Beyond - Legends Rubber gloves (Death challenge 2012 Cilghal, Tekli, Luke, Ben, Leia)

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    Title: Rubber gloves, death challenge Cilghal, Tekli, Luke, Ben, Leia
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: after last books FOTJ
    Characters: Cilghal, Tekli, Luke, Ben, Leia, Daala
    Genre: death challenge
    Summary: rubber gloves are nasty
    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to George Lucas.
    Your characters are Clighal, Tekli[/b] and any others characters you wish to add... They must all die by poisoning.

    Rubber gloves

    Innocent, the box stood there in innocent display on the counter leading to the elevator that was the sole entrance to the lower level of the Jeditemple where the medical facilities were located.
    The box was white with elegant lettering in aurebesh indicating what was inside. A slit on the side revealed the contents.
    They were cream coloured rubber medical gloves of the kind you saw in almost every hospital.

    Master Cilghal had ordered a 2-1B to get them and had placed them there after yet another attempt at poisoning the Jedi.
    No the new republic ? ruled by the Moffs ? didn?t really like the Jedi after the disastrous Darth Caedus and Abeloth episodes.

    The poisoned Jedi was Corran Horn and he had endured the treatment by Masters Cilghal and Tekli and had resumed his work; tracking down the culprit who had the dare to poison him during the reception at the Galactic Senate hall to celebrate the five years of unity between the Imperial remnant and the Alliance. Innocent looking food had him ? him only ? headed with Mirax and kids supporting him hurrying as fast as he could to the Jedi Temple. He was now with his family on the Errant Venture following a ? according to Master Kyp Durron ? wild Bantha chase. ?Corellians don?t like weird food? was what Kyp had told him before going to Ossus.

    Master Tekli had discovered the engineered bacteria in the food as coming from Tanaab. And Corran had started to reply ?Wes Janson?s idea of a prank? when Ben Skywalker and Leia Organa came down to the medical facilities with a kind of food-poisoning and they had gone to one of the popular restaurants before the reception started.

    Master Cilghal reached with her webbed fingers to the gloves. She had returned from the council room and had noticed the absent Master Skywalker and remembered. Corran, Ben and Leia weren?t the only ones.

    Master Skywalker had been complaining after a sumptuous meal offered to him by Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivian and he had told Cilghal that he was headed to the medical facilities.
    ?Get some tablets to quieten your stomach. Greasy Bantha steaks at your age tsk tsk,? was what Cilghal had told the complaining and stomach rubbing Jedi. And he had complied because using the Force for such a ridiculously human reaction after a truly delightful evening with the boys ? who often called him ?farmboy? ? was a no for the grand master of the Jedi. He sure knew that Mara ? had she been there ? would have him following her to the apartment and after some hot broth and some seducing action ? her way of getting him where she wanted him ? tucked in between the silken sheets of the large bed. And what followed would have any stomach cramps reduced to none in a short time leaving both tired but entirely content with the what and sleeping that off.

    Master Cilghal smiled at that thought, donned the gloves and exited the elevator at the required level. She felt the powdery substance. ?All medical gloves have powder inside. Even those blue ones that are used everywhere by the medics have but they are of that synthrubber that gives me rashes.?

    Slightly amused ? the powder gave her a tickling feeling ? she entered through the double doors leading to the treatment rooms and heard the usual humming of machines ? nothing different ? computers, mouse droids cleaning the floor and the? She swivelled her head this and that way. ?No sound of living beings??

    Slightly panicked ? she didn?t feel any Force presence ? she ran to the first treatment room belonging to her former apprentice ? now Master ? Tekli.

    Gloves ? a pair of the cream rubber gloves ? were side by side on the table where a familiar lightsaber was.

    ?Luke!? F
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    Evil evil Daala!

    But great response to the challenge.
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    Wait, just wait a minute. Did you kill off EVERYBODY! Or did I misread something? Oh you should be a profic author. That evil Daala!!!:_|
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    Hazel: thanks for reading. The idea came after one of the exercises with the firedept.

    Only the Jedi mentioned in the header. Corran is away but with Daala now having a weapon[face_skull]
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    ?Hazmat protocol three dash seven oh nine,? Cilghal whispered not certain if the unit picked that up when she slumped on the floor.

    A ripple went through her form and two cream rubber gloves remained.

    - - -

    Natasi Daala smiled. She had heard of the demise of the Jedi. She was eyeing the bone of the Darrin. It had been a museum piece in an obscure museum on Serenno. It would bring her the ultimate victory. She had now the weapon to destroy the Jedi.

    Wow, what a connection!
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    Darn you Daala!

    Interesting use of the way of death. I liked it.
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    Nice! I was thrilled to give you this challenge because you are quite the rarity on this end of the forums. Lol. And you blew me out of the water!

    I loved the concept of this piece and I was honestly fascinated to see what you would do with this...

    And I was excited too cause you write healers really well so I thought you would appreciate these particular deaths.

    Loved it and Bravo!
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