Everett, WA Sarlacc Meeting for December

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by dragonmar, Dec 3, 2008.

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    The Sarlacc meeting for December has been changed to the 20th at Vic and Lisa Stevens house in North Bend. If any of you are interested we should car-pool out there and make it an official event. It's the gift exchange and there are always really cool gifts. It's the kind where you steal a present you like of someone else's, they can be stolen up to three times. Bring something to exchange, Star Wars oriented and try to make it something really cool.
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    We have Neil's Daughter Katrina that night and had planned to go out Xmas light hunting with her and my daughter Bianca.
    Kat mmight be okay with going to Sarlacc, but B wouldn't want to go.
    I will let you know though if anything in our plan changes

    But We will see you all on Sunday the 14th for the costume workshop! Hey, maybe we should do our own little gift exchange then?
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