Saw some new t-shirts @ Target

Discussion in 'Quad Cities' started by Illd_Saber, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Illd_Saber Jedi Youngling

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    In an effort to expand my ever-growing collection of SW apparel, I make regualr stops at Target, KMart, Wal-Mart & Hot Topic.

    At Target yesterday, I saw 2 new ones. A black shirt with a blue saber and the words "It's Not the Jedi Way" underneath. Bought that one. The other was a brown shirt with "Chewie" underneath a pic of, uh, Chewie. Didn't get that one, but stressed to my son that it would make a great Christmas present.

    Just thought I'd share.


    BTW, my current fav is my "Execute Order 66" shirt from Hot Topic. I can't believe how many people ask me "What's 'Executive Order 66'?"
  2. mirax80 Retired Midwest RSA

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    Suncoast has about 3 or 4 different SW shirts also. My fave is "Same Sith, different day." [face_laugh]
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