I.E., CA Saturday June 13th Meeting at 1:00pm

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    Oh, no! Get well soon, Debbie and Ryan! [:D] Don't worry, the Creeping Crud seems to have passed me by. It's odd, too, my sister and dad gulp down vitamin C tablets but they get sick more often than anyone in the house...:confused:

    Back on topic...

    Wow, Mike looked so young! But he really didn't look that different, only less tattooed, LOL.

    Third the motion for less food. The big spread reminds me of a scene in Anne of Green Gables where the minister and his wife were invited over to tea and there was enough food for an army, even though and grand total of five people were actually there. With as much as you're putting out, Debbie, you're going to spoil us. ;)

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    I've been meaning to put these up, so here you go. These pics were from the Avaition Warehouse in El Mirage. Kari, Sheila + I went there before the meeting for their open house. Kari works with Helen who her and her husband own this place. They do alot of stuff with movies and you'll see why in the pics. This is definitely a GROUP EVENT! The amount of nutritious wholesome goodness we could get is just stupendious! Enjoy...

    On their way to travel the world

    Don't eat the food

    Boy these on flight safety manuals are a riot!

    Thank goodness for this as the last person forgot to spray + flush!

    Our flight attendants for the trip...talk about the friendly skies!


    Looking through the looking glass...can you guess what this was?

    Just like old times, this is the plane I used to jump from

    Apparently we're pilots now!

    Misc shots


    I'm stuck

    Riding in style


    Look at their faces, you know they were up to something

    I'm king of the...um...uh...yeah!

    I'm running with scissors!

    There were far too many pics to post here that are way funny and great scenery. Go here to see them all and steal what you want:


    Website to avait
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    Here are just a few of the movies the Aviation Warehouse has rented, leased and sold planes or plane parts, too.

    War of the Worlds
    Air America
    Pearl Harbor
    Snakes on a Plane (they have one of the fake snakes from the movie in their tree)

    [image=http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a76/jedifan/Aviation%20Warehouse%2006-13-09/AviationWarehouse09-06-13004.jpg] [image=http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a76/jedifan/Aviation%20Warehouse%2006-13-09/AviationWarehouse09-06-13003.jpg]

    There are a ton more, but i can't think of them right now.

    They have music videos and Vouge photo shoots done out there. Somebody even did some sort of naked photo shoot.
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    Now there is a great place for the 3 amigos to go to and have lots of fun. Looks like someplace we would like to go to.
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    A lot of information was gone over. I think I caught most of it. Please feel free to add anything I missed.

    June 13th IEFF Meeting Minutes

    The meeting was held at Debbie?s house where we were served an amazing potluck meal cooked by the hostess.

    New officers were voted in:
    Mike: President
    Debbie: Vice President
    Sonya: Treasurer
    Kari: Secretary

    Mike presented Kari with an amazingly cool, framed certificate of appreciation that he designed. (It?s up on my wall and will eventually be put in my library.)

    It was agreed that we want to get new promotional items (swag) with the new logo. Some of the items will include swag for kids and different items for adults. One suggestion was bookmarks. New fliers need to be designed, something eye catching and classy.

    We need a new banner and want it smaller than the one we currently have. Probably about 3? x 6? or 8?.

    Event patches, pins, or something of that sort, were discussed. They would be a fun thing to put on jackets or a bag.

    What are our goals or mission? We want to do more charity work, more fun activities and fewer meetings. Most of our event and activity organizing can be done on the boards. Debbie has several ideas for local charity work.

    Are we a costuming or non-costuming group? Non-costuming. Those of us that are in the Rebel Legion (RL) or 501st can wear our approved costumes to costuming events to represent those groups. IEFF members need to wear IEFF or Star Wars shirts to events. Children are always allowed to wear costumes. Bill is okay dressed as Han because he is usually at events with the Falcon.

    We are not a costuming group. However, some of the members do have costumes and many would like to make costumes to be able to become a part of the RL or 501st. It was suggested that a costuming thread be started. This would be a place to ask for help and/or advise and to show off what you?re working on.

    Advertising items, fliers, banners, swag and our own attire all needs to be stepped up. We need to look more together and professional. If we?re going to move forward with more charity work, we need to look more put together so we?re taken seriously.

    How do we pay for all of this? The brunt of costs has fallen on too few people in the past and it can no longer be that way. Everybody needs to contribute. Three general suggestions were given.

    1) Dues: $50 a year per family. Payments can be made

    2) Fund Raisers: Yard sale, car wash? suggestions are needed.

    3) Raffles: We can hold raffles at any event we do.

    Kari will start a thread for everyone to post suggestions of how to generate money to pay for advertising needs. If you can?t afford dues, please help to come up with other ideas to cover needed expenses. Nobody will be kicked out of the IEFF because of an inability to pay dues. This thread is where we need to come up with ways to help us move up to the next step with everybody coming along.

    Each of us can help this group in their own way. There are plenty of us with extra seats in our vehicles and a willingness to carpool so nobody should ever have to miss an event due to not having a ride. Do what you can to get to events.

    While at events, show pride in being a part of the IEFF. Be excited, talk to people and have fun. That?s how we?re going to get more people interested in joining us.

    Please go over the IEFF charter. If you have any suggestions of things to add, change or remove, please post them in the thread that Kari will start.
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    Hi folks! Just got in, been out all day in Lake Elsinore for a graduation get together. Kari the minutes are great! Way to pay attention to details!=D=
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    Thanks, Mike!

    Hey Allen... what did Adam think about all of his SWAG??? [face_laugh]
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    Great job with the minutes, Kari.
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    As C3-P0 would say "Wonderful!!!" =D=
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