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Discussion in 'Greenville, NC' started by Dal--Intrepid, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Hey all - this is just a heads up for a FanForce wide game going on over in the Fan Force Community. There's nothing particularly difficult about it. They're just trying to pick up traffic over on the FFC boards. If you choose to play, it'll be against members of Fan Forces worldwide and if you win, you get cool colors for your ID for a week! I'm just gonna copy and paste what was posted in the City Rep forums and you can follow the links to the FFC to check out the rest if you're interested . . .


    It?s time for another Tournament and this time we?re going worldwide! [face_dancing] :D

    Previously we?ve had the Sock Game and the Prequel Creatures Tournament [yay! for Boga!]. This time we are going global with the Saga Transport Tournament and inviting everyone to participate.

    For those who haven?t participated in one of these mixed up, wild and crazy games with me before get ready to have some fun!

    Now, to explain the way this works. There are two ?phases? of the game.

    Phase One

    Signing up to be a player in the game means that you will be playing the game to win the prize ? VIPship for 1 week and bragging rights. How do you play and win?

    1) Pick 8 of the 17 transports and PM your answers to Boga-the-Magnificent [your ?host? for the tournament]. Boga will keep track of everyone?s ?picks?. Once the ?PM Round? is done the open voting in the thread will occur. [OK, I admit it! Boga is my sock 8-}]

    2) If you are playing it is in your best interest to get as many people [not your socks!] to vote in the game thread at each round.

    3) The person who wins is the person who has had the most correct picks. If it comes down to a tie the winner will be decided by who sent in their PM first.

    Along the way Boga-the-Magnificent will be PMing folks so expect to get PMs!

    Phase Two

    The voting phase of the game is open to everyone ? not just the players of the game. You can ask members of your fan force to vote in the game, etc. but please try not to spam up other threads to get people to vote.

    Some of the questions from the last tournament will probably help to clarify how this is

    Does this game involve game bans?

    No, it doesn?t.

    Are there brackets?

    No, it is more of a free-for-all popularity contest.

    Fire power, weapons, engines, etc. aren?t figured into how the winner is determined. It is just which one is the most popular. However, you CAN feel free to have friendly debates as to why one transport is better than the other. [face_mischief]

    How many rounds are there and how do the transports advance to the next round?

    There are 4 rounds total. The top 8 will be advanced from first round. Then we go from 8 to 4 to 2 to the winner!

    Can my sock vote?

    No. [face_plain]

    What if I miss PMing my picks before a round starts?

    Once the open voting round starts there will be no more PMs allowed and you will not be able to participate in playing the game. You will still be allowed to vote in the Open Vote.

    I?m already a VIP so why should I play?

    If you are a VIP [ex-mod, banner artist, CR, etc] you will be allowed for one week to use ?colors/colours?. And everybody loves ?colors/colours? :p

    Now, there is one Transport that will not be ?playing? in the game because we all know it would win. So say ?bye-bye? to the Falcon:



    Here is the ?playing? field. Just to clarify, there are 17 transports in the starting round. The transports that made it into this game are transports that were featured in the movies and are not Expanded Universe only transports.

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    answers to what?

    I'm not sure if I understand, what are we supposed to be pming the answers to?
  3. Dal--Intrepid Jedi Knight

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    It's not really answers. It's just choosing what you think the 8 most popular transports of the ones listed will be. You PM your 8 choices to Boga and then when voting is opened to the public, you hope that the public votes for the same transports you chose. It's really mainly a luck thing.
  4. Dal--Intrepid Jedi Knight

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    And Round One is on . . .

    If you want to vote, go to


    If you don't really have a preference on which ships to choose, may I suggest copying and pasting the following choices? I could use the votes . . . :p

    Super Star Destroyer
    Imperial Star Destroyer
    Jedi Star Fighter
    Sith Infiltrator
    TIE Fighter
    Republic Attack Cruiser

  5. Dal--Intrepid Jedi Knight

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  6. Dal--Intrepid Jedi Knight

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    Get out there and support your CR! [face_dancing]
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