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Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by WoodWorks, Sep 24, 2004.

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    "Saving Star Wars", starring Dave Prowse, will be available on DVD Oct 15. It tells the story of two SW fans that accidentally kidnap George Lucas while trying to honor the wish of a dying child.

    Shot entirely in Indianapolis, IN with an all-volunteer cast and crew, the movie has become a hit with Star Wars fans and general movie fans. For reviews of the movie, visit at:

    Visit to view the trailer and find out how to get your copy and become and Associate Producer of the film, getting your name listed in the credits with Dave Prowse.
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    My good man, this post belongs in the thread marked "SPAM". If this message board has no such thread, perhaps it should. Would you like me to start one for you?
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    not spam...
    some of us are

    and the sock wars continue?

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    Posting the same message 25 times is spam, no matter how interesting it is.


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