Selling Star Wars merch... don't know where to start, help?

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Obi-Bunnie, Feb 8, 2014.

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    I wasn't sure where to put this in the forums, but I'm basically asking for some advice selling my SW merchandise. I've never sold anything collectible before and would love any type of advice.

    Over the past few years I have been going through a sort of "life change" and to not get too far down the rabbit hole it basically involves getting rid of material possessions, accepting and embracing minimalism, getting out of debt, fixing my finances, saving for retirement, etc. etc... Anyway, I've gotten to a point where I either make the hard decisions and continue with the lifestyle change, OR kind of fail in the whole point of where I was intending to go.

    So. I come to my boxes of SW merchandise that have been sitting in a bedroom closet for close to 13 years. I have nothing that was sold/made in the 1970s. Everything I own is starting from the release of Episode I. I realize these may not be as valuable as items made earlier, but it's what I have none the less. I have a range of figures which are unopened; a lot of Amidala merch, and I have a lot of promotional items; if it had Star Wars on it I saved it. Period.

    I would prefer my items go to someone who will love and appreciate them. And I would like to sell them at an acceptable price. Any direction would be greatly appreciated, whether it was somewhere perhaps you sold online that was reputable, or any advice on how to price my items to sell. I would even prefer my items that perhaps won't sell go to a Star Wars fan, rather than just to a random thrift store. I want to go about this the right way because Star Wars means so much to me. Thanks in advance.
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    First off, we don't allow advertising here though if you want to post a list of some of the bigger ticket items you have in our Collecting forum we can try to give you some pricing advice. Alternatively try searching recent closed eBay auctions for the items to see what kind of price they got. The Rebelscum forums have a classified section as well. You have to register to post but it's free. (They are our sister site.)
    If you decide to put your items on eBay don't put them up as a job lot. Lots of collectors limit their collection by character or film or just higher ticket items. They won't want to buy a lot of unwanted figures to get just a few that they want. For action figures think of grouping them by character or film or release.
    if you have a toy fair or collecting fair coming up in your area, you could try getting a dealer table and selling your stuff there. If you have a friend or two that want to sell stuff as well you could split the cost of the table.

    Edit - I'm just going to move this to Collecting so you can use this thread to ask particular questions.
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    Yeah, that's good advice. I personally look at the sold listings on eBay to see what the item is actually selling for. Keep in mind that places like eBay and Amazon have stuff at higher prices because of the Fees they take out when you sell something, so if you sell to a private collector take that into account and maybe not charge as much as eBay.

    Also, Facebook has groups for selling collectibles, and transactions are done thru PayPal, which has protection plans. I can give more advice if you need it because I do a lot of selling and trading.
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