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ROTS: The good, the bad and the amazing. (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'Ann Arbor, MI' started by MiraxTHorn, May 19, 2005.

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  1. MiraxTHorn

    MiraxTHorn Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 22, 2000
    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you don't mind if I pop in to talk ROTS with you guys! There are so many things to analyze and discuss. (I'm also at work unlike you smart folks who took the day(s) off, so I've got to do something to stay awake!)

    Here are my initial thoughts about ROTS -

    The Good
    Anakin and Padme's relationship - I really felt like they had good chemistry in many scenes. It seemed like a very real relationship with Padme asking when they would start trusting each other. Her pain towards the end was also very real.

    The Emperor - He was so scary all throughout the movie and so much like ROTJ. The explanation for his appearance was very believable - that was a definite question I had from the trailer.

    Suiting up Vader - That whole sequence was very intense. The helmet being lowered down and the first breath were chilling. (I was a little bummed that the "Lord Vader...Rise" line was not part of that scene as it had seemed in the trailer.)

    Little Sound Snippets - There were so many short clips at opportune moments, like the Tusken cry when Yoda(?) brings that up to Anakin.

    The Bad
    The Dream Sequences - I did not like the dreams! I felt they interrupted the flow of the movie and weren't really necessary as filmed. It seemed very un-SW, too. I liked how Anakin's nightmares were used in AOTC much better.

    The Dismemberments - Could any of the major characters die without losing a limb first??? I really had a hard time watching all that. It also seemed like Anakin's final injuries might have been even more dramatic if a little less had happened earlier in the movie. (The drama of that scene was incredibly gripping nonetheless!)

    Missing or Cut-down Scenes - The battle on Kashyyyk was too short. The scenes of Padme's costume from the movie poster were apparently cut, along with other characters who were supposed to have appeared. At least there will be a DVD. :)

    R2's Abilities - I love the little guy, but how are the next generation of fans who watch these movies 1-6 going to take it when R2 doesn't fly or use his other 'powers' in 4-6? I seems to me that GL pushed a little too far with R2.

    The Amazing
    The Opening Battle - I was enthralled by that scene! I loved all the re-used lines and that Obi-Wan was "Red Leader". All the new destructive droids were interesting and the filmography was really cool!

    Tie-Ups and Connections to the other movies - It will probably take a few more viewings before I've caught most of those. One that I missed, but was pointed out to me that was really cool - Obi-Wan picking up Anakin's lightsaber for Luke.

    The last 30 minutes - Vader, Yoda and Obi-Wan, the Babies, Padme's funeral and the Death Star and Tarkin!
    It truly brought me to tears. I'm not sure yet if this will become my favorite movie, but the end of this movie ranks up there as one of the best sequences ever, imo!

    Misc Thoughts - Did anyone spot "1138" in the film? I doubt I'll find that on my own.

    I also missed the Wilhelm, but read that it was in the opening battle somewhere.

    Lucas' cameo was easy to find, but I never spotted Jeremy Bulloch. (I hadn't known he was in the movie until watching the credits.)

    What on earth was that 'opera' they were watching? I took it as a not-so-subtle representation of Padme being (or becoming) pregnant. (You're all shocked that I would think that way, right? ;) )

    Ok, I've rambled enough. I'm really looking forward to hearing what you all thought were the ups and downs!

  2. lavagrrrl

    lavagrrrl Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2002
    I thought Padme was the weak link. I never believed that she loved Anakin, while I bought all along that Anakin would do anything for her. As much as I would have loved to see the scenes that showed the beginnings of the Rebel Alliance, I was happy that they cut down Natalie's performance to the extent they did.

    I'm going to have to see the film again, but I loved it. I'm happy they didn't hold back when showing Anakin's fall to the dark side. There had to be a good reason that everyone in episodes 4-6 feared him so much, and it had to be more than his version of promoting officers.
  3. Idgie

    Idgie Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 17, 2001
    I agree that the dream sequences were somewhat out of place.Anakin's reactions to the dreams were enough to convey what the dreams were about.I do wish however that they would have shown Qui-Gon or that we could have at least heard him.Speaking of things heard,I think that Vader's scream at the end may eventually repalce Luke's ESB scream as the new thing that they should consider removing.I got the whole Frankenstein -thing and I think it worked,but the 'Nooooo!' seemed melodramatic to me.

    That having been said,I loved this movie.A lot.It was everything I was hoping for and then some.Anakin's temptation and fall were well orchestrated and executed(no pun intended).I liked how the film finally answered the question of whether becoming Vader was choice or destiny for Anakin.When he drew the lightsaber on Palpatine,I hoped for those few seconds that he might still pull the trigger,so to speak,even though we knew he would not.Speaking of Palpatine,Ian was brilliant.He's always been the secret weapon of the PT and it was great to see him finally cut loose(again,no pun intended).

    I think the humor in this film worked well,too.The bit with R2 and Obi-Wan at the beginning was one of the funniest scenes from any SW movie.I think Ewan probably had more to do than anyone;his role ran the gamut from comedy to despair and he was great at all of it.

    Yoda was awesome.Who didn't like that part where Chewie helped the little guy onto his back?Bail Organa was cool.I could easily see this guy being a leader of a rebellion.

    I also agree with Carrie's take on the opera scene.I thought the same thing.It made for an interesting visual given Palpatine's story about Darth Plagueis being able to affect midi-chlorians in order to create life.

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