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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Radiance, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007

    Which side does man believe more in?




    Angels? Or Demons?.

    The time tested theory is that the race of man remain blissfully ignorant of everything except when they were about to die. Because it is then, and only then.. that fear creeps into the hearts of humans. The question of ?What next?? Always seems to win. What happens when a human being dies?

    They will never know.

    They will never know our blind sacrifice.

    They will never know why ?. We do it.

    They will never know that both sides do exist. And that every day brings a new battle to hand. Every day brings more fighting and bloodshed to the gates of both the Divine and Forsaken.

    It began at the start of time. God created the world and everything in it.


    Beings to be revered by the Angels. They walk earth, free to make their own decisions, free to live, free to do whatever it is in their pure hearts that they want.

    ?. And then the incident?..

    An angel, Satan, revolted against God and his kingdom, and in turn God cast him from heaven, using the Arch Angels as his weapons. But Satan had defied the Lord. And in doing so triggered a chain of events that none of us could see coming. Satan took on a new name. One that even now chills all but the most powerful of our kind to the bone.

    Samael. Meaning ?The Poison of God.?

    He began to take fallen Angels and turn them against the Kingdom of Heaven. They started tainting the souls of humans with their influence. Leading them to darkness and chaos. Souls started to go to Hell when they died. Heavily burdened with sin?

    And so we fight. Warriors have been sent into the rift to seek out and destroy the forces of darkness. We will slowly turn the humans back to the light, for it is our power and their right. Eventually? Samael will be confronted.

    Eventually he will be defeated?

    Michael? our greatest warrior, has dispatched us to earth, bound to human form. He has given us the instructions to blend with humans, but to destroy all of the Forsaken we find. It isn?t as easy as that though. It never is of course?

    The Forsaken knew we were coming.. and in turn masked their own warriors as humans. Our war is an individual one. We can?t see each other, but sense when the others are near. And then battle. Those Angels and Demons that die in human form stay dead forever. There is no going back until this war is over. We will win? We must? for them.

    The one?s who will never know our sacrifice.

    Welcome to Sancta Bellum (Divine War)!!

    I have always been fascinated by the eternal struggle of dark vs light. Angels vs Demons. So here is my first idea on a game to explore such.

    The goal is simple. The Forsaken have tainted the hearts and souls of human beings. Making them capable of horrendous things. The goal for the Angels is to become holistically human, blend in with humans, and then to destroy that taint. To do that they need to hunt down and take out each and every Demon on earth, ending with Samael.

    Michael, the General of the Angels has sent numerous waves to earth to battle for the light. First were the humans of pure heart and soul, who were ordained to be Angels upon their human death. The half breeds. They have been given heightened abilities, speed, hearing, sight. But for all intents and purposes, they remain human. Above them were the Angels. Beings from heaven that were created to guide humans in their life. They are the whisper in the ears of those who are about to tip the scales one way or another. The Guardians.. if you will. And then the Generals. The Arch Angels. They are the pure fighters. Angels bred for combat in the defense of all that is just, and good in creation. They are few in number but powerful beyond belief. All of these beings know their job. To root out and destroy Samael?s forces, working their way up to his Generals, and eventually him.

    As an Angel or one of the Forsaken, you will battle for your side. T
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