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Reference RPG Introduction Service v2.0

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by NaboosPrincess, Mar 4, 2006.


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    Dec 21, 2005
    No. It's bigger than Christian Bale. Yea, I said it.
  2. Reynar_Tedros

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    Jul 3, 2006
    The only thing bigger than Christian Bale is...

    Oh no...

    That's coming?

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    Dec 21, 2005
    Yes, Reynar. That's coming. Soon, I may add.
  4. Reynar_Tedros

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    Jul 3, 2006
    We're doomed.
  5. Zedd-Vega

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    Dec 13, 2003

    Silent Menacing Cathedral

    [blockquote]It wasn't as dangerous as the name had implied. The young Flick Reaper, ChildishLemur, had scoured the area that was claimed to be riddled with monsters for level 15 characters. Being level 16 herself, CL had felt it best to gain experience while she could, that is, before any other players encountered this new location.

    A graveyard scene, positioned behind a mighty, yet demolished, church, served as the setting for this location. CL eyed the minor skeletons and upturned graves before watching a bright light flicker just above her head. The Chaos Gate was opening again.

    Fearing the Player Killers that roamed about looking for a chance opportunity to defeat a lower level player, CL ducked behind one of the gravestones, watching two adventurers emerge with their weapons drawn. One, a female Steam Gunner and her partner was a young male Blade Brandier. The two appeared to be chatting, but it was likely in private conversation.

    Suddenly, a strange light aside from the open Chaos Gate opened from the other side of the gravestone CL had chosen to hide behind. From it, emerged a dark figure, cloaked completely in darkness. Its cold eyes narrowed on the two adventurers who had drawn their weapons and began boosting their abilities before charging into battle.

    It was useless. A thick beam of energy struck the young Blade Brandier, sending thousands of bits of code scattering throughout the air. CL yelped in fear and ducked, cradling her head between her knees. Sounds of clashing metal as the Steam Gunner's bayonet caught with the scythe-like weapon wielded by the mysterious figure. Within moments, the blade sunk deep into the chest of the girl, scattering her as it did her companion.

    Everything seemed to go silent, as if devoid of any and all sound. CL turned slowly, the dark figure looming over her with horrid red eyes gleaming under the dark hood. With a ghostly whisper, the figure disappeared, and CL was left alone in the graveyard...[/blockquote]

    With the numerous deletions of Player Characters in The World as of late, many players have chosen to quit before they themselves are removed permanently from the game. Strangely enough, no such player who has been deleted has been able to regain access to the game. For reasons unknown, other Players feel the need to cast blame based on rumor, and that rumor has drawn the attention of... you.

    .hack//Judgment is currently seeking players to participate in an action/fantasy/mystery based in a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) world. You are welcome to any character class and any race that you feel the need to play, and throughout gameplay, form bonds and gain experience for your character to develop them further.

    This game is not directed just for fans of the show or games, but towards anyone who cares for Fantasy games or fans of anime in general. I can assure you that .hack//Judgment will have something to interest you should you decide to participate.

    [link=].hack//Judgment[/link]... join before The World as we know it is changed forever...


    Galactic Resistance Conference, New Republic Army Headquarters, Besaaan

    [blockquote]?Fey?lya is a fool. He believes that by staying out of the entire affair will make it go away. It?s like throwing a wounded Gamorrean to a Rancor that hasn?t eaten in weeks. That Bothan slime is prepared to sacrifice the worlds of the Republic to ensure his own safety within his beloved seat of power.

    We can?t stand idly by as the Vong continue to ravage our worlds in their hunt to abolish our technology and enslave us all. That is why, with the help of the Jedi, we will branch out from Besaaan and stop the Vong at the source: we will meet them on the worlds they wish to dominate, and through our own cunning, we can
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    May 23, 2005

    Meinzen couldn't help but feel uncomfortable in the rain. Actually, he thought, it wasn't so much the rain, as it was him. "Him" was a tall, broad-shouldered man, clad in a wide-brimmed hat and long black coat. He was just...standing there. Meinzen couldn't help but stare at the man, watching the rain fall off his jacket.

    "Meinzen! Stop staring and get to the west breach!" called Sarge. Meinzen blinked, and got to his feet. He checked his helmet, pulled on his goggles, and picked up his Thompson, checking the clip. Full - good. Meinzen ran 'round the building, coming to the west entry, where the breach team was waiting. The flash of lightning was obscured by old buildings. The clocktower in the distance stood out ominously for a split-second, before being blanketed in darkness again.

    Meinzen caught a glimpse of the breaching hammer for a second, during the flash, and then there was only shouts, and he was swept inside. The young man stumbled, falling down behind a half-destroyed wall. Gunfire tore through the wall behind him, where he had been not a second before.

    More shouts, this time someone was yelling his name, and he remembered where he was. Meinzen took his Thompson, raised the muzzle just above his cover, and fired blindly. He heard a scream - had he hit one of them? Jonas, next to him, lobbed a grenade down into the foyer below. Gunfire peppered the wall Meinzen was behind, and a shot made it through, hitting Jonas in the arm.

    All of a sudden, another sound broke through the din. The gunfire stopped. Meinzen checked Jonas - alive, and in pain. The soldier pushed him away. Jonas was a pro - taking the building was what mattered now. Meinzen nodded, and peered over the wall to see what had happened.

    The man in the trenchcoat was pressed to the wall, gunfire hitting the corner next to him. He clutched an old pump-action in his hands. One rebel tried to flank him, and was met with a blast to the chest. The man writhed in pain on the ground. Meinzen felt a surge of pride - this man was on their side, taking the rebel position on his own!

    The man removed two grenades from his coat. He pulled both pins, tossed one forwards, and threw the other in the rebel defilade. Suddenly the other grenade spewed thick gray smoke, obscuring Meinzen's view. Yells of panic, then an explosion - and the man was gone, sounds of gunfire filling the air.

    It was over in a matter of minutes.

    It wasn't until dawn that the rain finally began to dissipate. Meinzen stood next to Jonas while a medic patched him up.

    "Jonas, the man in the coat - who was that?" he asked.

    Jonas winced before answering. "I don't know, but I think - ow! - I think he's NOC."

    Meinzen frowned "Non-Official Cover? Then why's he out here? That makes no sense."

    Jonas scowled. "You know what I mean! He's not one of us - he's a lone wolf, he's, he's..."

    Meinzen froze. "No - no, you don't think..."

    "Think what?" asked Jonas, confused by Meinzen's change of attitude.

    "He's one of them, an Inquisitor."

    Jonas' eyes widened. Meinzen could understand why - the stories told. Of how they had purged entire towns to find traitors to the party. Of how no-one was truly safe, not even fellow Inquisitors - their fights were destructive on a large scale. Of how they weren't above the law, they were the law.

    Meinzen swallowed. He did not want to be this man's enemy.

    The Inquisition

    Coming soon...

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    Apr 9, 2005
    Expect to see Star Trek: Strange New Universe sometime early February, just as soon as I have time between college applications, Exams, and High School Musical dress rehearsals to do the requisite art for the RP. I've got a new species and a new ship to show in the opening post. Then it will be ready. Promise.

    Expect a 1st quarter release for History is Written by the Winners as well.

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    Dec 21, 2005
    ***Coming soon to the SWRPF!***






    Come join the award winning GMs Imperial_Hammer and MASTERPRENN in the RPF?s first ever, real time senate game!

    Make under-the table deals! Bargain, smile, and carouse your way to power in this one of a kind, never before seen, Senate game. Represent your constituents, Serve your party, and Cast your vote!

    Politics as usual? Hardly!

    ***Opening in the Star Wars RPF - THIS WEEK***
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    Jan 16, 2006
    War of the Force II - Vacuum of Power

    [blockquote]?Listen up marines! The Sith thought that they could bring the whole might of the Galactic Alliance down and then take control of the galaxy, instead they got destroyed at that fateful battle on Coruscant. Even so the Galactic Alliance has fallen like an ego-maniac Sith and have hired all the help they can. But then some alien slug of the Hutt decides that he?s gonna start his own galactic power and try and destroy what little is left of the galaxy. That?s where we come in; you see that palace up there, atop that cliff? That?s where we are heading; to take out that alien slug and ease the pain of the Galactic Alliance. Now I?m sure the palace is crawling with Gamorrean pigs that would make most run in fear of their limbs, but you know what we?re going to do Marines? We?re gonna go up to that palace, blow down the door and then let rip with our blaster and giving a new meaning to kicking a$. Am I right Marines??

    The rest of the special operations team joined in unison to agree with their Sergeant.
    ?Sir, yes Sir!?

    ?Damn straight, now head out marines.?

    The Galactic Alliance Special Operations Squad ?Phoenix?, made up the Sergeant and nine troops headed up the cliff face to the palace of Garulga the Hutt. Who they suspected knew something about the assassination of the Commander in Chief of the Galactic Alliance....

    Rumours had surfaced that Jedi were popping up all around the galaxy helping people, and planets survive. Shyhn like many, many others was surprised by this; they had thought that all of the Jedi were killed in the last moments of the war, like numerous others. No one knew who it was that fired upon the planet, by the time the next ship arrived the system was empty, the remains of the last three ships were gone though the bodies of their crews were found floating frozen in the cold of space. Shyhn shook the though off of her and looked around before ending deep down a dark and unforgiving looking alleyway. There she stood and waited, and out of the shadows a robed figure crept out, coming up behind her slowly and silently, until he reached her putting his hand onto her shoulders. She jumped up in shock, quickly reaching for her lightsaber, igniting it and slashed at the man in the shadows. Her blade was met by another orange blade.

    She started to smile and lowered her blade; she was no longer frightened because she knew exactly who it was. The man then unhooded himself and smiled back at Shyhn.

    ?Shyhn, it?s great to see you again.? He said.

    ?As it is you Arlic.? She replied

    ?I bring troubling news Shyhn, the commander in chief of the Galactic Alliance was found dead in his home on Mon Calamari, they have no lead onto who it may have been.? Arlic explained.

    ?Galactic Alliance?? Shyhn asked rhetorically, ?I?m surprised they haven?t collapsed under their own inflated weight.?

    ?Though it pains me to say it I have to agree with you, I am not sure how the galaxy is even holding together, the Galactic Alliance is no where to be found it reality no one is governing the galaxy. Even the Sith have gone into hiding for now.?

    ?And what of Coruscant?? Shyhn queried.

    ?Coruscant, is as dead as the Galactic Alliance, something is stirring out their, the Vacuum of Power that has been left behind may just suck the galaxy into destruction.?

    ?Then let?s hope the fate of the galaxy isn?t being held by the hands of those clinging to the past?.?


    The Galaxy is shattered, the War between the Galactic Alliance and the Sith Empire 50 years after the Vong war has destroyed all but tiny fractions of both sides. There is no governing body the Galactic Alliance is trying to rebuild, but in reality they have no jurisdiction over anything. Trade between planets is held together by corporate groups, trying to make a buck off already devastated planets.

    Now the galaxy needs new heroes an villains. Players can play as Special Ops for th
  10. Reynar_Tedros

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    Jul 3, 2006
    Gotham City. From the outside, it seems like a beautiful place, a bustling city with a myriad of opportunities. But from the inside, well, it?s an entirely different story.

    Over the years, Gotham has become a city full of crime and death, making it a notorious home for villains and vigilantes alike. Criminals, crooked politicians, corrupt police officers, and more can be found with ease in the depths of the city. But amongst all the calamity and evil stands one man, unwavering in his attempts to rid Gotham of its filth, one man feared by all criminals. Batman.

    Recently, a plot was carried out that all but destroyed Arkham Asylum, and released the psychotic and insane prisoners within the facility onto Gotham. Even more fear has struck the hearts of Gotham?s citizens, and some have even lost what was left of their faith in the Caped Crusader.

    Now, the fate of Gotham is in your hands.

    [link=]Batman: Legend of the Dark Knight[/link]

    Now Accepting Players!
  11. Zhi-don

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    Mar 22, 2005

    Our Fan Force [OCSWS] has started a role playing forum. However, I can't get very many people to play.

    I have an interesting campaign in progress that I could use some help with. If you are an experienced gamer and are willing to roleplay existing characters, I need you.

    Characters available:

    Cyan....A young Wookiee Jedi Knight/Healer
    Dr. Jones....An unknown alien archeologist [Think Indiana Jones]
    Wil-ohm Larson.....A young human Jedi Padawan [Think Jimmy Olsen]
    Ayala Secura....A young female Twi'lik Jedi Knight
    Q-007....a rebuilt droid with an advanced CPU and an attitude [think Q from the James Bond movies]

    I will PM you a summary of what has happened so far. I hope that there is someone out there who can help.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Nov 23, 2006
    Salem: The witch Hunt
    A young teenaged boy crossed the feilds, his walk slow and silent. He was dressed in black with eyes and hair of the same color.His expression was cold as he continued to travel. He held a black staff in his hand, hellish inscriptions were all over it.His black form was barely visible in the moonless night.

    Salem village came into view, he stoped a second to look at it. It was not even half the size of Salem town which shared its name. However, the place interested the boy much more. The town was bitterely divided, secluded, and filled with simple farmers. It was perfect.

    Just then, a snake slithered up the boy onto his sholder. The snake slithered into his ear, "What's taking so long, I need to start this if I'm to have the element of surprise". The boy slowly turned to the snake and said coldly," Not to worry my leige, it will not take long to infest the this place". "It had better for your sake," the snake said and slithered away, returning to the dark place from wence it came.

    The boy looked toward the town, and continued walking toward it........


    Welcome to Salem: The Witch Hunt.

    The game will take place in the 17th century colonial village of Salem, Massachusetts. Players will be playing normal people who will eventually be thrust into a With Hunt.

    Now accepting players:[link=][/link]
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    May 23, 2005
    Coming to the Non-SW RPF, Wedenesday, February the 21st...

    "Nor is it to be thought that man is either the oldest or the last of earth's masters, or that the common bulk of life and substance walks alone. The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be."

    ~Excerpt from unknown text; Trans. Dr. Henry Armitage, Ph. D, Miskatonic University

    Insofar, 1932 had been a good year for the area commonly referred to as New England. As September rolled around, as it is wont do, strange occurrences began to plague the small towns in and around Arkham, Massachusetts.

    It began in Dunwich, a small, xenophobic town, on the third. A horrific howling was heard early in the morning, and the next day many farmers reported missing livestock, some found dead and disfigured, others not found at all.

    Innsmouth was plagued by floods on the twelfth. The seaside town went on as if naught had happened, odd as it sounds. Neighboring towns commented on Innsmouth's notoriety for seclusion and isolationism, but were pleased at the large amount of fishing the floods brought.

    Arkham, the largest town of the three, was the site of a large, violent riot on the twentieth. Three police officers were killed by rioters following the demolition of an old, decrepit church. This was a shock to the citizens of Arkham, a polite, peaceful community, all church-goers.

    Finally, reports of the phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, occurring above these three towns in the weeks preceding the events have gone, for the most part, unnoticed. Scientists at Arkham's Miskatonic University have been in an uproar discussing the Lights.

    The stage is set for investigation - and this is where the Miskatonic University plays a part. Their doctors and scientists and thinking persons are determined to solve the mystery behind these events. Will the truth be liberated, or are some things best left forgotten?

    Arkham Investigations

    Welcome to Arkham Investigations, an RPG based upon the works of Howard Philip Lovecraft. This game is an attempt at both a horror game and an episodic game - the overall plot is revealed over time, and an emphasis is placed on small-scale stories, rather than large, all-consuming epics.

    Lovecraftian horror is rooted more in the psychological than much other horror. There are shocks, surprises, and the like, but more often than not, there is a prevailing sense of unease, of things being "not right". This game will require a great deal of creative and descriptive writing, and as such, proper grammar and spelling is desired.


    1 - The GM has final say.
    2 - The Co-GM, if there is one, has final say, only overruled by the GM.
    3 - Obey the TOS.
    4 - Keep it PG-13, folks. It'd be gosh-darn great.
    5 - God-modding will result in being booted from the game.
    6 - Play nice, include others - they all have their parts to play.
    7 - 6 multiplied by 7 is 42.

    Most important of all, however, is this: Have fun! Try new things!

    Characters and Character Sheets

    As per characters - women can be professors and doctors, even if it's the thirties. History will take a step to the side in this area. Equality = fun for all.

    You'll be scientists, doctors, and professors. Archaeologists, biologists, and paleontologists. Historians, archivists, you get the picture. As such, weapons will be improvised, hard to find, or even non-existent.


    Appearance: (details, please, or pictures)
    Inventory: (no weapons to start!)
    Biography: (have fun with it, but keep it real)

  14. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    Coming soon (hopefully sooner than my other coming soons that never came) to an NSWRPF near you....

  15. Vothus

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    Feb 15, 2007
    I'm seeking a rpg with the following.

    1. An experienced GM
    2. About star wars ( of course :D )
    3. takes place not to long after the jedi purge. ( ok right after, or a few years after is as high as it go's.)
    4. about mostly jedi
    5. rules like no god modding.

    If anyone has one like this plz pm me with details. :D
  16. Obi-Wan21

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    Aug 27, 2002
    Hollow Men- Collision


    [link=]Hollow Men Collision[/link]

    You've never played anything like this before. Join the Super Heroic RPG that will venture into new territory. A revolutionary game of epic proportions!

    As the world around them crumbles, heroes will step up, but crisis draws villains to the scene, and a great evil will have to be stopped. In Hollow Men, you become a central figure in deciding the fate of the entire world.

    Hollow Men sets players into a world of mystery and adventure, after you create your character and are approved you will be thrust into a game that never stops. Check the thread for further information. You may become a hero or a villain, form teams, and shape the future of our world. Every decision you make, every person you kill or help, will define not only your future but the way heroes are perceived in the world.

    It has only been a matter of months since the assassination of Governor Taye Carter and the biological attacks on the entire world, and the citizens of the nation are left to wonder what right, if any, do these Supermen have. How will your character change the world? Join and find out.

    A New Day Begins-
    Sunday, March 5, Afternoon

    [link=]Hollow Men Collision[/link]

    Check the thread for rules and guidelines, as well as the character sheet. If you wish to be brought up to date on the story, do not hesitate to PM me. ANYONE can join at any time.
  17. Tog

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    Jan 19, 2007
    [link=]Join War of Middle Earth![/link]

    Middle Earth roars with the sound of Battle.
    The Men of Middle Earth stand strong
    against the hordes of Mordor. The Dwarven
    Armies ready Themselves and lock up their mountain
    Fortresses. The Elfs of Lorian string their bows
    And sharpen their swords. The Iorn Mountains swarm
    with Mercenary Goblin armys ready to serve the
    highest Bidder. The orcs of Mordor ready
    their steal and long for battle. The spawns
    of Sarumon streach their arms across Rohan
    and pillage all in their way. The hobbits gather
    stones for their slings and grab their farming
    tools for wepons. The Haradrim ride on their
    Oliphants and ready their bows. Corsairs
    sail up the coast and rivers, ravaging all
    that they can. The ground shakes with
    battle as sword crosses axe, Spears break apon
    sheilds, and arrows rain from the sky. The blood
    of many will flood Middle Earth.
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    Apr 9, 2005

    "The time has come," the Muse did say
    "To play a little [link=]game[/link]
    Of shadow knights and secret tasks
    For which they gain no fame
    And why the end is nearly here
    And whom we'll have to blame."
    P.S. Get me outta here!
    That's right, Halo: Ghosts of Onyx: PALE HORSE is no longer just a pipe dream. It is now a living, breathing game. Send in your sheets to this guy, and we'll get underway.

    This is the way the world ends.

    Edit: If that's not enough for you, the opening post (minus a few addendums) is listed a mere 4 posts before this one. Take a gander.
  19. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    Star Wars : Twilight Knights I : The Strike


    222 years after the Battle of Yavin, the dominant faction in the Galaxy was the Sith Empire. They were unopposed after their takeover, or so they thought. Across the galaxy, a rebellion is being readied, by the Twilight Knights, Force Users who focus on balancing the use of both the Lightside and the Darkside of the Force, who seek balance in the force. Their leader, Kev-Mas Colcha, was but a mere Apprentice when the Sith took over the Galaxy, who was found training by other Twilight Knight Refugees on Dagobah, and Kev-Mas, after being trained by the Grandmaster of the order at the time, united the refugees together, as their new Grandmaster, and asked a few of them to go across the Galaxy finding help.

    They enlisted the help of the Mon Calamari, the remains of the Jedi, the Corellians, the Sullustans, the Bothans, and the Duros. They worked together, underground, amassing a large army in a record time of 2 years.

    Now, it was time to strike... For Balance!

    Check out [link=]the thread[/link], for more info, rules, and a character sheet to PM me for approval.

  20. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Looking for a good RPG with a great story. A good GM is a good idea to throw in. I like long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners. Please PM if you have something in mind.

  21. The_Jesstar

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    Feb 21, 2003
    Hey my fellow RPers! Just thought I'd put this out there, I have sorta assumed a temp GM position in Harry Potter Universe RPG, and more players are needed, as well as any of you who may have been there, but sorta drifted away. The story is really sizzling now, so come on over and check it out!

    [link=] Harry Potter Universe RPG [/link]

    Basic story outline? I've got one!

    [blockquote]It has been 20 years since the ?last? battle between Harry Potter and the Lord Voldemort. Although there were confirmations that Voldemort was destroyed in a flash of light, there were no reports of what happened to Potter and he has not been seen since. After the final battle, his best friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley were married and now live in London where Ronald works for the Ministry of Magic as an Auror and Hermione bases her S.P.E.W Headquarters. Ronald?s little sister and Harry girlfriend, Ginny Weasley has herself been wandering aimlessly from job to job unable to find her place and is currently employed at Borgin and Burke?s, for man years turning down jobs at Hogwarts. In a surprising move 5 years ago Neville Longbottom took over as Headmaster from Minerva McGonnogall, becoming the youngest Headmaster in the school history. Luna Lovegood has assumed the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and has held it for 6 years, the longest tenured DADA teacher in a while. Draco Malfoy, who turned against the Dark Lord and earned forgiveness by saving Harry?s life is now in charge of Azkaban now. He immediately ordered the execution of all Death Eaters in the prison, including taking care of his father personally. The Muggles have made immense technological leaps almost forcing the magical community to adapt to the changes and assimilate muggle things into their daily lives. An unusual thing is spotted on the outskirts of London that gets people a little jumpy. A cloaked man wearing a mask set a house on fire. Although he was caught, proven to be just a drunken fool, and is currently in Azkaban people a re starting to wonder why he got the idea to dress up as a death eater 20 years after Voldermort?s demise?This story picks in the year 2013.[/blockquote]

    Posted by Knaordyi, original GM. Please PM me if you have any questions. Come on! :D Pretty please?

    All new players get a cookie!

  22. lightning-girl

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    Mar 13, 2007
    Ok I just wanna see if anyone is interested

    Name: The Ultimate Crossover-enter if you dare
    Looking for: all characters guys who play girls and girls who play guys accepted
    Cool stuff: the form is short and the characters are awesome!!!!! on the non star wars board.

    Joss out
  23. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    [hl=darkblue]****Announcing an I_H Recruitment Initiative! ****[/hl]


    After one extremely long Winter Quarter, I'm proud to announce my quasi-return back to the RPFs. My own games lie dormant, with only the small spark of life within them. I have decided that its time to officially change this. So... I?ve engineered both of my games to be in positions where the entries of new players are officially appropriate.

    Podracer: Need For Speed


    [link=]First Post[/link]

    The Second Season of the Galactic Podracing League has been one of high highs and low lows. Starting off on very rocky ground, the StarDust Three was over before it began; a scandal brewing about improper applied rules. This however was quickly counterbalanced by a great race in Eriadu, where names such as Kaida Alcorn, Deimos Odai, and Nava Kree began to seperate themselves from the pack as those with talent. The bright lights of Eriadu were replaced by the flames of Sullust, as the third race of the Season brought racers to "Fireball Alley." In the charred tubes floating above the lava, Podracers from all over the galaxy jostled for the fame and glory of first place. Exhibiting a wry sense of humor, Beedo's Wild Ride was fourth in the season. Unlike the race from the first season, Beedo's Wild Ride for this season was a private affair, with about four racers competing for spots.

    Now fast forward to the current date. After a delay, the fifth race of the season, taking place on the beautiful garden planet of Kuat is about to begin! The GPRL has announced a special racer recruitment drive to spice up the last remaining four races of the season. The invitation is for all Podracers in the Galaxy, especially those already registered with the GPRL. Racers accepting the invite are to report to the Kuat GPRL Office for registration, and shall be provided with an incentive package to allow for them to competitive within the Season.

    Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At The World's End


    [link=]First Post[/link]

    Avast ye sea dogs!

    Be ye lookin' for adventure an' a bitta Pirating?

    Word on the street be that the Black Dagger be comin' inta town. It be the same ship that snuck outter Tortuga before the Brits came and shut er down. It definitely be a Pirate Ship, or my name'll be Shirley!

    Keep a wary eye to the sea mate. I be guaranteein' ya the next ship ta be putting down anchor be the one ya want. Maybe you'll be findin' yourself with a fair bit a shine ta boot!

    * All players would start off in the Portuguese coastal village of Ponto de Leste, a fictional fisherman's town on the Eastern Tip of Brazil. From there, new players would presumably sign on with Barbossa and then, who knows where we be going!

    All prospective players are encouraged to check out the first posts of my games in the links above and fill out the sheets for any of my games you want. Send them to me for a speedy approval, and you're all set to participate in a new adventure.

    Any questions can be PMed to me as well. I really hope you'll consider joining any one of my award winning games, and a Happy Roleplaying to you all.

  24. John_117

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    May 28, 2006
    Their War, Our World (A TRANSFORMERS RPG)


    The year is 2005, after a millennia in stasis, the race known as the Transformers have awaken on Earth, within the ship, The Ark. In the english language, their factions translate into Autobot and Decepticon. Many years ago a great battle took place in the heavens, but their ship, The Ark, was wounded, and was cast down onto the planet below. Their ship boarded by the enemy, the heroic Autobots fought valiantly, until a large crash struck the ship, and put the Transformers into an endless slumber. But fortunately, The Ark would awaken the heroes, but in their frantic search, the Decepticons were no longer on board, they had escaped.

    The fearless leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, has ordered all Autobots to take on earth-based forms to remain hidden. They are Robots In Disguise. Two years have passed since that day, it is now 2007, and the Autobots have reconed their planet, this Earth. The Decepticons have yet to be found, and the Autobots have vowed to remain on Earth until the dangers of the Decepticons no longer plague these people, with The Ark lost, after a horrific earthquake, which buried The Ark deep beneath the earth, the Autobots are left stranded, no way to contact their home, the planet of Cybertron.

    But, unbeknownest to the Transformers, they are not the first of their kind to set foot on the planet of Earth. Sector Seven, a secret sect within the government, has been dealing with the Transformers since 1982. In their capture is an unknown Transformer, one unlike anything seen before. After nearly breaking out in 2006, and somehow managing to cause a massive earth quake, Sector Seven has raised its awareness of these Non-Biological Extraterrestrials. And sought out to destroy its kind once and for all....


    This Transformers RPG is not set in any continuity, it does not hold the basis of Generation 1, the film, Armada, RID, or any specific canon. Rather, this game will create its own universe, while drawing inspiration from all of the past Transformers legacies. Together we'll create an epic science fiction rpg. I've treated the Transformers differently in this case, like knights or gods. If it's not clear, the game is set in 2007, and The Ark is missing, for now anyway. This will not have any major plot, more like episodes, while the game will take place mostly in L.A. California, except for Sector Seven, which will be based in Washington DC. There will also be times where you will be able to travel to other places as well, given the nature of the story.

    And it wouldn't be Transformers if you couldn't blow stuff up, and you can. Although we start the game as Robots In Disguise, you can reveal yourself at any time and blow crap up, along with destroying anything in your path, but beware, because Sector Seven seeks to destroy you, well, if you're a Transformer.


    Next up, the rules. First off, please PM all character sheets to myself for approval before posting.

    No god-modding, although a Transformer, you can die, remember Optimus and Megatron, and Unicron, even the gods die. You can also be humans in this game, and they can die if they aren't careful. And you can't be any god based Transformers, that means no Primus or Unicron, personally I'd rather you not even mention them, unless like a curse or something. I never did like those guys.

    As I just stated, you are allowed to be human. One of the things I want to capture in this game is the human element, you're allowed to live your life as a human as you see fit. But you can also be a Transformer. You are allowed to be one human and one Transformer. Your human can also work for Sector Seven, if you wish, or they can just be a normal person, or teenager, living their life. Anyways, the set age is 17, no younger but you can be older. In the Transformers case, you can be Autobot or Decepticon, pre-existing characters or fan characters are welcome.

    If you decide to be a Transformer, no mass shifting, if you choose to be a r
  25. Reynar_Tedros

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    Jul 3, 2006
    "Every e-mail you send, every message you post, every story you make public on the internet has an entire adventure behind it. We here at the Internet Delivery Service thrive to make your life easier by embarking on these adventures, so that your content may be viewed by the rest of the world, or only by the persons you want viewing it. Our fully trained messengers are only the best in the entire Internet, and we can guarantee that we'll have your content sent lightning fast, or you're just plain (this message was brought to you by the Internet Cleaning Centers - Cleaning your messes because we need the money)."

    - Sir Walton Cronenburg, 3 ABI


    IDS: The Internet Service You Take For Granted - coming sooner or later to someplace that may or may not be near you.