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    Oh, that guy? I'm so darned tempted to leave him a review on one of his fics (that I have admittedly never read) that simply reads "Why do you suck so much?"

    You know, just to see how he likes it. ;)

    JL, this fic continues to surprise me - in a good way, of course. Can't wait to see how you resolve all this "mess."
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    JL, excellent, excellent portrayal of TK. =D= =D= You show her emotional reactions to just the right degree: with dignity but also with candor. @};- I [face_laugh] and agree that profic writers, especially, :p don't know how or feel the need or desire to expand on inner monologues ;) which to me give depth to the character, so you know in a particular instance they're actually feeling happiness, or grief, or shock. [face_thinking] I do look forward intensely to the "rekindling." :) [:D]
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    @EmeraldJediFire - I actually felt bad for her in the profics at the very end. It must be hard to watch your childhood friend and father of your child to turn Sith and be killed.

    @Hazel - Thank you. It is a big mess.

    @Briannakin - Jacen was very happy with the kiss.

    @Demendora - Yes, if Jacen is tied to the plague it will be bad.

    @ginchy - I think Jacen was thinking with the wrong body part when he was around Tenel Ka. Also, thanks for your help on this chapter! [:D]

    @SiouxFan - I don't think the Queen will care less if all the Royals dropped dead either.

    @taramidala - I am glad it is a little surprising...but I think everybody knows how this is going to end...probably with a lot of bootknocking.

    @Jade_eyes - -TK is tough. Even the most stoic people can crack. If she didn't show emotion I would think she was a psychopath...but I do know people who have never is creepy. There is a lot of suppressed emotions.

    Thanks everybody for reading.


    Coruscant, Jedi Temple

    Once Tenel Ka left Jacen’s hospital room he let out a stunned breath.

    ‘What had just happened?’

    They were close friends, but not close enough to warrant the impassioned greeting he just received. During their kiss he had felt through the Force a jumbled montage of emotions rolling off of her…relief, anxiety, and something else, something that felt very much like attraction and… desire.

    He closed his eyes and smiled broadly as he recalled their greeting. Her kiss was sweetness beyond words and left his body thrumming like a live wire. He could only imagine what it would be like to be with her in a more romantic nature. Maybe when she returned he would finally be able to broach the subject of possibly dating. The smiled dropped from his face as he realized the Queen Mother of Hapes didn’t date. She found a man she wanted and…well he wasn’t sure exactly how the cultural aspect of that worked…but since she had a daughter some lucky kriff obviously had the privilege of lying with the most beautiful woman Jacen has ever known.

    He chaffed at the thought. It should have been him with Tenel Ka…not some arrogant, pampered, snot-nosed Hapan nobelman. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He realized he was jealous, but he also knew he had only himself to blame. When it came to romantic overtures toward Tenel Ka the fear of rejection always paralyzed him. Clearly, when he failed to make a move to officially court her she found someone else who could provide her with the family she desired.

    But maybe all was not lost. A woman with a consort probably wouldn’t kiss Jacen like she just did. Perhaps Jaden was correct when he said the father wasn’t in the picture any more.

    Jacen smiled, eagerly anticipating her return. He was determined to do things differently this time. He would tell her how he felt...and maybe this time things would work out for him.

    Jacen laid in bed watching the HoloNet when somebody entered his hospital room. He quickly turned toward the door expectantly, hoping it was Tenel Ka. Unfortunately, it was only his cousin Jaden. He was wearing his white, lightweight medical robes and carrying his medical datapad, indicating he was there on an official visit.

    “Oh, it’s you,” Jacen said disappointed.

    Jaden raised a dark eyebrow and smirked. “Were you expecting someone else?”

    Jacen blushed as he swiveled his legs off the bed and stood. “Tenel Ka was here.”

    Jaden laughed. “I heard she was here terrorizing Cilghal.” He looked at Jacen and grinned. “What did she have to say?”

    “It was odd…she kissed me.”

    Jaden’s grin widened as he gave Jacen a congratulatory slap on the back. “Alright! That’s a good sign. See I told you not to give up on her.”

    Jacen furrowed his brow in thought. “She was probably just worried about me…that must be the reason for the kiss.”

    “Yeah, that must be it,” Jaden scoffed sarcastically. “Come on Jacen, did Jysella, Jem or any other lady Jedi visiting you this week kiss you like that?”

    “No, but Kyp did.”

    Jaden’s eyes went wide. “Really?”

    “No.” Jacen said with a laugh. “You should have seen the look on your face. You’re far too trusting Jaden.”

    Jaden gave him an odd look. “That’s true, you always could pull one over on me Jacen.” He moved so he stood directly in front of Jacen and pulled a penlight out of his pocket. He shone the light into his eyes momentarily before he turned it off and gave him a satisfied smile. “Congratulations, you’re being discharged.”

    Jacen frowned. “What about my memory loss? Can’t I get neural reconstruction?”

    Jaden averted his eyes and appeared uneasy. “You’re brain scan didn’t show any structural brain damage…so there isn’t any impaired neurons to reconstruct.”Jaden said apologetically.

    “Oh,” Jacen muttered as a feeling of dull despair hit him. He had hoped for a cure. Six years of memory loss was not something he wanted to live with. Who knew what he did or the people he met in those years. His family was trying to help him replace the missing memories, but even they didn’t know where he was for a few years.

    His cousin gave him a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry Jacen, I really am.”

    He could sense sadness and remorse coming from Jaden. He gave him a forced smile. “It’s not your fault Jaden.” Jacen put an arm around his cousin’s shoulder. The two had practically grown up together and Jacen considered him not only family, but a close friend. He didn't want Jaden feeling guilty for something Lumiya did. “I know you did everything you could to help.”

    Jaden refused to look Jacen in the eye. “I’m still sorry Jacen.”

    “You said there was a chance that my memory would return naturally, right?” he asked.

    Jaden nodded. “There is that possibility.”

    “That's something I can look forward to then.” Jacen smiled at his cousin warmly. He stepped away and took a few steps toward the door before he hesitated and turned toward Jaden. “If Tenel Ka comes back, can you tell her I’m in my quarters?”

    Jaden smiled weakly. “Anything for you Jacen.”
    A Jedi Knight met Tenel Ka outside the Grand Master’s office and escorted her and her guards to a wing of the Temple reserved for visiting dignitaries. She opened the door to her room and looked at Commander Tavik. “Have Sergeant Rycus retrieve my things from the shuttle.”

    “Yes your Majesty,” Tavik said, “but before you retire to your room I must inform you, a report on the Hapan plague came in while you were talking to the Grand Master. I have some good and bad news.”

    She sighed and motioned for him to enter. She sat down on a settee in the living room area of the suite, smoothing out her dress as she did so. “What is it?” she asked, not knowing if she could take more bad news.

    “Your Majesty, we have official notification that your grandmother Ta’a Chume is dead...along with many of her cousins.”

    Tenel Ka took a long shuddering breath. She dreamt of this day for so long and now that it had come she was too depressed to celebrate. “What is the bad news?”

    The commander paused before he gave a caustic chuckle. “I guess there is no bad news. There is some good news, though. The plague seems to be abating and many of the royals are recovering from the illness…although seventeen have died…mainly elderly members of your direct family line. Better yet, investigators believe they know the identity of the terrorist responsible. Face recognition software identified the assassin as a known Sith named Lumiya.”

    Tenel Ka’s head snapped up. “Lumiya? Are you sure?” A sick feeling clenched her stomach. Jacen was working with Lumiya and now it’s believed that the Sith woman was responsible for the attack on the Hapan Royals. Even if Jacen didn’t have a hand in the attack, if he was connected to Lumiya in anyway the repercussions to the Jedi and Galactic Alliance would be astronomical.

    “She was positively identified,” Commander Tavik continued, “not only by her appearance but her forged passport and Planetary Visitation paperwork led investigators back to her.”

    A cold feeling of dread crept up her spine. “Are there any theories as to why a Sith would assassinate Royals?” she asked hesitantly, fearful that Jacen’s name would be mentioned.

    Tavik ran a hand over his jaw in thought. “I heard rumors through Imperial channels that she was recently seen with the Tof invaders. The planet Zeltros is very close to the Hapes Cluster and the Tof invaded Zeltros once before. It could be these intruders of the Firefist Galaxy are preparing for another incursion…this time to Hapes. If they can bring the leadership into turmoil, then it would make their conquest considerably easier.”

    She nodded thoughtfully. She really doubted the Tof would invade the Hapes Cluster knowing her massive fleet of Battle Dragons could easily decimate them. Of course, the Tof leadership was never known for their intelligence, in fact the green skinned brutes were simpletons when it came to tactics or basic common sense. Therefore it was possible that the public could find some credence in that story.

    “Yes, yes, that is very a fairly reasonable assumption.” She looked up to her security chief. “I will contact Hapan Planetary Security and have them investigate that particular avenue. Good work Commander.”

    Commander Tavik smiled at the compliment. “Would you like me to order a team to search out and apprehend Lumiya?”

    She shook her head and steadied her voice. “No need. This afternoon the Jedi will release a public affairs bulletin announcing they hunted down and killed her.”

    Commander Tavik’s brow went up, impressed. “That can only help improve the image of the Jedi with the Hapan people.”


    ‘Perhaps…if a Jedi wasn’t the one who ordered the attack’, she thought glumly.

    She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. Now things were starting to make sense. Jacen wanted to protect his family so he agreed to train under Lumiya if she would get rid of the royals for him. Personally, she didn’t grieve one bit over the death of so many of the royal family…not when they spend most of their free time trying to figure out how to kill her or her daughter. But one could not kill so many leaders and not expect a very detailed and expansive investigation. If Jacen was involved and he hadn’t covered his tracks…it could result in a major conflict between the G.A. and the Consortium. An indictment against Jacen Solo would result in a condemnation of the Jedi as a whole. The Hapan citizens would probably accuse the Jedi of framing a Sith and then killing her to appease the consortium…all the while playing the part of hero.

    A nasty tension headache was beginning to form behind her eyes. This situation needed to be cleaned up…sterilized, but with Jacen not knowing if he was involved or not…finding and covering up a potential trail of guilt would be difficult. Perhaps Jedi Tantiss knew something, but if he wouldn’t share information with the Grand Master, what possibility did she have of getting him to talk?

    She closed her eyes and sighed deeply. Without a way to ensure any evidence is destroyed, all she can do was wait to see if the scat hit the proverbial fan.

    How could Jacen be so reckless?

    This was all too much for Tenel Ka, everything was falling apart. Her well rehearsed stoic façade crumbled as a lone tear tracked down her face. She buried her head in her hands. “Gods, what am I going to do about this?” she moaned softly.

    A look of panic crossed her guard's face upon seeing her uncharacteristic expression of emotion. “Your Majesty?” He walked closer. “Your Highness, what’s wrong? How can I help?”

    She shook her head. “I have a problem that cannot be fixed.”

    “All problems can be fixed with enough…effort.” He gave her a stern look. “Your Highness during the two decades I worked in the Galactic Alliance Special Forces my specialty was making problems disappear.” He gave her an unblinking gaze. “I make things go away. Just tell me the problem.”

    She demurred. “This is not something I can share with you.”

    He looked at her earnestly. “Your Highness, I realize the Hapan culture breeds suspicion and distrust…and rightfully so…but there comes a point when you have to trust someone.”

    “There is no longer anyone I can trust.” Her voice was low and full of pain.

    “That’s not true.” Commander Tavik dropped to his knees before her, bowing his head in uncharacteristic show humility in a private setting. “Your Majesty,” he said softly as he placed his fist above his heart. “I have given you my oath of allegiance. I will defend you at risk to my life. I swear now to hold the honor and confidences of my Queen.”

    She looked at him humbly bowed before her. “You often remind me that I am your employer and not your Queen.”

    Tavik tilted his head slightly so he could give her a furtive glance from one eye. “Your, Majesty, I have just given you the Oath of Vernost. It is the highest oath a Void Jumper can bestow. To disregard my pledge means I must take my own life.”

    She stared at the back of his bowed head. “You do remember I am a Jedi and I can sense the duplicity of your last statement.”

    “Good.” He said with a chuckle. “Then that means you sensed the truthfulness of the first part.”

    She took a couple deep breaths as she considered his proposal. He was right, she needed to trust someone. She couldn’t handle this alone and she needed someone to quietly investigate and possibly cover up this mess. “What I tell you must never be repeated.”

    He lifted his head. “Yes Your Majesty”

    “Commander Tavik,” she said softly, her voice barely audible. “My friend Jacen Solo has been associated with Lumiya and he might be involved in the viral attack against the Royals.”

    He snorted. “If so, the man should be given a medal,” Tavik said frankly and then smiled. “I knew I liked the man for a reason.” He stood and seemed perplexed, obviously misinterpreting her look of deep despair. “You…you don’t want me to kill him, do you?” His voice took on an incredulous and almost appalled tone.

    She let out an exasperated breath. “Commander Tavik, why do your solutions to problems always involve killing someone?”

    He shook his head adamantly. “That’s not true Your Highness. Remember, when Princess Allana got chewing gum in her hair…I used nutbutter oil to remove it. No killing was required.”

    She shook her head in annoyance. “Jacen Solo is not to be harmed. If he was involved—he did it to ensure my safety.”

    “What is it you wish me to do your highness?”

    “If he’s complicit,” she said with a measure of reluctance. “I want his trail covered. Nothing can lead back to him.”

    Tavik nodded. “If you can convince him to talk to me, I can find out who helped him and take care of any loose ends.”

    She sighed. “That’s the problem. The Jedi feared he had turned Sith and they did a memory rub. They hoped he would forget his association with Lumiya and return to the path of a Jedi. He remembers nothing from the last few years.”

    He gave her a look of disbelief. “Master Skywalker stole his memories?”

    She shook her head. “No, Jedi Master Tantiss did the memory rub. The Grand Master said Tantiss picked up some of Jacen’s memories during the process...” She hesitated for a moment wondering if she should reveal what memories Jacen did reveal, but decided against it. “He picked up memories about what Jacen had done in the last few months, but Master Tantiss refuses to reveal anything he gleaned from Jacen involving Lumiya. It is possible he knows if Jacen was involved and if so, who made the nanovirus.”

    “Jedi Tantiss…do you mean Mark Tantiss?” Commander Tavik asked incredulously. “Big guy, beard, red hair?”

    She looked up to her security commander. “Yes, do you know him?”

    He nodded. “Yes, he’s a trained Void Jumper.” He paced the room for a minute in thought. Finally he turned to the Queen. “I’ll leave Sergeant Rycus to guard you. I’ll talk to Tantiss and find out what he knows.”

    She almost rolled her eyes at her security chief’s overconfidence. “He is not the type of man you can beat information out of, Commander,” she warned him.

    “Jedi Tantiss is a Void Jumper, the same as I. We are part of a brotherhood.” Commander Tavik announced.

    “I doubt that will make a difference. The Grand Master said Jedi Tantiss refused to tell him what he saw. Why would he talk to you, when he won’t talk to his Master?”

    “His Master,” Commander Tavik scoffed. “Your Majesty, Mark Tantiss does have a Master, but it’s not Luke Skywalker.” He chuckled softly as he moved to the door. “Don’t worry Your Highness, I know how to make him talk.”

    Before she could ask what he meant he had left the room.
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    Aha! LOL Jacen apparently took to her kiss of greeting :) and the plague seems to have had the desired outcome & the culprit appears to be a Sithy target, deflected off of Jacen. [face_thinking] Hmmm. Tavik ... [ETA on 02-24) ;) [face_laugh] Now that my brain fog has lifted, Deke is muchly in character @};- O:) =D=
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    I like Tavik. Sometimes Jedi can't take all the credit for figuring out a solution.

    Great chapter. I can't wait to see where this leads.
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    ah, the it....I liked this chapter very much..I even feel hopeful for jacen and that everything will turn out all right
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    Tavik is pretty cool, and I enjoy reading his interaction with Tenel Ka. She DOES need to trust SOMEONE, so it might as well be someone REALLY well armed. It IS pretty cool when non-Jedi are allowed to come up with solutions. BTW, THIS is the side of TK that more people need to see; a pity profic never seems to try. Kudos!

    If everyone continues to act all weird around Jacen, he's gonna figure out that not all is what it seems--they'd better become better actors.

    Clearly Lumiya MEANT to be seen on Hapes, and she also expected not to live through this; why do I get the feeling there's more pain coming?

    As an aside, isn't 'reckless' what Solos do? It was bound to turn south on someone sooner or later.
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    I'm so curious about what Tavik will talk to Mark about. They are old buddy's after all.

    Great chapter!
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    Did Tenel Ka do the right thing by telling Tavik? We'll see. The circle is getting wider and wider.
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    Thanks @Demendora, @Hazel, @SiouxFan, @EmeraldJediFire, @Jade_eyes, and @Briannakin for reading and taking the time to comment. This next chapter is another one of those posts where it would help if you read STN and The Journal of Mark Tantiss. I think I explained what is going on fairly well, but it would definitely mean more if you read the other stories. The end is in sight. It is still a few chapters away, but at least we are nearing the end. Thanks everybody for reading.
    Coruscant -- Jedi Temple

    Commander Tavik had been in the Jedi Temple a few times and was fairly sure he could find his way around. He moved through the maze of corridors until he reached his destination. He stood in front of a temple door, straightening his uniform and running his hand through his hair, before he pushed the door buzzer and waited impatiently for someone to answer. After a few moments the person Tavik often jokingly referred to as Mark Tantiss’ ‘true Master’ opened the door.

    He smiled warmly at the tall, dark haired woman with flawless tan skinned and a figure that would be the envy of women two decades her junior. The commander of Tenel Ka’s private security force gave her a teasing grin. “Hello Kira, is your brain dead husband here? I need to talk to him?”

    She smiled broadly. “Deke! Deke Tavik!” She pulled the large man into her embrace. “I haven’t seen you since Talon’s Knighting ceremony. It’s been years.”

    He returned the hug and gave her a platonic kiss on the cheek. “Working security for Tenel Ka is a full time job…and I mean full time.”

    She stepped back and ran an appraising gaze over his dark blue dress uniform. “I like that outfit. It is much nicer than the Galactic Alliance uniform.”

    “And definitely better than that ugly Taris Defense Force uniform I wore the first time we met.” Deke said as he proudly straightened his leather holster that held his blaster and an odd assortment of other lethal weapons.

    “Definitely, that was one ugly uniform.” she said with a smile. “Now, what has my brain-dead husband done to warrant a visit from the Commander of Her Royal Highness' Security Force?”

    He shrugged. “I just need to beat some information out of him.”

    She nodded, looking completely unconcerned. “You let me know if you need any help with that.”

    He laughed. “I knew I could count on you if he got stubborn.”

    “Well, don’t just stand in the doorway, come on in.” She ushered the man inside. “Mark is cleaning the ysalamiri cages, I’ll go get him.”

    “No,” Deke said. “I know my way.” He looked over to the kitchen where he smelled something delicious baking. “I don’t want to take you away from what you’re making. Would that be some of your famous chocolate candies?”

    “It’s a cake, but you are welcome to have some before you leave if you like.”

    “You know I would. I still remember those chocolates you’d send Mark while we were in Jump School together,” Deke said before he moved to the back of the apartment where he knew Mark kept his animals.

    Deke Tavik met Mark Tantiss almost three decades earlier at Jump School and worked together as Jump Buddies throughout the instruction. After graduation, Mark went back to the Jedi and Deke returned to his home planet of Taris where he requested a transfer from the Taris Defense Force into a Galactic Alliance Jump Trooper regiment, which was later renamed and given the distinguished designation of Void Jumpers. The two men had fought together in a number of battles and skirmishes with Mark attached to the GA military units as a ‘Jedi Asset’.

    Deke popped his head through the doorway of the ysalamiri room and found Mark cleaning up lizard droppings off the bottom of the cage. “The great Jedi, cleaning up lizard crap…how appropriate.”

    Mark looked up and smiled broadly. “Deke, what brings you here?” He wiped his hands on a rag, but after inspecting them he decided to forgo the handshake. “Sorry, my hands are a little dirty.”

    “That’s what I heard,” Tavik said.

    Mark frowned. “What do you mean?”

    “What I mean is the Queen Mother is horribly upset by what you did to her friend Jacen Solo.”

    “Oh,” Mark whispered. “She told you.” Mark gave a big sigh as he ran his fingers through his beard nervously. “We made the best decision based on the knowledge we had at the time.”

    “A memory rub seems a little extreme,” Tavik said brusquely. “But what’s done is done.” He leaned against the doorjamb while giving his friend a steady gaze. “I heard you picked up some of Jacen’s thoughts while doing the rub. The Queen was informed today that Lumiya was identified as the person who delivered the virus to the palace…and Jacen is associated with Lumiya. What I need to know is… was Jacen involved with the Hapan Plague?”

    Mark’s newly dyed green eyes turned hard. “Jacen killed Lumiya. That’s his only association with the Sith you need to know.”

    Tavik gave a big toothy grin. “He killed her? Did he really?” he said mockingly, not believing that account at all. “I bet he didn’t, but that story is genius. Not only are you covering up his association with a Sith, but you are going to make him the hero. Oh that’s rich.” He shook his head in dour amusement. “I’ll bet that was your idea. Well, that may be what the Jedi want the galaxy to believe, but you and I know better.”

    Mark gave him a disgusted look. “Why do you need to know? Do the Hapans want a Jedi to execute? Force knows they hate us enough.”

    “Damn it, Mark,” Deke stepped forward. “There’s going to be a big investigation. The creator of the virus might be found and interrogated. If he talks then things will get very bad for your nephew, the Jedi and the Jedi Queen.”

    “What are you planning?” Mark asked. “Are you going to locate and kill the person who made the virus?”

    “If I have to. I definitely need to destroy the datapad trail back to Jacen…if he’s involved.” His eyes bore into Mark’s “Tell me Mark…was Jacen involved?”

    Mark looked away in thought. “The Queen, does she know what you’re doing?”

    “Yes…she wants this issue resolved…quietly. I believe she is somewhat fond of your Jedi. She wants to keep him out of trouble, but to do that I need to know the truth. I need to know where to start. There are too many planets in the galaxy for me to track down every geneticist.” He put his hand on Mark’s shoulder. “I swear to you, on my honor…I am here to help Jacen…to clean up his mess and nothing more.”

    Mark looked at him doubtfully. “You once told me you hated Jedi, why risk everything for Jacen or Tenel Ka?”

    Tavik smirked “Because a Jedi once saved my life…I guess I owe you guys one.”

    Mark gave a self-effacing smile. “You don’t owe me anything.”

    “Maybe so, but I need your help.” There was an uncomfortable pause between the two men until Tavik broke the silence. “Come on!”

    Mark had to laugh. “Why does everybody that’s trying to make me do something I don’t want to do use the ‘Come on’ argument?”

    Deke smiled. “Because it usually works.” He dropped his hand from Mark’s shoulder and took a step back. “If he wasn’t involved you would have said so by now. Don’t you want to help your nephew and the Jedi?”

    Mark’s shoulders slumped as a soft groan escaped his lips. “I have been thinking about that all week. I am torn as to what to do. I’m a Jedi…but Jacen is family.”

    “I guess that answers the question of whether he's involved or not.”

    Mark nodded sadly. “He was involved, but he was told the virus would only kill Ta’a Chume.”

    “Well she was definitely somebody who needed a good killing.” He looked at Mark confused. “Why so many deaths then? We need to find out why this disease ran rampant throughout the palace. Maybe it was a double-cross. Where's the doctor who made the virus?”

    A weary expression crossed Mark’s face. “That is another reason I have been hesitant to act. He's an Imperial. I didn’t want to do something to interfere with the treaty.”

    Tavik made a face. “Great…not only does this involve the Jedi, Hapans, and the Galactic Alliance, but let’s throw the Imperials into the mix.” He ran his hands through his graying blond hair. “Mark, just tell me who it is and I’ll take care of this problem.”

    “I’ll tell you everything I know about the virus, but I want to go with you. I can’t let you do this alone.”

    “Sure, I can use backup,” Deke said with a smile. “It’ll be like old times.”


    Author's Notes: Deke was a major character in Mark's life in the fanfic "The Journal of Mark Tantiss". In this story I needed somebody that Mark would trust that wasn't a Jedi...somebody who didn't mind getting his hands dirty. Deke Tavik is identified by his full name in The Journal of Mark Tantiss at least twice. I was waiting for someone to go back to find out if Deke's last name was Tavik, but nobody did. I hope I gave enough clues. Tavik said he had friends among the Jedi. He calls the Jedi 'Spooks' in front of the Queen...something Deke Tavik would do. He is totally insolent and insubordinate like Deke. His physical description is the same and he is a Jump Trooper (according to Wookieepedia the term Void jumper came into existence approximately around the time period that this story takes place. Before that it was Jump Troopers and prior to that they were Jet Troopers).
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    Great, iluminating post =D= The name Tavik teased me but it just didn't click :p It's one of those: I recognize the name, kinda [face_laugh] but can't put it all together. @};- Now, his words to Tenel Ka feel right, and I look forward to he and Mark straightening out the tangled mess. :)
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    Now that you know, can you go back and say, "Oh yeah, that's something that Deke would say or do."
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    It's totally something Deke would do. ;)

    I really like the friendship vibes on this chapter. Well done!
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    I like Deke! He seems to be the man of an action)):)
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    I thought the name Tavik sounded familiar once he said ge was a void jumper, but I wasn't quite sure it was Deke. I should have picked up on the other clues.

    Great chapter. I can't wait to see what the old buddies do.
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    I do so love this chapter and Tavik is the right man for the job...I did think it was his partner in Void Jumper training when we talked but wasn't sure.
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    Thanks @Jade_eyes, @Demendora, @EmeraldJediFire, @Hazel and @Briannakin for reading and taking the time to review. I want to apologize in advance for this chapter. I am not good at writing these types of scenes. I hope you enjoy it anyway.


    Coruscant--Jedi Temple

    Later that day Tenel Ka received a message from her security chief requesting a leave of absence to attend to some security matters. She was surprised. This could only mean Commander Tavik was successful in getting Master Tantiss to talk. Once again she underestimated her security chief. She should know better by now; over the last couple years he has proven to be quite resourceful and extremely well connected with the military and intelligence communities of both the Empire and Galactic Alliance.

    She called down to the infirmary and was told by Jacen’s cousin that he was released and could be found in his quarters. Accompanied by Sergeant Rycus, she made her way to her husband’s apartment. She wasn’t sure how she was going to break the news to him about their marriage and child, but she knew the longer she waited the more difficult the situation would become.

    She arrived and pushed the door chime to Jacen’s living quarters. After a few moments Jacen came to the entry. He smiled broadly upon seeing her and she felt her knees go weak at the sight of his boyish grin. She hadn’t seen him so relaxed and happy for years. Their married life was full of passion, but there was always an undercurrent of disappointment and sadness emanating from Jacen. He wanted to be a happy intact family but that was something he was always denied.

    “Hello Jacen,” she said softly. “Can I come in?”

    He stared at her dumbstruck for a second before he stood aside and motioned for her to enter. “Oh, yes…please come in.”

    Tenel Ka signaled to her guard to remain outside as she stepped into Jacen’s apartment. She had been inside his quarters a few times, but not since they became lovers. The chance of somebody seeing them together and spreading rumors was far too great. She realized she was taking a risk now, but if Jacen was identified as having a hand in the Hapan plague then it didn’t matter; there would be no saving her throne. Even if Allana’s paternity was never discovered, the Hapan people would no longer tolerate a former Jedi as their Queen.

    “Please make yourself at home,” Jacen said nervously as he walked over to the kitchen. “Would you like something to drink?”

    She usually didn’t imbibe in alcohol, but she could use a drink right about now. “A glass of wine if you have it.”

    “Let’s see what I have,” he said as he opened up the cooling unit. He rummaged around before he pulled out a half empty bottle of white wine. “I’m not sure when I opened this, but it’s the only wine I have.” He gave her an apologetic look. “Sorry I was in the infirmary under observation and couldn’t get out to grocery shop.”

    “That will be fine.” Tenel Ka sat down on his couch, watching him as he poured two glasses.

    He walked over and handed her the wineglass as he regarded her with warm brown eyes. “I’m glad you came. I was hoping we could talk. I have some things I would like to discuss with you.”

    “As do I,” she said with an uneasy smile.

    He went to sit in a chair across from her, but Tenel Ka patted the couch cushion adjacent to her. “Please sit next to me.” She desired to be close to him. She didn’t want to talk while sitting across from each other; it was too formal for a husband and wife. Jacen looked surprised but pleased. He sat next to her, but she noticed he kept a respectful distance. She gave an internal sigh. “Jacen…” she began but was quickly cut off.

    “Tenel Ka, please let me go first.” He watched her nervously. “I’m afraid if I delay, I will lose my nerve to say what needs to be said.”

    She sat back in her seat, giving him her full attention. “Please do.”

    Jacen sat up straight and she could see him visibly bracing himself, working up the courage to say something. She felt a shiver of unease run down her spine. What if she didn’t like what he had to say? She couldn’t remember exactly what their relationship was like six years ago and therefore she had no idea from what frame of mind he was coming from.

    He smiled at her warmly. “Tenel Ka, I really like you.”

    For one horrifying second she thought that sentence would be followed by a ‘but’”

    ‘But I don’t want to be more than friends.
    But, I met a cute nurse in the infirmary.
    But, I decided I need to leave for a few years to find myself.’

    In that short pause a dozen unhappy possibilities ran through her mind.

    Jacen took a sip of his wine and she could feel anxiety rolling off him through the Force. “I like you and would like to be more to you than just friends. I would like to court you.”

    She stared at him in stunned relief as she blew out the breath she was holding.

    He watched her closely waiting for a response. She smiled tenderly. “I would like that very much.” She reached a hand over and placed it on his knee.

    His eyes tracked the movement of her hand as he leaned forward and put his glass on the caf table in front of the couch. He turned to her and gazed deeply into her eyes. “For over a decade I’ve wanted to kiss you.” He paused, almost waiting for permission. When she smiled he nervously leaned in and kissed her gently, passionately. One hand reached around her waist and as the other tenderly caressed the side of her face.

    A familiar sexual yearning for this man welled up within her and as the tip of his tongue crept into her mouth she became so aroused she had to fight for control. Memories of making passionate love with Jacen came bursting to the forefront of her mind enflaming her body with intense desire.

    Jacen slowly detangled himself from her arms and leaned back. He was breathing hard and she could feel his hand on her waist trembling with excitement. He gave her a sensual smile. “That was better than I could ever imagine.” He reached up and brushed a stray lock of red hair from her face. “I know Queens don’t date…but I would love it if you would consider it.”

    She couldn’t help but smile at his shyness. It reminded her of when they first became lovers. He was so nervous and eager to please… and he was an extremely fast learner. Within a week he knew her every erogenous zone and every erotic pleasure she desired. Add Jacen’s amorous skills with his handsome face and a toned body…and he became a walking, talking royal aphrodisiac. And right now she wanted him badly…her body longed for him.

    “You’re right Jacen…Queens don’t date.” She saw his smile fade a bit before she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close. “A Queen choses a man to be her mate.” She kissed him softly, sensually. She pulled back and looked at Jacen’s stunned expression. “I would like you to be that man, Jacen.”

    He opened his mouth to talk, but he couldn’t seem to find the words. That was fine with her; she didn’t want to talk anymore. She kissed him again as her hands roamed over his body. His arm around her waist tightened as he pulled her closer. Finally his voice found him. “Are you sure you want to do this…umm… now…wouldn’t you like to start maybe with dinner and a holo.”

    Her hand brushed over the front of his trousers and he gasped in surprise. “That is not the feel of a man who wishes to see a Holo,” she said in a teasing voice.

    “No, it’s not.” His words came out low and husky with desire. He stood and grabbed her into his arms as he carried her to his bedchamber. He laid her on his bed and quickly divested himself of his clothing.

    She took a shuddering breath as she gazed upon his body. He was perfection. His dark hair framed his tan chiseled face as his dark brown eyes raked down her body. He had the physique of a gymnast with broad shoulders, and finely sculpted muscles. He had everything in perfect proportion…everything.

    He knelt on the bed, his fingers quickly unbuttoning her dress. After a few moments of struggle with the various snaps and buttons she finally lay before him unclothed. He looked over her hungrily, his eyes glowing with animal pleasure. “Gods you are beautiful,” he said as he moved his body over hers.

    “And I am all yours,” she whispered. “Now and forever.”
    Jacen stared at the ceiling of his bedchamber, his heart pounding so hard it felt like it would burst out of his chest as he gasped for breath. He rolled over on sweat soaked sheets and gave a sensual slow smile to his lover.

    Tenel Ka lay on her side next to him with only a thin sheet covering the lower part of her body. Jacen had to smile at her beauty; she had the striking figure of an athlete, but she remained extremely feminine with ample breasts and curves in all the right places. Her red hair was usually styled in impeccable elegant braids but their activities during the past last hour caused her hair to become undone and tangled. He liked seeing her that way…disheveled, exhausted and glowing with sexual satisfaction. It was extremely intimate.

    He couldn’t believe what had just transpired. The experience was better than any erotic fantasy he could possibly imagine in his youth…and he could imagine quite a bit. In bed, Tenel Ka didn’t act like a Queen as much as a wild, insatiable Dathomir witch. The unbridled passion shocked and excited him… and left him wanting so much more.

    “That was absolutely incredible, Tenel Ka,” he whispered when he finally caught his breath. “I don’t know if you were using the Force, but you knew everything I liked or ever wanted”

    She smiled and ran a teasing finger down his chest. “You are the best as always.”

    That last statement caught him off guard. “As always?”

    She flushed guiltily. “Jacen...I," she hesitated for a second. "I didn’t get a chance to tell you what I wanted to discuss today.”

    “Which is?”

    “This is not our first time together.” She paused for a moment. “We had a relationship prior to your memory loss.”

    His jaw dropped and his eyes went wide in disbelief. “I’m sorry, I don’t remember,” he sputtered. “And believe me, that is something I would want to remember.” He closed his eyes and tried to will the memories to return, but they remained stubbornly hidden. He sighed sadly. He thought this was their first time, but he now realized his injury had stolen that special moment from him also.

    Tenel Ka scooted closer to him until their bodies touched. “I’m sorry you don’t remember. We’ll have to make new memories for you.”

    “I know,” he said weakly. “And the memories you just gave me are a fantastic start.” He leaned in and kissed her on the lips gently. “Being with you is a dream come true. I just wish I could remember our relationship.” He thought for a moment before a mystifying question started gnawing on his mind. He looked over to her confused. “Did our relationship start recently, because my family made no mention of it? They have been over for the last week showing me holos of family events in the hopes I will remember some things. I didn’t see you in any of the images.”

    Her eyes lowered as she took a deep breath cleansing breath and let it out slowly. “Jacen, our relationship started five years ago. Your family didn’t know. It was a secret relationship.”

    “What?” he gasped. “Five years…why the secrecy?”

    She gazed at him with tense, watchful eyes. “You know how much the Hapan people dislike Jedi.”

    “Yes,” Jacen nodded slowly. “But why couldn’t I tell my family? They’re trustworthy. They would keep the secret.”

    She shook her head stubbornly. “I couldn’t take the chance.”

    His eyes roved over her uneasily. “Exactly, how serious was this relationship? Was I an occasional lover or did we have a monogamous relationship?”

    She looked down, averting her eyes. “We were secretly married on Dathomir.”

    “Married!” Jacen gave a stunned shout. “We were married and my family wasn’t told?” Jacen suddenly sat up in bed as he was hit with a sudden insight. “Tenel Ka,” he whispered as a trembling hand reached under her chin and gently brought her head up so he could look her in the eyes. “Your daughter…is she mine?”

    Tenel Ka nodded her eyes glistening with tears. “Yes. Her name is Allana. She is four years old.”

    Jacen took a shuddering breath. “I don’t remember her. I don’t even know what she looks like.” He fought to keep his voice steady, but there was still a waver when he talked. “I don’t remember holding her…playing with her…hearing her call me Daddy.” He closed his eyes sadly. “And my family doesn’t know her either.”

    He felt terribly conflicted over the situation. He was delighted about having a family, but distraught that he had to hide the fact. “Tenel Ka, family is important to me and it’s very important to my parents. My father was orphaned at a young age and my mother was forced to watch the destruction of her home planet…and with it, almost everybody she knew and loved. They lost their families. They can only look forward and love and cherish their children and grandchildren. I remember when Tahiri and Anakin had their oldest son Jos. My parents were beaming with joy. I want to see that look on my mother’s face for a child of mine.”

    “Jacen, you don't remember, but we talked about this multiple times. It would endanger Allana if it was known you were the father.”

    Jacen rolled out of bed and paced the room anxiously, not bothering to dress. “Are you telling me I’m married, I have a four-year-old daughter, but I can’t tell my family?” He shook his head incredulously. “And I agreed to this arrangement?”

    “I admit you were very unhappy about the situation.”

    Jacen gave a caustic laugh. “I could see why.” He gazed at her intently. “When my parents visited a couple days ago they showed me a holoshow presentation of me attending a number of family functions. The one thing I noticed was I looked depressed in almost every image.” He shook his head. “Now I know why.”

    “I’m sorry Jacen.”

    “What does Allana say about her father being gone all the time? She must hate me.”

    Tenel Ka averted her eyes. “She does not know you are her father.”

    Jacen was left speechless for a moment. “My daughter doesn’t know I am her father.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Who does my daughter think is her father?”

    “I told her I would tell her when she was older…and I fully intended on keeping that promise when she was old enough to keep her paternity secret.”

    Jacen reached back and tried to rub the tension out of his neck. “Old enough…old enough to keep a secret. Do you mean you were never going to let the galaxy know? My family would never know?” Jacen couldn’t help but get irritated. “My daughter is growing up fatherless, my mother doesn’t know she has a granddaughter. You deny my existence as your husband and father of your child…just because the Hapan people don’t like the Jedi? They have priority over us being a family?”

    “I did it for Allana and my safety.”

    Jacen scoffed. “Has it worked? How many assassination attempts have occurred since our secret relationship started?”


    “I want to see my daughter.” Jacen said firmly. “I won’t let you deny me this. You may be the Queen, but I am a father…Allana’s father.” His voice cracked as the emotions welled up within him. “I want to see her…and I can tell you right now—I’m not going to keep this from my family. My father was a General in the Rebellion, my mother was Chief of State, my brother and sister are Jedi. If you can’t trust them, then who can you trust? If you want to keep the public uninformed…fine, but my family needs to know, because I want one family…not my parents, brother, sister, aunts and uncles on one side of the galaxy and then another family with a secret wife and child on the other. I don’t want two separate families. I want one.” He paused. “Can you give me that?”

    “I don’t know.” She bowed her head in sorrow. “Conditions are changing on Hapes, it may be possible.”

    “It may be possible.” Jacen gave a sad scathing laugh. “For years I dreamt of being with you. Being your husband and starting a family and now I have it…but, it’s under intolerable conditions.” Jacen went to the master ‘fresher. He felt like he was about to have a psychotic break. This was all too much for him to handle in one day. He turned in the doorway naked and unembarrassed. “I’m going to take a shower. I need some time alone.” He ran a hand over his face. “This is overwhelming…with the memory loss and now finding out about a wife and daughter…and the situation. I need time to process this information.” He pointed toward the living room door. “Tenel Ka, could you please leave?”


    “Please,” Jacen pleaded. “I need time to think and you need time to go get my daughter so I can at least see her. Please!”

    With that he closed the ‘fresher door. After a few moments she heard the water running in the shower. She rolled out of bed furious and started to dress. She couldn’t believe he could bed her so thoroughly and then tell her to go away, like she was a common prostitute.

    Her anger ebbed somewhat when she realized that was exactly how she treated him all those years. They never went to out to dinner, a holo, dances, or anything normal people did while courting. She would sexually indulge herself with him and then ask him to sneak out of her bedchamber through some dark, dank tunnel. For the first time in her life she truly understood how he felt…and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.
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    Jacen's sight of situation has changed drastically. He will have none of it now. And Tenel Ka can lost him now for good.
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    =D= =D= on the first scene - melted me right off, totally. :) The second one: fantastic writing. @};- Jacen's reaction is completely understandable, and even though it was something they'd discussed, and it's not TK's fault, [face_sigh] the memory loss/rub on top of it all ... leaves him feeling like he did before this whole thing started with Lumiya and the "plague". [face_thinking] Yikes! I'm glad he wants to share/blend his families into one. @};-
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    Great chapter. I hope it all works out.
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    Can't wait to see how you'll untangle this.
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    I love how you had TK see the light. She was having her cake and eating it too for many years and it was a factor in pushing Jacen to the brink of losing himself forever. I hope that she does go and get their daughter so that he can meet her. I didn't meet my father until I was 24 and it is a void in one's life even if you have the best of mothers and family around you. They deserve to know one another as father and daughter. Great scene, gal!
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    Thanks @Demendora, @Hazel, @ginchy, @Jade_eyes, @EmeraldJediFire and @Briannakin for reading and taking the time to review. I have a few more chapters to go. I should start wrapping up things very soon.

    Thanks for reading!


    Planet Lavisar: Dormock Genetic Center

    Commander Deke Tavik piloted his shuttle into low orbit over the planet Lavisar. He turned to his travel companion who was napping in the copilot seat and smacked him on the shoulder, rousing the large man. “We’re here.”

    Mark rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “Good. Go to the Dormock South landing bay. That’s where Jacen had landed. I don’t have a perfect memory of where and what he did, so it would be easier if we came from the same direction he traveled.”

    “Okay,” Deke said but didn’t look away. He had a hard time taking his eyes off his friend due to his strange appearance. “It is weird seeing you like that.”

    Mark reached a hand up to the disguise he was wearing. He dyed his normally bright red hair blond and added synthskin to lower his brow so he looked more brutish. “If you end up killing an Imperial,” Mark said in a low, reluctant voice. “I don’t want to be seen walking in there. Changing my facial features was cheaper than a holographic image disguiser.”

    “I’m going with sunglasses and cap.” Deke looked at him questioningly. “Can’t you people cut out the security holocams?”

    Mark gave him a slightly deprecating smile. “If by ‘you people’ you mean Jedi, yes we I can flash-blind the security imagers as we pass, but that is not always effective. And it won’t affect eyewitnesses unless I do a Force cloak.”

    “Then why don’t you do both?” Deke asked.

    Mark rolled his eyes. “Because I am no Luke Skywalker. The Grand Master would be able to pull that off, but not me. I am not even close to having his skills.”

    Deke made a placating gesture. “Well, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. There’s a chance we may not have to kill anyone or blow up the medical facility…maybe.” He brought his hand up and held his finger and thumb about three centimeters apart. “There’s a small chance at least.”

    Mark let out a frustrated breath. “Deke, it’s a real medical research laboratory and clinic. We can’t go all ‘Tarkin’ on it,” Mark said using a slang phrase meant to convey over-the-top and unnecessary destruction. “Besides, Jacen was convinced that the doctor didn’t recognize him. We don’t need to kill him if he didn’t know it was Jacen.”

    Deke shook his head. “Mark there is so much wrong with your logic that I’m not even going to try to convince you otherwise. We’ll evaluate the situation, adapt and improvise as we go along. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then let me handle it.”

    Mark gave him a severe look, but didn’t respond.

    Tavik brought his ship in for a landing utilizing a false transponder identifying him as an Imperial private courier. It was easy enough to acquire false documents and transponders when you work for a Queen and Deke made good use of the assets available to him. Once he finished his post-flight checks he unstrapped himself from his crash webbing and stood. “Let’s go.”

    Both men moved to the rear of the shuttle where they pulled on civilian overcoats bulky enough to hide their weapons. Deke put on dark sunglasses and a cap traditionally worn in by humans in the sector. Despite his nonchalant manner, he absolutely wanted to avoid detection. The Imperials didn’t need to know a Jedi and a retired GA Void Jumper-turned-Hapan-security-commander were walking around their territory causing havoc.

    Mark was wearing a dark business suit under a heavy overcoat that hung past his knees. Underneath the garment he stashed his blaster and lightsaber. On his head he wore a wide brim hat. He turned to Deke and held his arms out to his side. “How do I look?”

    The Royal security officer looked him over and laughed. “You look like a giant, partially shaved Wookiee, that’s planning on opening his trench coat and exposing himself to sorority coeds.”

    Mark nodded thoughtfully. “Good, that was the look I was going for,” he said in a deadpan voice.

    Deke guffawed while he made some adjustments in his attire. “Can you see the bulge of the explosives or weapons?”

    Mark shook his head. “No, it just looks like you are on the pudgy side.”

    “Good.” Deke pulled the brim of his hat down until it was hanging over his glasses. He turned to Mark and smiled. “When we get out of the ship start doing your Jedi Force-Flashing magic and lead the way.”


    The Dormock Genetic Center was an impressively large duracrete and transparisteel building that had a steady stream of people moving in and out. It not only did medical research but a medical clinic was located on upper floors of the facility. Patients, visitors and employees moved around the main lobby as they traveled to their destinations.

    As they walked up the front stairs Mark blanked out the security cameras covering the front entrance and then in the reception area.

    A human female was sitting at a desk in front of the corridor Mark wished to travel. Above the hallway entrance was a sign that said Restricted Area. The receptionist looked up at the two men and smiled. “Can I help you?”

    “We're here to see Doctor Draco,” Mark said.

    “Do you have an appointment?” the woman asked as she gave a rehearsed smile.

    “I don’t need an appointment,” Mark said with the power of the Force behind his words. “We can go on it.”

    The woman looked at him blankly before she found her voice. “Umm…yes go on in.”

    “Thank you,” Mark said with a grin. “And forget we were here.”

    She gave him a confused nod as her attention drifted off.

    “Follow me,” Mark said to Deke as he quickly walked down the hall.

    Deke looked over his shoulder to the receptionist. “Can you teach me that trick? That would get me out of a lot of chores at home.” Deke lowered his voice to sound like Mark’s “I don’t have to take out the trash.”

    Mark chuckled. “Only Jedi can do it and it only works on the weak minded…so it won’t work on your wife. The only weak-minded thing she’s ever done was marrying your sorry butt.”

    “Maybe, but it’s a cute butt.”

    “I’ll have to take your word on that one.” Mark stopped outside a laboratory and his tone turned serious. “Promise me we won’t kill him unless we have to.”

    Deke’s shoulders slumped in frustration. “Fine. We’ll find out what he knows about the plague, destroy evidence and threaten to come back and kill him if he talks…that is if he didn’t recognize Jacen.”

    “Okay.” Mark took a deep breath and then entered the empty laboratory and then barged into the doctor’s side office. Behind a desk sat an old man reading a datapad. The elderly doctor’s head jerked up in surprise. Who are you?”

    Mark waved a hand and the transparisteel walls of the office went dark giving them some privacy for their talk. “It doesn’t matter who we are.” Mark walked closer to the doctor. “I have some questions and you are going to answer them.”

    A look of panic crossed the doctor’s face before he quickly reached under his desk and pulled out a nasty looking blaster. Before he had time to think about it, Mark called his lightsaber to his hand, activating it before it even hit his palm. He swung the saber in a controlled arc, cleaving the barrel off the weapon with one stroke. He then brought the blade up to the man’s neck. “Make this easy on yourself. Answer my questions and you will walk out of this building alive.”

    “A Jedi,” the doctor gasped in disbelief. He lifted his chin trying to get it as far away from the glowing blade as possible. “What do you want?”

    Mark turned off his saber but kept it in hand in case he needed to use it again. “I want to know about the Hapan plague nanovirus you made for a client a few weeks ago.”

    The doctor gave him a genuine look of confusion. “What? The Hapan plaque?” Suddenly the blood drained from the doctor’s face as he realized what they meant. “Oh gods,” he moaned as he sat down heavily in his seat. He looked up to Mark and Deke his eyes like a wild animal. “Kriff! The target was a Hapan royal?” He started to quiver in fear. “Shavit! I was never told it was a royal. That makes a huge difference.”

    “How so? What was the job?” Deke asked the man.

    The doctor ran a trembling hand over his face. “I was hired to make a nanovirus. The man wanted a vaccine for two people. But later he asked me to make a virus to kill a certain person. I was given a DNA sample of two closely related relatives of the intended victim. The virus should only have affected a very close relative of the people the DNA samples came from…it was supposedly for a paternal grandmother.” His voice took on a tinge of panic. “I wasn’t told the target would be a Hapan royal. I would never have made the virus if I did.”

    “Why not?” Deke asked.

    “Because the Hapan royal families have been inbreeding for thousands of years. The nanovirus was designed to target a specific genetic variation in single-nucleotide polymorphisms within cellular DNA. With normal populations it would be extremely rare to find these polymorphisms outside the immediate family…but there could be hundreds of royals with those specific markers,” the doctor muttered sounding like he was on the verge of hysteria. When he made a sudden move Mark once again ignited his lightsaber, but the man simply doubled over and vomited on the floor. He wiped his mouth as he straightened back up in his seat. “Gods, I’m going to have Hapan assassins after me.”

    Deke took out his blaster and glared at Mark. “Turn off the saber. It’s noisy. I’ll just blast him if he doesn’t cooperate.”

    “And a blaster doesn’t make noise?”

    “I have a vibroblade if it comes down to that,” he turned to the doctor. “But it’s not going to come down to that, right Doctor?”

    The man was shaking and perspiration dripped down his forehead and stained the shirt around his arm pits. “What do you want?”

    “Is there a cure?”

    The man shook his head. “There is a vaccine, but once infected the disease has to run its course. The nanovirus spores degrade rapidly. By now if a person isn’t infected, they should be okay. I didn’t want a virus that lingered for months or years.”

    Deke turned to Mark. “So this is now a clean-up operation.”

    Mark walked around the desk avoiding the upchuck on the floor. “I figure your illegal nanovirus information isn’t stored in the databanks of a legitimate clinic. Where are your private computer logs, office holocam recordings and information involving this plague? They need to be destroyed.”

    The man let out a relieved breath. “Gods, that’s what you want? You can have it. I don’t want this plague pinned on me. I’ll give you everything.” The doctor got up and went to a safe, punched in a code and opened it. As he moved to reach in Deke’s blaster came up to his head.

    “No funny business Doctor,” he warned the man.

    “I’m seventy-eight years old; I no longer have enough energy for funny business.” He pulled out a large computer datapad and two external hard drives. “Here, this is everything.”

    Deke took the devices and looked up to Mark. “Watch him.” He walked to the corner of the room and picked up the doctors metal trashcan, turning it over and shaking out the contents. He placed the datapad and hard drives into the can. He removed three incendiary devices from under his coat and placed them on top of the datapad. He then pulled a wireless detonator triggering-device from his side pocket and readied to activate it.

    “Are you going to blow it here?” The doctor asked nervously.

    “Relax it doesn’t explode. It emits an electromagnetic pulse, followed by a combination of heat and chemicals that will burn through the drives and datapad, rendering them completely unsalvageable.” He pushed a button and the contents of the wastebasket made a puffing sound and then glowed brightly.

    “So now what,” The doctor said nervously looking back and forth between the two men. “You said I’d live if I cooperated? You’re Jedi…Jedi don’t assassinate people? Am I under arrest? Wait…,” the doctor gave a puzzled look and Mark knew the doctor just realized Jedi didn’t have any authority within the Empire. “Why are the Jedi involved in destroying evidence?” The doctor asked questioningly. His eyebrows shot up with a look of horror. “Jacen Solo! I thought I recognized him when he came to see me.” The doctor slapped his hands over his mouth, alarmed that he said anything.

    Deke sighed deeply and turned to Mark. “You just had to whip out your lightsaber and jog his memory, didn’t you?”

    Mark gave him a sheepish look. “Sorry, it’s an automatic reaction.”

    Deke grimaced in frustration. “I can’t believe you’ve survived as long as you have. Sometimes you're as dumb as a box of rocks.” Deke pulled out his vibroblade from his coat pocket and gave the geneticist an apologetic look. “It’s too bad your memory improved at the wrong time, doctor.”

    “No.” Mark put up his hand stopping Deke. “This is my fault. I’ll take care of it.” Mark pulled out his blaster. “Guard the door.”

    Deke frowned but turned and left the office.

    The doctor backed away from Mark. “Please! I’m not going to tell anybody anything.” He went to scream but Mark clamped a large hand over the man’s mouth as he pushed him against the back wall.

    “I know you are not going to tell anybody.” Mark stepped closer to the man, blaster in hand. “I’m going to make sure of that.”

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