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Star Wars Senate Aflame

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Chewbacca89, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Imperial 1138

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    Jan 12, 2013
    IC: 1138
    Coronet City, Corellia—Imperial Meeting Hall, private chamber
    After a pause to collect his thoughts, with a nod to the Empress, the Vizier stood and began to speak.
    "Our situation is difficult. Nearly any choice we make could potentially assist Nairę in the achievement of her ends. At the moment, we are playing for time. One thing which we must not do is lose before we have even begun. If Nairę succeeds in a strike against the Empire, we must not be crippled and destroyed. Therefore, I agree with the Sword's suggestion, that we must not remain together. Having nearly all the heads of the government in one room, on one planet, is a recipe for disaster. Spreading the fleet too thin could also create disaster. As such, we must be sure our most important planets are sufficiently defended, and that no one potential defeat could cripple us. Nairę could attack anywhere. It is sound military strategy, strategy I would have expected from you," he turned to Macedon, "Lord General, to 'not put all the proverbial Shalui pottery in one hovercart.' Although in this case, the consequences would be more dire than smashed pottery."
    He sat down and waited for the Lord General's response.
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  2. Shira A'dola

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Shira A'dola
    Imperial Meeting Hall - Coronet City

    “Shira A'dola, you propose that we run and hide. This is not our way. We are the New Galactic Empire! We do not cower and run when a threat arises. We meet it head on in battle. Who will lead the people if we are all in hiding under protection. Our actions will be viewed by the entire galaxy. The people will react with much fear if the see their leaders on the run. We need to show our citizens that NO ONE attacks the New Galactic Empire and gets away with it. It is not us who should fear these ‘Vong’, but them who should fear us. Your comments are hokering to the citizens of the Empire.”

    Irritation and immediate suspicion rippled through her at the Lord General's words. Was he brainless? Fighting to place her emotions in the back of her mind, she responded "Lord General, we have no idea the power of these people, these 'Vong'. Other than the fact that they are decimating planets. I agree the planets and the people need to see us fight back. However, I think they would much rather see us working from the shadows than seeing us dead." Pausing, her sharp Force senses caught stark emotions of fear and anger coming from the Lord General. Her twitching ears caught the sounds of a message, something about a sister. He had a sister? He didn't care for her much.

    James stood up again and bowed. “With all due respect Empress I must attend to something of urgency. I will vote against this proposition, with all due respect. As I told Shira, I think this to be a move that will be perceived as weakness; by our people and Naire. Of course, I will follow whatever you command. May I be excused?”

    She was astounded and her suspicion immediately shot up again as her eyes narrowed. What was he thinking? He didn't honestly think the Empress would let him go! She watched as he refused to sit down, even after the holo message. Running through the perimeters again, she cautiously touched minds with the Empress. //Let him go. Let me follow him.//

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    Jul 26, 2008
    IC: Lt. Heath Kolarn
    Imperial Meeting Hall

    Heath leaned against the wall outside the Council Room and waited. And waited. And waited. He was quickly growing impatient. Once, he had remained completely motionless for twelve days, waiting for his target to come into view. Now he couldn't sit still for fifteen minutes. Pushing off from the wall, he began to pace and once again surveyed the few remaining personnel waiting with him. Two unresponsive Shadow Guards. Several aids waiting for their politician masters to emerge. A few military officers. Everyone seemed to share his impatience, but there was something else in the room. Fear emanated palpably from the politicians' aids. Could they not hold themselves together for just a few minutes? He turned away, disgusted. This was no reason to fear.

    Fear was a toddler watching two caskets lowering into the ground, not understanding where his parents had gone. Fear was waiting for your foster father to come home and beat you. Fear was running from a house covered in blood while police arrived to find your foster father dead. Fear was live fire exercises at the Academy, instructors screaming in your face, the older cadets attacking you in your sleep. Fear was the rush of adrenaline in your first firefight. Fear was what radiated off of targets on the rare occasions they spotted him. Fear was looking into the eyes of the Emperor and knowing he could end you with a thought. But he won't. The Emperor is power, yes, but he is also justice, order, and mercy. Mercy. It had been an alien concept to Heath.

    So, he scoffed at Naire's attempts. But clearly others did not share his confidence. Could they not just accept that the Empress would set things right? If only she would hurry... His impatience was growing by the second. He needed something to do. Taking a deep breath, he picked out one of the officers nearby, and Admiral. He seemed calm, sure of himself. That was good. They would need such men in times to come. Heath approached him and saluted. "Admiral, what's your take on this situation, if I may ask?"

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    Sep 2, 2012
    IC:Empress Emiliana Volshe
    Coronet City - Imperial Meeting Hall

    The Empress breathed out again still waiting for Macedon's response. Though she didn't think it possible, the raw emotion in the room had grown even greater. A wrongly placed comment would essentially break one of their resolves, cracking the thin barrier between their true and their professional selves. She mulled over the few decisions she had to offer the others while the Grand Vizier spoke. Only snippets of his words made it to her ears, the rest drained out by her focus straying to the Lord General's every emotion and thought. She was able to piece together most of the vital comments the Grand Vizier made while she reached to try and calm James once more.

    "Our situation... Nearly any choice ... potentially assist Nairę in the achievement of her ends....playing for time. Must not....lose before we have... begun. If Nairę succeeds.... not be crippled....
    ...we must not remain together.....
    Nairę could attack anywhere....."

    After he had finished speaking, ending on a note about Shalui pottery, he took a seat. Macedon still stood and waited. His expression was stone like and she still struggled to dissect his thoughts.

    Anger began prickling up her neck and she barely restrained it. Her patience was frayed to beyond repair at this point, any thing else would cut the last thread. She leaned forward in the simple throne, her shoulders hunched slightly with her extreme frustration. She was about to stand and demand he be seated when she felt a feather light touch dance across her mind. The ethereal feeling was paired with a whisper, gliding softly through the Force. The Empress knew instantly who it was. Shira.

    //Let him go, Empress. Let me follow him.//

    She leaned back again and took a more friendly posture, Shira's request somewhat placating her. Perhaps Shira would be able to find the reason behind The Lord General's odd behaviour. She trusted that her Sword would gain at least a small piece of the puzzle. The Empress closed her eyes for a moment, returning a message.

    ((Yes... I trust you with this, Sword. Follow him, learn as much as you can. Secretly, of course...))

    As soon as the connection faded, she motioned for the attention of the council. At their silence she looked to James and maintained her irritated glare, though this time it was facetious.

    "Lord General, your absence is approved. Maintain contact with an encrypted comm channel."

    She met his eyes which showed a look of slight shock at the sudden decision and waited for him to leave. A small nod in Shira's direction let her know that the Empress was impressed with her quick thinking and was granting her a great deal of trust.

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  5. Shira A'dola

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Shira A'dola
    Coronet City - Imperial Meeting Hall

    ((Yes... I trust you with this, Sword. Follow him, learn as much as you can. Secretly, of course...))

    Keeping her elation tamped down, she nodded imperceptibly. //Of course.// Gently withdrawing from her mind, she noticed Volshe's posture relaxing, as the Lord General walked out the door in a hurry. 'This should be interesting', she thought. Waiting a few moments, she stole silently after him, taking a moment to wink at Heath before she changes corridors. Taking her spider droid into her hand, she activates it and turns on it's cloaking device before sending it to catch up with the Lord General while she followed at a distance, enough that they couldn't see or hear each other as she tracked him by his life-force. Steps fluid and silent, a trait coveted by her race, she weaved between pillars and corridors, wondering where the man was taking her.

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  6. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Kad Vizsla
    Senate Offices, Coruscant.

    Kad Vizsla, Senator of Mandalore and reluctant head of the Alliance to Restore the Republic sat in his inner office and briefly turned his attention to the security cam holo his two "guests" as they sat in his outer office before returning it to the shimmering blue hologram before him on the comm panel.

    "As ordered mand'alor" he spoke to the armored holo-gram before he deactivated the unit. He stood now and placed his buy'ce upon his bald head. Craning his neck to the left side it gave an audible crack. The conversation with the mand'alor had been a fairly stressful one. They had discussed first the attacks on the main Alliance headquarters on Corellia, an attack that had been up until now been believed to have been the work of the New Galactic Empire.

    But that suspicion was swept away as they discussed the news from Muunilinst. It was clear now that this "Vong Empire" was the culprit behind the attacks on the Rebel Alliance, and on the NGE and Neutrality Pact as well. Something would have to be done, even if it meant working with the other parties for the time being. Manda'alor had also informed Vizsla of Mir's impending arrival. Vizsla had heard of the Mand'alor's pet project (as Vizsla thought of him), but had never met the man. It spoke well to the Mandalorian leader's concern that Mir was being hired for this assignment. Thus he wasn't surprised when a man clad in modified beskar'gam made his way, rather stealthily into his outer office.

    There was nothing so stealthy about the approach of Malkuth, though nothing about the "reforemed" Sith ever was. During his conversation with mand'alor, Vizsla had tracked Malkuth's movements by the reports of frozen droids and inoperative security holo-cams throughout the Senate building. Of course his entrance to the outer office could not be missed either. Vizsla had lost count of how many times the man had done that to offices throughout the Senate. To be honest he found it rather amusing, though he was sure others did not.

    The armored doorway from his inner office to the outer one slid open and Vizsla quickly walked trhough. He didn't offer to shake hands nor did he apologize for keeping them waiting as an aruetii might. Instead he sat down in his hard straightbacked chair (though a recess had been cut into it to comfortably allow his jetpack to rest within it). Still no words were exchanged between he and his "guests". Instead he appraised them through his T-Visor.

    He first looked to "Lord" Malkuth. he was an enigma to many, a Sith who had thrown in with the Rebel party. But to Vizsla it made perfect sense. He was not the one in power, so naturally he joined with whatever group tried to change the status quo. Vizsla held no illusions as to what Malkuth's final goal ultimatly was, but for now he was useful. At least he felt he knew the man in a sense.

    That brought his attention to Mir. Mir should have also been a known quantity, a fellow mando'ade. But mand'alor had kept things close to the beskar'gam regarding this man. Vizsla knew little of him, his motivations, his fears, his hopes and his dreams. That disturbed him, knowledge was power, and the best way to ensure victory was to know your enemy as well as yourself. Still, from what little he did know, Mir was a man who could acomplish nearly anything he set his mind to. He looked back to Malkuth. The same could be said if the Sith. Yes, they would be perfect for what he had in mind. But they would need a third.

    Finally he broke his silence. "You are of course both aware of the recent attack on Muunilinst." He removed his buy'ce and set it on the desk. "We will need to investigate this Vong Empire, and determine their strengths and weaknesses. I would like the two of you to lead up that effort. You will report directly to me." He paused for a moment, pressing the intercom button on his desk he spoke into it. "Send me the Deputy Commander and the Jedi Holle". Releasing the button he turned his attention back to those before him.

    "But you won't go alone. I want a Jedi to go along with you, to ensure I get a report from all points of view." He placed his buy'ce back on his head and new information regarding Malkuth's recent activity sprang to life on his HUD as he spoke, "And from what I hear you witnessed some of this first hand dar'jetti. I would very much like to hear more about that while we wait for your companion."

    He smiled behind his T-Visor. A Mandalorian, a Sith and a Jedi on a mission together. It reminded him of the old Mandalorian joke where a Mando, a Sith and a Jedi all walked into a tap-caf. From what he remembered the joke ended badly for the forclings, and that suited Vizsla just fine.

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  7. Shereshoy Cabur

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    Feb 2, 2013
    IC: Mirjahaal Parjii
    Kad Vizsla's Office

    Mir expertly threw the knife he was fiddling with to his other hand as he caught Malkuth's seal of office. He didn't sense any lying in the Force but still, a quick scan with his HUD and a brief check in his database proved Malkuth was indeed the former Senator of Relus.

    Now I know where I've heard of the name...

    Twice, Mir's past bounties had brought him to Relus, and he remembered hearing the name Malkuth from the local populace while spying for information for his clients.

    "My seat is vacant at the moment because of that mess with my Sith two years ago. Strictly speaking I'm a war criminal."

    As Malktuh rambled on about his history, Mir put the pieces together.

    And now it makes sense...a dar'jetii who was knocked off his perch and is scrambling to get back on it. As a result the Republic just happens to have the same cause as he did. Different Sith, different time, same story...

    He half listened to Malkuth's rambling, it didn't matter if he listened or not as his HUD was recording the entire thing. He doubted there was anything that could be useful but still it never hurt to be sure. Mir frowned a bit

    It amazes me how for so many centuries, both sides can't see it. The Order talked about bringing balance to the Force, and in their eyes the balance was eliminating the dar'jetii. As for the dar'jetii, the only balance that mattered was their quest to dominate the jetii and the galaxy. True balance in the Force was neither. It was simply an equal weight to both sides.

    For Mir, when he came to this realization, he thought it as a balancing scale. A lot of Jedi, little to none Sith, the balance is way off. Vice-versa, the same effect. When that happens, events - chaotic or peaceful - take place to push that scale back into balance. Whether it was the Force doing so or not, Mir didn't know. He just simply knew that's what it was, and it was that realization which led to him leaving the Order and studying the ways of the Force, not as the light and dark side, but simply as the Force. He even studied the ways of the Force when it was under a different name for numerous non-Jedi organizations he lived and studied amongst.

    Mir smiled

    And maybe that's why us Mandalorians have been around for so long, we don't sway to either side. We simply follow the credits or personal morale. We do what's best for us. Sure there's bound to be some Mandalorians to do sway to either side, but they are the first ones to die. How did I not think of this sooner? Oh well...

    Mir's attention was brought back to Malkuth as he asked, "Though I doubt you care about all this political claptrap..." He closed his eyes, placed his hands over his stomach as he settled into the chair. "Why are you here?"

    Mir tossed his seal of office of back to Malkuth, put his knife away, and said, "As you have figured out, I'm Mandalorian. Why do you think I'm here?"

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    Feb 2, 2013
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    IC: Mirjahaal Parjii
    Kad Vizsla's Office

    Kad Vizsla had walked in and Mir couldn't be any more pleased

    Perfect, Malkuth hardly had the chance to respond. Not that he won't try later, but still, the timing was perfect.

    Mir waited for Kad to give the assignment, it was all that Mir came for and he simply waited.

    Malkuth must be a bit peeved that Kad hadn't acknowledged him

    Mir smiled

    Finally he broke his silence. "You are of course both aware of the recent attack on Muunilinst." He removed his buy'ce and set it on the desk. "We will need to investigate this Vong Empire, and determine their strengths and weaknesses. I would like the two of you to lead up that effort. You will report directly to me." He paused for a moment, pressing the intercom button on his desk he spoke into it. "Send me the Deputy Commander and the Jedi Holle". Releasing the button he turned his attention back to those before him.

    "But you won't go alone. I want a Jedi to go along with you, to ensure I get a report from all points of view." He placed his buy'ce back on his head. "And from what I hear you witnessed some of this first hand dar'jetti. I would very much like to hear more about that while we wait for your companion."

    Mir got up and made his way back to the wall by the desk, leaned on it, and waited for Malkuth to give his report.

    Meh fact finding mission...Now Rami will really be disappointed...

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  9. Skywalker_T-65

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    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: Daniel Sandstrider
    ACS Victorious, orbit of Hapes

    After he had sent his message to Empress Volshe and Senator Vizla, Daniel had gone back to pacing. It was a nervous habit, which he was well aware of. But still, it helped him work off his worry over his fellow Senator. At least until a comm officer walked up to him, holding a comlink in his hands.

    "Sir, Senator Shakal has made contact from Reef Fortress," the man said, handing Daniel the comlink.

    Said Senator nodded gratefully, and turned on the comlink, "This is Senator Sandstrider...I am glad that you are okay Senator Shakal. Is the Queen Mother with you? The damage is so severe in the capital that we haven't been able to confirm who was lost. I'm sending a shuttle to Reef Fortress now, with supplies and an escort in case the 'Vong' try an assassination attempt."

    With that said, Daniel waited on a reply. He hoped that the Queen Mother was safe. The last thing they needed was Hapan politics trying to assign a new Queen Mother...not when they already had to prepare for a war none of them wanted.

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  10. Jumpin_Jesus

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    Oct 9, 2012
    OOC: I apologize for the delay, I was going blank on what to write
    IC: Solomon "Sol" Holle
    Coruscant, Senate Offices

    It had been a long day so far for Sol. The majority of it consisted of him being picked apart by two Jedi Masters who were demanding information on an old Sith checkpoint that had been abandoned for years. Abandoned for certain reasons, as Sol was the last one to step foot inside it before destroying almost everything of value during a fight with a Sith hallucination. Despite what he said to them, the Jedi considered it to be of utmost importance. The rest involved him watching two padawans preform the same exercise over and over again, some four hundred times because they were not getting one movement correctly.

    But that was earlier and now Sol was heading for Senator Kad Vizsla's office, who requested him for a meeting with no further details. As Sol made his way through the streets every Holoboard had a report of the recent attack on Muunilist and images of the burning city of Harnadian. It was a disgusting sight, even the small part of him that was still a Sith winced at the sight of the destroyed city.

    By the time Sol had made it too the Senate Office complex from his apartment it was a little past mid-day. As he walked past the large windows in the hallway room was based of off, the sun lit up his tattooed arms the Sith and Dathomiri had given him. It was horrifyingly beautiful how the sun shone upon the yellow and black Dathomiri tattoo that resided on his right arm and the jet black Sith tattoo that covered his left arm from his finger tips to his shoulder blade. Because of these tattoos he often received wide eyed looks from some while others just glared at him, but Sol kept them along with his one yellow "Sith" eye as a reminder of what he once was and what he shouldn't be.

    Finally Sol had made it through the large building and was at the door of Senator Kad Vizsla's office, or more so what was the door of Kad's office. He was adjacent to the door and was hit by several odd presences in the force. The first one he was able to distinguish was with out a doubt a Sith, but a different type of Sith, Sol shelved his thought as he did not want to spend all day feeling this man's odd presence. The second was a Jedi with a bit of a darker presence, but did not puzzle him as much as the Sith's did. Kad was a smart man that Sol could trust however, and hoped this strange meeting wouldn't end in some sort of horrible fight.

    Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Sol moved the doors that barely hung to the frame of the doorway telepathically and set them aside quietly. He did this as he walked into the outer portion of Kad's office. There he was met by Kad, sitting behind his desk, the Sith, and the Jedi. The Sith looked oddly familiar as he could have sworn he remembered his father talking to a hologram of him once. The Jedi, looked like human man-of-war, as his force presence reflected as well. Sol nodded to Kad and looked at the other two men and said quietly, "Hello, my name is Solomon Holle, but you may call me Sol. I was called her by Senator Vizsla for a meeting of some sort." Sol finished his introduction and rested his hand on the ringed end of his long handled lightsaber and stood their silently.

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  11. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Malkuth
    Kad's Office

    Malkuth scowled at Mir, and would have responded had Vizsla not strode in, feeling more than a little haggard within the Force. The man addressed Mir, but not directly Malkuth, but the Sith was used to being the butt of all manner of rudeness due to his religious choices. He kept his face impassive, as hard as any helmeted visage, as he allowed a mental chuckle to fill him. He didn't stand to respect the Senator, instead pouring himself another glass.

    "Senator," Malkuth said neutrally, as this 'Sol' joined them, and the man seemed to radiate tiredness. Another long day for that one. With a touch of the Force, Malkuth refreshed his mental faculties, though he acknowledged the smell of alcohol would still be on his mouth. "Four people would seem to be a meeting of some sort," he cracked, short as ever, and then leaned back in his chair to swig the alcohol. He made clear note that Sol had placed his hand on the end of his lightsaber, which was ominous. But Mir wouldn't get involved unless fair play was breached, so Malkuth had little to fear from Sol. The Senator would hardly allow for violence here.

    Malkuth did, however, flip his seal of office to Sol, the golden coin attached to a metal chain. "Former Senator of Relus. War criminal. Sith Lord. Darth Malkuth to you."

    He nursed his drink, and closed his eyes again.

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  12. Darth Aiser

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    May 26, 2006
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    Name: Jusick Tur-Mukan
    Species: Human Mandalorian
    Gender: Male
    Languages: Mando'a, Basic
    Homeplanet: Mandalore

    Skin Color: Pale
    Hair/Fur Color: Dark Brown/Black
    Height: 6'8 / 2.032M
    Clothing: Black Imperial General's Uniform, In combat situations dark colored modified Beskar armour with the joints of the suit altered to allow greater agility using armour weave fiber, usually worn under black with fiery orange trimming sith robes.

    Jusick was born on the planet Mandalore and is a descendant of a Jedi and a Clone Trooper. He had been known to have the Force since he was young kid and was shunned for it. He began training and fighting as a soldier with little to no training with the force. He proved to be quite the prodigy and found work as an elite soldier in a defense force, even tho his peers at first shunned him for his young age, still being a teenager, he quickly shut them up after proving his skills and quick, strategic thinking, when their base was nearly overrun by pirates, in a sneak attack. Few years later as a young adult he would lead covert attack of Mandalorian forces on the pirate base after they begin attacking shipping and trade routes used by the Mandalorians. He would lose his wife, a fellow soldier and Mandalorian in the attack at the hands of a Jedi. Soon after,in his depression, he began gambling using the force to cheat only when needed and would be discovered by a Sith agent of the Acolytes of Darkness in a cantina on Bespin. While training as a Sith, he joined the Imperial Military where he was recognized for his efforts and his strategic brilliance he quickly rose thru the ranks, tho most of the missions are highly classified materials, he went from covert ops to be 1 of the Top military positions, Supreme Commander of the Army. Upset with the decision with the current government of Mandalore to ally with the Alliance to Restore the Republic and not the Empire he accepted an offer to represent Kuat ,home of KDY, a direct competitor of MandalMotors.

    Faction Affiliation: New Galactic Empire.
    Force Affiliation: Acolytes of Darkness (sith)
    Military Position: Supreme Commander of the Army.
    Political Position: Senator of Kuat.

    Weapons: DC:17 Multi-role Assualt Rifle. 4 hold-out blaster pistols and wide array compact explosives.

    Twin blade crimson lightsabers.

    Force Strengths: Augment physical abilities. Stealth. Pushing
    Force weakness: Telekinis, can only pickup and move smaller items. No choke or Lightining.
    Non-Force Strengths: Combat and Strategic thinking.
    Non-Force Weakness: Arrogant, tends to overthink things.
  13. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Naren Omatta
    Imperial Meeting Hall

    A glass of chilled water would have to do he mused. It wasn't like there was an option for something else here at this moment anyway. He had to admit, he was beginning to feel a tinge of impatience, if only because he had no way of knowing what exactly was going on in the council chambers. He suspected what some of the outcomes would be, it's true, but that wasn't the same as hearing them discussed and knowing what things would be. As he drank his water, his thoughts drifted to other matters to keep his mind occupied at this time. Such the fact he was quite proud of, having never spilled any food or liquid on his uniform since an incident at the academy. Why he could recall a time when he was drinking a bit of water to wet his throat while his ship shuddered underneath shield impacts with nary a drop spilled on his uniform or even the floor. It was all a very practiced affair, keeping oneself looking immaculate and at better than recruitment poster for the officer's academy in looking like the very definition of cleanliness and order.

    'Admiral, what's your take on this situation, if I may ask?' Even at this sudden unexpected question from behind the hand holding the glass did not waver a millimeter. Slowly taking another sip as he calmly turned around to see he was being addressed by one of the Lieutenants present in the hall. Calmly finishing the rest of his glass in a couple seconds, not that there was much left, he placed on a tray before answering the question, a carefully placed look of thoughtfulness upon his face. "Well Lieutenant, the situation is bad, but I highly doubt you needed me to tell you that. We'll be feeling the effects of the Bespin disaster in our military, intelligence, and economic sectors for a while I suspect. Anything else I can only guess at, though it would probably be safe to expect her Imperial Majesty to declare a state of red alert across the Empire. We'll make it through this though, one way or another that terrorist will face the Empress' justice."

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  14. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Both GMs have approved this one too!

    Name: Emperor Sinreb Irth I
    Species: Hologram
    Gender: Male programming
    Languages: High Galactic, Basic
    Home Planet: Artificial creation

    Skin Color: Matches the appearance of Emperor Sinreb Irth I, bar being a light blue colour in its entirety when active
    Hair/Fur Color: Ditto
    Eye Color: Ditto
    Height: Ditto
    Clothing: Ditto

    Bio (pic):
    The man known as Emperor Sinreb Irth (Sinrebirth, to others) has a long and confusing past. Least of all because his name appears to be assumed. What is known is that he joined the New Galactic Empire during the reign of the seemingly immortal Sistros, and learned at his hand. Rumours abound that he was once a Jedi, once a Sith, once a rogue. Sistros saw something in the man who acted as governor - as 'Moderator' - of four star systems in close proximity in the Unknown Regions. Although he had since lessened his responsibilities across The Force Net, the title attached to his home star cluster, he has also ascended, at the personal wish of Sistros to the position of Emperor, leading the evolution of the New Galactic Empire from a grassroots movement to a political one, eventually being selected by his peers to be Chancellor.

    Until the bombing.

    The Senate on Coruscant, Naboo and Corellia, all struck at once... and leaving the Emperor in a coma.

    But that was not the end of his reign.

    His Will & Testament was personified by this pyramidal Holocron, which anointed the new Empress, and had itself delivered to her, to offer her advice in the coming days of fire...

    Faction Affiliation: The New Galactic Empire
    Force Affiliation: Oddly, the Holocron seems to suffuse a presence into the Force.
    Military Position: Defunct
    Political Position: Elite

    Type: None
    Lightsaber: None

    Skill Set:
    Force Strengths: None
    Force Weaknesses: None
    Non-Force Strengths: The charisma of the comatose Emperor in hologram form
    None-Force Weaknesses: A holocron, at the end of the day

    Note: the Holocron is also connected to the HoloNet, and the AI within it is not anchored to the device which bore it. A full blown intelligence, it has the ability to access wireless networks and move its 'mind' through the network and access all manner of information. It even has the capacity to hack into networks and computer systems, giving it a material presence in the real world.

    OOC: Oh, Empress? I'm in your pocket at the moment. I'll do an OP for myself to keep myself amused tomorrow night but you're welcome to call on me for advice when you fancy ;)
  15. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    My turn. GMs Approved!

    Name: Kalvic “Kal” Dallin
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Languages: Basic, Minor understanding of Binary
    Home Planet: Borosk

    Skin Color: Light Tan
    Hair/Fur Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Auburn
    Height: 6”
    Clothing: Either black flightsuit or dress uniform; hardly wears anything else.

    Bio (and pic optional):
    Kal’s trials in life have shaped him to what he truly is: a loyal soldier of the Empire. Born on one of the Empire’s fortified worlds – Borosk -, Kal had grown up with the strength and might of the Empire in clear display to influence his growth and, if one was to desire so, his bloodline can be traced back during the time when the Galactic Empire had been first formed by Emperor Palpatine with a number of his ancestors having served in the military. Though his grandfather was a fighter pilot, his father had taken on the role of an engineer to maintain the fortifications that guarded Borosk.

    Not that it mattered much during the Second Imperial Civil War. While Krayt’s One Sith wrested power from the true Emperor, loyal Imperials nonetheless made a stand against him, including the forces on Borosk which led to a Sith assault to reclaim it. Kal lost a brother, his parents, and two uncles due to the ruthless tactics of Darth Maleval. At the age of fourteen, it was the first time that Kal picked up a blaster in order to protect what was left of his family.

    Borosk would be reclaimed by the Sith but the battle hardly made a difference to the outcome of the war as Krayt was slain, the Sith scattered, and the galaxy once again coming under the reign of the Empire and its allies. Recovery, however, was hardly smooth and Kal still had a younger sister and older brother to take care of. Though he was too young to enlist, his brother had signed up for the Imperial Army in order to replenish the Empire’s ranks and send credits back to his siblings.

    Despite a manageable life, however, a desire to enlist and serve the Empire had Kal signing up when he came of age. Applying and being accepted to the Imperial Naval Academy, Kal was one of the top students of his class and graduated with the rank of Lieutenant and a position as a flight leader for the sixth squadron of the 63rd Fighter Wing that was assigned to the recently reformed Outer Rim Third Fleet. While the core of the galaxy shifted and came into the hands of the New Galactic Empire, Kal found himself patrolling through the Outer Rim, guarding the borders of territories that had once been the central home of the Empire. With the shift in government centered on Coruscant once again, there were plenty of pirates and other smugglers that sought to make a fortune at the expense of Imperial citizens.

    By the time he reached twenty-four years in age, Kal was promoted to Commander and became the leader of his squadron. Just in time as, with the apparent threat of this “Vong Empire”, the now experienced 63rd had been relocated from the Outer Rim to the Core where Imperial forces are amassing to deal with the Vong.

    Faction Affiliation: New Galactic Empire
    Force Affiliation: None
    Military Position: TIE Predator Squadron Leader of the 6/63rd Fighter Wing
    Political Position: None

    Type: Standard vibroblade and blaster pistol
    Lightsaber: None

    Skill Set:
    Force Strengths: None
    Force Weaknesses: None
    Non-Force Strenghts: Excellent piloting skills, pistol marksman, mechanic.
    None-Force Weaknesses:Has a wariness of Force-users

    Kalvic "Kal" Dallin
    Orbit Over Corellia, Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer Manticore, Mess Hall

    "Some caf, Kal?"

    Shifting his auburn-eyed gaze from the screen at the corner of the mess, Kal followed the voice and the scent of strong caf to find a green-skinned, dark-haired Mirialan standing at the end of the table the human had acquired, a mug of caf in each hand. A long time ago, it would've seemed odd to find an alien - even if he was near-human - within the bowels of a Star Destroyer but things have changed during the past hundred years since Palpatine's reign. Ever since the Imperial Remnant had abolished its anti-alien sentiments, alien Imperial personnel - while uncommon - at the very least existed. And with the New Galactic Empire having taken the reigns for galactic domination, more and more was it becoming common to see aliens mixed with the humans that drove the Imperial war machine.

    However, Zander Gull had actually been with the 63rd's Mailoc Squadron for almost as long as Kal had; the human having only a little over a year of experience over the Mirialan. This, and his own skills in a TIE of course, was what made him Kal's second as Mailoc Two. The violet tattoos that were painted beneath his eyes and down the center of his forehead were a testament to that from his cultural traditions as well as his Lieutenant rank insignia.

    His left hand currently occupied with his datapad, Kal used his right to reach over and grasp one of the mugs with a simple, "Thanks", before taking a sip. Military-brewed which meant it was hardly perfect but he needed it nonetheless considering how things were going right now.

    It was actually Zander who took note of the current problems that the galaxy was facing. Taking a seat across from Kal, the Mirialan looked at the screen that his squadron leader had been looking over at the corner of the mess before questioning, "Crazy isn't it? The damage I mean."

    "Baradium warheads," Kal explained after another sip of caf and he also looked back at the screen to see Hapes burning. With a deep frown, he looked away and focused on his mug. "Powerful stuff. Begs the question of how they managed to acquire the ones they dropped on Hapes and Muunilist. Not exactly easy to get what with all the restrictions on them."

    "To be fair, the same could be said about Star Destroyers."

    Kal grunted. "True. Either way, these Vong are some new players that like to make a big entrance."

    The Mirialan waved that off. "Ah, what do you expect though? I mean the Hapans and the Alliance? Hapans didn't expect it coming because they think that they say they're neutral it means they've got nothing to worry about. And the Alliance? They're not exactly what they once were either. I mean if they tried to pull such a stunt against the Empire..."

    "They just might." Kal found himself directing his gaze back back at the screen. It was no longer Hapes that was burning but, rather, Muunilist now. "Throw a punch at the Alliance and one of the key members of the Neautrality Pact and just leave the Empire alone?" He motioned his head to the screen. "Look at that. Sane people aren't capable of that. This Vong Empire is just made up of fanatics, wanting nothing more then to spread carnage wherever they go. They'll want to hit us. Hell, we're probably they're biggest target. Its just a matter of when."

    While he was speaking, Kal noted the anger that slowly crept up on him, making him grit his teeth. His shoulders had tensed and the grip on his mug of caf had tightened but he had done nothing to ease either until he had finished. Coming to, he released a breath and felt the tension ease from his shoulders and the grip on his mug relaxed. The anger was still there though but he placed it back into that pit of his soul where it was usually contained. Until now that is.

    Zander seemed to have taken the hint and, looking to change the subject, he directed his attention to the datapad that Kal had in his other hand. "What's that?"

    Mentally thanking his wingman for the distraction, Kal held up the datapad so that he could see the screen. "Approval. I had requested permission from Colonel Sulman that Mailoc Squadron would volunteer to take part in the patrols while the meeting is going on."

    So unlike a grown man, Zander let out a whine and smacked his head gently against the table. "Come on! Really? Our first time in the Core and you want us to patrol? Couldn't just ask Sulman if we could go down to Coronet and hit up a club?"

    Despite himself, Kal let a humored grin pop up on his face before shaking his head. "We never slacked on patrols while in the Rim and that's what's kept us alive so far." Placing his datapad on the table, Kal leaned across the table and patted his wingman on the back. "Relax. If everything goes without a hitch, I'll see what I can scrounge up from Corellia for ya."

    Not removing his head from the table, Zander let out a muffled, "Spiced ale."

    "I'll keep it in mind."

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  16. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Dil Finwerk
    Coruscant, Senator Offices

    Dil munched on a piece of fruit as he walked to the office of Senator Kad Viszla. He had been so busy that morning that he hadn’t been able to take the time to eat the Morning Meal. As far as he was concerned, missing out on the meal was quite frankly a terrible feeling. It was like feeling a pit develop in your stomach . . . wait, no, it was exactly that. As a Council member, he had been promised that he wouldn’t have to go over some of the important administrative tasks, but for some reason the Knight who had been responsible for that work had been sick and couldn’t make it to the office for work. So Dil had been pressed into service on deciphering trade records from the recent flurry of market activity that the Order had gone through. Had to buy material for new robes, new security droids, some extra silverware . . . sometimes Dil wished he didn’t have to get dragged in on every market transaction these days. He had been trained to do that as a Padawan and Knight, but now it just seemed like overkill. Being a Council Member had to count for something, right?

    Ever since the attacks on Muunillist, the Alliance had been on high alert. Things just seemed tense all over; the leaders were unsure about how to proceed, and the rank-and-file troops were becoming agitated at the reports of massive destruction being wreaked by the fleets of the “Vong” Empire. Dil thought that was a peculiar name for this new threat, considering that the Vong hadn’t been a threat in a long time. Obviously there was something else behind this, but the Force wouldn’t tell him anything. Hopefully that was what this meeting would cover.

    As he approached the Senators’ office, he felt a slight tremor in the Force. Apparently he wasn’t going to be alone in the office this time; who had Viszla dragged in now to help run things? Then he noticed the lack of a solid door on the frame; it certainly looked like someone had pulled it from the hinges and tossed it aside. Either the Mandalorians weren’t in a good mood, which didn’t surprise the Nautolan much because they never seemed to be rather cheery unless they were standing over a dead body, or someone in the room was in an even worse state of mind. Well, that was a cheery thought indeed. Missing the meal, having to work on transcripts, run from the Temple to here because the Order-issued speeder had broken down, and now some temperamental people to deal with. Sounded like fun.

    As he entered the room, he could see that indeed he was not alone. Viszla sat in his senatorial office chair, his helmet off to one side. Off to his side was another Mandalorian – gee, what a surprise, Dil thought – looking ferocious as always. Then there was a Sith, probably the culprit of tearing the door off its hinges. And he wasn’t in a good mood either, but that didn’t surprise Dil either. It seemed like Mandos and Sith just never had cheery dispositions. Of course, the attacks on Muunillist and Hapes had been rather gruesome, so Dil figured that now was not the time to act all cheery, even though it went against his better judgment. Lastly, there was another person in the room. Dil wasn’t quite sure what to make of him; he seemed like a Jedi; the Force was telling him that this person wasn’t a Dark Side user, but his past and present seemed . . . clouded, somehow, almost like he had been to a dark spot and back. The tattoos on his arm gave Dil his answer; no Jedi ever had a Dathomiri tattoo on their arm, let alone a Sith design on the other arm. This man had indeed seen the Dark Side of the Force, but unlike the Sith in the room, he didn’t seem consumed by the darkness. Instead, it was some sort of medium between the two, a gray area.

    “You called?” he said to Viszla, taking another bite out of his breakfast fruit after speaking.

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    Sep 2, 2012
    IC: Empress Emiliana Volshe
    Coronet City - Imperial Meeting Hall and Palace

    After the Lord General left, Shira following close behind him, the room was silent. No questioning eyes fell upon her and thus she assumed the meeting would be best adjourned. The Council had more than enough to deal with right now, she was sure. The longer this dragged on the more frustrated those waiting, both inside and outside the meeting room, would be. And, she realised rather abruptly, the Senate would be getting restless as well.

    With a mildly exasperated breath she stood, her elaborate plum robes shifting and gently cascading to the floor. "As I have only met the one objection, I will finalise my earlier orders. Forward them as necessary." She looked to Miloree, who needed to arrange the fleets. "I will proceed to Coruscant immediately, along with the Court. Word will be sent of which planet you are to travel to once we are safely on Coruscant." She motioned to the Court to rise and follow her and then turned to the agent on her right who stood expectantly. "Prepare our shuttles at once," The Empress ordered. She let the agent leave, before herself moving for the doors, the guards silently falling in beside her. Cautious whispers and the sound of movement floated from the table behind her before the footsteps of the Court began to echo her own.

    The steel door slid open to the bright, open aired hall and she proceeded to another small door on her left. She looked only briefly at those who were most likely still waiting in their seats and hoping to receive any news. She scanned the room for the 1st Lieutenant, expecting him to be waiting as well. She truthfully did not know much about him, even after a year, only that he was quite skilled and had reported directly to Emperor Sinreb - and now her. It would be beneficial to at least entertain the idea of stationing him in the Coruscant palace. Not seeing him in her search, she made a mental note and shifted her focus forward. The many eyes in the Hall followed her every movement before the group finally disappeared through the doorway.

    The corridor they entered had exquisite ceilings and enormous windows lining it, allowing the sun's vibrant rays to flood in and glitter on the marble floors. The Empress felt the warm aura of the room immediately. As it was decorated much like her home Naboo, the Corellian palace often improved her mood; even if only slightly.

    Another hall branched off a few steps ahead, leading to the hangars. She turned into it, the sun blinking off of the guards' onyx armour in her peripheral vision. The small number of personnel in the halls bowed quickly as the group passed and she nodded to acknowledge them.

    Only after she had made it a dozen metres did she feel the mix of concern and slight confusion from the Grand Vizier. Not him alone, however, the Grand Admiral was the same. She pursed her lips and slowed her pace, signaling for the guards to allow either 1138 or Miloree to walk alongside her.

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    Those within the main meeting hall: Yuul_Shamar docking_bay94
  18. awesomejedi

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    Nov 7, 2012
    IC: Lanna Shakal
    Reef Fortress, Hapes
    The Senator’s voice came over Lanna’s commlink. “This is Senator Sandstrider...I am glad that you are okay, Senator Shakal. Is the Queen Mother with you? The damage is so severe in the capital that we haven't been able to confirm who was lost. I'm sending a shuttle to ReefFortress now, with supplies and an escort in case the 'Vong'try an assassination attempt."

    “Thank you, Senator, for your concern and support. The Queen Mother is here with me for the moment and is being protected by a security detail twice its normal size.”
    Thank the Force for small mercies, thought Lanna. Not only was the Queen Mother a respected politician and a distant relative of Lanna’s, she was also the head of the entire Hapes Cluster. Since Her Majesty had no siblings or heir, a new Queen Mother would have been elected and that would have been a source of strife Lanna did not need.

    “We also haven’t been able to confirm all the losses, but we can assume at least most of the noble families were destroyed along with almost all our capital's citizens,” she continued. “We would be more than grateful for any help we can receive in protecting Her Grace. I will send someone to meet the shuttle, unless you will be on it, in which case I shall meet you myself as the Queen Mother is understandably quite busy at this point in time.”

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    Oct 9, 2012
    IC: Solomon "Sol" Holle
    Coruscant, Senate Offices

    Sol smiled as he caught Malkuth's seal of office. He never thought he'd see the day he saw a Sith senator sharing a drink with a Mandolorian. As he thumbed the seal over he went to the side of the office and poured himself a large glass of water. Sol returned to the sitting area in front of the senator's desk and tossed the seal back to Malkuth as he sat down in a chair across from him. "Well well well," Sol chortled. "It's been quite a long time since I've heard a Dark Brother confess himself before a senator, soldier and a jedi," Sol said comically. The tattooed Jedi took a long drink from his water and relaxed back into his chair tiredly. Sol could not help but smiling at this joke since he was the last "dark brother" to have surrendered before the republic in such a fashion.

    Sol craned his neck to the side as he sensed another person making their way into the room. Sol recognized the Nautolan figure as Deputy Commander Dil Finwerk. He had never really spoken to the other Jedi, but he had seen him moving around the Temple from time to time. Sol moved himself back into his comfortable position and somehow knew that this meeting wouldn't be another boring addition to his already boring day.

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  20. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Late Emperor
    Everywhere else bar Her Majesty's Pocket

    So much chaos, in so little time.

    The Holocron of the Emperor Sinreb Irth I poured over HoloNet reports of the devastation of Muunilinst and Hapes, of the threat to Corellia, the new capital of the New Galactic Empire. The hologram attached to the Holocron would appear to be that of the man who had an abrupt reign of a year, whose ascension ended the Sith Wars, in his atypical regalia, modeled as a darker but less distinct version of Emperor Fel's attire, itself with the addition of a cowl to the robes as opposed to a cape. Part Imperial, part Sith. Rumours had that his progenitor - the Holocron definitely thought of itself as a 'he' - was a fallen Sith who was redeemed by Sistros, though how that had came to pass was anyone's guess. Other rumours suggested that he was a contemporary of Sistros, from many, many years ago. But information about Sistros was scarce enough to be considered legend itself.

    All the Holocron knew was a matter of public record, and he had not been able to find out more about the man.

    That was a weakness behind the persona of this Holocron; that it only knew the public entity that had been created in the last few years by the man... since Darth Krayt was killed at the Battle of Coruscant. It was a minor hobby of the Holocron during more peaceful times, to wander the network engaging with gossip-vids. But now he was collecting the information that had passed through the galaxy in the past few hours, so he could be of assistance of the Empress if she came to need him.

    For now, however, he had half a mental eye on the debate the Empress was engaging in, should his wisdom be needed. The Empress had not availed herself of his counsel in recent days, not since the simultaneous assault on Corellia, Naboo and Coruscant. He did not mind, but a mind which was not at use was one which was at a loss.

    But he was created to serve, for a time, and so he would.

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  21. Darth Aiser

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    May 26, 2006
    IC: Jusick Tur-Mukan
    Location: The Imperial Palace on Coruscant, The Military Headquarters wing.

    Supreme Commander Tur-Mukan, or Jusick to those familiar with him, was sipping a glass of water while staring at map display showing the galaxy as a whole with known Imperial planets glowing Blue and Rebels in red. Along the sides of the display were areas where he could bring up individual systems, and compositions of forces in a system. As he looked at it now he had 2 systems up Corellia and Coruscant. He had recieved word that the Empress was preparing to leave Corellia and come here to Coruscant and he would work behind the scenes to make sure it was pulled off without a hitch. He couldn't order the fleets around but he could control what the Land Forces were at.

    "Alright, Alert the guard that she will be arriving soon, when her fleet drops out of hyperspace I want the Honor Guards lining from the Landing pad to the door, I want counter snipers out along these buildings" He guestered to cluster of buildings with line of sight along the path that the Empress would take to the Officers in charge of the Garrison. " I will be greeting her personally at the landing ramp when she arrives." .

    With that he dismissed the officers and took a longing glance at the Bright Red dot that represented Mandalore, and straightened up his General's Uniform and watched the blips that represent the Empress's fleet over Corellia.

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  22. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Kalvic "Kal" Dallin
    Corellia Orbit, Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer Manticore, Hangar Bay

    With movements that he had rehearsed so many times that he had lost count years ago, Kal fitted himself into his black flight suit and zipped it closed. Sliding the environmental control unit over that and securing it to his chest, all that was left was the helmet that was still in his locker. Taking off the cap that he usually wore and tossing it inside, he snagged the helmet and pulled it out though didn't put it on right away; he would wait until he was in the cockpit for that. Sure that he had everything, Kal placed his hand on his locker door and was about to shut it before he paused and glanced at the door itself.

    Fixed to the inside of his door was a holograph that displayed three individuals One of them was himself of course, dressed in a brand new dress uniform that he had received on graduation from the Academy. His brother was there too; having been granted leave to participate in Kal's graduation ceremony. He was dressed just as militarily though his markings made him as an Army Second Lieutenant. Between them, two arms around her shoulders, was their sister. Though Kal inherited the brown hair of their mother, his other two siblings had taken on the black coloring from their father's side. His brother's, of course, was mostly shaved off as per military regulations but their sister, still a civilian, had hers long, past her shoulders but tied back in a low ponytail. Her blue eyes twinkled with mirth as she stood within the embrace of her two brothers.

    As was also part of his ritual, Kal brought his hand to his mouth, kissed his knuckles, and lightly touched the hologram with them, briefly disturbing the image before it refocused upon him drawing his hand back.

    Now he closed the door and made his way to the hangar bay. Ironically, though it was him that had volunteered the squadron for the patrol, he was the last one to make it to the hangar bay; all eleven other members of his squadron were already lined up and they immediately stood to attention upon his arrival. That was fine; this was also part of the ritual. As was how he scanned each and everything face as he moved towards his place in front of him. Most of the squadron was human but, like Zander, it wasn't strictly human. Their other alien pilot was actually a Devaronian; one Chit Bazmin. His helmet, of course, had been modified to fit his horns but that was a tame modification compared to some of the other aliens that had joined the Empire. Kal had actually once witnessed the massive hulk of a Talz that had managed to be sealed with the white armor of the stormtroopers.

    Considering that the 63rd Fighter Wing had been made up of recruits fresh from the academies within the section of the Outer Rim Territories that had, for a long time, been the main home of the Empire, Zander and Chit were the only two aliens within the squadron. Two of the remaining nine humans, however, were women. Even with the Empire once again reasserting its hold upon the galaxy, it had not degraded back to the ways of Palpatine. Women and aliens were all welcome to participate within the armed forces of the New Galactic Empire.

    To Kal, it didn't matter what they were; to him, they were all the Empire's finest and he was proud to lead them. But when he took his place in front of them, there wasn't much to say.

    "You're going to be the lucky ones today," he spoke to the assembled squadron. "Fresh from the Outer Rim, I'm giving you this chance to get a good, long look at the might of the Empire that has reclaimed its place within the Core of the galaxy. Just make sure that you do so while following your designated flight paths. To your fighters, Mailocs!"

    They obeyed at once, the group immediately disengaging and making towards their fighters that hung from racks all across the Manticore's hangar bay. The Star Destroyer was the home to all four squadrons of the 63rd Fighter Wing and, together with the rest of the Outer Rim Third Fleet, had patrolled the borders of former-Imperial capital Bastion, Borosk, Yaga Minor, and others. Mailoc was designated as the fourth squadron while Farlus, Challat, and Bulfus were one thru three. All the squadrons and their pilots had combat experience - even if they were against low-level pirates and other criminals - and it was probably the main reason why the Manticore and other elements of the Third Fleet had been sent to the Core where Imperial forces were gathering.

    Kal was going to make sure that the decision wasn't a bad one, even if all he could do was something as simple as a patrol. But he wasn't going to let the Empire be caught unawares; not with a new, fanatical enemy on the prowl.

    He went to his own fighter. Like the rest of his squadron, Kal's Predator possessed the same ball cockpit and two blade-shaped wings. Unlike the rest though, Kal's cockpit possessed the classic style of the Predator's ancestors: a style that clearly designated him as squadron leader. The others had horizontal slants across the front of the central fuselage, the same slants that Kal once had on his fighter before his promotion.

    Just like in the locker room, Kal had his own ritual when it came to starting up his fighter. Once he climbed into the cockpit and pulled the hatch closed, he finally pulled on his helmet and sealed it against the flight suit's high collar before attaching the pair of hoses to the environmental control unit. Now completely suited up, he went through his pre-flight checklist.

    He hit the ignition and his fighter immediately powered up; sensors and consoles lighting up with the power that now gently hummed throughout his TIE. He glanced towards one and saw that his engines were running at one hundred percent efficiency. He hit two other buttons that fed energy into the shields and four medium laser cannons. All green there as well. His heads-up-display came a moment later.

    Shields, engine, weapons, hyperdrive, communications...

    At the thought of communications, Kal keyed his comlink and spoke, "Mailoc Leader here. All pilots report in."

    "Mailoc Two, all systems green," Zander started like usual and as Kal listened to the rest of his pilots, he found them all ready to go in short order.

    Efficient as always, Kal silently complimented the group. He switched comms. "Mailoc Leader to Manticore, requesting permission to take off."

    The reply also came quick. "Permission granted Mailoc Lead. Enjoy the view."

    There was a shutter as the rack that held Mailoc's TIEs shifted and brought the squadron over to the door of the ventral hangar bay. Here, Kal found himself looking directly down at the blue and green world that was Corellia.

    He waited.

    He didn't have to wait long. With a loud, drawn out beeeeep, his TIE was suddenly released from its cradle.

    Kal let the artificial gravity of the Star Destroyer take over for the first few seconds. Once released from the rack, his Predator dropped, streaking through the magcon field and entering the vastness of space. Here, Kal triggered the blade-shaped wings of his Predator to extend from its docking position to full and accelerated while pulling back on the fighter's controls. Like its ancestors, the Predator had the standard wheel and yoke control system. Pulling back and pushing forward would make the fighter climb and dive while the blocky panel mounted on top would bank and turn it. The grips on either side of the panel had the triggers and between them lay the buttons and switches that controlled throttle, weapon selection, target acquisition, data streaming to the primary monitor, and a variety of lesser functions that could all be manipulated with a flick of his thumb. They were similar to the controls of a landspeeder and though he knew that the Rebels tended to use the standard flight stick, he was happy with these controls and trained to the best of his capabilities with them.

    Behind him, the rest of his squadron fell out from the Star Destroyer and oriented themselves behind their leader. And with all eleven members of his squadron at his back, Kal finally got himself a good look at the Imperial Fleet that had gathered at Corellia.

    There were the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers of course. A lot of them. And to support them were the smaller but no less deadly Ardent-class fast frigates. There were yet smaller vessels; transports and tenders that were needed to better supply the fleet and shuttles moved amongst each other to ferry personnel and equipment to the various warships. Starfighters patrolled Corellian space just like Kal's squadron; not just Predators but Neutralizer-class bombers as well. Eclipsing all of this activity was at least one mammoth hulk of an Imperious-class Star Destroyer that overlooked the going-ons of the fleet.

    It is an impressive view, Kal had to admit and hoped that his pilots appreciated it. There were few times where they could witness the Outer Rim Third Fleet in its entirety as the vessels that made it were usually divided and assigned to their own sections of Imperial space to defend. And the array of forces that were displayed here completely blew away any sign of the Imperial Might that Kal had witnessed before.

    And they were all stationed over Corellia. One of the Core Founders of galactic civilization as they knew it. It, Coruscant, and so many others had returned to the Empire after so long.

    And it would only be with the efforts of the Empire's finest that it'll stay that way. Especially against the fanatical delusions of a mad woman and her senseless minions.

    "You have your flight paths," Kal finally spoke after a good, long moment of sightseeing. "Split by groups and commence patrol. Welcome to the Core, Mailocs."

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  23. Shereshoy Cabur

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    Feb 2, 2013
    IC: Mirjahaal Parjii
    Kad Vizsla's Office

    Without turning his head but using his 360 degree view on his HUD, he watch as Sol entered the room and introduced himself. He noticed the tattoos on his arms and his tired yet solemn presence in the force.

    Used to be a dar'jetii and now a jetii....

    And moments later, using his 360 degree view again, he watched the Deputy Commander stroll in eating a fruit.

    Another least they aren't jetii who know who I am

    Mir never turned his head or body to face the two, he simply kept leaning against the wall and accessed the databases to pull up information on the two Jedi.


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    Jul 26, 2008
    IC: Lt. Heath Kolarn
    Imperial Meeting Hall

    "Well Lieutenant, the situation is bad, but I highly doubt you needed me to tell you that. We'll be feeling the effects of the Bespin disaster in our military, intelligence, and economic sectors for a while I suspect. Anything else I can only guess at, though it would probably be safe to expect her Imperial Majesty to declare a state of red alert across the Empire. We'll make it through this though, one way or another that terrorist will face the Empress' justice."

    Yes, the Empress' justice. Good. Here was a loyal soldier. He seemed competent enough, as well, if not a tad arrogant. He was probably nobility. Heath was considering his own response when he heard the door his open behind him. Not turning, he knew someone had just left the council chamber. A moment later, the Lord General walked past. Hadn't he wanted to talk about something? Before he could finish the thought, the Emperor's Sword passed as well, turning and giving Heath a subtle wink. What was that about? Was she trailing the Lord General? Why? More importantly, though, the meeting seemed to be over, as the door hissed open again and footsteps left the chamber. He would get answers later.

    "Thank you very much for your time and reassurance," Heath said, saluting and feigning awe. "However, with the meeting adjourned I must attend to business. I'm sure you have better things to be doing than talking to me, anyway." Heath turned on his heel and trailed after the Imperial procession. While he had been doing his best not to offend the Admiral by his sudden departure -- and thus keep as low a profile as possible -- the Empress had gotten quite far ahead. Annoyed, Heath picked up his pace, doing his best to catch up with the Empress while still remaining an inconspicuous lieutenant.

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    IC: Daniel Sandstrider
    ACS Victorious bridge

    Daniel listened as Senator Shakal explained the situation. He nodded at intervals, before listening more closely to her final statement.

    “We would be more than grateful for any help we can receive in protecting Her Grace. I will send someone to meet the shuttle, unless you will be on it, in which case I shall meet you myself as the Queen Mother is understandably quite busy at this point in time.”

    "It is the least I can do Senator. We are allies after all," Daniel said, "I won't be on the shuttle however. I am needed on the Victorious in case the Vong show back up. I will come down to the surface as soon as I am able though."

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