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Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by NaboosPrincess, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. Trieste Force Ghost

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    Elite League Limmie Offices, Coruscant

    Commissioner Niakara Kayl?hen tapped the gleaming surface of her desk, contemplative. It was the year 265 ABY. It hadn?t been a bad year, all things considered. The playoffs were about to begin and playoffs were always a good time for the League, interest ran high.

    But Niakara Kayl?hen had not become Commissioner of Elite League Limmie by thinking about the here and now. She?d earned this spot by thinking about the future and that meant next season. Yes, next season would present its own challenges. The truth was that this season had seen a dip in Holonet viewership. With the Chandrila Patriots, usually perennial contenders, slumping this year and a weak broadcasting base for the Tatooine Sandskimmers in a disappointing year, owners were getting restless. Kayl?hen was all for promoting athletic excellence, but even she knew that sometimes you had to bow to the almighty Galactic Credit.

    What she needed were teams that would be exciting and reinvigorate the League, teams that could get the galaxy hooked on the sport outside the major markets. Yes, Niakara Kayl?hen needed some fresh blood in this League and when she wanted something she knew how to get it.

    The Bothan turned to the holographic display. ?Who to choose, who to choose?? she murmured to herself.

    Will your team make the cut this year? Drop me a PM to participate in the 266 ABY season of Elite League Limmie!
  2. Bravo Chosen One

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    STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players! is looking for new and returning players!

    Are you ready for adventure? Intervention has been running since June 11th, 2009 (06/11/2009) and has been awarded both the Best Star Wars RPG (Spring 2010 RPF Awards) and Best GM (Spring 2010 RPF Awards). We have a excellent cast of role players, including some of your own hometown legends in greyjedi125, Mitth_Fisto, Sith-I-5, and Bravo. The game also features some of your rising stars in the RPF including Katana_Master and Farsox, as well as new arrivals making a huge impact including Darth_Cadaverous. And don't forget your excellent RPer teamwork, storytelling, and comic relief in DREAMSTAR, Master_Ponta, and Helljumper1178 (collectively known as the Gorlech crew).

    Does a game the size of Intervention seem too big to just jump into? Certainly it does! But with the aid of our Library Thread's Current Game Summary (as of 02/26/2011), you'll be able to jump right into the action!

    Do you have further questions? Do you want to submit a character sheet? Private Message Bravo!

    We're looking for the following:

    Starfighter Pilots (3 positions open)
    Hanger Chief/Starfighter pilot (combo position) (1 position open)

    God Bless,

  3. Winged_Jedi Force Ghost

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  4. Winged_Jedi Force Ghost

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    Feb 28, 2003
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    The game will be launched in just under a month's time. To whet appetites, and also to allow time for potential players to think about characters, here is the story section of the Opening Post...

    Lea Monde II: The Phantom Pain

    "The Sick Doll"


    The year is 500 ABY. It is a golden age of peace for the galaxy.

    On the ancient world of Valendia, the time has come for a new King. The Valendian capital, Lea Monde, is a vast city with a rich history. For a long time it lay devastated and abandoned after a series of violent earthquakes, but almost four hundred years ago it was rebuilt by an Imperial noble named Joshua Bardorba, who later proclaimed himself to be the first King of Valendia.

    For these past four centuries the line of Joshua has ruled unchallenged and uninterrupted. But when the last monarch died without any apparent heir, a great search was begun to find families across the galaxy who could prove a connection to the Bardorba bloodline.

    That search has resulted in four young candidates, each the eldest son in their respective families, all with a claim to the vacant throne. Accompanied by their fathers, these boys have arrived in Lea Monde to be locked away in the Great Cathedral. There they will undergo a series of spiritual and physical tests to determine their worthiness.

    For the quartet of fathers who are left outside, a long and anxious wait seems to be ahead. Little do they know that the day?s most challenging trials will be for them and not their sons...

    A great many evils are converging within the city, and a terrible secret has been unearthed beneath it. By nightfall, the walls of Lea Monde will shake once again.

    EDIT: There will be four players. Each player will be required to submit a sheet for two characters: a father and son. Only the fathers, however, will be playable. This is their story./>/>
  5. TheGoodImperial Jedi Master

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    I was told this is the traditional place to post a teaser for a game. Then I shall stay true to that tradition. Thanks to SirakRomar for the polish . . .


    The wars have ended. The era of strife has come and gone.

    But the great conflicts of the past years have demanded a terrible price.

    The Old Republic is on the brink of destruction. All it´s achievments are in danger to be lost in a dark age of the galaxy. Billions have died in the brutal struggles against the Mandalorians and the Dark Loords of the Sith. Planets like Ossus, Althir, Kathar, Taris, Katarr and Telos have been sacked or destroyed forever.

    And the Jedi . . .

    Once the guardians of freedom, peace and justice in the galaxy they have been hunted and killed until only a few dozens remained. These survivors are now scattered and most of them wander the galaxy alone. Some try to preserve their old ways, while others gave in to darker urges and despair.

    Even the once mighty fleet of the Old Republic is now only a shadow of it´s former self. Battered and overstrained the ships patrol the many systems of the Old Republic in a desperate struggle to regain the stabilty and order of the better days long gone.

    Yet there is hope.

    It weren´t only the powers of order and reason that suffered from the bloody years of war. The Mandalorians are scattered and broken by the past conflict. The dreaded Sith were betrayed by their own Dark Lord and hunted down. What little remained of them devoured itself in an insane struggle for power, leadership and their twisted ideals.

    And finally there is peace.

    An exhausted and uneasy peace, perhaps. But it is peace. And for the first time in centuries the planets of the Old Republic discuss matters that do not concern battles or wars. They come together in the senate to discuss restoration and the return to better days.

    The Renaissance of the Republic has begun.

    But darkness is patient.

    Darkness is malicious.

    And darkness . . .

    . . . has many faces.




    Coming soon to these boards/>/>/>/>
  6. Winged_Jedi Force Ghost

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  7. Ramza JC Head Admin and RPF Manager

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    ?So how was your day today??

    She always asks me that. Every day for the last thirty years, when I come home from work. Six little words. I then give her the summary: long, short, what have you. It?s become a ritual, a reiterating meme that occurs at 5 PM every day for the last thirty years.

    And every day for the last thirty years, we?ve eaten our dinners, watched the television, and slept together. And every day for the last thirty years, we?ve kissed each other goodnight before we get up at 7 AM every day for the last thirty years.

    And every day for the last thirty years, I?ve gone to work for hours on end and I come home and she always asks me ?So how was your day today?? and every day for the last thirty years I give her the summary: long, short, what have you and eVeRy DaY fOr ThE lAsT tHiRtY yEaRs the six words the six words 365 days times 30 SIX WORDS

    SIX WORDS something is cracking


    SIX WORDS get out


    SIX WORDS oh god get out get out


  8. Trieste Force Ghost

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    You have your favorite sports team?so why wouldn?t your favorite Star Wars characters?

    Let?s face it: sports are a big part of life. We live and die with our teams, revel in their victories, despair in their losses. It connects us to other people, like this intangible web that permeates all living things?hey sounds familiar, doesn?t it? ;)

    In a society so far advanced above our own (even if it did all take place a long time ago), it?s no surprise that they too had their favorite sports. It wasn?t just pod racing (that was for beings who liked seeing things go round and round over and over again). There was also the great sport known as Limmie in the Core and bolo-ball to everyone else. It is in the Elite League, the highest level of competition, that the greatest sporting trophy in the entire galaxy is awarded?the Galactic Cup of Limmie.

    Ooooooh, shiny.

    Your favorite characters in all likelihood spent their downtime when they weren?t saving the galaxy or killing pesky Jedi by kicking back and watching their team as they tried to take home the Cup. Mon Mothma was surely a devoted Chandrila Patriot fan in her time (after all, those Chandrilans are just nuts about their Limmie).

    They?re hanging men and women there for wearin? of the green.

    And of course when he wasn?t being all manipulative and evil, Palpatine just loved to go see the Coruscant Senators play. It was way more interesting than going to see those lame operas, especially because a lot more people got injured playing Limmie.

    These Senators never got dissolved.

    And don?t you remember Han and Greedo talking about the upcoming game between the Corellia Rebels and the Tatooine Sandskimmers? No? Lucas must have taken that out in the Special Edition.

    The Rebels are definitely a shoot first kind of team.

    And who could forget that ragtag bunch, the Death Star Dianogas, who made a couple impressive, but brief runs for the Cup? (Okay, this one probably didn?t exist, but hey, Tarkin probably needed something to entertain him during those long trips between planets he was blowing up.)

    They always said these guys played with explosive force.

    So really, if you?re looking for a new game and want to try something a little different, why not check out Elite League Limmie? You only need to post once a week to keep your team in tip top shape and your friendly GM is always there to help new players create teams and answer any questions during the course of the season.

    It?ll be a smashing good time!

    PM Trieste to join Elite League Limmie today!

    New season starts June 11, but reserve your spot in the League today!
  9. SilentProphet Jedi Padawan

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    May 27, 2011
    The world was silent.

    The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.

    John Milton had said that once.
    He had been right.
    Satre had been wrong.
    Hell is not other people.
    There were no other people anymore.
    There were worlds without an end.
    And he had made them all hell.
    Many different hells.
    Hell was a state of mind.


    October 2011/>
  10. BobaMatt TFN EU Staff

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    To be, or not to be, that is the question:
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of Outrageous Fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them?

    Act I. Scene 1.

    You awoke betwixt the Fairy Wood and a land split in three.


    Have you died?

    No Heaven or Hell you ever imagined was quite like this, and yet there are demons and beasts and miracles, here.

    Still, sometimes you'd rather take your chances with them than with the men and women who also find themselves mysteriously here in a land called Rosland. At least they appear as they are, but when men act like the worst devils they show themselves like the brightest angels.

    There's one thing most agree on, though: all the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players whose lives are being written by an omniscient Bard.

    But you...what's your story? Is it a tragedy or comedy? And most importantly, how will it end?
  11. BobaMatt TFN EU Staff

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    Aug 19, 2002
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  12. BobaMatt TFN EU Staff

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    Aug 19, 2002
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    Crap. Hitting "quote" instead of "edit." Crap crap crap.
  13. Ramza JC Head Admin and RPF Manager

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    ?This? is CNN.?

    Hello, and welcome back to Shouting Heads, where we?re discussing the recent upswing in violent crimes in the American Midwest. Joining us live via satellite is Stanford professor of sociology Dr. Hans Zimmeroff, as well as criminal psychology expert Dr. Patricia Williams of Harvard. Thank you both for joining us today.

    ?It?s a pleasure.?

    ?Always nice to be on the show.?

    Now, as we discussed in the break, Dr. Williams, you mentioned you had a theory regarding these attacks.

    ?Yes, well, we?re obviously working with what little information we have at the moment, and we?re hoping to perform a more in-depth study, and this hypothesis is somewhat controversial, but I believe there may be a common mental element that?s causing -?

    ?That?s complete absurd. Criminal behavior can derive from a myriad of interacting factors, narrowing it down to one -?

    ?If you?d just let me elaborate, I believe you would??


    Hello there.

    See, Spongebob, you had the belt set to M for Mini, but you needed to have it set to W for Wumbo!


    Sure! I wumbo, you wumbo, he she we wumbo, wumboing, wumbology, they study of wumbo...come on Spongebob, this is first grade!


    I know you can read this.

    If you ask me, all this crime is just symptomatic of the bad economy. The constant progressive emphasis on big government and spending, spending, spending


    Yes, you, sitting at your computer, browsing the Introduction thread.

    And an excellent putt, that will put him at 5 under par and gives him a solid hold on second place. Truly, a spectacula


    Stop pretending I?m not talking to you.

    You cannot escape.

    You will listen.

    You will GIVE IN

    This month.
  14. SilentProphet Jedi Padawan

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    May 27, 2011
    The world was silent.

    I used to think if I died in an evil place then my soul wouldn't make it to heaven. Well, frak. I don't care where it goes as long it ain't here.
    Chef, Apocalypse Now

    What would a girl be without her iPod?

    The iPod keeps on working. I can´t help myself, but feel like I am not trapped in a barren world. But rather I seem to be trapped in a specific moment. Me sitting here in my flat and crying to the tune of this band I never heard about. That is what I am trapped in. Where do the tears come from anyway? I can´t have any fluid left, can I?

    The worst thing is my computer, though. The internet. There shouldn´t be any. Even through the waves of panic and fear I do understand, that the internet should not survive long after humanity is gone. Neither should electricity or me. No food for five days and I do not feel hungry. No water for three days and no thirst is torturing me. No word or view on any human being for seven days and yet I feel watched.

    Something is crawling into my mind and scratching at the gates keeping my sanity contained. the metal bars keeping it together are slowly eroding. I can feel it.

    And the damned website blinks on my computer screen showing me the same link to the same footage over and over again. I hit it. I hit it at least once a day to watch her. That other me. The link builds up. It is the only website in all the internet. And then it loads a video. A stream of myself. Sitting in my room and laughing, crying or hammering against the walls. But in the stream I am an old woman. Probably in my sixties. But it is me. I can see it. It is me.

    Why am I still in the room in 40 years? Why? Because I have nowhere to go? I was out there. Nobody is there. Nobody. But hell, I have to leave in the next forty years, do I? Do I?

    I am just so very afraid of these steps and where they take me. I feel watched. All the time. Who are you? Who are you?


    No, this not heaven. It is a little bit to warm for heaven, is it?



    Please . . .


    October 2011/>
  15. Ramza JC Head Admin and RPF Manager

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    "The white zone is for loading and unloading only.


    If you have to unload, go to the white zone.


    You'll love it.


    It's a way of life." - Frank Zappa

    June 18th

  16. Ramza JC Head Admin and RPF Manager

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  17. Winged_Jedi Force Ghost

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    "You've had one month."

    "With all due respect, it's not enough, sir."

    "A day should have been enough, doctor. A week was stretching my patience. After a month you've given them such a headstart that I begin to ask uncomfortable questions. Questions about how the facility was so easily breached in the first place."

    "I-I assure you our walls were impenetrable-"

    "But not inescapable. The next time I speak to you, I want the children found."

    MASS EFFECT: All Sparks

  18. Escape the clutches of Cerberus in a relentless pursuit across the galaxy

  19. Recruit, command and sacrifice your own squad of runaways

  20. Push your biotic abilities to their limit with a devastating array of powers

  21. Make game-changing decisions using the familiar Paragon/Renegade Morality system, plus the new Stable/Volatile Mentality axis

  22. Coming Fall 2011

  23. />
  24. Reynar_Tedros Force Ghost

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  25. BobaMatt TFN EU Staff

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  26. blubeast1237 Force Ghost

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    Everyone Has An Origins

    Currently looking for Villains, but everyone is welcome.[face_peace]

  27. Reynar_Tedros Force Ghost

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    'Born Unto Trouble'

    The sun wasn't kind to the earth today. Her beams shone down on the bright sandy surface, wind as absent as the heat's mercy. The only sound was the distant rattle of a snake's tail, and the soft pattering of a horse's hoofs.

    Thoughts ran through Jack Violet's mind in the silence. He could feel the fatigue of his horse every step it took on the old dirt road he rode on. If he remembered right, there'd be a tavern about a half mile or so further down the path. The chances of seeing a friendly face weren't high, but the man figured it was a chance worth taking. At the very least there might still be some cold beer behind the bar.

    The only activity Jack had seen for miles was that of a deer, or a rabbit, or a snake. They all kept their distance as Jack and his horse rode quietly through the rocks. It was a small town, once populated by no more than a few hundred people or so.

    Again, thoughts appeared in Jack's mind from the absence of distractions as his horse carried on the trek. Thoughts of his wife, her blue eyes and that curly blonde hair that he'd always run his fingers through. Their son, only seven years of age, his eyes glowing when his dad would walk in the door, home from work. Jack looked down, grabbed the crucifix pendant around his neck, and kissed it.

    In the distance, Jack's eyes caught the sight of a small building resting alone among the town, heat shimmering off the roof.

    "There it is, boy," he patted the horse's neck as an act of encouragement. "Just a little ways longer. You're doin' good, boy."

    The horse gave a sigh in response, and its pace picked up slightly. The building began to approach quicker, and Jack reached to his side and unclipped the holster on his waste that held a small pistol. He pulled back on the reins a bit, and the horse slowed.

    "Easy, boy. Let's circle around." Jack guided the horse around the small wooden building, a sign above the front door reading 'Longhorn Tavern'. His eyes were focused, scanning the surroundings, searching for any sign of something that shouldn't be there. As far as he could tell, there was none.

    They circled around back to the front, and there was a small post where Jack could strap the horse's reins to. He carefully slid off the tired horse and tied the ropes to the post, and gave his transport a small pat. "Lookey there, boy," Jack pointed to the side of the tavern, where there was a water faucet and a white bucket right next to it. "Lookey there."

    The horse nodded and kicked its hoofs. Jack smiled and strolled over to the faucet. He turned the handle, and after a couple seconds of puttering, water flowed freely from it. Jack grabbed the bucket and set it underneath, and it began to fill.

    And then, he heard movement from inside. He quickly grabbed his pistol from its holster and turned the faucet off so as to focus more on the sound. Footsteps, no doubt. Slow ones. They were dragging. Heading towards the door. It was an unmistakable sound.

    The saloon doors opened, and Jack's horse backed up a few steps, as far as the reins would allow. What walked out was a sight not unfamiliar to Jack or the horse. A creature, with two legs and two arms. Its head was tilted to the side, it's skin an extremely pale white. Its eyes were absent of life, bloodshot and hollow. Fresh blood dripped from its mouth and stained its tattered clothing. It walked slowly, the left foot dragging behind the right. It made a soft groaning sound as it approached the horse. It stuck its arms out in front of it, the groaning becoming louder. It could smell the fresh meat on the animal.

    Jack pulled back the hammer on the pistol, and the creature quickly turned its head to the sound it made. Its eyes met Jack's, and every hair on the man's body stood on edge. He pulled the trigger, the bullet zooming through the creatures head, in and out. It fell to the ground without a sound, and lied there unmoving. Jack had killed a creature that was already dead.

    A zombie.

    "Should've known, huh boy?" He looked
  28. SilentProphet Jedi Padawan

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    May 27, 2011
    When the consciousness had expanded beyond the human limitations it had already been too late.

    Omnipresence. Omnipotence. It had a price. Six billions minds. Six billion voices.


    Endless lines of words.

    A cacophony of words.



    They had to vanish.

    And so they did.

    Omnipresence. Omnipotence. It had a price.


    October 2011
  29. Reynar_Tedros Force Ghost

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    Order 66 has been initiated.

    The Jedi Purge has begun.

    Seven children have escaped.

    Where will you hide?

    The Runaways
  30. SilentProphet Jedi Padawan

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    May 27, 2011
    All the Sins of the Saints

    A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.
    ~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

    When it came upon us we called it the Change. And it lived up to it´s name and changed almost everything. The geopolitical balance went out of the window first. The sanity followed soon and gave way to religious fanatism and paranoia. Then the laws of physics eroded one by one and from there everything went downhill rather fast.

    The Sins of the Saints


    "In cold ruins among the hot sand secrets were buried for centuries and in time they were unearthed again. In the very sense of the word. A little black foot stumbled over a stone. And then they people of the village asked why there were so many stones and they began to dig. And when they realize there is something, They tell the local priest. The priest tells his bishop and the bishop sends more people to dig. They dig deeper and find a church. And then they find the chruch is build atop of another. and another. And soon they dig deeper and find the cave. And in the cave they find a riddle. And they get someone to solve it for them. Someone smart. And he solves it."

    Then the end of the world begins. Because of this boy who could not watch his step.

    The Sins of the Days Long Past


    What they did to Boston was impossible to cover up. 3 million Americans died on a warm summer night in 2012 in a bath of a thousands suns. A nuclear atttack on their own people was something not even the greatest cynics had expected. And the public was given no explanation about how or why it had happened.
    Only minutes passed before twitter-accounts and facebook profiles began to call for gatherings. It was less than a day before these gatherings were actually nation-wide riots. In a week they would call it a civil war. If the Change did not destroy them all before that.

    And over the ocean it became terribly clear what that meant, as the cities went dark and the streets grew silent. They did not call it the Change in Europe anymore. They called it La Disparition.

    The Vanishing.

    The Sins of the Fathers

    Crying did not help. He had never listened when she cried. She knew she would never see someone again. She was doomed to wander the world alone and in the dark. In the eternal shadow of this barren lands. Insanity had lost it´s meaning. Madness defined itself in comparison to a normal state of mind. When you were the last person in the world, what was normal but you?


    "Hello? Is there someone?"

    No answer. There was never an answer.

    Change the world. The letters were clearly visible on the remains of the Boing 747 buried in the desert sun. It still burned from the crash and it still looked much to knew in a world that had long forgotten how metal looked before the rust.

    The girl watched the firce and the metal. Far away shots were heard. The travellers killed each other. Why should their age be any different than this? After all, they caused this, right? Did they even come here to make it better? Or only worse? The girl shook her head and turned. She could not change it. She could not even talk to them. The girl had no mouth.

    Far away in what might once have been a quite impressive city a man could be heard crying. Repeating the same name again and again. Laura.


    The Sins of the Sons

    October 2011[/c/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>
  31. Ramza JC Head Admin and RPF Manager

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    This post has been deleted. Dig it.
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