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Story [Sailor Moon] Celestial Revolutions

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by SoA, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. SoA

    SoA Jedi Knight star 3

    Apr 2, 2008
    Author: SoA
    Title: Sailor Moon: Celestial Revolutions
    Fandom: Sailor Moon
    Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, that all belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. I just play in her universe.
    Notes: This takes place between the SM:S and SM:SuperS seasons.

    Here's another Sailor Moon fanfic I'm working at rewriting and finishing. Probably this quartet of Sailors are my pet senshi, I love them so much in their cliches. Thanks to this being a really old story, I have to rewrite the first couple chapters into my current style, but a few of the later ones I'll just need to revise before I get going on completely new material.

    [b]The Song of Autumn[/b]
    [i]Part 1[/i]

    The echoes Pharaoh 90's anguished screams had hardly died out over the rubble of Mugen Gakuen and all the stolen heart crystals returned to its students, when a new darkness began to creep into Tokyo. It was barely a shadow at first. After the looming presence of the Death Busters for so long, it wasn't even worth noticing. Nevertheless, it was there.

    Together, six girls climbed their way out of the ruins of their school. They, perhaps, were the only ones not to feel bewildered and lost when their heart crystals returned. In fact, they all saw the world with a new clarity that they hadn't known before. Not in this lifetime.

    Dusting off their green plaid skirts, they brushed past the paramedics, police, and emergency personnel and continued down the sidewalk.


    ?It's our time now. Our chance is coming.?

    ?Ayiesei is on its way around again.?

    ?But the protectors of this planet, we should be wary of them after what they did here.?

    ?Our mission has nothing to do with them. They have no reason to want to stop us.?

    ?We tread on fragile ground; ground that isn't ours.?

    ?All the more reason to take what we need and move on.?

    ?Pharaoh 90, it's a shame that you will never know what you have done for us...?


    Walking onto the Juuban Jr. High school grounds, Kino Makoto could hardly believe her eyes. Last week, she thought she had seen the last of Mugen Gakuen and was glad of it. Here, mingling with the red and blue and Juuban were the all too familiar burgundy and green uniforms of Mugen Gakuen. The sight of it made her stomach churn uneasily. She wanted to turn and run in the other direction. The memories of that school and the Death Busters still haunted her.

    Taking a deep breath, Makoto started forward again. ?It's just a bunch of students,? she told herself under her breath, ?The Witches 5 are long gone. But I wonder; did they all transfer here?? Shrugging and striding towards the school more boldly, she laughed quietly, ?At least I won't be the only one with a miss-matched uniform anymore.?

    Mizuno Ami slid up to her through the crowd in the school yard. ?Good morning Makoto,? she said brightly before Makoto even noticed she was beside her.

    ?Oh, hey Ami,? she reacted with a smile, ?How are you??

    ?Fine, thanks,? the blue-haired girl replied distractedly. She too was surveying the crowd of new students. ?Do you suppose they are all transferring to our school??

    Makoto shrugged, ?I was wondering the same thing myself.?

    ?Hm,? Ami said thoughtfully, ?Logistically, I wonder how they will fit all of them into the existing classes. There aren't that many extra desks.?

    Makoto laughed nervously, ?Let's just let the school worry about that.?

    Makoto and Ami sauntered towards the entrance together. Gathered almost directly in their path was a group of five Mugen girls.

    ?Aw man, that's not fair,? one of them whined animatedly as she waved her schedule in front of her. She had sapphire blue eyes and dark orange hair in a long snaking ponytail. ?Mokuhi and Hyakka are in the same class. And then Toukan and Hayaru are in class five together, but I'm all by myself in class six.?

    ?It's not the end of the world, Ima,? her friend with long, glossy, black hair pointed out dryly.

    ?Yeah,? the tall blond girl agreed, ?They'll have Mugen rebuilt in no time, and then we'll all be back in the same class again.?

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