to me and said "The millenium falcon". Was it there? If it was great. If it wasn't, no biggie.
    - And was it 2-1B that operated on Anakin/Vader? How cool was that!

    And of course I am filled with questions.
    -How come Luke recognise Dagobah in Empire?
    -Why the name Ben?
    -"Your father wanted you to have this when you where old enough."

    There is so much going on in my head that I know I forgotten something, but as my inital reaction this will due.

    Edit: And I didn't actually cry, even thought I wanted to coming.
  6. 3263827

    3263827 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 13, 1999
    Was I imagining things, or was that Tarkin with the Emperor and Vader overseeing the Death Star? That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw him.
  7. TheUnknownSyn

    TheUnknownSyn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 19, 2003
    It's him. Played by Wayne Pygram (also played Scorpius in Farscape).
  8. Lexi

    Lexi Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 9, 2002
    So Tarkin was in the movie after all. I was so disappointed that I didn't see him. I have to look for him tonight.

    "Your father wanted you to have this when you where old enough."

    Obi-Wan did take Anakin's saber with him (I really liked that) when he left Anakin to die. It wouldn't have worked if Anakin himself had given the saber to Obi-Wan, saying that he wants his son to have it. It's a small plothole, but I think it works.
  9. Sevryn

    Sevryn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 6, 2004
    What was cool though is Obi Wan didn't just pitch the lightsaber. He did actually keep it with (I'm assuming) the intention of giving it away. Or hell, maybe he wanted to pawn it. Either way he did keep it and that continuity point was not destroyed. It's the subtle things that make ROTS rock.
  10. marajadebean

    marajadebean Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 11, 2005
    Oh My GOD! I can't stop saying that. How to like write about this is not easy and man, I'm a serious talker, especially about Star Wars. Quite honestly, that was a mind *beep*.

    First off, I am so glad, ever so glad I was fairly spoiler free. The shocks, the thrills, the tears paid off big time. This movie is just incredible and I actually wish it had been longer. I have to go see this movie again today, I just have to. I have to see everything again with my own two eyes. Amazing how that line seems now...ROTJ makes so much more sense now!

    Storm, I totally understand why you feel the way you do about things in regards to your avatar change.

    I cried during the last 10 minutes. I just knew I would and oh man, there's no holds barred in the ending. I think Padme's death does make sense. I mean, she's all about democracy and the fact that the love of her life helped to bring about the Empire and pretty much killed her spirit with his force choke. The scene that really got to me was the Mace/Palpy/Ani scene. Oh wowie wow. I did like how Palpy's looks were caused by his own lightning.

    We are going to be talking about this movie for a long long time. THANK YOU GEORGE! =D= Thank you for blessing us with the PT. We owe you our gratitude. I will have more to say later I'm sure.

    I don't think a movie will make me go Oh My GOD ever again.
  11. Darth Mulacki

    Darth Mulacki Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 4, 1999
    I've had a few hours to digest it now so here is a my 2 cents.

    The was a local comicbook/movie/videogame-Guru that presented the movie. The stage was complete with a countdown timer. From it reach one minute til 10 seconds before the beginning of the movie it was death silent in the theater, and then 1100 people started the countdown.
    I loved the oppening battle, that was awesome. The fighting scenes in the hangar were very cool and the CG is very believeble. The comic relief scenes in the opning with Artoo and the Superbattledroids was hilarious. I would have loved to see more of Griveous(COuld somebody explain to me why he sounds like he smokes 10 packs a day?).

    It was nice to hear the name of Palpy's master and how he killed him in his sleep. In Return of the Jedi I liked the Emperor, I thought he was cool, but after seeing what a manipulative SO* he was, I just wanted to kill him myself. Sidious must be extremely powerful since he could kick Yodas ass.

    Order 66 and the final battle had me one the brink of tears. Obi-wan screaming "You were the chosen one!" and "I loved you!" was very powerful and just to make it wors then Anakin screams "I hate you!"...ungrateful little bastard.

    THe look on Anakins face when he know he is getting the mask on is horrying, true fear. He doesn't want the mask


    I was a little bothered by the speed of the movie, the pace of scenes was to fast. Portman seemed like she really didn't want to be in the movie so screw her. Dooku died to early, he should have lived to atleast somewhere near the end of the movie.

    Padmes death was the thing that bothered me the most. Why did she die? there was nothing wrong with her so what happened?

    The ghost thing, there could have been a better explanation.

    Maybe more later

    Easter Eggs

    In teh scene where Ob1 and Anakin is returning Palpy to the senate you can see the Falcon . Its when their shuttle is going in for a landing, in the bottom right corner you can see it speeding off.
  12. Ana_Labris

    Ana_Labris Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    I saw the movie last night, stayed at the afterparty (which was nothing LIKE a party), slept for an hour and caught the bus home.. spent 6 hours being uncomfortable, so obviously my mind was reeling and running around all over the place (sleep deprivation does that to you :p ).

    The acting was superb - I never thought I'd see something like this in a Star Wars movie. Hayden.. don't get me started on Hayden. Anakin is still my favourite character ever, it's just now I look at him with so much pity. I would like to also echo what Dark Lady Mara said about the Jedi - I really don't like them, but I was in tears before you could say Sith Lord as the clones turned against them and Anakin slaughtered the Younglings. Both my boyfriend and I were bawling our eyes out there, I think my sobs were too audiable in the cinema..

    Vader's transformation - brilliant. I understand him when he screams 'Nooooooo', I really do.

    I'm too tired to say anything now, but this movie was above my expectations. I just wish it was a taaaad bit longer, but that's why the DVDs will be so cool.

    Now all I need it to see it again and again and again and again.. Too bad the premiere in my town is on the 1st of June.
  13. TheUnknownSyn

    TheUnknownSyn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 19, 2003
    Oh god, the DVD's. I'm looking forward to them nearly as much as to the movie itself! Especially the deleted scenes, the Rebellion sub-plot and all.

    Ah and Darth Mulacki, the final Clone War episode seems to explain the coughing. While he was escaping with Palpatine, Mace manages to crush his chest from afar.

    Sheesh, I'm still dazed after a good night's sleep.
    My heartbeat doubled when -the- Duel started...the Temple raid, younglings and all. What a shock. Return of the King hit me bad...RotS knocked me out cold.

    Obi-Wan slicing up Anakin. It was so sudden. When what was left of his legs ignited, I nearly looked away. I haven't done that since I was a kid! I can barely listen to 'The Immolation Scene' on the OST now.

    Burnt Vader squirming in agony on that table. The look on his face when the mask lowers down. ARGH! Seeing through the mask, you can understand why Anakin wanted to see Luke with his own eyes. Creepy.

  14. That_Wascally_Droid

    That_Wascally_Droid Jedi Knight star 6

    Jul 29, 2001
    About to see it again in a few.
    Initial reactions...
    TPM left me feeling like 'that was fun!'
    I left AotC with an incessant stream of 'Oh my God!'s (in a good way)
    RotS is weird. I knew what I had just seen was a good movie -- great movie, but I didn't leave with the adrenaline rush. I felt more like I just got kicked in the gut. Very empty and hollow. As I exited the theater, lot's of people were wiping away tears. I teared up at quite a few scenes. Order 66 was gut wrenching.
    I think the biggest stab was Anakin's 'death' on the lava bank. It was horrifying seeing the guy I genuinely sympathized with burn away and lose all humanity.
    Side note, the script made it sound like he spontaneously combusted, I was far more 'pleased' with the clothes catching fire aspect.
    Obi-Wan's lines were heartbreaking. The whole second half.
    I was never full-blown into Mace, but it was horrifying seeing him fried by Palpatine. In that short time, I thought back to all his heroics and the impression he made on these movies. To see him just horribly electrocuted like that and thrown away like garbage just knocked me down.
    There's just a lot to chew on. I even felt bad for poor Boga.
    So while I genuinely feel this is my fav movie, it also gutted me.

    The Bad
    No matter how high on cloud nine I am about movies, I try to list things that didn't work to keep some perspective.

    Palpatine briefly seems to be channelling Gollum in the Mace fight. It was just... weird.
    While the Yoda and Sideous fight was very, very good, Palpatine hanging like a rag doll seemed weird.
    I didn't like the choice to use 'The Arena' march from AotC for Anakin's march to the temple. I felt the scene needed more somber music.
    Honestly, that's about it. Wow...
  15. Jedi-Anakin-Solo

    Jedi-Anakin-Solo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 26, 2001
    Okay, well I loved the movie, but it did leave me not happy. I'm gonna pop ANH in here in a sec to cheer myself up. :p

    I'll tell you, my theater LOVED Yoda. They cheered when he did anything. When he hopped on Chewie's back, they all laughed.

    My favorite Yoda Action was him knocking down the guards. The whole place laughed with that too.

    All the Anakin/Padme scenes were greatly improved, I only remember one or two lines paining me as much as they did in AotC.

    The Duel was perfect, all of it. The CGI there was awesome.

    But, the CGI bothered me in a few scenes, mostly CG C-3PO. The worst was when Padme & 3PO boardd her ship to go to Mustafar, 3-PO looked odd. The Clonetroopers looked odd a few times, when they tried to put Morrison's head on there.

    Anyway, Yoda looked awesome, so much better than AotC. The clonetroopers looked great too.

    The entire Chancellor Rescue was hilarious, I loved it. It was great to see R2 in action.

    The Mace vs. Palpy fight was great, I was suprised he took out three Jedi Masters so quickly, though.

    Anakin's reaction to not being given the rank of Master was that of a spoiled child, which is what I think it was supposed to be. I was with Obi-Wan, "Just be happy your on the council." :p

    The End Shots were incredible.

    Tarkin, Palpy, Vader & The Death Star. :D
    The Organa's, it was nice to see some of Alderaan.
    Delivering Luke, that was perfect, the binary sunset.

    Overall I loved the movie, but I don't have the urge to see it again like I thought I would.
  16. stormcloud8

    stormcloud8 Jedi Master star 4

    May 24, 2002
    Hey TurnedJedi - Luke doesn't remember Dagobah in TESB...he remembers the powerful presence of Yoda...

    I think that helps to explain the whole Leia memory thing. Luke clearly has some memories of Yoda, who was 5 feet away when he was born. Leia for some reason can remember her mother. I think in both cases they don't have actual memories, more a sense in the Force.

    It could have been handled a little better, but it works OK.
  17. youngvader

    youngvader Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 21, 1999
    I was really tired so it dampened my judgement a little bit.

    Things I liked:
    - All the duels and battle scenes
    - Palpy decaying because of Mace backfiring his force ligthning in his face
    - Anakin Killing Dooku
    - Palpy screwing with Anakin's head
    - 3P0 getting his memory erased
    - R2, in every possible way. He's just great!
    - Anakin getting chopped off in little bits.
    - Obi little talk to Anakin once he's down.

    Things I dislike (or liked less):
    - Anakin turning. After cutting Mace's hand and Palpy finishes him off, he's like "Oh no! what have I done? Palpy, I know serve you". I was like WTF? I wish Palpy would have taunted him and make him see that his only way out of this was to join him.
    - That when Obi gives Luke to the Lars, there is no explanation. I would have liked to see why does Owen dislike Obi so much in ANH a little bit explained.
    - Tarkin had no dialogue, he is just there.
    - We don't see the beginning of the Rebellion with Mon Monthma who I heard was suppose to be in there.
    - Vader. He is concerned with Padme and is just sad and mad but I thought it fell flat.
    - Anakin talking of overthrowing Palpy. Since he was thinking about it, the line "I must obey my master" in Jedi is not as much convincing. He should have jumped on the opportunity of Luke beeing there to get rid of the old man.
    - Jar Jar lives

    But overall, I loved it even though there is a lot in the dislike section.
  18. Jedi-Anakin-Solo

    Jedi-Anakin-Solo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 26, 2001
    - We don't see the beginning of the Rebellion with Mon Monthma who I heard was suppose to be in there.

    That's true. I didn't see Mon Montha anywhere. I was also hoping maybe there would be an explination why Owen hates Obi-Wan.
  19. Darth Mulacki

    Darth Mulacki Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 4, 1999
    I heard a rumour a while back that the last five minutes of the film should have been Vader beating the sith out of Jarjar, and in the end Lucas came out and said "There! are you happy now?!"
  20. That_Wascally_Droid

    That_Wascally_Droid Jedi Knight star 6

    Jul 29, 2001
    Her scenes were cut. They would've slowed the pace down. Frankly, I forgot all about them while watching the movie.
  21. beedubew

    beedubew Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 25, 2002
    Would've liked a reason why Owen dislikes Obi-wan. Would've liked to see why Owen fears Luke "having too much of his father in him." Unless Anakin told Owen about the Tusken slaughter which I don't think he did...

  22. stormcloud8

    stormcloud8 Jedi Master star 4

    May 24, 2002
    I forgot about her until later. But it's something to look forward to for the DVD.
  23. Captain_Typho

    Captain_Typho Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 30, 2003
    my initial reaction after the first battle scene and throughout the movie was couldn't beleive what i was seeing. Then towards the end, knowing (yes i cheated a little bit) what was supposed to happen at the end, I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation.....waiting for the return of Liam.....and then it never happened. And they skipped really fast through the Tantive 4 C3PO scene.....and well......i ended up leaving the theater extremely disappointed feeling as if I had been robbed in a way, which is a real downer cause the movie was freaken brilliant all around. I shouldn't have felt like I did leaving the theater last night.....but I did. The Qui Gon thing needed Neeson there for elaboration purposes.....nuff said. That are some things that were good:

    1. The whole opening space battle sequence and TF cruiser material. I'll be was my favorite part of the film. Great humor......great action......and there was a certain feeling to it that took me back to the original 1977 star wars.

    2. Palpatine.....McDiarmid is brilliant.....lets leave it at that.

    3. Natalie and Hayden.......OMG, I found myself actually feeling for their characters this time around! I cried during the pregnancy revelation scene. It was acted so extremely well.

    4. The deaths of the Jedi. Seeing Ki Adi and all the other cool Jedi blown to pieces was a very sad moment and made me cry.

    5. Ewan......again.....very very good performance that ties into alec's ANH role very well.

    6. Jimmy Smits......the character is just so freaken cool and walks around like he owns Coruscant.

    7. All of the duels were wonderful......dual of the fates in the senate was great......mustafar battle......great

    8. Gen Greivous lightsaber battle was fantastic as well

    and things that really made me sad/angry

    1. absense of Dooku's "You promised me amnesty" line

    2. absense of Genovieve O Reilly completely from the movie. [face_plain] good job on building up a character that didn't even appear in the final film.

    3. No Jar Jar or Typho nearly as much as I'd have liked to see them.

    4. very fast paced ending sequence.

    5. Lack of VERY IMPORTANT faces at Padme's funeral......ahem......TYHPO! Panaka, Ric olie, handmaidens. I did like seeing the family there though.

    6. How after Windu's death.......Anakin so quickly pledged official allegiance to the Sith......just didn't feel right

    7. NO LIAM NEESON!!!!!!! IMHO, INEXCUSABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    that all said......i'll be seeing it for a second and third time today starting at noon. :p
  24. Kiki-Gonn

    Kiki-Gonn Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Feb 26, 2001
    IMO, strip away nostalgia and this is clearly the best SW movie ever made. Perfect? No, but what is?
    My complaints are mere trifles because of the overall success of the film.
    It has real, poignant drama as it's primary force. It isn't about fanboy continuity links, it's about people and their feelings. The feelings the characters go through are believable, so you end up feeling too...
    -I wanted Anakin to stop, to realize it wasn't too late even at the end when Padme begs him to run away with her.
    -I felt for Obi-Wan as we watch him realize his best friend has become a human nightmare.
    -For Padme when she realizes the truth about her husband.
    -For Yoda, CG and all, when we see him feel the Jedi dying.

    On top of that, there is first rate (and I do mean 1st rate) action, unprecedented special effects, and a fantastic villain to add to the overall impact of the film.
    I really thought my movie experience would be all about this being the last SW film. The emotional stuff we've been posting about for months. Instead, I was fully engaged in the story.
    In other words, I was transported to another world, just like in 1977.

  25. Hatter

    Hatter Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2001
    My mind... I still can't believe what I've just seen.
    From the moment the movie started, every single frame just blew me away. I still can't process it all.

    I mean... there're things you dream about and anticipate for years, and then you actually see them realized on screen, and it just amazes and touches you in a way that you'll never feel again.

    I don't want to do a play-by-play of every moment that I loved in this movie, since I loved them all. It was so dense. So many juicy action bits, stunts, jokes, character moments.

    I went in thinking Palpatine would be my favorite character, but now I hate him. I actually hate him. He revealed the profound depths of his corrupted, perverted evil, and the things he does to Anakin are simply horrible. I'm glad, though, that Lucas didn't make Anakin 100% sympathetic. He still displayed enough evil for us to still loathe him as Vader.

    I found myself suprised at how much Ewan's performance as Obi-Wan had changed in this film. He was more eloquent.

    I don't think I have to say that this film has the best special effects of the prequels so far, indeed, of any film in history. I never had a moment when a battle droid or clone trooper looked anything less than photorealistic.

    I have a couple of nitpicks, like the over-use of recycled music... not sure if that's Lucas' fault or Williams'. Nothing more than that.

    I'll admit that the birth of the twins and Padme's death almost brought me to tears, and I fought very hard to not sob openly when Obi-Wan delivered the infant Luke to the Lars homestead. I had pictured that scene for years in my mind, and it was almost overwhelming to see it. The Order 66 montage was very sad, as well.

    It'll definitely take multiple viewings before I've processed and accepted everything in this film. I hesitate to say it's the best SW ever, because while it may be, parts of it are so emotionally gut-wrenching that it might be difficult to watch it over and over like the others.
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