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Amph Sci-Fi Fiction in the vein of Matrix, Terminator

Discussion in 'Archive: SF&F: Books and Comics' started by therearerulesx, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. therearerulesx

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    Apr 17, 2007
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    I'm obsessed with sci-fi, and for the past few weeks have been developing an idea for a series of novels. Here is the premise, and chapter updates will be coming shortly


    World War III

    As the country of the United States of America became more and more powerful and successful, in turn the government became more and more corrupt. Though the President was the most powerful figure in the country, and one of the most powerful in the entire world, he wanted more. John Stenner was elected to this position in 2063. After two years in office, he had accomplished much for the economy and himself; but as is the usual case, having power only breeds the lust for more power.

    America had been free from war and battle for over 20 years, but in 2065 President Stenner proposed a bill to Congress that would call for a massive military creation act. Newfound technology in the area of mechanical warfare had led to the development of A.I. Assault Machines, mechanized warriors that could be controlled by a small team of soldiers. Stenner?s bill ordered the continued creation of these AI Mechs in order to massively upgrade the strength and numbers of the U.S. military.

    Though Congress had denied the bill, and overridden Stenner?s veto, the law ended up passing. The only evidence behind the passing of the bill is a conspiracy theory, leading to the belief that President Stenner used force to ?influence? the vote of Congress. In 2066, the AI Upgrade Act was signed into law, and the military immediately began the nonstop construction of these war machines.

    The American people were constantly lied to, being told that ?their security was at stake? and ?foreign powers threatened their nation.? This propaganda allowed the President to further his force over the military, though there indeed was no outside threat from any enemy. Once President Stenner believed his army was ready, he moved to attack.

    Few understood Stenner?s orders, but there were none who would openly betray their leader. He ordered a series of lightning strikes on those countries which rivaled the U.S. economically and militarily. Within months, American forces had liberated smaller countries such as Cuba, Mexico, portions of Canada, and Japan. Resistance against Stenner?s forces was slow at first, but soon the countries that were under attack began joining together to counter the unrelenting force of the American military.

    China, Germany, Russia, and Great Britain were the first four nations to create and join the World Alliance (WA). Soon, what was left of Japan and Canada also joined, and the combined militaries would prove to be a successful defense against Stenner?s war.

    The constant battle thrust the world into what some had dubbed World War III, causing at once peaceful nations to be caught up in the horrors of war. Soon a general from Russia developed a plan that would devastate American forces.

    The proposition was to lure Stenner?s army away from the country, to draw their firepower away from defense and into unknown territory. While the attack was being made, World Alliance forces would swarm into the U.S. and devastate their enemy?s homelands.

    The campaign was successful. Though American forces eventually caught on to the lure, their defense was halfhearted. After years of constant battle the WA had destroyed entire sections of American countryside and cityscapes, leaving the earth scorched with the terror of battle.

    Rebirth & Resistance

    Once America was nearly destroyed, the citizens began realizing what a tyrant their President had become. It caused a split, where half the nation joined his side and the other half began revolting. Their revolution would be short-lived, however, for soon WA special forces had assassinated John Stenner. He was pronounced dead on the ironic date of July 4, 2071.

    In order to prevent such horro
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