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Phx Save an Angel

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by Jedi Girl of Corellia, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. Jedi Girl of Corellia

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    Jun 23, 2000
    MEPA and Fanforce members,

    Please take a moment to read the post below, and please excuse all the referece to the 501st Legion as I am too tired to retype the whole thing. I only as that if you can help, please do so. Albin Johnson is a very, VERY good friend of mine... one which I'd do anything for. And right now, myself, along with others in fandom (whether it be Fanforce, the 501st, or the Rebel Legion) are doing what we can to help Al at a time when he needs it.

    To the Fanforce moderators, I apologize if this breaks your Terms of Service in some way, shape or form, and I ask that you look within your hearts to help out as well. Please leave this message up, and please spread it as far and as wide as you can.

    It's time to put all our petty differences aside and show everyone what the a true force fandom can bring when we rally around one of our own.

    Thank you,
    *******************My post to the 501st**************
    Hey guys,

    As you probably already know, Albin's youngest daughter, Katie, is
    in the hospital with a tumor in her brain stem. I personally cannot
    even fathom what Al and his family are going through right now, but
    this is something truly tragic.

    Katie is a 6 year old child, and a hospital can be a very, VERY
    scary thing at that age. I know, having spent alot of my childhood
    years in the hospital for operations to improve my hearing.
    Granted, my complications were minor as compared to Katie's.

    The only way to make that hospital room a little less scary is to
    FILL it with things Katie likes. Toys. Now, we obviously do not
    know what kind of toys Katie likes, and finding out, going out and
    getting them, and shipping them would take too much time. So our
    first idea was to get Katie a gift certificate to TRU to get her
    anything her little heart desires.

    While we still plan on doing that, we're also going to be attempting
    to raise money for gift certificates to resturaunts as well as

    Originally, the NEG, ECG, NER, OLG, Carida and Tyranus were all
    together on this. We are now asking the rest of the Legion to help
    us help Albin, Kathy, Katie, and Allie in their time of need! If
    you can contribute, whether it be a large or small amount, please do

    Rain, of Garrison Tryanus has been kind enough to set up an
    email account to receive donations at Paypal.


    Please paypal your donation to rainmontes@h...
    If Yahoo garbles that up it's rainmontes @ (no spaces)

    The mailing address for checks or money orders is:

    Rain Montes
    5525 Neddleton Ave
    Woodbridge, VA 22193

    Please let the folks know who are sending checks and money orders to
    get them out ASAP. If two-day mail is an option, then it's
    suggested as well.

    ***IMPORTANT*** Please include a few words of encouragement for
    Albin and his family. If you're sending money via Paypal, just
    write something in the "Comments" area. If you're sending a
    donation via mail, then just jot something down on a piece of
    paper. I'm hoping we can include these in with the gift
    certificate. Any bit of encouragement will help at this point.

    Please, if you can donate to this cause, then defnintely do so. If
    it weren't for Albin, none of us would be here today, as part of the
    501st, and more importantly, as friends and even family! We are the
    501st Legion, and we take care of our own!

    No matter what the amount, big or small, it will help in a BIG way to bring a smile to young Katie's face, as well as the rest
    of her family.


    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at MerlynNY@a...

    Thank you all so much!

    Katie now has her own [link=]Webpage[/link] so you can all see updates and pictures! Donations are still being accepted as well.
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