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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GraySaberFreque, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. GraySaberFreque

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    Nov 23, 2006
    A young teenaged boy crossed the feilds, his walk slow and silent. He was dressed in black with eyes and hair of the same color.His expression was cold as he continued to travel. He held a black staff in his hand, hellish inscriptions were all over it.His black form was barely visible in the moonless night.

    Salem village came into view, he stoped a second to look at it. It was not even half the size of Salem town which shared its name. However, the place interested the boy much more. The town was bitterely divided, secluded, and filled with simple farmers. It was perfect.

    Just then, a snake slithered up the boy onto his sholder. The snake slithered into his ear, "What's taking so long, I need to start this if I'm to have the element of surprise". The boy slowly turned to the snake and said coldly," Not to worry my leige, it will not take long to infest the this place". "It had better for your sake," the snake said and slithered away, returning to the dark place from wence it came.

    The boy looked toward the town, and continued walking toward it........

    [b]Welcome to Salem: The Witch Hunt.[/b]

    The game will take place in the 17th century colonial village of Salem, Massachusetts. Players will be playing normal people who will eventually be thrust into a With Hunt.


    [b] Gameplay[/b]:
    The game will start with people just living out quiet ,peaceful colonial lives.
    However, each night a few random people will be visted by an aprition who will offer in one or another, the choice to be a witch in the service of satan, they can either accept or refuse.
    Those who agree to become witches will use their magic to terrorize the populance of the village. Everyone else will begin trying to search out these tormenters. People who are accused of witchcraft will be brought to trial and may be hanged if the judges there find them guilty.


    [b] Rules [/b]

    1. Follow [b] all[/b] TF.N rules or be banned from the game
    2. No godmoding, this means the witches too
    3. Noone's a witch from the begining
    4. Everyone in Salem is christian(to make it a tad bit truer to the true story)
    5. You will not know who's a witch, you can only guess, and witches can and will try and make it look like others are the witches
    6. Pm Character Sheets to me.

    [b] Character Sheet [/b]

    Proffesion:(please make it colonial)
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