Savage Worlds!

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    Jerks, why didn't you tell me how awesome this system is?

    I got the $10 book on a whim and played it 1 on 1 with my brother, and omg it was a blast

    Imagine GURPS but 1000% less anal. Get it, try it. That is all, I do not want to speak with you further.
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    because we never heard of it. Or I never have.
    1000% less anal... what about the other 99000%?
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    It is a lot like d6 Star Wars, as in characters take a min to make, its fast to play, et all.

    Their tagline is "fast, furious, fun" and it does really run like that. Its a "**** the details, just go" system

    Whats really cool is that it can support any genre, sci-fi, horror, super-heroes. They have sourcebooks for them, but you don't really need them.

    I heard it breaks down when you get to Superman or Drizzt levels, but I haven't experienced that yet.

    There are campaign settings for it, which are really creative but bare-bones like the system.

    PDF link to free intro n00b rules: [link=][/link]