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Discussion in 'Connecticut' started by ARC-1138, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Jedi9181 - I should have sent you a PM a few days ago about this but would you be able to "host" the chat like you did last time? At this point you're the one with the most experience next to EndorRebelScum. <grin>

    I'm in the process of reviewing the polls for the "name voting".

    AGENDA IDEAS: - These are just examples. (Apologies to Jedi9181 and EndorRebelScum who have already done most of this)

    Name Intro (Screen Names to Board Names)
    What town are you from?
    When did your Star Wars interest Begin..... (i.e. I saw it when I was 1977 etc.)
    Do you belong to other Star Wars Fan sites? (i.e. Star Wars Hyperspace etc.)
    What Star Wars "stuff" do you collect? (i.e. Movie Cards, Action Figures, Models/Replicas, Books/Comics etc.)
    What do you expect to get out of a CT based fan group? (i.e. Meet new friends, find a collector trading partner, I don't know never done this before etc.)
    Which SW movie would you rate as your favorite?

    I think you get the idea...I'm just typing off the top of me head. Hopefully we'll see all of you at 07:00PM.

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    At our Second Meeting we had 4-5 members in attendance. We discust the real possiblity of a physical meeting in Southbury at a Coffee or Bookshop in the very close future. Charites we feel strongly about donateing to. Basic Itros. EndorRebelScum talked about Connecticon and the new Convention Center. MonaLeia belongs to the Rhode Island Squadron so her input will be very valued.

    What came out of this meeting:

    Basic Intros
    Physical Meeting: 2=3 more online chats before, It will be in Southbury, Date is TBA.
    Name Polls: Will be up for another week, till next chat.
    Next Chat: July 24 @ 7:00pm

    Things to think about for next meeting:

    Jedi, Sith, or Neutral?
    Thoughts on SW:ANH.
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