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"Secret"(A Jedi apprentice fanfic)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Wycil, Aug 12, 1999.

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  1. BoB

    BoB Moderator Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 8, 1998
    Its just a script, a treatis(sp) is a 3rd person view which allows better discription of action) I was going towards word format.

    I've never done any 3d modeling so I wouldn't be much help with that part anyway.
  2. XNaga SadowX

    XNaga SadowX Jedi Youngling

    Sep 26, 1999
    BoB, sure, post the story. I'd love to hear it. BTW, any of you real good with Flash 4. Also, what about pretty good with me if ya are because I have a few (they're probably real simple, but I overlook things a lot) problems...Thanks.
  3. Ton Phanan

    Ton Phanan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 12, 1999
    Oh BoB, I misinterpreted you. I thought you meant you put together a simple test, like we were talking about. My fault.
  4. BoB

    BoB Moderator Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 8, 1998
    Ok Maybe later tonight I'll type it up. Just remeber it pretty rough and was written on the el with people trying to sell me socks and other odd things that happen on the el at night.
  5. Ton Phanan

    Ton Phanan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 12, 1999
    I can just picture it...

    The pilot swoops down, narrowly avoiding a laser bolt coming from behind him, when suddenly a mysterious and dangerous looking woman appears at his side, attempting to persuade him to buy some socks

  6. XNaga SadowX

    XNaga SadowX Jedi Youngling

    Sep 26, 1999
    I just had a revelation! (and the heavens open up to Naga). Well, ok maybe not.
    But anyways, heres a new idea. How about we design, for practice of course ::drumroll:: an Episode II little trailer. Cause this slipped my mind (i dont know how). We need people to do voices too. But anyways, looking towards this right now, we could have some jedi duelin, some mandalorian warriors, maybe have anakin show some anger, have some vsd's, clone wars stuff...and yes I know, some of this wont happen. But I'm sure people will love it, because it just opens their mind more to what could come. I think it'd be fun, and I would edit it all, I just need the animation and modeling work done. :/
  7. Ton Phanan

    Ton Phanan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 12, 1999
    Actually, I had an idea today myself, about a Phantom Menace parody or something. But that would probably be a lot of animation to do. (I'm not talking about 2 hours, but 5-10 minutes or so, which I presume is still a lot)
  8. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998
    I think that a trailer would be excelent. But who says you need voices for the trailer? You could put great music behind the trailer to make it very theatrical.
  9. XNaga SadowX

    XNaga SadowX Jedi Youngling

    Sep 26, 1999
    That's what I was sayin Rinon...sorry if I didnt phrase it right. I was sayin it would be hard to get people to do voices, so that's why this would be a good thing to practice with. I agree also with the music, ya know, add some effects too. I've had experience doing this, so I'd love to do the editing part, just animations the problem for now.
  10. XNaga SadowX

    XNaga SadowX Jedi Youngling

    Sep 26, 1999
    Tom, yeah that would be fun to do also. My thought about that is that theres many already out there, but ya havent really seen any ep2 stuff. It'd be different than a lot of other stuff. And what we'd be going off of is good ideas of what's to come, rumors, etc...If any of you have good plot summaries, I've seen em around the boards too, send em in. Post em too, it would help a lot if we had somewhere to start and then modified it different ideas from others, etc...IMO.
  11. XNaga SadowX

    XNaga SadowX Jedi Youngling

    Sep 26, 1999
    Tom, yeah that would be fun to do also. My thought about that is that theres many already out there, but ya havent really seen any ep2 stuff. It'd be different than a lot of other stuff. And what we'd be going off of is good ideas of what's to come, rumors, etc...If any of you have good plot summaries, I've seen em around the boards too, send em in. Post em too, it would help a lot if we had somewhere to start and then modified it with different ideas from others, etc...IMO.
  12. XNaga SadowX

    XNaga SadowX Jedi Youngling

    Sep 26, 1999
    whoops. double post
  13. Defiance

    Defiance Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 16, 1999
    Ep2 trailer, interesting. But remember, no spoilers. I would hate to have Ep2 spoiled!
  14. BoB

    BoB Moderator Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 8, 1998
    Ton I edited out the sock woman and the homeless person that was selling Streetwise.

    After looking at it typed out it still might be a bit long so it can be editted some to make it easier. and it is still prety rough so suggestions are welcome, especcially with squadron names. any way here it is

    Convoy Duty

    <Opens with picture of a Star field. Close up of a Y-wing flies from the top of the screen. As it continues away 2 other ships can be seen following it. The fighters are in a V formation. During the next section the camera will switch to the fighter that is talking.>

    Gold 3 - I thought there would be more action.

    Gold 1 - Yeah we've been luck so far

    Gold 3 - Lucky? I was hoping to Vape some Imperial hardware.

    Gold 2 - Kid it?s just your first mission. I had an easy one like this the first time out. I was lucky to survive
    at all.

    Gold 1 - To bad your ship wasn't that lucky.

    Gold 2 - You?re never going to let me live that down.

    Gold 1 - It?s not just anyone who runs into a Star Destroyer.

    Gold 3- You ran into a Star Destroyer?

    Gold 1 - Yes he did, I don't think it was big enough for him to see it.

    Gold 2 - I was lining up the perfect shot,? and I did take it out.

    Gold 1 - Of course it is customary to shoot it with on e of the weapons not ram it with your ship.

    Gold 2 - Details details, where is this convoy we are suppose to be escorting.

    <Just as he finished those words several medium freighters jump out of hyperspace. >

    Gold 1- Convoy group Bantha this is Gold Group, we're here to escort you to your next jump coordinates.

    Bantha 1 - Thanks Gold Group, nice to have you along.

    Gold 1 - It?s been quiet so far, hopefully it?ll stay that way.

    Bantha 1- that would be nice for a change.

    < Shot of 6 Tie Fighters coming out of hiding from behind an asteroid>

    Gold 3 - I got something on my sensors.

    Gold 2 - Me too.

    Gold 1 - Well it looks like things might get more exciting after all. <The Y-wing does a wide turn to head off towards the ties. > Banta Convoy head out towards the Jump point at top speed and get the hell out of here.

    < The Ties and Y-wings close in on each other. Gold 1 and 2 each take out a tie fighter with lasers. Gold 3's shots go wide of the one he is aiming at. The get some shots on the Y-wings but they are absorbed by the shields. The ships pass each other closely. The camera follows the y-wings. Gold 1 does a half loop while gold 2 and 3 bank hard to turn towards their respective sides. Camera follows 3 and rotates to a rear view of his ship. Gold 3 ends up behind one of the ties. The pilot twists and turns to avoid his shots. He takes several shots that are near misses. >

    Gold 3- come on just let me get one shot?

    < After a few more shots gold 3 hits him on the support strut and one of the ties solar panels fly off. As it starts to spiral off, and explodes. Pan around the fighter to show that one of the remaining ties is now behind gold and almost immediately have the tie fire a few salvos into the rear shields of the y-wing. Gold 3 tries to do some maneuvers to loose him but the tie stays behind him>

    Gold 3 - I got one behind me and I can't shake him.

    <A few more shots hit him in the back>

    Gold 3 - (sounding panicky) My shields can't take much more of this, somebody get him off of me!!

    <Another shot hits the Y-wing this time making it through the shields scoring the rear armor. The tie lines up for another shot and just before it is about to fire it explodes, and a Y-wing flies through the explosion. >

    Gold 1 - Your clear now, Two did you get that other one yet?

    Gold 2 - He's no longer a threat; lets catch up to the convoy.

    <Possible break for the movie>

    <Change to picture of the Convoy. Head on shot of them flying toward camera as they pass pan over them to show gas giant. As the last ship passes by it a Corellian Corvette comes out from behind. The corvette fires a shot from it dual turbo laser hitting the last freighter, which promptly explodes.>

    Bantha 1 - Freighters Break Formatio
  15. Nemesis

    Nemesis Jedi Youngling

    May 23, 1999
    When it comes to complex drawings, I have about as much artistic talent as the rear end of a mule. However, I have a high bandwidth Internet connection, and I would be willing to do voices. I also have a couple of CD burners, so I could send the project to some people if it were necessary.

    Nemesis, Genius@Large
  16. Wycil

    Wycil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 23, 1999
    Hello once again.I´m starting another story among the spiritplane storyline,because this has been in my most tormented mind now for a while...actually for 10
    damn I always forget what it was that I´m supposed to say but the storys name is:


    Space seemed as beatiful as ever.The countless stars shining bright,rising from the dark emptyness,the cold.All life had come from there but ended as lives perished continuoslly in it´s silence.Sounds were not to be heard anywhere as the endless mass of blackness touched every voice in it´s humonguos void.Until a ship came out of hyperspace bringing life into the scenery with the blinding light´s.Suddently a small escapepod flew out of the battleship.Inside the bigger Captain Majera´ls the small but respected Sullustan sat slowly on his command chair laying his small hands on the sides grabbing firmly his black eye´s questioning.

    "The damn human!How could he escape?No one,no one but..but a".

    He stayed quiet for as the tense silence hung in the ships air.No one dared to say anything while the Captain had one of his moments.They all gazed on him as the Sullustan laid his fingers on his forehead rubbing the scar on it.This had become a habbit to him after he´d got the ugly wound on his face.No one had permission to mention it aboard his ship.Though he was small in size his fury was beyond recognition when he got frightned all the crew members after theyd witnessed all his horrible actions.They feared him more than respected the gloomy alien.He spoke once again:

    "Of course!I should have known.A Jedi!A Jedi.Yes only a Jedi could have done this.And now he is escaping!".

    The Sullustan said pausing for a moment breathing shallowly.One of his most unfortunate wounds that he had.In a fight with his father five years ago from where only one of the two only survived.And all because of attention.To everyone else it felt absurd that the Captain had killed his own father only because he thought that the older Sullustan had got more attention from his mother and the others wife.The Captain was a most jealous person.After his breathing had got back to normal he gathered his breath now pointing on the screen before him.

    "We must´hha get the Ljedi".

    Almost everyone bursted into a laugh but kept for their own fortune quiet.The Captain
    spoke sometimes most rediculoussly.He continued sensing and finding humour in the faces of his crew.He´s show them later..oh yes.But now there was no time to waste.The Escapepod was nearing the planet before them fast and he had to catch it and eliminate the Jedi in it.

    "Fire on the!!!".

    He was furious as he tried to form the wo´rd´s in his mind.His hand´s were in every direction as his emotions started to take the best of him.One of the men opened his mouth to correct the Captain:

    -"The escapepod Captain?".He asked keeping the tone of his voice respectfull.

    -"Yes.Yes.The...the Pod.Destroy it,fire to kill.No protonbeams",he said laying his gaze downwards.This was one of those day´s again.But soon it would turn for the better as they closed on the escapedpod that he himself had a hard time pronouncing.

    The Escapepod flew violently through space coming closer to the planet of Terasis.A far planet with a medium population.Still the planet was very self sufficient as it didn´t seem to need help from other governments.Especially the Republic.A lonesome figure stood in the small pod his attention on the ship behind him ready to kill.Not stun.He pulled his helmet off that had served him on the ship until he had been discovered before he could leave the ship peacefully without the slightest chance of being chased and mostly be killed!Under the old helmet came out the face of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    How do I get myself into situatíons like this?

    He asked himself a sarcastic look on his face.He pulled out his comlink placing it on his ear.

    "Qui-Gonn I hope your there!"

    He said out loud sighing after.A few seconds passed until the familiar voice of Qui-Gonn Jinn came out buzzing a little:

  17. Misty the Pokemon trainer

    Misty the Pokemon trainer Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 26, 1999
    Since school I've been in an editing mood. I read your story over and liked it, but I couldn't resist playing with editing some more. Hope you don't mind...?Secret"

    Space, it was as beautiful as ever. The countless stars were shining bright, rising from the dark cold emptiness. All life had come from space, but lives also perished continuously in its silence. Sounds were not heard anywhere, as the endless mass of blackness muted every voice in its huge empty void, until a ship would come out of hyperspace bringing life into the void with its blinding lights. Suddenly a small escape pod flew out of a battleship, where Captain Majera´ls, a small but respected Sullustan, sat down slowly on his command chair and grabbing the sides firmly with his small hands. His black eyes had a questioning look.
    "That human! How dare he escape? No one, no one but. . but a".
    He stayed quiet for as the tense silence hung in the air. No one dared speak while the Captain was so angry. All eyes gazed upon him, as he laid his fingers on his forehead gently rubbing the disfiguring scar. Even though he rubbed the grotesque wound often, no one was allowed to mention it without incurring his wrath. Though he was small in size, his fury knew no bounds. In fact, the crew feared him more than the gloomy alien. He spoke once again:
    "Of course! I should have known?a Jedi! He was a Jedi! Yes, only a Jedi could have done this?and now he is escaping!? the Sullustan said. He then paused for a moment. His breathing became shallow. The five-year-old wound was from a bitter fight with his father. He left scarred and victorious, while his father lost his life. It all had to do with jealously. He felt that his father received more attention from his own mother and new wife, so he punished his father. Slowly the Captain regained his normal breathing pattern and pointed on the viewing screen before him.
    "We must´hha get the Ljedi".
    The crew was amused by his speech errors but kept quiet for their own protection. Sometimes the Captain had a ridiculous way of speaking. He angrily sensed the creew?s amusement and started thinking of ways to punish them later. Right now, though, there was no wime to wazste. The escape pod was nearing the planet before them fast and he had to catch it and eliminate the Jedi in it.
    "Fire on the sepod. . . no escop. . no!? he shouted, angrily fumbling in his attempts to use the correct grammar. His hands flew in every direction, as his emotions overcame his capacity for reasoning.
    One of the brave crew members, annoyed with the Captain?s manner of speech, tried to correct him. ?The escape pod Captain?" he asked respectfully.
    -"Yes. Yes. The. . . the pod. Destroy it. Fire to kill. No proton beams!? he commanded letting his gaze drift downwards. This day was not going right. If only they could catch the escape pod.
    The escape pod flew violently through space, spiraling closer and closer to the planet of Terasis, a planet on the outer rim with an average population. It prided itself in its self sufficiency. It needed no one?s help, especially not the Republic?s.
    In side the small pod, a lonesome figure turned his attention to the battleship racing after him. Their accuracy was getting better. There were no stun beams this time, for the shiip was intent on his destruction. He pulled off his helmet, part of a disguise which had served him well until he was recognized as not one of the crew, revealing the face of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    ?How do I always get myself into situations like this?? he thought with a sarcastic look on his face. He pulled out his comlink. "Qui-Gon, are you there?"
    A few seconds later the familiar voice of Qui-Gon Jinn was heard. "Padawan? What is happening? I felt a disturbance in the for?.?
    Obi-Wan, in his frantic effort to finish his thought before communications were terminated by a communication blackout weapon, cut his sentence short. ?Master, please forgive me for rudeness, but I´m being chased! That Sullustan is hot on revenge?
    ?What ha
  18. Katja

    Katja Jedi Youngling

    Oct 11, 1999
    I was highly surprised Wycil.. "Secret" is a great story, it reminds me of the Jedi Apprentice series where Obi-Wan Kenobi, basically always get into some kind of trouble.. LOL. You should come up with more.

  19. Celes

    Celes Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 8, 1999
    Interesting story...I can't wait to see what happens next. Also, Misty, you're pretty good with editing. Want to help me with my homework?
  20. Wycil

    Wycil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 23, 1999
    Thanks Misty for the editing,I saw a lot of what could have been...but thanks anyway,you good I´d say.And to Celes and Katja.Thanks and kisses.

    As the pod neared the fatal debris the young Jedi closed his eye´s focusing to push the growing emotion of fear within him,lurking as always in the shadows whispering odd word´s to him.

    I have to concentrate

    He thought now hearing Qui-Gonn´s distant voice from the small comlink."Yes Master?",he said anxiety in his short word´s.
    "Listen Padawan you haven´t got much time.Concentrate.Use the force inside you and around,it is your ally.",Qui-Gonn said firmly but a distinct tone of worry in his voice.The trasmission ended.

    -Now It´s up to you Kenobi.Qui-Gonn can´t help me this time.I have to concentrate,yes push all other aside.The living force.

    Obi-Wan shut the world around him from his mind and his ice blue eye´s.This would be his only chance.Failure was not an option.He had to quiet the voices in his mind.Do or do not Master´s had said to him.Size does not matter.Obi-Wan could hear his own frightening whispers fade away into the back of his mind.Feeling the force soon the shape of the debris started to form in his mind.He could see it,feel the cold metal on his fingers.Gathering his breath and crossing his hand´s slowly upwards, magically he sent a shockwave through the force that seemed now so strong in him.It neared the debris sending the shining piece´s of metal far away from the pod he was so desperately in.The young Jedi opened his eye´s jumping quickly before the window.To be sure that he´d succeeded.And he had!Obi-Wan sat down brushing his hair with his finger´s that had once been a habit of his years ago.He glanced downwards to the planet where he´d be landing soon unaware of the world around him.Now he could only feel the comforting voice of the force flowing through his thoughts and his whole existance.There was only the present,not what was to come or what was behind him.Only the strong feeling.He´d beaten death once again.

    Inside the small destroyer the void of silence reigned for a moment.Captain Majera´ls stood silently gazing furioussly at the small pod,before his ship still out of it´s reach.The Jedi had done a miracle again by sending the debris from his way.And they´d had to turn back before any suspicion of their mission would be revealed.And that was not an option and the Sullustan knew it though his ambition tried to get the better of him.To chase the Jedi who knew all their hidden secret´s.The blaim of the Jedi´s escape was not to be laid on any of the crewmembers shoulder´s.No they had dealed with a Jedi this time.And he knew that the mysterious warriors were capable of,they were never to be underestimated.He sighed silently pushing all the rage from within him to a better time.Now was not the time for yelling and destroying."Take the ship back.Will land on the surfice later and catch the Ljedi.",he said now a small smile crossing on his face.He´d pronounced it right this time.Or so he thought as he left the commandbridge.

    Sparks flew from the small pod as it landed on the planets surfice.It´s burned metal shined barely as the sunlight bathed the planet,bringing new life into the universe.The small hatch opened as Obi-Wan jumped out of it down on the grass.He almost found himself kissing the green thorn´s as an enormous feeling of joy took over him.It had been a whole two weeks since he´d last seen soil.

    Finally.I thought I´d never get out of that damned ship.Miracles do happen Kenobi.Oh yes.

    He set his gaze on his clothing as he started to feel an itch on his chest.He started to open the small hidden compartment in the the darkish blue suit he had weared for on the mission where he and Qui-Gonn had been sent on.He revealed a small round object.It´s size a third of the size of his fist.This object had been the reason why Obi-Wan had settled on the ship in undercover faking himself as a potential buyer for the small object which he knew nothing of.It took much effort from him to find a way on the Sullustan´s better side.Then soon this all h
  21. Celtic Jedi

    Celtic Jedi Jedi Youngling

    Aug 22, 1999
    Well....I'm hooked. Yep. I like this story very much.
  22. Misty the Pokemon trainer

    Misty the Pokemon trainer Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 26, 1999
    I'm up late tonight. I really like this story. You've got good ideas. I wish I could create stories, but alas, I don't have the imagination that it takes. I'm doomed to editing. Say, I did play around with the story a little. What do you think?As the escape pod entered the field of debris, the young Jedi closed his eyes to held him increase his focus. He summoned the force to help him push away the growing fear that was threatening to seize control of his emotions. He knew he must regain his composure so that he could concentrate on using the force to help him with the difficult task of trying to guide the escape pod and push the debris out of its path. In the shadows of his mind, he would hear the whisperings of Yoda?s and Qui-Gon?s lessons on controlling fear. ?I have to concentrate?.? His focus was broken by a distant voice from the comlink. ?Obi-Wan?Obi-Wan?Can you hear me??

    ?Yes, Master?? he answered, trying to keep the anxiety out of his voice.

    ?Listen, Padawan, you haven?t got much time. Concentrate. Call upon the force inside you and all around. It is your ally.? Qui-Gon advised, trying hard to hid the worry he felt in his heart. ?Obi-Wan, you must??

    The transmission abruptly ended. ?Now it?s up to me,? Obi-Wan realized. ?Qui-Gon can?t help me this time. I have to concentrate. I must push the fear aside. I must concentrate on the living force.? Obi-Wan felt the overpowering fear and desperation slowly melt away from his heart, as he closed his ice blue eyes in deep concentration. This would be his only chance?perhaps his last chance. ?Do or do not,? Yoda had always said. ?Size matters not.? The frightening nightmarish whispers of a possible future slowly faded away.

    Through the force he started to feel the shape of the debris that was around him. He could see it in his mind and almost feel the cold hard metal on his fingertips. Taking a deep breath, he slowly brought his hand upwards and then thrust it out from his body, sending a force shockwave through the air, thrusting the shiny pieces of debris away from the pod. His eyes flew open, and he leaped to the small window in time to see the debris speeding away. He had succeeded! Relieved, he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, an old habit that he often did after stressful events were over.

    The escape pod plunged through the atmosphere. Soon he would be landing?probably crashing, yet to the onlooker, he seemed unaware of the imminent danger. He could only feel the comforting caress of the force flowing through his thoughts and his whole existence. He concentrated on the present, not what might become of him or the past. He?d beaten death once. He?d beat it again, or die like a Jedi.

    Back inside the battleship, silence hung thick in the air. Captain Majera?ls furious gaze was directed at the small escape pod, which was still out of his reach. Somehow the Jedi had performed a miracle. He had seen the debris repelled by the craft and sent flying toward his ship. He?d have to turn back now, before anyone suspected the purpose of his mission. This was not an option. The escaping Jedi knew all their secrets, and soon others would know of his burning ambition. He knew he could not blame his crew for the prisoner?s escape, since it was almost impossible to contain a Jedi. The mysterious warriors were capable of almost anything, and they were never, never to be underestimated.

    He sighed, silently pushing away the rage that burned within him. Now was not the time to vent his feelings. ?Reverse engines. We will circle around the debris field and catch the Ljed?no Ljed,? he commanded, a small smile crossing his face. His pronunciation was getting better, or so he thought. Abruptly he got up and left the command bridge to contemplate on his next move.

    Sparks flew wildly as the small pod scraped against the planet?s surface. It bounced several times and then finally skidded across the ground, barely missing trees and large outcroppings. It?s burned metal glinted in the sunshine. Finally the craft was sti
  23. Durga2000

    Durga2000 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 5, 1999
    More already? Great. Keep it up!
  24. Wycil

    Wycil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 23, 1999
    More to come once again.Thanks once again Misty,you can write and the ideas will come.I´m actually not used to writing Star Wars or any mythical/scifi/fantasy like stories but now I´m giving it a try.Hope you all like it.This is a bit more of a "peacefull"chapter so bare with me.

    The tall trees seemed to hide all the landscape in the amidst of the dark wood´s.Night had descended itself upon the planet,the sun vanishing to another time.Obi-Wan Kenobi the young Jedi Padawan staggered past the rough terrain feeling the cold wind around him taking the better of his body.He stopped for a moment gathering his breath after his long walk.It seemed as it had been a small eternity since he had seen his Master Qui-Gonn last.His friends warm and gentle face,his voice ready to teach him more as time passed.And time seemed to go by too fast.Master and Padawan,two friends.Obi-Wan sat down on the grass not acknowledging the cold feeling that rest brought.Night was painting itself upon the twilight,the beatiful colors dissapearing to another day.Obi-Wan rubbed his hands together silently warming them in the swirming darkness that he´d been so used to see.Too used to see.In all shapes and mind´s it formed itself to the universe.Innocence dissapearing from existence.He could feel a meek feel of sadness now in him.Suddently as he laid on the tender grass he could feel a warm comfort through the force.Master Qui-Gonn?He thought trying to reach out to it´s furthening touch.

    No..not you Master.But who then?Who?I..I don´t understand.

    He questioned himself frowning sadly being unable to identify the sensation that puzzled him and brought all the gray in the universe on his shoulders.It feeled so close,from within his soul.The word´s seemed to form themselves on his moistured lip´s as he silently said to himself something that seemed to be an odd secret to him:"Father?".

    The Crestfallen had headed towards it´s new destination thundering,ravelling the medium size planet before it,hovering in the void of space.As through a fog the green planet showed itself in it´s full beauty.The lonely figure in the midst of the millions of stars.The Sullustan Captain Majera´ls had decided to turn back towards the planet now he stood on the commandbridge gazing his and his crew´s destination where all of their priceless secret´s hid with one man.A Jedi hiding on Crysan the Outer Rim world.He knew that if he wished to gain some power in the universe that he´d hungered through the best part of his life he´d have to find the lonesome Knight that hid somewhere in the planet before him.He was so close now,he could taste his dreams on his lip´s.He saw himself reaching out for them but as usual y they vanished into the air.He had to find the Jedi and kill him.He who had in his posession the priceless small artifact where his destiny laid.

    Damn!By all the hidden forces in the universe!

    Majera´ls thought as he clenched his fingers bent before his empty black eye´s.They revealed nothing to no one.And he prefered it as a most valuable strength.Giving him the benefit of doubt over all of his enemies and friends.But this time he had been bested in his very own game.By the Jedi who had been on HIS ship as a spy for weeks under his knowledge."When shall we arrive on the planet?",he asked impatiently feeling the tention grow between him and his crew.His mysterious silence had kept them once again under his control keeping on the respect that was mutual."I think our estimated landing time will be in fifteen to twenty minutes Captain",a brisk woman´s voice shouted behind him."Good.More power on the engines and complete communication silence.",Majeral´s said now sitting down on his chair.His ambitious hunger that had been silent for a while woke again.Ready for the hunt once again.

    A pair of eye´s opened in the dark wood´s.Blinking rapidly the blue eye´s revealed themselves into the night.Obi-Wan lifted himself up slowly yawning loudly.He had fallen asleep he discovered astonished.Right after he´d felt his...father?He hadn´tthought about that since...he couldn´t remember.

  25. Defiance

    Defiance Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 16, 1999
    BoB, that's a pretty long sequence but it seems to be good. Someone needs to convert the 3DS meshes from SWMA to other formats in order to animate this, unless of course someone has 3DS MAX?????
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