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Story [Sanctuary] Sanctuary for All [UDC6] -- Week 12 up 3/16

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Storms_Legacy, May 23, 2011.

  1. Storms_Legacy

    Storms_Legacy Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 29, 2007
    Title: Sanctuary for All
    Author: Storms_Legacy
    Fandom: Sanctuary
    Characters: Magnus, Will, Henry, Ashley, Druitt, Tesla, and various others
    Genre: Humor, angst, various others
    Warnings: Spoilers for all seasons.
    Disclaimer: It's not my sandbox. Sanctuary belongs to Damian Kindler, etc. I don't own it and so on...
    Notes: This is for the sixth [link=]Ultimate Drabble Challenge[/link]. And it's based on an amazing show.
    Week 1

    1. Lights!

    ?Will you please close those blasted curtains?!?

    ?Just because you?re a vampire, Nikola, does not mean that you are vulnerable to the sun,? Magnus replied. Telsa gave her a blank look.

    ?I may not sparkle or turn into ash, Helen, but that does not mean that I like the sun in my face while I?m working,? he told her. Magnus just shook her head at him and walked away, heels clacking on the floor as she went.

    ?Helen? Oh, come on!?

    ?Get over it, Nikola. And do it yourself. Stop being a self-absorbed imbecile.?

    ?Vampire, remember? I?m not an imbecile!?
    2. Camera!

    Ashley had always hated it when she saw the security cams moving around of their own accord. That meant that Henry was up to something. She didn?t always know what, but she knew that, at the very least.

    Henry enjoyed snooping. It was one way to put his tech skills to good use. His excuse was that he was learning?and that way he could keep Magnus from forgetting things. In all reality, he was just being nosy because he could.

    The funny thing was, he never got caught unless it was something really important. It was like Magnus knew everything.
    3. Action!

    Will did not sign up for this when he told Helen Magnus that he would join her team at the Sanctuary. Oh, no. He had not signed up to be going after some giant bug creature. He hadn?t signed up to be attacked by his friend or end up dying or anything like that.

    He wouldn?t admit it if he was asked until long after he had started. In the end, he wouldn?t trade it for the world. He was happy there. He wanted to be there. It was a family No matter what happened. They were always a family.
    4. Roll!

    Fifteen years had passed. Fifteen. Years. Helen could barely believe it as she looked out over the city. Fifteen years since Ashley?

    She still couldn?t think about it. It still hurt too much. Letting go did not mean that the pain was gone when she thought of her daughter.

    A hand appeared on her shoulder out of nowhere a moment later. She looked over to see John standing behind her. He gave her a weak smile and pulled her close. She turned in his arms, pressing herself against his chest.

    Here, at least, she was safe from the surging pain.
    5. Shoot!

    An explosion rocked the Sanctuary to its foundation.

    ?Nikola!!? Tesla winced when he heard Helen shrieking his name from her office. Oops. That had probably been a bad idea. Maybe. Oh, whatever.

    She appeared a moment later, looking furious. ?What do you think you?re doing?? she demanded. Tesla shrugged.

    ?The usual. Experimenting. Emptying your wine cellar. Making things explode when I accidentally shoot them. You know.?


    ?Lucky me. I made Helen angry. That?s not something you see every day,? Tesla said dryly, reaching for his glass.

    Helen had to fight not to slap the smirk off of his face.

  2. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    I'll admit that I have next to no knowledge about Sanctuary - but these were still a fun read. :)

    I especially liked Lights - too classic for words! [face_laugh] =D=

    ~MJ @};-
  3. Storms_Legacy

    Storms_Legacy Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 29, 2007
    Mira:Thanks! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed them, even if you don't know anything about Sanctuary. I would highly recommend it to you if you have time. It's an awesome show. I'm glad you liked Lights, too. I was hoping that it would be amusing.
    6. Adventure

    ?This is not what I had in mind when I said that I wanted to go on a trip!? Tesla growled. John and Helen exchanged glances. They were obviously pleased with themselves.

    Of course, they did have a vampire hanging from the ceiling from his ankle because of a trap he had set off.

    ?Oh, come now, Nikola, I?m sure it?s not as bad as you?re making it seem,? John said. Telsa let out a hiss.

    ?Say that again, Johnny, and I?ll rip your throat out!?

    ?My, aren?t we in a bad mood,? John replied. Tesla just glared at him.
    7. Romance

    It had been a long road to where they were now. It had taken loss, a multitude of trouble, and more than a hundred years to bring them back together.

    The part of John that had caused so much wrong was vanquished with the energy monster. Even Tesla couldn?t bring them down anymore. He was off doing something in Australia while they were quietly returning to how things had been before the Jack the Ripper incident.

    John had insisted on the ring he had given her during the nineteenth century for old times? sake. It couldn?t have made Helen happier.
    8. Science

    ?So, how come you?re the only person around here besides Biggie that isn?t a science person, Hank?? Kate asked. Henry raised an eyebrow at her over his computer.

    ?Because I like computers. It?s my thing, Kate,? he told her. ?It?s a HAP thing.?

    ?I thought you weren?t like the others?? she asked.

    ?Because I know how to control it.?

    ?Like you know how to control your feelings for a girl who?s not even here??


    ?She?s gone, Hank,? Kate snapped. Henry sighed.

    ?Ashley was my best friend, Kate. I did love her, just not like that. I just miss her.?
    9. Fiction

    ?Why do you even have this?? Telsa asked, holding up a book. Helen glanced at the cover and frowned.

    ?I don?t. That?s not mine, Nikola,? she said. He scowled at her.

    ?This is the most ridiculous portrayal of my race that I have ever read,? he replied. ?I?m quite offended by it.?

    ?I doubt the author knew anything about vampires, Nikola.?

    ?Sanguine Vampiris is nothing to make fun of! We are not fiction!?

    ?Nor do you sparkle. I realize that. Not everyone does, however. They don?t realize that they are offending the only vampire in existence. Wait, you read it??
    10. Comedy

    ?I don?t see how this is so funny,? Will commented.

    ?Because you?re covered in goo,? Kate told him. ?I don?t think your girlfriend would think you were so great if she saw you covered in that,? she added. Will scowled at her.

    ?It?s your fault I?m covered in this stuff,? he retorted. Then he smirked, causing Kate to raise an eyebrow. The next instant, a blob of good collided with her shirt and splattered all over her.

    ?I?m going to hurt you,? she growled. The next thing she knew, Will was giving her a hug. A slimy, gooey, disgusting hug.
  4. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Never seen Sanctuary but these drabbles are fun.=D=
  5. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    I've never seen Sanctuary either, but you've gotten me interested :D

    I love Fiction! Love :D And Comedy was funny as well :)
  6. Storms_Legacy

    Storms_Legacy Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 29, 2007
    earlybird-obi-wan: Thank you! That's what I was aiming for, so I'm glad you enjoyed them!

    NYCitygurl: It's a great show! You should check it out sometime. :) I'm glad you liked them! They've been a blast to write!
    11. Wings

    Tesla let out a dramatic sigh as he looked up at Magnus?s bookshelf. The book he needed was at the very top, of course. He could see it.

    ?Helen!? Magnus entered the library a few moments later.

    ?What is it, Nikola?? she asked with a sigh.

    ?Helen, have I ever told you how wonderful you are?? Tesla asked. ?You have come to me on the wings of an ange-?

    ?What do you want, Nikola?? Helen asked. She was obviously not impressed.

    ?I need a book,? he informed her.


    ?Will you get it for me??

    ?Absolutely not. Get it yourself.?
    12. Unforgiven

    It took a long time before Helen could forgive him for what he had done. Even as he looked at her with doleful eyes, sane for the first time in more than a hundred years. Even when she knew that what he had done was not his fault.

    It was only that that made John realize what he had to do. She would never be able to forgive him if he allowed everyone to be killed like this.

    He just wanted to be free. But he knew that he could not be. He had to protect Helen above anything else.
    13. Rocky

    It was impossibly rough the week after the superabnormals had attacked the Sanctuary the last time. Henry found himself wandering the halls, trying to ignore Magnus?s frantic searching for any sign of Ashley. It was making it even more painful for him. They were all stretched.

    They had lost both Watson and Ashley, two people that Henry had been very close to. He wished he could join Tesla and Druitt as they searched out and destroyed the remains of the Cabal.

    Magnus needed him there, though. Without the people she trusted and cared about, Henry knew she would fall apart.
    14. Titanic

    Every time she watched John Druitt disappear into nothing but energy, Helen?s chest ached. She wanted to cry, to scream for him to stay.

    She knew that it was necessary for him to leave ? it always was. It seemed like so long ago that he had threatened to allow their daughter to die just so that he could live. In a way, she was glad that he had. She enjoyed having him around now. Recent revelations had even allowed her to forgive him entirely. Perhaps once everything going on now had been resolved, everything could be as it was before.
    15. Crash

    Magnus was getting used to the random crashes now. Another one rang through the Sanctuary, followed by a string of frustrated curses. Tesla came stalking into her office a few moments later.

    ?Magnets, Helen? Really?? he demanded. Magnus gave him an innocent smile.

    ?I don?t know what you?re talking about,? she told him. Tesla seethed as he glared at her. He stalked off again. Seconds later, another loud bang reached her ears, followed by more swearing from Tesla, in Serbian this time. The trouble he was having with his electromagnetic powers since his ?de-vamping? were nothing less than utterly amusing.
  7. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    ?Helen, have I ever told you how wonderful you are?? Tesla asked. ?You have come to me on the wings of an ange-?

    ?What do you want, Nikola?? Helen asked. She was obviously not impressed.

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Too funny!!
  8. Storms_Legacy

    Storms_Legacy Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 29, 2007
    NYCitygurl: Thanks! I try. :D
    [hr]16. Clue

    ?It was an energy creature?? Tesla asked again. ?Seriously?? Helen gave him an annoyed look.

    ?That?s what I told you an hour ago, Nikola? she replied. ?Do I really need to tell you again??

    ?No. James would have had a field day if he knew that it was an energy creature that made Johnny go Jack the Ripper on us back at Oxford. If only he had known that, maybe I wouldn?t have been stuck strapped to a table for a week while Johnny was gallivanting about the city killing people,? Tesla told her irately.

    ?Oh, don?t start that again!?
    [hr]17. Operation

    The power was out again. And it wasn?t his fault this time.

    ?Did you do this?? Helen demanded the instant he walked into her office with a full wine glass and a smirk on his face.

    ?Nope,? Tesla replied, sitting down on the dimly lit couch. ?I think it was the techie. Or the protégé. Probably Dr. Expendable,? he told her. ?I just wanted to see your lovely face.?

    ?Get out.?


    ?Because I have work to do and you?re getting in my way.?

    ?I can help, you know,? Telsa reminded her.

    ?Not after you blew up my lab yesterday.?
    [hr]18. Life

    It took the Five a long time to figure out exactly what power the Source Blood had given Helen. It was much less obvious. Tesla?s had been easy, particularly after the first time he lost control.

    John?s had manifested when he had suddenly disappeared and reappeared in a cloud of colorful smoke. Then there was the day Nigel?s clothing was walking around on its own and James had solved every logic puzzle they had simply because he was bored.

    Her power was much more subtle. John called it elegant. Helen was not sure she liked the idea of living forever.
    [hr]19. Sorry

    He could never quite make up for all that he had done. He could never just say ?I?m sorry, Helen. It won?t happen again? and be done with it.

    ?John, you don?t have to do this. We can find a way-?

    It haunted him constantly. With the source of the rage and homicidal intent gone, he was calm, peaceful. He was his old self again.

    ?I love you. Remember that. Always. For all eternity.?

    What he had done was unforgivable. John loved Helen Magnus with all his heart, but he knew that they could never be together in the end.
    [hr]20. Risk

    ?That did not go as planned,? Kate growled. ?That thing nearly ate me!?

    ?You made it angry! Of course it?s going to try to eat you!? Will snapped. Henry rolled his eyes at the two of them.

    ?Will you two pipe down?? he demanded. ?I?m trying to work here and I can?t do that if you two are bickering!?

    Magnus shook her head as she brushed herself off. That hadn?t gone well.

    ?You should have known that it was a bad idea to go in there in the first place!? Kate shouted at Will.

    Oh, lovely. Now they were fighting.
  9. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    Sorry was so sad!! But I like the humor in the others :D
  10. Storms_Legacy

    Storms_Legacy Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 29, 2007
    NYCitygurl: I'm glad you liked that. I've been trying to do more of that...I usually write angst, which is much of the set below. The finale of the third series aired a week ago and it was very...interesting.
    21. Rated

    "Nikola, get out of there this instant!" Helen shouted from the top of the stairs.

    "I'm in the middle of something!" Tesla called back. Magnus glared down the stairs.

    "You are not drinking any more of that," she retorted.

    "If you want a solution to your problem, I am."

    "Nikola! Get up here now!"

    "Fine," Tesla replied, hopping down from the stool he had been standing on. He appeared at the bottom of the stairs a moment later. "Look what I found," he said cheerfully. "A bottle of my favorite Serbian merlot?From my favorite vintage, too. How nice of you."
    22. Guidance

    "Hello, Helen," Tesla said, shaking her out of her near trance. She looked up and smiled.

    "Nikola, thank goodness!" she replied. "We need your help. Where's John?"

    Tesla's expression changed to one of regretful solemnity. "He's not coming."

    "What do you mean 'he's not coming'?" Helen asked.

    "He's not coming, Helen. And he asked me to tell you that he would appreciate it if you would make up your mind about whether you want him around or never want to see him again," Tesla told her.

    In that instant, Helen Magnus's world came crashing down around her all over again.
    23. Suggested

    Every time he saw her, he had done something wrong. Every time, she hated him. It was perfectly his fault, he realized, but there was little he could do about how she felt.

    Will had told him about the dream world, said she had said that she was married to a man she hated.
    Once, she had loved him. Now she never wanted to see him again. John knew he had done the wrong thing. All he had ever wanted was his happily ever after with her.

    He would give her what she wanted.

    He never answered her call again.
    24. Caution


    "I'm back!"

    Will and Henry exchanged glances as Tesla's voice echoed through the Sanctuary. What in the world?

    "Nikola! If you break something again, so help me I will-" Magnus and Tesla hadn't even been back from the Praxian stronghold for two seconds and they were already fighting again.

    The next instant, there was another crash and the sound of a gun being fired. Henry and Will raced to the entryway to find Magnus glaring at Tesla, who was inspecting a hole in his coat.

    "Why, Helen, you shot me again," he deadpanned. "And we just got back?"
    25. Restricted

    "You destroyed my heart, John."

    Magnus never forgot those words. They had been to a specter, but she never forgot them.

    When John reappeared to save her, she wanted to hurt him. When he came to help against the Cabal, she almost wanted to kiss him. Then he was gone again. But he came back. He always came back. He helped when they went to Hollow Earth.

    The revelation of what he had done ? the fact that he would change everything for his own selfish desires? She had thought she could trust him. Obviously not.

    Then he was gone forever.
  11. Storms_Legacy

    Storms_Legacy Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 29, 2007
    26. Sex

    ?Mom?? Magnus looked up from her notes to see her daughter peeking over the edge of her desk at her.

    ?Yes, Ashley?? Magnus asked.

    ?Where do babies come from?? the little blond girl asked. Her mother could only stare at her five-year-old.

    ?Where did this come from?? she inquired. Ashley shrugged.

    ?I was talking to Uncle James and he wouldn?t tell me,? she told Magnus. The guilty party poked his head into his friend?s office.

    ?James, you didn?t?? she said, shaking her head when he looked sheepish.

    ?I might have said something, but I did not say anything about that??
    [hr]27. Graphic

    ?Oh, this is lovely,? Telsa muttered to himself. ?There is no imagination here,? he said as he pulled apart one of the techie?s beloved stunners. ?Unshielded platinum coils again, prone to overheating if modified. Must I do everything myself?? he demanded of no one in particular. Then Henry walked in.

    ?What are you doing with my stuff?!? he demanded.

    ?Fixing it,? Tesla replied. ?This leaves nothing to the imagination, and it?s not efficient. It nearly got me killed. You should be more careful.?

    ?Look who?s talking! You?re the lazy genius vampire who blows things up all the time!?

    ?Your point??
    [hr]28. Violence

    ?I?m going to kill him,? Magnus growled. Watson and Griffin exchanged glances.

    ?Helen?? James said quietly, putting a hand on her shoulder. ?Don?t do anything rash,? he told her. She ignored him, shooting a scathing glare at Tesla.

    ?Helen, listen to James,? Tesla piped up. ?I didn?t do anything to you and it?s not my fault,? he told her. She just glared at him. She took three steps away from the other two men and the next thing they knew, Tesla was picking himself up off the floor.

    He sighed as he looked at his bloodstained shirt. ?Again, Helen? Really??
    [hr]29. Language

    There was something wrong with what was going on. It felt like cardiology was a whole different language that he didn?t know a thing about. Something felt wrong about this life. It was as if it wasn?t supposed to be. The blue flashes and the instants where things were not what they were supposed to be...

    Perhaps it was just the stress from the surgery he was to perform. It was still bothering him, though. Helen and her cat across the street?John Druitt in the newspaper?Nikola Tesla on television. It was as if he was supposed to know these people.
    [hr]30. Drugs

    They had learned long ago that nothing could keep Nikola Tesla down for long. But now?Helen did not know what to do. He could die in this Praxian stronghold. She could not help but blame herself. Even if the loss of his immortality had not been her fault, she was the one who had brought him here.

    Only the first aid kit she had with her was keeping him alive. That would not last much longer. The only thing that was keeping him alive was the remnants of his powers.

    She did not want to face saying goodbye to him.
  12. Storms_Legacy

    Storms_Legacy Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 29, 2007
    31. The Path and the Walker

    It had taken Helen Magnus a long time to get to where she was. She was one of the most respected scientists in the world. She was the head of the Sanctuary Network. She had everything she should have wanted.

    But she did not. She had lost too much that was important along the road. Nigel. James. Ashley. John. They were all gone - three to death, the other to betrayal. They had made her who she was. They had shaped her, just as her father had. Just as Nikola had. She was who she had become because of them.
    [hr]32. Hope

    Panic set in when they couldn?t bring him back. No matter what she and Ravi did, Will was gone. He wasn?t going to come back without a miracle.

    The reality was starting to sink in now. He was gone. It did not seem right. It did not seem fair. Will had been their only hope to get to Kali and to calm Big Bertha. Now Kate didn?t know what they were going to do.

    It just wasn?t fair. She had finally found a place where she belonged and now Will was dead and everyone else could die in the conflict?
    [hr]33. Get Over It

    ?Come on, Helen, please!?


    ?Oh, come on. You got me to say ?please!? I never say please!? Tesla told her. ?I just want the larva! I need it!?

    ?No, Nikola,? Magnus replied. ?You do not need it. It needs to be destroyed before it matures,? she told him. He made a noise a frustration.

    ?I cannot be normal! I should be a vampire! This is my chance to return to my true nature! Don?t take that away from me!? he said. She turned and gave him a look.

    ?It?s not going to work,? she told him. ?Get over it.?
    [hr]34. Hold Back the Darkness

    There were times when Helen Magnus was grateful for her closest friend?s constant scheming. Even when things were bad, Nikola Tesla was still hell-bent on world domination and vampire rule. He was still prone to idiocy despite his genius.

    When everything fell apart, he was still there. When she felt like she was losing John, he was still there.

    Tesla could always make her smile. Despite the fact that he had once tried to kill her, he did care about her. She was the only one who had stood by him in times of trouble. He owed her the same.
    [hr]35. Time

    It was not until she had chased Worth down that Helen realized that she had no way to get back. She was stranded in the past ? her own past. She was from a different time. This was where she had come from. This was where she had been truly happy.

    That was before the Source Blood had come into play, and it was far too late to stop that from happening. It was too late to save John. Too late for anything.

    Worse, once she had calmed down and started to think, she realized what she had done to him.
  13. Storms_Legacy

    Storms_Legacy Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 29, 2007
    36. Cube

    ?Henry, you want to help me with this crate?? Will asked.

    Of course, Henry didn?t look up from whatever he was doing in his lab. It took him several minutes to respond and even then, he didn?t look up.

    ?Yeah, in a minute,? he replied.

    Ten minutes later, Will was still waiting. Henry had not so much as moved from the spot he was sitting in.

    ?Henry, any time now would be nice,? Will commented.

    ?In a minute,? Henry replied. ?I?m busy.?

    ?Henry, do you want these eggs to hatch here?? Will asked.


    ?Henry, now!?

    ?In a minute!?

    [hr]37. Sphere

    When they were in the Praxian control room, Henry was like a kid in a candy store. The Praxians obviously did not like it, but they were tolerating it reasonably well.

    ?Don?t touch that!?

    Okay, so maybe they weren?t.

    ?Stop that, surface dweller,? one of the techs snarled at him when he pressed a button they did not like. Henry held his hands up.


    ?Get lost.?

    ?Okay, geeze.?

    That was some crazy awesome tech, though. Henry really wished he could spend hours here without Kate bothering him and trying to keep him from exploring everything. That was majorly annoying.
    [hr]38. Cone

    ?Mama, Henry took my ice cream!? Ashley Magnus shrieked. Magnus let out a sigh, putting down the paper she had been trying to read. She looked over at the two children, who were seven and nine. Henry smiled innocently while Ashley glared at him.

    ?Henry, where is it?? Magnus asked. Henry shrugged.

    ?I don?t know,? he replied. She shook her head at him. Obviously this was not going to be as easy as she had hoped it would be. How lovely.

    ?Alright. Then why was Ashley so upset?? she inquired.

    ?I don?t know,? he repeated.


    ?I didn?t do it!?
    [hr]39. Cylinder

    This was what he got for using spoiled, idiotic brats for his experiment. If he ever saw them again, he was going to be a very unhappy former vampire.

    Wait. He already was. He sighed.

    ?What?s wrong this time?? Magnus said from across the room, looking up from the book she was perusing.

    ?Oh, nothing. Just lamenting the terrible extinction of my race because of those bratty little imbeciles. Again.?

    ?Honestly, will you just get over it? Quite frankly, you need to stop moping.?

    ?You try being a vampire for a hundred years then becoming mortal again. Then we?ll talk.?
    [hr]40. Pyramid

    There was a certain hierarchy at the Sanctuary. That was fairly obvious to everyone who met with Helen Magnus?s team. It was fairly obvious to everyone except one person. Perhaps he chose not to notice it, or perhaps he was just ignoring it.

    Will was quite annoyed when Tesla decided to commandeer his office as a laboratory. Oh, no. He was not remotely happy.

    ?Alright, this is not happening,? he told the vampire. ?My office. Not yours.?

    ?Do I look like I care, Doctor Expendable?? Tesla asked. ?Run along now.?

    ?Nikola, get out here!? Magnus shouted only a moment later.

  14. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    [face_laugh] I really like Henry :D
  15. Storms_Legacy

    Storms_Legacy Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 29, 2007
    NYCitygurl: Glad to hear that. He's one of my favorite characters! :D
    [hr]41. Who?

    James felt like he was being watched. It was not a feeling he was accustomed to anymore. It seemed as though it had been far longer since he had been watched like this than he remembered.

    He turned, his eyes scanning the streets of London. There was no one who seemed out of place or like they were doing anything remotely suspicious to his trained eye. Not even the talents the Source Blood had given him helped him now.

    In the end, he never discovered who had been following him. No one knew that Worth was watching. They never did.
    [hr]42. What?





    ?This is really unnecessary! Just because I?m a vampire again does not mean that I need to be restrained! We talked about this!?

    ?That was before you tried to attack Henry,? Magnus told him.

    ?He started it!? Tesla retorted.

    ?Really, Nikola, stop making excuses,? she replied.

    ?Then let me out of here!?

    ?Not a chance.?

    Tesla sighed, glaring at her through the reinforced glass. All because he and wolf boy had gotten into a slight argument about efficiency and it had escalated a little. It wasn?t his fault. What had he done to deserve this?
    [hr]43. When?

    ?Do you remember this one?? Kate asked, holding up a picture for Will to see. He frowned slightly, peering at it before he looked back at his old friend.

    ?No, I don?t,? he told her. ?When was it taken??

    ?Thirty years ago. It was when Tesla made that blue goop,? she said. Will laughed.

    ?I didn?t know we had pictures of that. I?m glad the stuff was harmless.?

    ?So am I. You got so much of that stuff in my hair.?

    ?You got me back, though,? Will retorted. Kate grinned.

    ?Yes, I did. Remember when we teamed up against Henry??
    [hr]44. Where?

    Where did she put it?! Ashley had torn her room apart twice looking for the gold-plated firearm her mother had given her for her twenty-first birthday. That was after she had turned whole house upside down in the matter of an hour.

    ?Looking for something?? a voice asked behind her. Ashley whirled to see her mother standing in the doorway. Helen Magnus did not look at all happy.

    ?Umm?my birthday present??

    ?Did you look in the armory?? Helen suggested. Ashley was out of the room in an instant.

    ?Thanks, Mom!? she called over her shoulder. Helen just shook her head.
    [hr]45. Why?

    Why did I leave him?

    Thoughts of John Druitt haunted Magnus as she made her way through Victorian London in her new clothing. She looked just like every other person walking through the streets. Once upon a time she had been just like them, but not anymore.

    Why did I say those things to him?

    She let out a soft sigh as she caught sight of James and Nigel across the street. The pain of John?s betrayal was so fresh for them. It was as fresh as the pain she felt now.

    Why didn?t I tell him I loved him?
  16. NYCitygurl

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    Jul 20, 2002
    Why didn?t I tell him I loved him?

    :( So sad!!
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    Jan 29, 2007
    Before I post the next set, I want to say thank you to whoever nominated this story for the Fanfic Awards and to everyone who voted for it! I really appreciate it. :)
    [hr]46. Return

    Helen had never expected John to show up out of the blue. She had never thought that he would have saved her, that she could even begin to trust him again.

    She had also never thought that Nikola would try to kill her simply because she would not help him with his little project. The sight of John covered in Nikola?s blood had startled her, but not as much as seeing Ashley in tow had.

    He seemed different now, but she knew that he wasn?t. She wanted to believe he had changed, but she knew better. John would never change.
    [hr]47. Revenge

    Ashley let out a squeal as a blast of water hit the back of her bathing suit. She whirled around only to have another spout of water soak the front of her suit. She let out another shriek and held her hands in front of her face until her attacker stopped for a moment.

    Only then did she point her own water gun at her best friend and squirt him in the chest.

    ?Cold!!? Henry yelped, trying to get out of the way.

    ?Serves you right!? Ashley told him, making sure to squirt every bit of dry skin she could.
    [hr]48. Curse

    ?Curses! This stupid thing won?t work properly!?

    ?Calm down.?

    ?It?s my life?s work, Helen, and you?re telling me to calm down!?? Tesla demanded.

    Helen sighed, giving her old friend an extremely irate look.

    ?I highly doubt that re-vamping yourself is your life?s work, Nikola,? she replied. He ignored her.

    ?No, but bringing back my species and ruling the world is,? he replied.



    ?You?re human.? The former vampire straightened and looked at her.

    ?That is beyond the point!?

    Helen shook her head at him. ?Nikola, we?ve already tried everything,? she said.

    ?Not this! This is an absolutely brilliant idea??
    [hr]49. Wrath

    The wrath of a vampire was a scary thing. Particularly when you were not Helen Magnus, John Druitt, or the vampire himself.

    Will had never seen Tesla so angry before. Magnus had tried to calm him down, but he had knocked her out (he would regret that when she woke up) and it had taken Druitt, Henry, and a horse tranquilizer to make him stop.

    ?Will? Are you alright?? He started when Magnus called his name. She walked into the lab a moment later, the new bruise already bright.

    ?Yeah,? he replied. ?I never want to see that again, though.?
    [hr]50. Attack

    ?Dang it!? Henry shouted. He slammed his fist against the counter in his lab, glaring at the computer screen. This was so not fair. Why did this always happen to him? It was never anyone else.

    He made a noise of frustration and started typing something else out to try to fix his problem. It didn?t work. Of course not. That was just his luck. He smacked his hand on the table, accidentally knocking his tablet off in the process.

    Magnus and Biggie rushed in a moment later, obviously worried.

    ?Henry, what happened?? Magnus asked.

    ?My Warcraft account got hacked!?
  18. Storms_Legacy

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    51. Death

    They were the last ones left. Just the two of them. Will was gone. Kate had died years ago. Biggie had ended his long life peacefully. John had sacrificed himself for her years before. Ashley had been long gone. It was just her. Her and Nikola.

    They had walked a long path. They were both immortal, he was invulnerable. They were companions as the world slowly began to change all over again.

    It was a comfort to have Nikola by her side. It was the only comfort left to her when there was no one else she loved left alive.
    [hr]52. Doom

    ?So, who wants to push the button of doom?? Tesla asked dryly, staring at the stone wall that was definitely a booby trap.

    ?Not me,? Will said, taking a step back.

    ?Well, I?m not doing it,? Kate said, looking over at Henry expectantly.

    ?What are you looking at me for? If it gets me killed, who?s going to run security and the computer network?!? he demanded, holding up his hands.

    ?Why don?t we just send Doctor Expendable?? Tesla suggested. They were squabbling like children and he wasn?t impressed.

    ?Why don?t you go, then, Nikola? You?re the vampire,? Helen pointed out.
    [hr]53. Terror

    When she woke screaming while her mother was away on business, Ashley didn?t know what to do. She was terrified. It was the first time her mother had left her and Henry alone at the Sanctuary. Sure it wasn?t just the two of them, but it was still the first time Helen had left them behind.

    She flinched at the knock on her door. ?Who is it?? she asked softly. Henry opened it and peered in, concern on his face.

    ?You okay, Ashley?? he asked. ?I heard screaming??

    ?I had a nightmare.?

    ?Do you want to tell me about it??
    [hr]54. Peril

    There was no way they were going to get out of this. Not this time. They were hanging by a literal thread over a bottomless pit.

    Then the thread snapped.

    They both knew it was going to be a long fall. Until their freefall suddenly jerked to a stop. Helen and Will looked up to see a familiar face looking down at them, holding the rope with one hand.

    ?Need some help?? Tesla asked.


    ?Hello, Helen. Miss me?? He smirking down at her and Will.

    ?Not now! Help us up!?

    ?Oh, but this is so much fun to watch??
    [hr]55. Shadow

    John was her silent shadow. Everyone knew it except for her. When Helen was in danger, John was there. She never saw him, but he always made sure she was safe.

    Nikola knew. He had caught John on several occasions when he was working with the enemy just to make sure that his beloved came to no harm. It was sweet in a strange, almost sadistic way. The man was a serial killer, yet he would put anything on the line for one woman.

    But it was not just one woman and they all knew it. It was Helen Magnus.
  19. NYCitygurl

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    Death was so sad! And so very touching.
  20. Storms_Legacy

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    56. Prime

    ?This is a prime example of why we shouldn?t leave them alone in the Sanctuary,? Will told Magnus as they surveyed the mess. The occupants of the building were fine, but the whole place looked like a tornado had blown through.

    ?They?re usually well behaved,? Magnus commented.

    ?That was when Biggie stayed here to watch them,? he said as they walked into her study to find Tesla sitting in her chair, his hair a brilliant shade of green.

    ?I hope you know that I arrived here and was immediately treated to a very unwelcome bucket of paint on my head.?[hr]57. Composite

    They had been a team, once. Before the Source Blood. Now John was gone. Nigel was dead. Nikola had disappeared to do whatever he felt like doing. It was just her and James left working on her Sanctuary.

    Magnus couldn?t help but miss them. All of them. Even John. She still loved him dearly, though she would never admit it to it. She missed their days at Oxford when they had been working on the serum. It had been better back then. They had been closer then. They were still the Five, but she wished they had not fallen apart. [hr]58. Deficient

    ?Are you insane?? a voice asked him. Tesla looked up to see Helen walking into the kitchen, looking as though she was most certainly going to rain on his parade.

    ?What? I said I was going to do this and I am,? he replied.

    ?You nearly killed Henry the last time you cooked, Nikola,? she reminded him.

    ?So wolf boy didn?t like it. Whatever. It?s not like he actually would have died. He wasn?t allergic,? Tesla told her.

    ?If you want to cook, you get to eat it. All of it. And you are banned from the wine celler.?

    ?Helen!?[hr]59. Perfect

    The thought struck her when she and John were sitting alone, watching the sunset. It was just the two of them. She turned to look at him for a moment as he continued to gaze as the sight in front of them.

    They had been through so much. The revelation that what had happened was not his fault was unsettling, but she could not help but be proud of him. He had fought so hard to be who he wanted to be. The creature inside him made that nearly impossible, but he still loved her.

    The moment was almost perfect. [hr]60. Abundant

    ?Nikola Tesla, what do you think you are doing!?

    Tesla sighed as he peered at his wine glass. ?Having a drink of one of my favorite vintages,? he replied when Will, John, and Helen marched into the room.

    ?Then explain why my office is covered in nothing but diagrams, blueprints, and plans to take over the world,? Helen demanded. Tesla shrugged.

    ?Because I felt like it,? he replied. ?Besides, you?ve made it abundantly clear that you had other things to take care of, and I had something to tell you,? he added.

    ?And you couldn?t have just told me instead???