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NSWRPF Archive Seccesion and steam-bots:A civil war steampunk rpg

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by kiskolou, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. kiskolou

    kiskolou Jedi Knight star 2

    Mar 23, 2005
    It was July 1861.The first shots of the civil war were already shot at fort sumter,bit it was still in infancy.No one could forsee the amount of bloodshed there would be yet, but it was obvious that the war would be hard.With the failed attempts of negotiation with the Confederacy by Lincoln,and the growing number of seceding states,the North was forced to attack the south prematurely without preparation.[hl=red]Warning:So far this has been historicaly accurate.But now,it's gonna get wierd.[/hl]Secretly however,The south had many scientists working on new war machines they called "Iron infantry".These were large steam powered tanklike humanoid machines,piloted by crews of soldiers.In the first battle of bull run,a somewhat haphazard attempt by the north to gain the high ground early,the iron infantry was revealed in a suprise defence that caused the northern footsoldiers to retreat to washington.After the disasterous battle though,the north made thier own new machines from scetches tooken on the battlefield.Now that both sides had the new weapons,the race was on to make better new machinery.The north outfitted thier cargo trains with turrets,sppikes,and armor plating,made them a lot bigger,and called these behemoths,"landships".While the south invented the iron-sided dirigiboat:a sort of battleship/zeppilin.With new discoveries every day,little western towns became booming factories,war was becoming more costly,and everything was chaotic.
    And that's where we come in.

    Whew,that was long.Hello and welcome to my rpg!
    You are a member of the crew of the Union express,the capital landship for the north.
    The story starts out on the eve of a dangerous mission:break through the confederate blockade of washington and deliver supplies and medical care to union troops in idaho(who are under attack).The blockade consists of iron infantry and dirigiboats,so it will be done in the middle of the night(to hopefully avoid an all out assault).Still,It will be hard.

    A few things to remember:This s not historically accurate AT ALL!There will be battles that never happened,impossible machines i haven't mentioned,and anything can happen.I'm just saying this so people won't say "there was no blockade of washington!" I DON'T CARE!

    No godmodding
    up to 2 character's per person
    All arguments resolved by me!

    Character sheet:
    Name:Edith Bond
    Eyes:Dark brown
    clothes:eek:ver-sized jacket,leather cap
    Bio:A native of virginia,Edith ran off to washington and away from his family when the state seceded.After many years of being a shoveling coal on the union express,He worked his way up to a gunner.His head is full of dreams and impossible ideals,But continues to fight for what he believes in,Even if everyone laughs at him.
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