Saber Idol 2008

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    Saber Idol is a "Saber" Contest designed around the format of popular American TV shows. Saber Idol will be an entertaining event for the entire family that is designed for the master Saberman/woman to show off his or her skills and talents. The Competition is to be entered by individuals that have a set of pre-choreographed "saber" demonstrations that highlight one's finesse without fighting. Demonstrations will be set to musical themes chosen by the contestants themselves. This controlled and civilized Demonstration will not only show the skill of the Saberman/woman, but their discipline, grace and their flare for the dynamic and dramatic! The Competition will be broken down into three (3) rounds with Convention attendees choosing the Idol after live voting. Three Saber Idol Judges will determine the initial eight contestants culled from videos submitted on YouTube and via mail.
    The Judges are as follows:

    Tanthos Jorlac- Founder of The Jedi Assembly, International Costuming Group. Force Battle Extreme Contestant: Master Replicas Combat Trials-Hollywood, CA 2007.

    Jade Starlighter- Fan Judge. Member of The Jedi Assembly costuming group.

    Simon Drego- SaberMaster extraordinaire. Swordsmaster to Master Replicas Freestyle Champion Qui-Kel Jinn

    Saber Idol will be hosted by: Qui-Kel Jinn- Force FX Freestyle Champion at Master Replicas Combat Trials in Hollywood, CA May 2007.

    For Official Rules, general info and included prizes see or
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