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    Title: Doesn't have one
    Disclaimer: I don't own Sabe or Obi Wan and the idea of S/O Scenes belong to Dessi
    Summery:eek:bi and Sabe break up
    Rating: G
    Sabé pressed her palm to her forehead, she was so tired, all she wanted to do was sleep. She had tried to make Obi Wan go away but he had this annoying habit of clinging onto something that obviously wasn't there.
    "Don't push me away." Obi Wan pressed Sabé tried not to sigh.
    "I have nothing left to say." That was a lie she had many things she wanted to share with her Knight. Things she should be able to say but the Universe was so cold that it was denying her them. She expected Obi Wan to walk away then but he didn't.
    "Well I have."
    Sabé turned her head away as Obi Wan sat next to her, trying to get her to look at him. "We can't be together," Sabé said, her tone of someone who had repeated this so often it was a matter of course. "It was a stupid dream. It's time to wake up." Sabé didn't need Jedi training to feel the exasperation and hurt radiating from the Jedi.
    "So that's it? We reach the first hurdle and you just give up?" There was no hiding the exasperation and anger in his normally gentle voice. Sabé returned that anger.
    "The universe doesn't want us together!" she yelled Obi Wan barely noticed her anger.
    "Screw the universe, this is about us, whether you want to admit it or not!"
    Sabé stared fiercely at Obi Wan and she could almost see the two strong wills going against each other. "There's nothing left to hold onto," Sabé said her voice raising again, losing her ability to be calm very fast she couldn't believe that Obi Wan was pressing this, it was against his code and his order and....Sabé turned away again and she didn't move as Obi Wan gently cupped her chin, the touch so gentle and slight, she could barely feel the soft fingers on her chin, but still the grip held her like nothing had before. When Obi Wan spoke it was soft and almost broken by unshed tears.
    "Then tell me you don't love me."
    Sabé didn't turn to face him and Obi Wan got to his feet and walked away, Sabé's breath hitched, her mind whirling she swivelled in her seat ready to call her Knight back but it was too late, Padmé stood by the doors, a concerned and saddened look on her face, Sabé could barely stand the sympathy and sorrow on her best friends face so she turned away.

    I have also done a version where Sabe breaks the relationship off, same dialogue but Sabe says it. I don't know whether to make a short story out of it.
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