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    OOC: In the vein of the RPF Lightsaber Combat Thread, I have created the RPF Starfighter Combat Thread. Enjoy.

    Beyd powered up the shields of his X-wing as it shot out of the hyperspace ring and pulled up to the pre-set battlefield and he waited there, idly powering up his quad lasers and shields as he waited.

    TAG: whoever posts next

    NP edit: You already have an RPG. Also just something to keep in mind, this is a really short first post, and it would benefit from further development.
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    Only one active RPG is allowed per person, and you've already got one.

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    Yea, I will join...I call a jedi starfighter.

    Second post will do...

    Nai Amme powered up all the energy reactors in his ship, and blasted into hyperspace. Shortly later, he arrived on the battlefield (More like battle area in this). He started to get in the mindset of the quick maneuvers, and the quick timed blasts. While he was doing this he had been looking around to see if anyone else had gotten the message to meet at this spot.

    "Bingo..." He said under his breath

    He had seen another ship there, and tried to make contact.

    "Hello this is Nai Amme. Were you sent the message to meet at this spot also? Please Reply."

    He waited for one...

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