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Sci-Fi Expo Review (long)

Discussion in 'Lubbock, TX' started by sw1138fan, May 23, 2002.

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  1. sw1138fan

    sw1138fan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 14, 2001
    As Requested, here is a full review of the May 17-19th Sci-Fi Expo held in Plano, TX

    Day 1: Sneak Preview Fri 17th 3-6PM

    Friday was basically the day to come in and pick up your tickets and check out some of the advance dealer tables. I was pretty surprised when we arrived to see that most of the dealer tables were already set up. The DFW FanForce had made some laminated badges that they were selling for a couple of bucks that were real nice. In order to get them, you had to present your actual tickets which was an added bonus. I will see if I can get scans of them later. Most of the celebrities were signing that day, so I took a few minutes to go and get the ones that I needed.

    I finally got to meet and speak with Dave Prowse and he was very kind. Peter Mayhew was present, and his usual funny self. Michael Palamienter (Admiral Motti in case I misspelled that) was a HOOT! In addition to signing, he was also sure to point out his office for you on the Death Star and also told some very funny stories while I was in Line. Garrick Hagon (Biggs) was there and was signing too. I actually stood next to him and Mike Quinn (Nien Numb) in the hotel and never even knew who they were. Both of them were pretty funny and nice to talk to. Jeremy Bulloch and Kenny Baker were also signing Friday, and they were fun to talk to as well.

    There were a few program items that were going on on Firday that were pretty cool. The New-Tek movie Magic Demo was very interesting and lots of good stuff was seen there. I?m not sure what all was going on after that as I spent most of the rest of the day scoping out Vendor booths and checking out the sweet merchandise that was offered.

    I thought Friday was very well put together and it was a great idea to have some of the celebs available to sign before the mad rush on Saturday.

    Day Two: Sat 18th 11Am to 6PM

    Saturday was a nuthouse! The place was packed with Jedi of all kind, and the 501st even made a grand entrance complete with Vader and an Imperial officer. I wore my Sith Robes, and got a compliment from Temuera while I was in his autograph line which made me pretty happy.

    The Star Wars Roadshow was pretty interesting. Basically this guy knew just about everything about any kind of collectible that exists. He even told me about my mysterious miniatures I got with my Emporer Palpatine figure back in the 80?s. (mine came way late, so I got some cool minis and a nice letter?) He was also selling his new book which was very informative...

    Movie Fight Experience? Totally the coolest thing since the original trilogy? Ray Park and Andreas Petredies on stage less than 15 feet away. They whole show was just jaw dropping. They had a Q and A session followed by a neat Audience interaction where audience members got to learn a brief sword duel. Ray and Andreas fielded questions for about 30 minutes. I REALLY enjoyed this one?

    Meet the Fetts? I missed the one on Saturday, but you can see it online in the interviews section at I will talk about the Sunday portion of Meet the Fetts later.

    I didn?t Know Nien numb was a Puppet? This was the first time that Mike Quinn put on this show? He gave a little bit of history of Nien Numb that he had gathered from the internet. He told us a little about the puppet, and his experiences, and then he had a couple of audiemce members come up and re-create the Lando/Nien Numb battle scene from ROTJ. I would have to say that it was one of the better presentations of the weekend? the fact that we all enjoyed it so much hopefully will encourage him to do it again. I?m sure the more he does it, the more it?ll catch on. He also took about 30 mins of questions. He told us he worked a little bit on Yoda and the Clonetroopers in episode 2.

    New-Tek put on another Movie magic show which I skipped since I had seen it the day before. So I spent a while cruising the vendor floor looking for the ever elusive Yoda Furby. (Which I finally found? yahoo!) My buddy spent quite a bit of time in a botth where they were selling knives and replica swords fro
  2. IB420

    IB420 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 11, 2002
    Thanks for the, am I jealous; it sounds like a great time.

    Does anyone know when there will be a sci-fi expo or convention here in Lubbock next?

    I'd like to see the Lubbock FF gather together for it when it happens.
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