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    HI! I read the first chapter sometime ago and this looks like a good one

    I want to read it but I have so many other things going on right now. I'll have to sneak in a chapter when I can to catch up. I love SiriWan although from some of the comments I sneaked a peek at this look like it could be kind of heartbreaking...

    But looking forward to another intriguing SiriWan...[face_love]
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    Great series of updates!!

    And what an ending! Brilliant!

    What's next I wonder.

    Could I stay on the PM list for this fic?

    many thanks

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    Yes he is!! Finally, right? [face_dancing]

    Glad you enjoyed it. :) You ask a good question in how Qui and Garen were able to touch Zakk. Hopefully, you'll like the answer you get shortly. ;) As for Siri having forgive Obi for his lie of omission--yes, she has.

    Well, I hope you'll be happy with my "what now?" :) Thanks for reading.

    Maybe, maybe not. ;) Enjoy reading it when you can. :)

    Thank you. :) I am glad you have liked the recent updates. I will add you to the PM list.

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    Chapter 31

    One Week Later
    500 Republica

    Padme had been released from the Jedi Temple after the healers there had pronounced her in perfect health.

    “Are you alright?” Anakin asked from behind her, having also been released earlier in the week.

    She turned and smiled at him. “I’m fine, Ani, except for one thing.”

    “What thing?” he asked with a concerned frown.

    Padme, smile widening, reached out and placed Anakin’s natural hand on her abdomen.

    “We’re going to have a baby,” she whispered to him.

    Anakin was dumbfounded. “How…I mean, I know how, but…when? How far along are you?”

    Padme laughed beautifully at his reaction. “It happened the night before you and Reeft left, so…four months. I’ve been hiding it with different styles of clothing. I didn’t want anyone to know before you did. I’m surprised you haven’t sensed it.”

    Anakin sat down heavily on the bed. “I…I’ve been so preoccupied and then so relieved you were okay after everything with Palpatine that I…wow. We’re having a baby. I’m going to be a father!”

    He suddenly stood and scooped his wife into his arms and twirled her around. Padme was as excited as Anakin. They had both spoken of having a family, but for it to be a reality was overwhelming and very welcomed.

    When he finally set her down, Anakin pulled her onto the bed with him.

    “So much is happening so fast,” he began. “The Council has decided that my battle with Palpatine served as my Trial. I’m being knighted later this afternoon.”

    “Oh, Ani, I’m so happy for you,” Padme gushed as she hugged her husband.

    “Yeah, I’m…I’m happy too,” he said after a few moments. “I just…Master Reeft will be there, but…”

    “But you wish Obi-Wan would be there,” she finished.

    Anakin nodded. “I was his apprentice for over a decade. He risked…everything for me at one time or another. He deserves to be there. I’m only the man I am, the Jedi I am because of him.”

    “The Council won’t let him be there, because he’s not a member of the Order any longer?” she questioned.

    “He’s already gone,” Anakin said sadly. “He and Siri left with Zakk last night. He and I spoke, briefly. Zakk didn’t suffer any lasting damage while he was with Palpatine and Obi-Wan will be okay, too. He has a brand new mechanical left hand. I think he just…wants to be with his family now, and leave the Jedi behind. I think it’s what he’s really wanted for a long time, but…”

    “But he stayed for you,” she finished. “You meant, mean, as much to him as his own family, Anakin. You are part of his family.”

    Anakin nodded. “I know, and I understand why he left. I don’t begrudge him any of it.”

    Padme squeezed his hand before speaking again.

    “You know, with Palpatine dead, Bail Organa is the front-runner to be elected the new Chancellor,” she told him. “I’m not sure he’ll do it, though. He and his wife are about to have their first child, a boy.”

    “He’d be a good choice,” Anakin thought out loud. “So would Mon Mothma or Garm Bel Iblis.”

    “You think so?”

    “Sure,” he answered. “They’re all trustworthy and they have the respect of the rest of the Senate and the general populace. I think the Jedi would prefer Senator Organa, though.”

    “Why?” Padme wondered.

    “He’s a good friend of Obi-Wan’s,” Anakin revealed. “He’s one of only two politicians Obi-Wan trusts, and likes. Did you know that?”

    When Padme nodded in the negative, Anakin smiled. “Know who the other one is?”

    Again, she gave a negative.

    “You,” he told her.

    She lowered her head and smiled.

    Anakin chuckled. “Anyway, while Obi-Wan was resting in the Healer’s Ward, Siri asked permission to look up her family records in the Archives before they left. She always knew she came from an affluent family on Alderaan, but not who they were. It turns out that Siri’s paternal great-grandfather and Bail Organa’s paternal great-grandfather were brothers, Tobian and Korgan Organa.”

    Padme was astonished. “That makes Siri and Bail…fourth cousins?”

    “So, you can understand why the Jedi might prefer that Senator Organa is in charge of the Republic,” Anakin told her. “It gives them a connection to the Royal Family of Alderaan; not a strong connection, but a connection none-the-less.”

    “What time is your ceremony?”

    Anakin looked at his wrist chrono. “In about three hours. Will you come?”

    She was a bit surprised. “Would I be allowed?”

    “Of course,” he revealed. “I’m allowed to invite anyone I want. I want you.”

    Padme leaned forward and gave her husband a sweet kiss. “Then I’ll be there.”


    Orowood Tower
    Kenobi Apartment

    Obi-Wan was standing on the balcony of the apartment staring at the Manarai Mountains. He was flexing the fingers of his new prosthetic left hand. It hadn’t yet been covered with synthskin, and he wasn’t certain if he wanted it to be. It was a stark and lasting reminder of his emotional lapse.


    He turned around and smiled when he saw Reeft. He motioned him outside. Reeft joined him in leaning on the railing and enjoying the view. When he hadn’t said anything after several moments, Obi-Wan opened the conversation.

    “What brings you out here?”

    Reeft shrugged. “I wanted to come and see how you, Siri and Zakk were doing.”

    Obi-Wan shrugged, contemplating his answer as he again looked down at his prosthetic hand. “We’re okay, Reeft. Siri’s had a few nightmares, as has Zakk, but overall…we’re all okay.”

    Reeft took a deep breath. “Anakin’s Knighting ceremony is this afternoon. He wants you to be there.”

    Obi-Wan looked at his friend and shook his head. “I don’t think that’s possible, Reeft. Besides, you’re his Master now. You should be the one to cut his braid.”

    “He can invite anyone he wants to the ceremony,” Reeft reminded him. “He wants you there, Obi-Wan. He asked me to come out here and invite you. He has classes to finish up or he’d have come himself.”

    Obi-Wan ran his right hand through his spiky hair. “Reeft, I…I don’t know if I can. I love Anakin like a brother and I’m beyond happy for him. He’ll make a wonderful Jedi Knight. But, going back to the Temple…”

    “When did it stop being enough for you?” Reeft suddenly asked his oldest friend.

    Obi-Wan turned around and leaned against the railing so he could look inside the apartment where Siri was sitting on the couch reading to Zakk. His family brought a satisfied grin to his handsome face.

    “I woke up one morning and went to breakfast,” he began. “Siri was entering the hall from the opposite side and I…I was stunned. Overnight, she had become so…beautiful; not just physically, but…I could appreciate her spirit and her fire. I just knew that being a Jedi and not being allowed to love her would never be enough for me, ever again.”

    “How old were we all then?”

    Obi-Wan smiled. “Sixteen. It was a long time before anything happened between us and for a time, we tried to suppress our feelings. Then came her mission when we all thought she’d left the Order.”

    “Do you ever think the Jedi are wrong?” Reeft blurted out. “Wrong about attachment and…love?”

    “I’ve always thought it,” Obi-Wan revealed. “Telling a being, be they human or Dressellian that they can’t love, or hate is like telling them when to stop and start breathing. It’s as uncontrolled a reaction as anything else. It’s unnatural.”

    Reeft sighed. “I have to be getting back. Are you going to come, for Anakin?”

    Obi-Wan nodded. “Yeah, I’ll…I’ll be there. But don’t tell him. Let me surprise him.”

    The two old friends shared a hug before Reeft headed out of the apartment, nodding to Siri and Zakk as he left.

    Obi-Wan stepped back inside and sat next to his wife and son.

    “Did you tell him?”

    “No,” he answered as Zakk crawled into his lap. “I didn’t know how to tell him we’re leaving and…and not coming back. He asked me to come to Anakin’s ceremony, at Anakin’s behest.”

    Siri smiled. “Are you going?”

    “Yes,” he answered as he combed his fingers through Zakk’s brownish-blonde hair. “I owe it to him to be there if he wants me there.”

    “I received an invitation to Ferus’ ceremony as well,” she hesitantly told him. “It’s going to be next week. He’s in the middle of his Trials now.”

    He could sense her apprehension. “Why were you nervous to tell me?”

    “I know how much you want to leave Coruscant,” she explained. “I can feel how much staying here is taking from you. The memories…”

    “Some of the memories are the best I have,” he cut her off. “Yes, I want to leave, but we don’t have to pick and leave right away. I’m going to see Anakin Knighted, and you’re going to see Ferus Knighted. After that, we’ll talk and make some decisions.”

    Siri agreed and the couple sat together, watching their little boy sleep peacefully on his father’s chest.


    Two Hours Later
    Jedi Temple

    Anakin was nervous. He’d dreamed as a child of the moment he would become a Jedi Knight. The moment was upon him and it didn’t feel at all like he thought it would.

    “Are you ready?” Reeft suddenly asked from behind him.

    Anakin startled. “Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

    Reeft laughed. “Don’t blame me. Usually no one can sneak up on you. What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing really, I’m just anxious, I think,” he said. “For a while I thought I wouldn’t make it to this moment.”

    Reeft rested a hand on his shoulder. “But you did, Anakin. You’re here. It all culminates in the Council chamber in six minutes.”

    “Can I ask you a favor?”

    With an affirmative nod from Reeft, he continued. “Would you…I don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful for the way you stepped up and continued my training, because I am. But, with Obi-Wan coming, if the Council allows it, I…”

    Reeft suddenly knew what Anakin was trying to ask. “You want to know if it’s okay with me if you ask Obi-Wan to cut your braid.”

    Shyly, Anakin shook his head. “If you want to do it, it’s…”

    “I think Obi-Wan would be honored,” Reeft assured him. “As for the Council, I think they can make an exception for the Chosen One, just this once.”

    Together they shared a laugh.

    “I really am grateful, Reeft,” Anakin stated in a serious tone. “I appreciate everything you’ve done, when you didn’t have to do anything.”

    “Long ago, when a Jedi Padawan lost their Master, be if from death or expulsion, the Padawan usually had a hard time finding another Master,” he told Anakin. “The bond that exists between teacher and student is strong; not always close, but always strong. You deserved a chance to finish what you and Obi-Wan had started. I know he’s proud of you. I’m very proud of you as well.”

    “Thanks,” Anakin whispered.

    “You’re welcome,” Reeft returned. “Now, let’s go.”


    “Confer on you the level of Jedi Knight, the Council does,” Yoda said as he stood in front of the kneeling Anakin Skywalker. “Stood strong you did when facing the Sith. Earned this promotion, you have.”

    “Thank you, Master Yoda,” Anakin intoned respectfully.

    “Cutting of the braid, it is time for,” Yoda said. “Master Reeft, step…”

    “Master,” Anakin interrupted. “I apologize for my interruption, but Master Reeft and I have discussed this, and he is in agreement with me. If the Council will permit, I’d like for…for Obi-Wan to cut my braid.”

    Reeft smiled while Obi-Wan, standing near the back of the chamber next to Padme, looked on in stunned disbelief.

    Some of the Council members weren’t enamored of the idea. They didn’t like it that an expelled former Jedi was in their home in the first place, but to let him participate in the ceremony struck a sour chord with them.

    As the protests began, Yoda made the decision. “Allowed to cut Skywalker’s braid, Obi-Wan will be.”

    Obi-Wan stepped forward and was handed a lightsaber by Reeft. He immediately recognized it as his own, the one he turned in to Yoda when he and Siri were expelled.

    He gripped it in his hand as the rest of the Jedi present ignited their blades. Obi-Wan ignited the blue blade he was so familiar with. He stepped forward to a position directly in front of Anakin. The younger man lowered his head and closed his eyes, as was tradition.

    “As Jedi,” Obi-Wan began, modifying the words on a whim since he was no longer a Jedi. “The Force speaks through us. Through our actions, the Force proclaims itself and what is real. Today, we gather to acknowledge what the Force has proclaimed.”

    He then brought the saber down to just above each shoulder. “Anakin Skywalker, by the will of the Force, I dub thee, Knight of the Republic.”

    With a flick of his wrist, Anakin’s braid, crafted so long ago from his own hair as well as Obi-Wan’s and Qui-Gon’s, was severed. It fell into the upturned palm of Anakin who opened his eyes and looked up at Obi-Wan for the first time.

    The two shared a smile as Anakin stood. They shared a brief hug as Obi-Wan then handed the lightsaber back to Reeft.

    With the ceremony complete, everyone was about to leave the chamber when Anakin’s voice rang out.

    “Wait,” he called. “Please, there is…there is something I need to say.”

    The Masters turned and waited. Reeft turned, curious as to what the newly minted Knight would say.

    Obi-Wan had a sick feeling he knew exactly what was coming.

    Anakin cleared his throat as he met the intense stare of Master Yoda. He unclipped his lightsaber and once again knelt down.

    He held the saber out to Yoda. “Master, I hereby…resign from the Jedi Order.”

    Obi-Wan closed his eyes. Padme gasped. Yoda’s wizened gaze expanded.

    “Resign?” Reeft questioned. “Why?”

    Anakin turned at looked at Padme. When he did, he saw Obi-Wan give him a nod of support, and felt his approval through the Force. He pressed on.

    “As a child, I dreamed of becoming a Jedi Knight,” he told them. “I missed my…my mother a lot when Master Qui-Gon brought me here to the Temple, but I was still focused on my dream. As I grew older, I…my dreams changed. Masters…Senator Amidala and I are...married.”

    The Council was silent; for a moment.

    “Like Master, like Padawan, I see,” Adi Gallia quipped.

    Anakin ignored her and looked at Yoda. “Please, Master, I…I’ve fulfilled the prophecy, have I not? Let me go.”

    For years, Yoda had known the struggle Anakin Skywalker faced; the fear of being expelled from the Order. Now, the anguish at possibly not being allowed to leave was eating away at his soul.

    Yoda did the only thing he could do, despite the losses the Jedi had suffered.

    “Let you go, I will,” the little Master intoned with regret present in his voice. “Accept your resignation, I do.”

    A solitary tear cascaded down Anakin’s cheek. “Thank you, Master.”

    “Asked of you, much, we have,” Yoda continued. “Given back, we have not.”

    Yoda then took Anakin’s proffered lightsaber and rested a clawed hand on Anakin’s right shoulder. “Once again, earned your freedom, you have.”

    Yoda backed away and Anakin stood and locked eyes with each Jedi Master in the room. He gave a nod to each, silently acknowledging them. Then he turned and walked to his wife. He took her hand in his and led her from the room, Reeft and Obi-Wan following.

    Once in the hallway, Anakin stopped and turned to Reeft. “I’m sorry that I…”

    Reeft held up a hand. “You have nothing to be sorry about. I know she didn’t mean it in a good way, but Master Gallia was right, like Master, like Padawan.”

    Obi-Wan chuckled. “I’m very proud of you, Anakin. You’ve become the man I always knew you could be.”

    “Thanks to you,” Anakin said, and then looked to Reeft. “And you. I’ll always be grateful to you both.”

    “Which brings me to my announcement,” Obi-Wan began. “Siri is invited to see Ferus knighted next week. After that, we’re…”

    When he stopped, Anakin knew. “You’re leaving. You’re leaving Coruscant.”

    Reeft’s eyes widened. “Are you?”

    Obi-Wan nodded sadly. “With everything that happened; being expelled, Palpatine, we just…we can’t stay.”

    “Where will you go?” Padme joined the conversation.

    Obi-Wan smiled. “Siri wants to go to Alderaan, I think. She’s been speaking with Senator Organa while I’ve been here.”

    Padme nodded. “Anakin told me that she and Bail are cousins.”


    All three looked at Reeft.

    “Siri requested permission to look up her birth records while I was recovering,” Obi-Wan explained. “Turns out she and Bail Organa are fourth cousins. So, she wanted to go speak with him and ask about her…their family. She wants to meet them.”

    “Wow,” Reeft managed. “I…can’t believe how much has changed; is changing.”

    Obi-Wan rested his hand on Reeft’s shoulder. “One thing won’t ever change, Reeft. We’ll always be friends, and whenever a mission brings you near Alderaan, you’ll always be welcome.”

    The foursome stood there in the corridor for almost another twenty minutes talking softly; but not softly enough for a few passing Padawans not to overhear that Anakin was leaving the Jedi Order.


    Several hours later, Padme had returned to 500 Republica, Reeft had said his goodbyes to Anakin and Obi-Wan and the time had come for the Hero with No Fear and The Negotiator to take their final leave of the Jedi.

    Standing together on the landing platform in civilian clothes, the two men stood together.

    “I think I might miss it,” Anakin said softly. “Just a little.”

    “Regrets in your decision?”

    Anakin shook his head. “No. You?”

    Obi-Wan thought for a moment before answering. “Sure, maybe a few. I’ve made some decisions that if I could go back, I might choose differently. But, in the end, I have Siri and Zakk, so…I think everything turned out the way it was supposed to.”

    Anakin smiled. “The will of the Force.”

    Before Obi-Wan could speak, their transport set down gently on the Temple platform. Anakin gathered his bag and they were about to head towards the transport when they heard the distinctive sound of a gimer stick. They turned and saw Yoda hobbling towards them.

    “Master?” Obi-Wan asked.

    Yoda shuffled up to them and motioned for them both to kneel, which they did.

    “Gifts I have for you both,” the diminutive Jedi Master stated.

    He held out their lightsabers, gaining twin looks of shock from the two former Jedi.

    “But, it’s illegal for…” Anakin began.

    “Not if my permission, you have,” Yoda said as each man gripped his weapon. “My permission, you have.”

    “Thank you, Master,” the intoned together.

    “Miss you both, I will,” Yoda then said. “Never far away am I, if need anything you do.”

    Both men nodded, their emotions preventing speech.

    “Now go, before hold you here I do.”

    They stood and bowed one last time before heading for the transport. They boarded quickly, neither man looked back.

    “Goodbye, younglings,” Yoda whispered to himself. “Proud of you both, I am. May the Force be with you; always.”

    He watched the transport rise into the sky and wondered to himself what would become of Kenobi and Skywalker.


    500 Republica
    Skywalker Residence

    Padme watched her husband and Obi-Wan laugh softly as they stood together on the veranda. She knew they were sharing memories of their time together as student and teacher. If he would miss nothing else, she knew he would miss Obi-Wan.

    “Will you go to Naboo?”

    Anakin nodded. “Yes. Padme wants to have the baby there.”

    Obi-Wan’s eyes widened. “Baby?”

    Anakin grinned as widely as he ever had. “Padme is four months pregnant. I’m going to be a father.”

    Obi-Wan burst into joyous laughter as he grabbed Anakin into a tight hug. “I’m very happy for you, little brother.”

    Anakin pulled back. “Little brother?”

    Obi-Wan shrugged. “Sure. We’re not master and padawan any longer and I’m far too young to be your father so…”

    “Brothers,” Anakin said. “Alright. You ready to be an uncle?”

    With a nod, Obi-Wan spoke. “I sure am.”

    The two continued to talk until it was late evening and Obi-Wan took a deep breath and set down the cup of caf he’d been sipping. “I really need to be going.”

    “I know,” Anakin acknowledged quietly. “I…I don’t know how to thank you for…for everything.”

    “You don’t have to thank me for anything, Anakin,” Obi-Wan told him. “It was my great pleasure to be your master. I wouldn’t trade a moment of it; I’ve told you that before.”

    “I’m gonna miss you,” Anakin said, his emotions starting to get the better of him.

    “Look, when you and Padme are settled on Naboo and her due date gets closer, Siri and I will come and visit,” he told the younger man. “We’ll stay in touch in the interim. This isn’t goodbye.”

    Anakin nodded, tears gathering. “I’ll hold you to that.”

    They pulled one another into a brotherly hug and held it for several long moments. Anakin pulled away first.

    “Go on,” he said. “Siri’s probably wondering where you are.”

    Obi-Wan gave Anakin’s shoulder an affectionate pat, and then turned to leave. He stopped in the main area and bent down to give Padme a kiss on her cheek.

    “Watch after him for me,” he said softly.

    Padme squeezed his hand. “I will. I promise.”

    Obi-Wan then left their apartment, beginning his journey to his own.

    “Will you be alright?” Padme asked Anakin moments later.

    He wiped away a few tears and shook his head. “I think so. I’ll miss my brother, but…I’ll be okay.”

    She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head against his strong chest. Anakin surprised her by scooping her into his arms and carrying her to their bed. He placed her down gently.

    “I love you,” Anakin whispered.

    Slowly, they came together with a tender passion that carried them through the night and into the dawn of a new day.

    Padme gazed up at her husband.

    “It’s a new start, Anakin,” she spoke reverently. “For all of us.”


    “You were gone a long time,” Siri commented when he entered the apartment.

    Obi-Wan pulled her into a deep kiss, savoring the taste of her lips against his; her soft body against his.

    “What was that for?” she asked when he pulled away.

    He smiled. “I missed you. How did your talk with Senator Organa go?”

    Siri smiled brightly. “Wonderful. We’re invited to Alderaan, of course. He’s already making arrangements to inform my…my parents.”

    He pulled her onto his lap as he sat down in his favorite chair. “Are you alright with that? This soon?”

    She nodded. “I really am. I’m…looking forward to meeting them. I want them to meet you, and their grandson.”

    They continued to talk deep into the night, sharing small kisses and gentle caresses until the passion between them took over. They quickly found themselves in their bedroom, entwined in a passionate embrace. Reaffirming their connection, they made love until the sun was rising over the sparkling cityscape.

    Siri awakened as the new day welcomed her with bright sunbeams. She moved her head from Obi-Wan’s chest to look into his eyes. She had felt him awaken when she did.

    “I love you,” she whispered, unwilling to break the calm.

    “It’s a new start, Siri,” he said softly as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “For all of us.”


    Light Years Away

    Xanatos Renashaii wasn’t a man easily surprised. He’d learned years ago that to expect the unexpected is what saved lives. But this; this surprised him.

    “Are you alright, Father?” a man in his late twenties asked the aging former Jedi.

    Xanatos looked up and his youngest son, Narek. “Yes, I’m…I’m fine.”

    Narek glanced at the HoloNet News segment that was playing in the background. When he heard mention of Obi-Wan Kenobi, he knew what had distracted his father.

    “So, he finally left them,” Narek remarked. “You’ll be tracking him, of course.”

    Xanatos smiled. “Of course.”

    Narek sighed. “Why, Father? Why have you been so obsessed with him all these years? I don’t understand.”

    Xanatos stood, his sapphire eyes twinkling. “Years ago, I made a big mistake. Well, truth be told, I made many mistakes. But the only one I truly regret, is giving up…giving up my…”

    “Your what?”

    “Giving up my son,” Xanatos finished quietly. “I let his mother take him and I never…I never saw him again until he was a teenager. I saw him on the HoloNet when he…”

    Narek sat down. He had a sinking feeling he knew where his father was going with his stuttering explanation.

    “When he what?”

    Xanatos met Narek’s eyes. “When he accompanied his Jedi Master on a dangerous mission and they made the news reports.”

    Narek understood then. “Kenobi; my gods, its Kenobi. He’s your…”

    Xanatos nodded. “Yes. Obi-Wan Kenobi is my son.”
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    Wow!!! Now I didn't see that last bit coming!!

    That was a superb update!

    Excellent work.

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    This is an excellent story, I had to jump to the end, but now I'm off to read it fully.
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    Wow! Did not see that coming! Excellent update! Obi-Wan and Anakin found closure, but now with Xanatos in the picture, how long will that "closure" last.
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    I just got caught up on this fantastic story, this is really a pleasure to read! I could imagine the battle with Palpatine, and how upset Obi Wan and Siri were. Having Garen and Qui Gon rescue Zac was great. I really like the way Obi Wan knighted Anakin, then Anakin resigned the way Obi Wan did. Obi Wan and Siri having families is a nice twist with Xanotos and Bail Organa. Thank you for the PM's, can't wait for the next update!
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    EGKenobi Wow!!! Now I didn't see that last bit coming!!

    I love twists!!! :)

    Gkilkenny This is an excellent story, I had to jump to the end, but now I'm off to read it fully.

    Thanks. :) I hope you enjoy the entire story.

    The1stJediPrincess Excellent update! Obi-Wan and Anakin found closure, but now with Xanatos in the picture, how long will that "closure" last.

    Thank you. Yes, they have their closure. Xanatos may not be what he once was. We'll have to see. ;)

    Naboo_Sky I just got caught up on this fantastic story, this is really a pleasure to read!

    Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    I really like the way Obi Wan knighted Anakin, then Anakin resigned the way Obi Wan did.

    Like Master, like Padawan. :)

    Thank you for the PM's, can't wait for the next update!

    You're quite welcome, and you won't have to wait long.


    Well, I've arrived at a point I never thought I would--the last post. I hope you all enjoy the conclusion to Secrets of the Jedi


    Five Months Later
    Skywalker Residence

    “He’s so small,” Anakin marveled at his new son.

    The baby boy was only hours old. He had a small tuft of light blonde hair on his head and Anakin knew his eyes were blue.

    Padme smiled at her husband and new son from her position on the bed where she cradled their daughter. “So is this little one here.”

    Anakin sat down next to his wife and smiled. “Her Force-signature was masking his the entire time. I never even sensed his presence.”

    Padme chuckled. “Maybe that’s why he was born first; trying to get out of his sister’s shadow.”

    “What are we going to name them?” Anakin wondered out loud.

    Padme gazed at her dark-haired and dark-eyed daughter. “I was thinking, if you like it, that we could name her after my grandmother, Leia.”

    “Leia,” Anakin said, testing the name. “Leia Skywalker. I like that. What shall we call Leia’s big brother?”

    “You pick,” Padme told him.

    After a few moments, Anakin had a small, somewhat sad smile on his face. “I asked my mother once why I didn’t have any brothers or sisters like some of my friends. I don’t remember her answer, but I do remember her telling me that if she’d had another son, she would have named him Luke. That had been the name of her younger brother.”

    Padme reached out and touched her tiny son’s hand. His little fingers wrapped themselves around her index finger and he held tight.

    “He’s a strong one,” she commented. “Luke Skywalker. I like them both, Ani.”

    Anakin gathered both of his children in his arms and walked out onto the veranda and looked around.

    “Well, this is your home,” he said softly. “You’re mother I love you both very much.”

    He kissed each forehead as the babies drifted off to sleep and carried them back inside and placed them side-by-side in one cradle. He then crawled into bed next to Padme and gathered her into his arms.

    “Let’s get some sleep, my love,” he whispered. “They’ll be awake before we know it.”

    Cocooned in comfortable silence, the Skywalker family slept.


    University of Alderaan

    Since settling on Alderaan with Siri and Zakk five months earlier, Obi-Wan had accepted a position as the Galactic History professor at the university. He and Siri did not need the credits, but he enjoyed keeping busy and teaching was something that came naturally to him. He was popular with his students and had at minimum a cordial relationship with the other professors.

    “Care to take lunch with your old man?” a deep voice rang out, breaking Obi-Wan from his thoughts.

    He looked over and saw Xanatos Renashaii, his father. The man was only fifteen years his senior, yet a youthful indiscretion while still Qui-Gon Jinn’s padawan had brought about Obi-Wan.

    He’d supported completely Siri’s desire to learn about her family, and when they’d arrived on Alderaan, the entire Tachi clan was more than welcoming. Siri’s parents, Kellen and Shia were loving grandparents to Zakk. Siri’s younger brothers, Kyan and Jathan were ecstatic to have a sister and Siri delighted in her two sisters-in-law as well as her nieces and nephews.

    Obi-Wan was content with the Tachi/Organa family of which he was a member. Then Xanatos barged into his life, quite unexpectedly with the news that they were father and son. To say Obi-Wan was shocked and dismayed would have been an understatement.

    He’d refused to believe it at first; that a man who had cast Qui-Gon and the Jedi aside for his own selfish reasons could not possibly be his father. He didn’t sense darkness in Xanatos; far from it. The older man fairly radiated the light side of the Force. But Obi-Wan didn’t want a father, and if he did, Xanatos wasn’t who he’d choose.

    “Alright,” Obi-Wan replied, gathering a few datapads to take with him.

    Xanatos gave him a small smile. They’d come a long way in five months. He’d been certain when Obi-Wan first saw him, had he been in possession of a lightsaber, Obi-Wan would have sliced him in half. After a few weeks, the questions had come.

    Who was his mother? Why didn’t Qui-Gon ever say anything? Where was he born?

    Xanatos had patiently answered every question his son had asked.

    His mother was Elara Kenobi, a young girl Xanatos’ own age he’d met on a mission with Qui-Gon.

    Qui-Gon never said anything because as far as Xanatos knew, their shared Jedi Master never knew the truth.

    He was born on Coruscant.

    “Where are we going?” Obi-Wan questioned as the two men made their way out of the university and into the pleasant sunlight.

    “Your brother is meeting us at that café you enjoy in Crevasse City,” Xanatos said with a smile.

    “Narek hates the place,” was Obi-Wan’s quip.

    Xanatos sighed. “He’s trying, Son.”

    Obi-Wan still bristled a bit when he heard that moniker coming from Xanatos. He had come to accept it from Kellen Tachi, albeit reluctantly.

    Breathing deeply to quell his irritability, he spoke. “Just comm Narek and have him meet us at home. Siri wants to have the whole family together for Zakk’s lifeday party this evening.”

    Xanatos frowned. “Isn’t his lifeday still more than a month away?”

    Obi-Wan nodded. “It’s almost two, but we’ll be on Naboo then and everyone is here now, so she wants to do it now so he can play with his cousins and his friends.”

    Xanatos comm’d his younger son and soon they were off, all to converge on the Kenobi residence.


    “He’s worn out,” Xanatos commented as he saw Obi-Wan carrying Zakk to his room once the celebrations had died down.

    Obi-Wan placed the boy in his bed and gently pulled the covers over him while Xanatos watched from the doorway. He placed a tender kiss on Zakk’s forehead before backing away.

    “You’re a good father,” Xanatos said out of the blue as they walked down the hallway back to the main living area. “I just…wanted you to know that.”

    Obi-Wan stopped walking and faced his father. In five months, he’d proven himself a kind and compassionate man; not the same one who drew his saber on his Jedi Master. He was gentle and playful with Zakk, caring and attentive towards Siri and accommodating to Obi-Wan himself.

    Obi-Wan smiled. “So are you.”

    With that, he continued his journey down the hallway, never seeing the tears in his father’s sapphire eyes.


    “It was a good day today,” Siri mumbled, on the edge of sleep.

    Obi-Wan ran his fingers tenderly through her long blonde tresses. “Yes, it was. Zakk had a good time.”

    Siri pulled his hand and placed it on her gently-rounded belly and covered it with hers. “Next year, this little one will be here with us.”

    Obi-Wan grinned. “She’s sleeping.”

    “He,” Siri whispered. “We should sleep, my love. He’ll be awake and kicking before we know it.”

    Cocooned in comfortable silence, the Kenobi family slept.

    The End
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    Beautiful, I swear I'm wiping tears from my eyes with the last two posts (I missed one). This started it:

    Yoda shuffled up to them and motioned for them both to kneel, which they did.

    ?Gifts I have for you both,? the diminutive Jedi Master stated.

    He held out their lightsabers, gaining twin looks of shock from the two former Jedi.

    ?But, it?s illegal for?? Anakin began.

    ?Not if my permission, you have,? Yoda said as each man gripped his weapon. ?My permission, you have.?

    ?Thank you, Master,? the intoned together.

    ?Miss you both, I will,? Yoda then said. ?Never far away am I, if need anything you do.?

    Both men nodded, their emotions preventing speech.

    ?No go, before hold you here I do.?

    They stood and bowed one last time before heading for the transport. They boarded quickly, neither man looked back.

    ?Goodbye, younglings,? Yoda whispered to himself. ?Proud of you both, I am. May the Force be with you. Always.?

    The Force was with you while you were writing this.
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    I love happy endings and I'm reading from the beginning and will let you know my thoughts as I read.[face_dancing]
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    I loved it, Sis! [face_dancing] As usual, your descriptions brought the story to life and your characterizations were spot on. I also love that you kept it sort of open-ended at the end. I would love to see a sequel. ;)

    Great job overall. One of my favorites, even if you weren't my sister. =D=
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    Excellent! =D= I would love to see the twins and Zakk all grown up, though. ;)
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    What a great story, and your version was exciting. When Obi-Wan and Anakin told their secrets to each other you could feel the difference and they began to sense the dark secrets surrounding Palpy.

    A bit dangerous letting Palpatine have the run of the temple and sink his sithly claws into Zakk, but all was well in the end.

    I like how Garen and Qui-Gon came as blue ghosties to rescue Zakk.

    Very entertaining a great story.=D=
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    Good ending to a very enjoyable story. Bravo =D=
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    What a great ending to this marvelous story! It is one of my favorites! I really enjoyed the ending, the way they all got a new start. What a difference opening up to Obi Wan made to Anakin. Thanks for writing, and finishing this story!
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    ...I miss the old layout [/whine]
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