Richmond,VA SciFi Yard Sale in Norfolk, VA. June 4th

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by JediMistressDragon, May 16, 2005.

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    You can sell at this yard sale and it's free to do so, or attend. It's been annual for years and they do get people to attend this.
    Starfleet Atlantic and Babylon the 5th having annual SciFi Yard Sale on Saturday, June 4th (raindate June 5th, Sunday), 10PM at Debbie Painter's house at 7507 Pennington Rd. in Norfolk, VA. For infor contact at or phone (757) 588-4254 for info and directions. It is free for anyone to sell or free admisson to come and buy stuff through those selling. Just contact at above e-mail to let know will be coming to sell there.
    'who'll be there, selling as usual most likely'
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    Just a reminder for the future....

    Non-Richmond Events/activities belong here:,_VA_/b10421/19614538/?2
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