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    I got permission from a mod for this. But basically we propose a sci fi scenario and explain what you would think happen on a social, political, economical level. I got the idea from Daywalkers where you see all of humanity is a vampire with few non vampires left. So what does happen in a society of vampires. No body goes out side during the day. Blood is a commodity.

    So this weeks subject is What if aliens had come down and visited us. As a gift they gave us a serum that makes you immortal but only for five years. They also gave the formula to responsible nations to make and give to their populations. But there isn't enough of the serum to go around. What would happen? What would happen all over the world. What would happen on a personal level if some didn't want the serum. Would the other nations want it? And would the a life saver or a weapon of mass destruction?

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