Say no to facebook, say Yes to our Community

Discussion in 'Communications' started by beezel26, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. carmenite Jedi Master

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    On the contrary, I think facebook helps our Community. I have my periods of awayness, but it's generally seeing people interact on facebook that makes me be like "oh, I should check out the JC again, I wonder what's up." Though other times it happens because I'm watching Community and The Soup, and seeing Darth Guy on tv makes me think about the JC. But more often, it's the facebook thing.

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  2. Darth Morella Force Ghost

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    I agree with Carmen, FB helps me stay in contact with some JC friends, like the few months I spent on self-exile from the boards when I was busy with RL. I could still get some JC-related news and drama and all was well.

    Methinks you're complaining cuz you don't have much FB friends.
  3. Sith-Lord-Gunray Ex-Mod

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    Consider FB as a supplement to the boards. No one is choosing between one and the other.
  4. Kyle Katarn Chosen One

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  5. VadersLaMent Chosen One

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    There are a few people who are not very active on TF.N who I still communicate with on Facebook(Zas, Sonia, Malkie, etc). Many people could make that very same statement.

    If anything sucks the life out of this place it could be the KOTOR MMO boards, but even then, there are people who will not play that and still post here and because they do even the players will still post here. It's slow, but there are a couple of dozen JCC folks who appear to have no inclination to leave. That can be applied to many boards(Senate folks have a population, Lit, and so on).

  6. DarthTunick SfC Commish on an "All-Star" break

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    Exactly. FB has helped to make the boards a lot better, in that I've gotten to know so many people a lot more on here through FB.

    Viva Los Angeles![face_flag]
  7. harpua Chosen One

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