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Senate Russia: its impact on the world, and its future

Discussion in 'Community' started by Ghost, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017
    More: Exclusive: Russia appears to deliver more turbines to Crimea - Reuters witnesses | Reuters

  2. Emperor Ferus

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Putin's unique ideology was described on CNN as consisting of social conservatism and narionalism, and reminded me very much of Nazi Germany. I think Russia along with North Korea and Syrianis a fascist rather than a communist state for those reasons, though not much further to the right.
    From what I can tell, Putin seems to be blackmailing Trump, and has something on him. Perhaps he interfered with the election in order to secure his puppet. Trump seems to be more Russia friendly than Hillary probably would be.
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  3. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017
    Russia certainly hasn't been Communist for decades :D Putin is an ultra-nationalist capitalist cleptocrat, backed by Orthodox Christian religious zealotry...

    He is also mentally wacky, IMHO

    I mean, look at this: About three days ago, Putin was caught on video with an unknown woman in his car

    He was visiting the great Valaam Monastery at the time, met with Patriarch Kirill, paid respects to some holy relics there

    I guess he decided to drive up himself behind the wheel. He does that, sometimes.

    But now, everyone is curious, who the heck is that lady in the back seat???

    Dmitry Peskov, his press secretary when reporters asked him about this at a briefing in the Kremlin, said simply it must have been a member of Putin's security detail, and left it at that.

    Yeah, one problem with that, Mitya: nobody ever heard of a female agent at the FSO, Russia's Secret Service

    I suppose, in theory, it's not IMPOSSIBLE.

    After all, there are tens of thousands of women in the military now, including deadly snipers
    in police too, even in the anti riot units
    there is even a female firefighter, and I mean A female firefighter, only one known in the whole country, Anna Shpenova, in St. Petersburg

    So, yeah, there are plenty of women in traditionally male jobs like that, today.

    Not, however, in FSO, that anyone is aware of.

    There have never been female agents seen on any detail of any of the bigwigs, ever...

    And, the woman in the video certainly does not seem to be dressed like an agent. Suit or whatever. She seems to be carrying a purse, for example.

    Not to mention, Putin himself opening the door for HER. This is completely against Russian culture, if she were one of his underlings, FSO agent or any kind of aid or assistant. Boss does not open doors for his inferiors. Period. Not how a Russian boss acts. You open door for boss, not the other way around.

    And how she points her finger at him during their brief conversation... No regular woman would dare point at Putin that way lol

    No... This is a very, very special woman indeed, whoever she may be.

    He certainly acted towards her the way a Russian man would act to HIS woman, his wife or long term lover, at least.

    Open door, escort her from the car.

    In this case, seems he saw, or she saw and pointed out, hence the finger, that there is a camera
    and he quickly slammed the door back shut again, before more of her could be seen...

    My opinion? (And not only mine)

    A Kremlin wedding is indeed coming. The public is being prepped. And this was a DELIBERATE leak, as part of that.

    After all, if Putin didn't want this video out, all he had to really do, is order his FSO men to chase down the guy with the camera and make him delete the footage (and, probably, take him to some dungeon and kill him and make sure the body is never found...)

    In fact, if he and the FSO didn't want this filmed, the camera dude wouldn't have even been there in the first place. There would be a total security perimeter. And nobody would dare try to violate that. If FSO says "no cameras", there would be no cameras... Or else (dungeon, slit throat, body in the river; as I said).

    This was a little staged theater, yes sir... lol

    Putin is finally getting remarried... Heh... Wonder who will be the super lucky bride? Alina, I suppose?
    Or, someone else entirely...?

    Who knows...

    What a bloody nutcase though... Why keep your family life so damned secret, play these insane games with the people, that it takes an Oliver Stone interview for your subjects to learn you have ****ing grandchildren?
    Putin Reveals He Has Grandchildren in Oliver Stone's TV Special
    Vladimir Putin reveals he is a grandfather in controversial Oliver Stone documentary | The Independent

    I mean, who does that? You have to be mentally unbalanced to behave this way. Seriously...
  4. gezvader28

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    Mar 22, 2003
    Sergey - you certainly put a lot of effort into your posts !

    btw - how do they know it was a woman in the back ?
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  5. SergeyX2017

    SergeyX2017 Jedi Knight star 3

    Jan 14, 2017
    It looks like a woman, in a skirt and with a purse. To most of us, anyway. But, who knows lol

    Anyway, here is another great example of the endemic corruption in the Russian justice system.

    Elena Khakhaleva, a local judge (head of the district court) in Krasnodar, a big city in Southern Russia
    is the talk of the Russian-speaking blogosphere, after recently throwing her daughter Sophia a $2 million party for her wedding

    20,000,000 rubles (about $340,000) was spent on flowers alone.

    Galich Hall, the biggest, plushiest local banquet/concert venue, was rented out for the occasion

    Russian pop star Vera Brezhneva entertained the guests

    Other celebrities also appeared and mingled with the crowd, such as the famous singer Valeriy Meladze
    Keep in mind, because of widespread internet piracy, which makes it hard to make legitimate earnings from selling one's music and such; for most Russian celebs, aside from concerts for singers and roles for actors; private party appearances are their second, and for some - main source of income. They charge very, very handily for them. The bigger and more famous you are, the more you charge. And Meladze, for example, is very big indeed.

    Something else also, this particular judge is hated by many people in Krasnodar region, especially around Sochi, because, before the Olympics in 2014, she was the one who, responsible for that area back then, signed off on eviction orders that saw families thrown out by force from their homes, which were then demolished, to clear space for construction of the Olympic venues

    And, like most Russian judges, she is corrupt as hell.

    There are also crooked cops and judges in the West, I know, stuff happens everywhere.

    But, at least here, they have to hide it, live in fear of consequences.

    In Russia, there pretty much are NO consequences anymore, as long as you share your profits with your superiors and don't cross anyone more powerful than you. You can openly FLAUNT your ill gotten wealth like this... And most people don't even bother protesting this. They are used to it all now. Those who do speak out, are called traitors and such, accused of being paid by America to start trouble, and whatnot... And I mean, by fellow citizens, not just the government propaganda...
  6. gezvader28

    gezvader28 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 22, 2003
    I know I shouldn't say it , but it sounds great ! I mean it just seems like it was written to be the new big tv drama :
    Political families
    Pop Princesses

    is it because they had such austere lives throughout most of the 20th century and now they're kinda going Babylonian / decadent crazy ? with all the new money coming in ?
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  7. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017
    It started in the 90s. Indeed, all this new stuff began coming in, after Communism went away. Foreign technology, appliances, electronics. Sony TVs were sold right out the back of trucks in Moscow, you have no idea. My dad got us one. For months after, I remember they would have friends over for parties and such, and everyone would gape at that thing. A Sony. A real bloody Sony. That was huge back then. You are absolutely right, people long used to constant shortages or even outright lack of many things back in Soviet Union became crazed from the sudden new abundance...

    With privatization and such, a new class of rich people emerged, who had grabbed up factories or mines or whatever. "New Russians", they were called, "Novye Russkie".

    The greediest, sleeziest, nastiest people made their way to the top back then. My own parents got kinda wealthy, because they had some connections in the government. But not at that New Russian level. You had to have powerful friends not just in government, but in the mafia too, people to protect you. Because it was often very violent back then, people were routinely killed over business. Still are, actually. In many regions farther from Moscow, they are still living in the 90s there...

    I remember one episode, when some business rival was threatening my parents. They were into delivery of various items, mostly - purchased items from stores. He told them not to deliver to certain neighborhoods. They told him to go to hell. He had his gangster friends beat up one of their couriers. Put the guy in a coma, bastards... Well, did my parents call the police? No. Mom called a friend of hers, Uncle Nikolai, very close friend of our family. He was a big businessman from Solntsevo, a rough, tough Moscow suburb, also the home of Russia's most powerful mafia group, the Solntsevskaya Bratva, which, today, have about 5,000 men on the streets of Solntsevo alone (!); and majority of Russian mafia gangs outside the former USSR, in Europe and USA, claim affiliation with them too. Very scary people

    Well, long story short, mom complained to Uncle Nikolai, who, I guess, talked to his friends in Solntsevo. And that other guy's mafia buddies must have then got a call from there that, you go after so and so (my parents) again, we'll cut you all into pieces and feed you to the wolves. And that was that :D Nobody bothered them again, ever...

    The criminals, the thugs took over back then, and continue their hold...

    And then, of course, there are the religious nutcases, the Orthodox Church. A mafia all of their own, squashing any especially foreign rivals and competors without mercy. Today, their chosen target are the Jehovah's Witnesses:

    Russia Jehovah's Witnesses banned after they lose appeal - BBC News

    Also: Jehovah's Witnesses Ban Appeal Rejected by Russia's Supreme Court, Allowing Government to Seize Worship Halls

    About 5 days ago, in Surazh, Bryansk region, police arrested a woman from "Near Abroad" (that is - from another neighboring ex-Soviet republic, likely either Belarus or Ukraine, both of them border this region) for pestering and bothering locals, by going around knocking on people's doors and, allegedly, trying to convince them to join the JWs. She will have to pay a fine of 40,000 rubles (about $680): ?*??????? ????????? ??????????? ??????????? «?????????? ??????»

    Then, there is this recent story from Crimea: Jehovah's Witness in Crimea 'ordered to renounce faith to be drafted into Russian army' | The Independent

    And I have not found any updates about this fellow so far: JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES IN RUSSIA: DANISH CITIZEN FACES UP TO 10 YEARS IN PRISON AFTER BIBLE READING

    I've read also of an arson of a JW building in the Urals somewhere. Bloody nationalist vigilantes getting involved too, awesome...

    Mormon missionaries are also having to adapt, they cannot even call themselves "missionaries" anymore, they are "volunteers" now, at best, the American ones especially keeping their heads down: Mormonism's Russia dilemma: How to grow a fledgling faith with missionaries who can't do missionary work. | The Salt Lake Tribune

    I do believe the ultimate goal is to squeeze these American denominations out of Russia entirely...

    The Orthodox Church detests all Western Christianity, consider Baptists and Catholics heathens and heretics; let alone these ones... lol
  8. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017

    Navalny Clashes With Ex-Commander Of Russia-Backed Separatists

    It was interesting to watch them testily argue over which one of them is the bigger, real Russian nationalist.

    Western media, today, likes to present Navalny as this progressive, liberal anti-Putin.

    But Russia and Russian politics are very different from the West. Even the majority of actual liberals in Russia, for example, would never endorse something like gay marriage. Plenty of Russian liberals, including Navalny, spout xenophobic and racist crap about ethnic minorities, especially migrants from Central Asia and Caucasus, accusing them of high crime rates, that they are all drug dealers, and all kinds of other bs...

    You can't get away from the fact that Navalny had, for years, regularly attended the ultranationalist, white supremacist, neo Nazi annual "Russian March" in Moscow, walked under the black, yellow, and white Royal Tricolor of the Romanov Dynasty, which is the flag of the far right in Russia today

    He was close to Dmitry Demushkin back then
    among others.

    He later distanced himself from the nationalists, after moving closer with the pro-Western liberals.

    But, yesterday, at the debate, he did attempt to, subtly, throw his old nationalist cred at Strelkov, after the latter questioned his nationalism and patriotism. I stood up to defend the Russian people way back then, said Navalny, and what did you do?

    Strelkov put him down, reminding him that he had fought in Chechnya back in the 90s
    and before that - in Transnistria
    And also Yugoslavia and other places. While Navalny was busy goofing off in college ;)

    "I defended the Russian people and their interests, and not only with my mouth." ("Unlike you", he left unsaid lol)

    He also asked why Navalny hadn't spoken out in support of Demushkin, when he was recently jailed for two years by the government
    and of other nationalist leaders Putin has thrown behind bars, such as Alexander Belov-Potkin

    Navalny responded that he, in fact, constantly voices support for ALL political prisoners, nationalists and anyone else, and freeing those people is one of the reasons he is fighting for the Presidency.

    In fact, he did, certainly, rail against one of his own supporters (who happens to be a nationalist) being sentenced to 2.5 years couple days ago, after participating in the March protests: Navalny Protester Sentenced to 2.5 Years in Prison

    Strelkov, meanwhile, really showed himself as an extremist, a fanatic, who dreams of uniting "all the Russian people", meaning, in his grand vision, Russia would have to invade and annex all of Belarus, half of Ukraine, as well as the Northern provinces of Kazakhstan, which also have overwhelmingly ethnic Russian populations... If it were up to him, Strelkov would ignote a huge cataclysmic war...

    And he tried to, in Ukraine where he made himself the commander of all the rebel militias

    But the Russian government betrayed him, he says. He sees the current leaders of DNR and LNR as nothing more than some local criminals and thugs. He is not wrong, Igor Plotnitsky, head of LNR today, certainly is known to have substantial ties in the mafia in both Ukraine and Russia lol

    He also swears he did not post any online messages celebrating, or even announcing the shootdown of MH-17. Says he has never in his life used Twitter or any other social networks :D

    Nobody can really understand the point of this whole debate...

    I mean, Navalny is trying to press the government to allow him to run in the Presidential Election next year. Great. He is a potential candidate.

    So... Why debate Strelkov, who is not a candidate in anything???

    For Strelkov himself, the reasons are easy enough to see.

    He is doing okay, back in Russia. Trying to start a new life.

    Even got married, couple years ago, to some girl from Rostov, for 3rd time in his life

    Last thing he wants (and something the government is probably indeed considering), is to be scapegoated for the MH-17 thing. If that investigation goes far enough, it may become convenient for Putin to just say Strelkov had the missiles and ordered the strike on the plane and he, alone, is responsible. And then arrest him and hand him off to the Dutch or the Australians or the ****ing Malaysians, whoever wants him the most.

    To prevent this, Strelkov needs to maintain as high a profile of himself as he possibly can. Keep his face on TV and in the papers and keep people talking about him. Make it more difficult, politically, for the Kremlin to just disown and disavow him ;)

    It has been working so far lol

    But, the question is, what is in this for Navalny??? Trying to attract the nationalist vote, admittedly a BIG block in Russia? But, not all nationalists like Strelkov, many, in fact, do NOT. Some (who support Putin and the separatist republics in Ukraine) see him as a coward who ran away from the fight over there, deserted his comrades. Others, mainly the Pan-Slavists, who support Ukraine as a brother nation, see him as a fratricidal war criminal...

    So... I don't see how associating with Strelkov would help Navalny attract that much nationalist support either...

    Just, weird, that he would do this, now...


    Siemens Cuts Ties With Russian State Companies Over Crimea Breach

    Again, 2018 Presidential Election coming up. For Putin - more important to fulfil all the promises he made to the people in Crimea; than any commitments with Siemens...

    Also, an interesting article about the pizza business in Russia: Global pizza brands battle for Russia's far-flung regions
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    Jan 14, 2017
    Russia deploys military police at 'safe zone' in Syria | CTV News

    Israeli media also notes that the Russians have set up a post near the Golan Heights too, with Israel informed about it in advance: Russian military police deploy close to Israel's Golan Heights to monitor safe zones - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post

    And here, today, some Syrians, allegedly rebels, surrender themselves to Russian troops with MP sleeve identification in northern Hama area, who, apparently, run this joint checkpoint with Assad's army
    Pictures: More rebels surrender to Syrian Army in north Hama

    Also, a Russian news broadcast earlier today shows MP troops at what the lady says are safe zone checkpoints together with Syrian army

    While the checkpoints are "joint", it is implied quite plainly that the Russians are the ones in charge, the Syrian troops - subordinate to them.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Trump's shutting off the CIA support to the rebels. A deal: Russia steps up to secure Syria (and they, instead of the US, get to shoulder all the costs of that), and the US stop supporting forces opposed to them there.

    Syria is an even bigger and more complex mess than Iraq. I can totally understand Trump wanting someone else to sort it out lol
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    Jan 14, 2017
    Respects to all Navy vets of any country today, it Navy Day in Russia.

    Big parade in St. Petersburg, full video

    Large anti-submarine destroyer "Vice-Admiral Kulakov"

    My uncle served on this ship, years ago...

    Massive nuclear-powered battle-cruiser "Peter the Great", largest and mightiest warship on Earth, aside from aircraft carriers, the flagship of the Russian Navy (yes, NOT the carrier Kuznetsov; Russians actually don't have the respect for carriers, the way Americans do)

    And huge nuclear sub "Dmitry Donskoi" (last of the Soviet Typhoons, remember Red October?)

    Also, two Chinese warships, including the destroyer Hefei, visited St. Petersburg today and took part in the parade, they are in the big video, right before "Peter the Great". The Chinese ships had been out in the Baltic earlier, in joint drills with the Russian Navy, for first time ever.
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    Jan 14, 2017

    TASS: Society & Culture - Renowned American rocker Marilyn Manson to stage concert in Moscow

    Manson had some great adventures in Russia back in 2014.

    Lots of Orthodox believers didn't want this "satanic sodomite" to come "corrupt our children", as the ladies' sign says

    There were such protests all over the place.

    In Novosibirsk, however, the "protest" consisted of a large group of young tough guys, apparently Orthodox nationalists, who came and blocked the entrance to the venue
    After some Manson fans attempted to push past the Orthodox hoodlums, and fights broke out, the authorities placated the Orthodox and shut it all down, for everyone's safety.

    At least the Mayor Anatoly Lokot
    spoke out against them. I commend him for that. Takes balls in Russia these days, to openly say something against the Church, even if he couldn't do anything about it anyway... Lokot, of course, is a Communist, loyal member of the Party, as that red flag on his desk attests. Life long Communist, in fact, was in the Communist youth groups as a teen, back in the USSR... He is an atheist and hates the Church, like most Commies, though is powerless against them, as things stand.

    In Moscow, meanwhile, someone (likely other outraged Orthodox) phoned in a bomb threat to disrupt the big concert there.

    Later, Orthodox "activists" chased Manson and his musicians from the concert venue, here is Manson running
    to their bus
    Obscenities and raw eggs were hurled at them the whole time.

    Leading those ones was Dmitry Enteo, a notorious Orthodox radical
    Enteo and his goons have violently disrupted gay rights demonstrations; forcibly took over the stage at a theater play they felt insulted the Orthodox Christian faith (beating up an actor who confronted them), stormed and trashed abortion clinics on several occasions, and ran amoc in a museum which also dared put up an exhibition that offended the Church, vandalizing and destroying numerous exhibits. Oh, and they also physically attacked people at a Pastafarian protest march. Among other things. Nice guys, in short lol

    Gonna be very interesting to see what happens now. There is even more of a nationalistic and anti-Western climate in Russia these days... Manson is kind of foolish for going back there, honestly...
  12. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017

    Dmitry Peskov is Vladimir Putin's press secretary

    He is known for his affinity for very expensive watches, which he collects like some folks collect postal stamps or something

    Also, back in 2015, he and his new wife, the gorgeous figure skater Tatyana Navka, purchased a mansion at Rublyovka, the most elite suburb of Moscow, their Beverly Hills or whatever, for about $7,800,000
    So, yeah, being Putin's spokesman pays a heck of a lot better than Spicer or Scaramucci's job lol

    His mustache has its own Twitter account, which often mocks the government lol
    "Sandy" is what his name translates from Russian, btw.

    Back in 2014, I am not sure it was a joke or something, but Peskov, on his own, real Twitter page, issued an actual denial of this
    "My mustache does not, in fact, have own Twitter. Please pass around this information." :D Guy does have a sense of humor... Though, I heard that if they don;t find a way to shut down that page soon enough, Putin may even order him to shave that thing off, he is getting damn tired of the insolence hehe

    Anyway, Peskov's most prized possession, however, more dear to him that his watches, mansion, the new trophy wife, or even his 'stache; is his oldest daughter from previous marriage, Elizaveta, now 19

    Liza Peskova first stepped out into (and completely dazzled) Moscow's high society at 17, at the 2015 debutante ball, where she was, by far, the most desired young lady

    At the ball, she met Yuri Mesheryakov, son of a billionaire, one of Putin's oligarchs

    They are now engaged to be married soon, and it will be, it is said, perhaps the grandest wedding in modern Russia
    (and that's saying a lot, in a country where a simple corrupt local judge can throw a $2 million wedding for her daughter, see previous post in this thread lol)

    I think those two are lucky. They, at least, seem really, genuinely heads-over-heels in love, and very happy with one another. These debutante balls don't always work out that way. These young people from rich and powerful families get paired up, thrown together, and nobody gives a damn about who YOU are, its all about who your parents are. You could end up coupled with and engaged to someone you can't stand, someone who, say, sweats all the time, and stinks, and has awful breath too, and you can;t bloody stand them; but have to marry them, because that is what your parents want, because it provides some financial or political advantage to the family... Lots of nasty, loveless marriages come out of these things... Normal kids from regular, poor Russian families are more free this way, they can date and sleep around with whoever they please, at least lol

    Anyway, back to Liza. The girl seems to be being groomed for much bigger things than just marriage. She is already getting involved in national politics.

    She has used her social media to criticize some aspects of Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin's plans to renovate the city's downtown core
    Interestingly, Sobyanin heeded her advice (mainly about widening sidewalks in some areas). Some say, that was actually the Kremlin itself subtly voicing its wishes to Sobyanin, through Liza and her online posts lol

    She is also engaging in an online war of words with the ultraconservative St. Petersburg politician Vitaly Milonov (the author of the gay propaganda laws, among other things), over his ongoing proposal to restrict internet access for children under 14, which Liza thinks is insane and has openly said as much, online and on TV.

    And, recently, she visited Chechnya, danced with Ramzan Kadyrov at his palace
    and was given a tour of their grand mosque
    (not a word about the extrajudicial executions and such, and the anti-gay purges going on over there, of course lol)

    And right now, today, she is in Crimea, with a whole delegation of Russian businessmen, on a mission, supposedly to identify industries and fields for economic development.

    Earlier today, visiting that shipbuilding factory to "improve their communications with the government", believe it or not

    I'd like to see Ivanka Trump stroll around a filthy shipyard in a beautiful long dress (designed by Kadyrov's daughter, btw), and come back out flawless, not a stain on her. Now THAT takes skills! lol

    Later, she went riding around on the sea on a nice boat

    She used to go to France a lot: her mom, Peskov's previous wife, is married now to some rich French guy. Liza would keep on jetting between Moscow and Paris all the time, I believe she even studied there, in France, for a bit.

    But she is all patriotic now, and seems to be staying in Russia for good.

    She has lots of fans. Yes, some people despise her, like all the elites. But she is too damn hot for many not to love her

    Many guys "follow" her Instagram for the bikini pics alone

    I believe she is now an important part of the Kremlin's outreach to youth. She may be an overprivileged, entitled rich brat; but she is also young, social media savvy, and, again, has great sex appeal to attract the kids with, if not much else lol They follow her on Instagram and Twitter and such, and she pushes propaganda on them between the lines and the photos... Ingenious, really, in an evil, twisted way...
  13. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017
    Russian deputy minister blacklisted in new EU sanctions over Siemens turbines to Crimea

    Many regular Russians are thrilled about this, based on online comments. People had wanted the rich bastards, the "elites", banned from owning properties and assets and travelling abroad altogether for many years. Now, it's finally happening lol
  14. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017

    Ukraine Takes Legal Action Against German Band Over Crimea Concert

    Ukraine should really stop embarrassing themselves... Nobody cares about their prosecutors. Try acting with dignity, for once...
  15. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017
    Most of what I write about Russia here tends to be negative.

    Here, for a change, are a few good things happening there today and recently:

    Russian Court Overturns Order to Deport Gay Journalist to Uzbekistan

    Nurmatov was born in Russia, btw. Had his mother, at least, been ethnic Russian (regardless if a Russian citizen herself), he'd have received citizenship by birth, automatically. In fact, any child born to a Russian woman anywhere in the world is entitled automatically to Russian citizenship.

    Here is a family of a Syrian father and Russian mother, who were evacuated to Moscow by the Russian Emergencies Ministry, allowed in because mom is Russian, and the boys are also considered such by extension
    Dozens of such families have been repatriated from Syria, Yemen, Palestine...

    But, in this case, both his parents are Uzbeks, so, he was born and remained a citizen of Uzbekistan. And a gay on top of that. Twice undesirable, in the eyes of most Russian nationalists...

    But, at least he is not gonna be deported. For now.

    And, a well known leftwing opposition leader has been released from prison:

    Udaltsov Walks Free After More Than 4 Years of Jail for Anti-Kremlin Protests

    Udaltsov led the Left Front, a radical, dissident alternative to the mainstream Communist Party

    In 2012, after being one of the main leaders of the huge protests against Putin's return to the Presidency, he was arrested at home by masked FSB agents
    He was accused of extremism, plotting a coup to overthrow the government and seize power for himself. Spent the years since then at a prison camp in Siberia.

    Now, they let him out. His movement is pretty much dead now. With his criminal record, he can't participate in any election. He is no longer a threat, basically. A crushed, broken man, even if he hasn't completely given up (we'll see what he has to say at that conference, if it happens...)

    This is another way Putin neutralizes opponents, other than simply killing them outright...

    But, at least he is free, finally :)

    And, Pussy Riot are back!

    Members of the band were detained in Siberia during the weekend, protesting the imprisonment on trumped up "terrorism" charges of a Ukrainian man from Crimea who is locked up for, basically, refusing to accept Russian rule
    Pussy Riot political protest duo detained in Siberia

    Also, Russia and Canada had a good old hockey brawl, and in Sochi, no less :D

    Video: Line brawl breaks out between Canada and Russia at Sochi Hockey Open - ProHockeyTalk

    And that's the secondary Russian team too, I understand. No big names. I am sure Ovechkin, for one, wishes he was there, dude lives for this kind of thing lol

    Man, I had no idea there are so many international hockey tournaments these days... Two in Russia alone. Jesus... How the hell did they pick out players 40 years ago, I wonder???

    Putin was in Abkhazia today, meeting with their President Raul Khadjimba

    Putin vows continued Russian support for Georgia's rebel Abkhazia

    Russia is definitely expanding its control over Abkhazia.

    All Russian citizens in Abkhazia (which is most of the population, today, pretty much every Abkhazian has a Russian passport now) will, from now on, have access to Russian health insurance:

    NATO criticizes Putin visit to disputed Georgia territory - POLITICO

    Russian health ministry has already announced it is opening offices in Abkhazia where people can come apply for and receive their insurance documents

    The customs and border enforcement arrangements will also change, if not disappear altogether, I am hearing. Basically, Abkhazia is indeed being further integrated (or annexed, if you will lol) into Russia, today.

    Meanwhile, some interesting stuff about Russian Twitter bots:

    More: Russian Twitter bots troll Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan

    Meanwhile, a "super-fan" whom Trump personally Tweeted thanks to on Saturday, might, in fact, also be a Russian bot: The curious case of ‘Nicole Mincey,’ the Trump fan who may actually be a bot


    And, finally, a supermarket employee attacks 10 year old boy in the suburbs of Moscow today, supposedly because he was on his skateboard inside the store

    Kept coming after him, until other, grown up customers intervened and dragged her away from the kid...

    Most people online support the kid. So did the store management: the woman has been fired; and they gave the boy a new skateboard (I guess she broke his one in the confrontation...) and a big bag of candy, as compensation for it all; though his parents reportedly are still threatening to sue them...

    Some, though, think the boy may have provoked the employee, by riding around the store on his board and generally being disrespectful, as too many Russian youth sadly are, these days...

    Who knows...

    This Russian supermarket chain, Pyatyorochka, has a bad reputation in general, especially in and around Moscow (they have stores all over the country). There have been violent incidents with their security guards.

    This young man
    had his spinal cord damaged earlier this year by a Pyatyorochka plainclothes undercover security guard putting him into an arm bar/choke-hold, after accusing him of shoplifting

    Last year, a Pyatyorochka guard in St. Petersburg was accused of shoving this old babushka to the ground outside a store last year
    It actually sparked a wider violent disturbance, as other men, passers by, in turn attacked the guard and another guard came to his colleague's defense and a big fight erupted. One of the guards was stabbed in the melee, as I recall. Police ended up arresting a bunch of people, in the end, on both sides. Russians actually do not appreciate mistreatment and physical abuse of elderly citizens, funnily enough... Go figure lol

    Also last year, this man says four security guards at a Moscow Pyatyorochka attacked him and beat him bloody after he forgot to pay for a bottle of juice and carried it outside the store

    And in 2015, this boy was apparently hit with a Taser/stun stick by a Pyatyorochka security guard whop accused him of stealing ice cream
    The man was arrested. The case sparked accusations of racism from the Roma/Gypsy community, of whom boy is from, because they are sadly often stereotyped as thieves, although most are perfectly good people...

    Basically, something needs to be done about that whole damn chain IMHO

    That's all for Russia news for today. Enjoy :)
  16. SergeyX2017

    SergeyX2017 Jedi Knight star 3

    Jan 14, 2017
    Two stories I read this weak:

    1.) This old man, Alexander Ditter, 67, was never rich to begin with. He is a military vet, living off his army pension and whatever he can earn doing odd jobs; he is raising his granddaughter, Katya, 7, on his own, since his son is in prison and her mom, his daughter in law, died in childbirth. And then, crooked local officials there, in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, went and demolished his house, because an equally crooked, greedy developer paid them off to make space for his project.

    So, now, they live in an abandoned old bus, in the middle of a God damned dump site!

    2.) This one shocked me:

    'I'm dying soon of AIDS: please be parents to my 5 year old son'

    HIV is at epidemic levels there: On the front lines of Russia's 'staggering' HIV epidemic -

    People with HIV are discriminated against. In 2014, for example, they were banned from adopting children: Russia: HIV-Infected Individuals Cannot Adopt Children | Global Legal Monitor

    And there is discrimination in employment too: Rights groups and labor unions oppose Russian government's plan to require HIV and hepatitis testing for new pilots and aviation staff

    It all just makes me so angry... This is what Putin calls a "great world power"? Really?
  17. Alpha-Red

    Alpha-Red Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 25, 2004
    Well Trump seems to think he's making America great. Hitler thought he was making Germany great. So you're not alone.
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    SergeyX2017 Jedi Knight star 3

    Jan 14, 2017
    New push to ban abortion, led, of course, by the Orthodox Church

    Russian anti-abortion group fights and prays for ban | Europe | DW | 23.08.2017

    Mrs. Erofeeva, in my opinion, is unwise to underestimate these people.

    The fact is that, they not only have been engaged in their campaign for awhile now, and are committed to it and have thoroughly planned it all out. But they have, actually, SUCCEEDED already, on a small scale, in Abkhazia.

    Abkhazia officially banned abortion in April last year, it was even amended into the Republic's Constitution: THE ABKHAZIAN CONSTITUTION NOW OFFICIALLY BANS ABORTIONS

    It is a well known fact in Abkhazia (where there are many devout Orthodox believers), that groups tied to the Russian Church, including the one mentioned in the DW article above, helped push that through.

    The regional parliament of Chechnya began, at that time, also proceedings to ban abortion in their republic:

    Russian Orthodox Church Anti-Abortion Movement Extends Its Grip to Chechnya and Abkhazia

    I believe it was passed, with Ramzan Kadyrov's personal support, and abortions are indeed outlawed in Chechnya now.

    Just recently, in July, another North Caucasian Republic neighboring Chechnya, Dagestan, had demonstrations where people demanded a ban on abortion, organized by the region's own health ministry: Protesters demand abortion ban in Daghestan

    What this shows me is that the Orthodox activists are working with likeminded people among the Muslims, to get rid of abortion countrywide, in both Orthodox/Slavic and Muslim regions.

    The national Muslim spiritual leadership has repeatedly vowed to support the Orthodox Church in this struggle of theirs
    Interestingly enough, both Buddhist and Jewish leaders have chosen to simply distance themselves from all this, for now lol

    Yaroslavl region temporarily banned abortions for a day, on January 11th this year, on the initiative of the Church, "in memory of the slaughtered babies of Bethlehem":

    First ever such event. But will be an annual event now.

    While in Novgorod oblast, every April there is a "week without abortions" for six years now:

    Gradually, they will push, region by region. Same strategy as how they got the countrywide anti gay laws passed already.

    There will be resistance though. Abkhazia is a tiny place with 250,000 people, majority of them rural, with women unused to speaking out against their husbands, let alone their society.

    Russia, for all of its own misogynistic crap, has plenty of fierce feminists and such ready to fight this, as they rose to fight previous anti-abortion initiatives
    When men start getting pregnant, abortion will become an indisputable right :D That's what her poster says ;)

    They won;t take this thing laying down either, I am certain lol

    We shall see what happens. It will be a hell of a fight, that's for sure.
  19. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017
    More: Jehovah's Witnesses are banned in Russia. That doesn't stop them from worshipping.

    Crazy... Imagine, living like this, skulking around meeting in secret, like fugitives or, indeed, spies, constantly working to evade attention and suspicion... just to worship God the way you want...

    Their version of the Bible was indeed just banned: Russia Bans Jehovah's Witnesses' Translation Of Bible

    Majority of Russians support the crackdown on the JWs: Poll Shows Majority Of Russians Support Ban On Jehovah's Witnesses

    There has already been vigilante violence, some JW members even had their home set on fire by arsonists: Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia Have House Burned Down, Worship Halls Liquidated While Preparing Ban Appeal

    Some JWs have already left the country because of this...

    Ironically, in June, Putin bestowed the Family Glory medal, an annual award for parents with many children, on a JW family, perhaps unaware who they are:

    'Extremists' In The Kremlin: Jehovah's Witnesses Honored By Putin As 'Model Family'


    A Danish citizen was arrested in an FSB raud on a JW congregation in Oryol in May: FSB Agents Raid Jehovah's Witnesses Service In Central Russia; Danish Man Arrested

    A court ordered his continued detention in late July: Oryol Court Extends Imprisonment of Dennis Christensen

    As far as I am aware, he is still being held. His wife, a Russian citizen, continues fighting for his release...

    Also, a prominent Russian musician and member of the JW faith has defected to exile in the US over this: Prominent Russian Punk Rocker Defects To U.S. Over Jehovah's Witnesses Ban
  20. heels1785

    heels1785 JCC/PT/New Films Manager star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 10, 2003
    Russian ambassador to Sudan found dead this morning in a his swimming pool, symptoms of a heart attack - fourth Russian diplomat to perish in 9 months - UN, India, and a senior diplomat in Greece previously died. Not including the Ambassador to Turkey who was murdered.

    Currently doesn't look like anything more than older/unhealthy men passing away from heart attacks and illness. Sergey, any suspicion that it is something else?
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  21. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017
    Not as far as I am aware.

    Ambassador to Sudan is fourth Russian diplomat to die since January

    God knows a heart attack is easily "arranged", these days, by FSB or SVR or GRU; or any opposing secret agencies, CIA or whoever, if they were striking out at Russia that way. But... This guy was in bloody Sudan. Not a terribly important posting, in geopolitical terms lol
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    Jan 14, 2017
    Russia and Ukraine’s battle over Crimean heritage heats up

    I wish they would not put politics over history, all the sides there. Chersonese is a wonderful ancient site that needs to be preserved.

    Unfortunately, UNESCO is indeed bowing to the West and thus neglecting it, right now.

    And the new Russian authorities in Crimea, in turn, are also bowing, to the Russian Orthodox Church, handing the control of the site over to them.

    It is a holy place for the Orthodox too, as the article says, that is Vladimir I, the first Orthodox ruler of ancient Kievan Rus (ancestor state of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus) was baptized by the Greeks to Orthodox Christianity, 1000 years ago, and he later brought all of Rus to Christianity, which is why St. Vladimir Cathedral was later built there, near the ruins
    It is a huge pilgrimage site.

    Russia and Ukraine are now haggling over Vladimir and his legacy, with each asserting he belongs to them. A monument to Vladimir has stood in Kiev since the 19th century, I believe.

    Last year, Putin had one built in Moscow, near the Kremlin, designed specifically to be bigger and more imposing than Kiev's lol
    Many Putinist patriots even play on the name, one now sees at their demonstrations some praising holy Orthodox Russia, "From Vladimir to Vladimir" :D

    Now, many historians and archaeologists worry that the Chuch, in an effort to bring and accommodate more pilgrims to St. Vladimir's, will not protect the ancient ruins, and the pilgrims will trample all over them, causing irreparable damage. Putin's remarks about turning the place into an Orthodox Mecca are only adding to the anxiety, as you can imagine...
  23. SergeyX2017

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    Jan 14, 2017
    Alex and Tim Vavilov

    Much more: The Russian spies who raised us

    Also: Why the Vavilov children - the sons of Russian spies - qualify as Canadian

    According to the first article, the spy couple have been well rewarded for their long undercover career, with lucrative, well paid jobs at Russia's biggest corporations:

    Can't imagine what it must have been like for the two young lads, their entire lives turned upside down:

    Now, according to the article, one is working in Asia, other - studying at a university in Europe.

    And, I must ask, who is paying for that? His parents, with SVR's money? Or even the agency itself?

    The boys claim to be fully Canadian at heart:

    Yet at least one was apparently aware of who his parents really were and, moreover, himself was initiated into the SVR and expressed loyalty to Russia:

    I am not sure about this one... On one side, I agree that children should not be forced to answer and pay for the sins (and crimes) of their parents.

    On other side... This is the KGB (and its modern offspring SVR and FSB) we are talking about. There is no such thing as a "former" KGB agent.

    The people who worked in that organization (and this continues today in both SVR and FSB) have always been, first of all, deliberately picked for exceptional "ideological reliability", that is - loyalty back then to KGB, Communist Party, and USSR; today - FSB/SVR, Putin, and Russian Federation. You join the agency as a young man or woman, and then it runs your whole life. And I ain't joking about that.

    The agency, I have read, even arranges your marriage for you!

    When you want to get married, you make an application to a special department, and it finds and presents you a list of candidates for husband or wife, all fellow agents who had made similar applications, of equal ideological reliability, who it feels are suitable for you.

    You, at least, get to choose the one you want to meet in person lol

    The agency ensures total loyalty of their employees through this total control of them.

    And the agents chosen for the long term undercover assignments in America and elsewhere in the West, the 'illegals' and 'sleepers', are exceptionally loyal and ideologically reliable, put through all kinds of covert tests to ensure this.

    Their patriotism and loyalty to the agency has to, in many ways, border on the fanatical, to make them resistant to all the pleasures of Western life, which could otherwise erode their loyalty and turn them against the Motherland...

    Even if they had to pretend to be good Canadians the whole time, at least in public, God knows how such people raised those boys, what went on in their home?
    What if those kids are, in fact, brainwashed Putinists? What if they've been secretly taught to hate the West, at home, for years? And are themselves now training to follow in their parents' footsteps? SVR, like the old KGB, is also a dynastic organization: many agents, if not most, inherited their status from parents and grandparents and great-grandparents...

    It is impossible to know. That's the problem...

    Gonna be very interesting to see how this case develops...