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Star Wars Senate Aflame

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Chewbacca89, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Pearlsaber

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    Jan 29, 2013
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    Name: Hawkon Pearlsaber
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Languages: Basic
    Home Planet: Rori
    Skin Color: White
    Hair/Fur Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 6' 2"
    Clothing: Red Imperial Intelligence Uniform, Shadow Guard Robes, Gray Robe

    Bio (and pic optional):
    Hawk was born to Charles and Cindy Pearlsaber, who were some of the first colonists following the Galactic Civil War. They came to the moon after many skirmishes by the Empire, in attempts to settle populate it again. The Pearlsabers were farmers who lived a meager lifestyle and focused on growing food, in hopes of selling it to Naboo for a profit.

    Hawk was expected to do daily chores around the farm, mainly keeping fields plowed, watered, etc.
    At 16, Hawk attempted to find a present for his Mother's birthday. While in the field, he saw a bright yellow flower to give to her. He plucked it, put it in a vase, and placed it next to the dinner that he made for her. While waiting for her to come, a petal from the flower fell onto her plate.

    While enjoying her birthday with her family, Cindy accidently ingested the petal which fell onto her plate. The flower was actually a coma-bloom, which is very poisionous. She turned pale and fell to the floor. Shocked, Hawk got down on the floor and put his hand on his mother. As a result, she awakened and was never again affected by the poison. It was after this event that Hawk's family realized that something was different about him.

    Hawkon's force abilities were recognized under Empress Volshe at an unknown time. As a result, he becameinvolved in the Imperial Knighthood, where he functioned as a both a Knight and a Shadow Guard to the Empress.His services were also needed in the ISB, where he served as the first Bureau Director. During his tenure as Bureau Director, R3-S12 was assigned to him as a tool for espionage. R3 was equipped with sensors, speakers, hidden weapons, etc for Hawk. R3 even had compartments for extra lightsabers, in case Hawk's was damaged during battle. He also served as a server droid, which brought Hawk his morning reports. Hawk developed a close relationship with R3 throughout his tenure at the ISB.

    Faction Affiliation: New Galactic Empire
    Force Affiliation: Grey Force User
    Military Position: ISB/Imperial Intelligence Bureau Director and Shadow Guard
    Political Position: None
    Type: WESTAR-34 Pistol concealed under Uniform and Robe
    Lightsaber: Vintage Imperial Knight hilt with Silver Blade
    Skill Set:
    Force Strengths: Healing, Telekinesis, Force Push
    Force Weaknesses: Unknown
    Non-Force Strengths: Loyalty
    None-Force Weaknesses: Political Astuteness, Strength

    IC: Hawk Pearlsaber
    Coronet City, Corellia

    Hawk was taken aback by the news of the Vong attack. How could they? At least the Empress was at the helm....​

    He sat impatiently in the meeting hall after the Empress' address to the Council. He could feel sweat dripping off of his back. "They think the ISB is weak," he thought. Naire's infiltration through the holo message was disturbing and the blame could only be laid at the ISB's doorstep. But, he knew that he was dealing with something that was beyond natural abilities. Though he knew he was strong in the Force, it had been a long time since he needed to use his Force powers in the ISB. There was a disturbance...​

    After the meeting, he walked past the accusatory stares, back to the Bureau. He straightened his red uniform as he walked out.​

    He walked up to the Bureau's door, passing stormtrooper guards as he walked in. "Director," they said, acknowledging Hawk's presence. "I want you to step up security. Be vigilant." Though Hawk couldn't see the stormtrooper's expression, he knew that they were looking at him quizzically. "Of course, Director," said the stormtrooper.​

    Hawk walked into his office and he told his assistant, Loga, "I want you to get on the comm immediately and notify every Sector Chief that security has been increased to Red Alert. I don't want anything to fall through the cracks. If I hear of a hint of laziness in any of our controlled sectors, they will be disposed of immediately. NO MORE security breaches, understand?"

    "Of course, Director." Loga said.​

    Hawk was growing weary of hearing that. "Just do it," He thought, "Enough with the formalities. I just want the Empire secure."

    Hawk sat back in his chair, rubbing his eyes. He knew that his time was short on Corellia...​

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  2. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Joden Kerr IV
    Aboard ACS Victorious - Hapan Space.

    The images on HNN were horrifying, there was just no other way of describing them. Not only had the Hapan Capital, Ta'a Chume'Dan, been devastated by what were being reported as Baradium bombs, but the feed was also showing even worse images from Hardaidan, the Capital of Muunilinst, which had suffered direct hits by a pair of their own Golan Defence Platforms that had been precision-forced out of orbit.

    Despite Joden's Meditation, he felt the stress building; then, as had happened on several previous occasions (the first one having frightened him severely, as the Datapad information had said nothing about it), came the insistent tug of 'Other-Memory' demanding to be let through.

    Somewhat akin to day-dreaming, 'Other-Memory' could arrive either in the form of a single, long, sequence or as a series of shorter ones. This dose was of the latter type and, if what it (from One's life experiences, this time) was trying to tell him was to be properly understood, that type required careful thinking about after it had finished; since those sequences skipped from incident to incident in a highly disjointed fashion.

    Once the memory-stream ceased, Joden hurried to the 'fresher, not for the obvious purpose, but in the hope of finding a reasonable substitute for flimsi somewhere inside; a hope soon realised. 'Other-Memory' had proved volatile in the past; there had, as yet, never been a repeat 'transmission' and the one he'd just had could well be very important indeed. The other required tool, a writing-stylus, Joden already had in a sleeve pocket of his jumpsuit.

    With the memories, his impressions and conclusions safely recorded (until such time as his improvised flimsi fell apart from over-handling), Joden gave thought to getting the warning to the Senator as quickly as possible. He was somewhat surprised to find the Senator's Comm Code in the Ship's Directory; either these quarters normally housed beings with sufficient rank to be entitled to Comm the Senator directly, or someone had been more than courteous. Choosing 'Text Message' from the list of options, he rapidly typed and sent the following;

    "Attackers not, repeat not, behaving like historical 'Vong' of 120 years ago. Believe name being used as deception/distraction. Important, maybe vital, that Yuuzhan Vong resident on Zonama Sekot not subjected to any form of punitive action; actual or threatened. Need to discuss with you in depth at earliest convenience. Joden Kerr.".

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  3. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Kad Vizsla
    The Senator's Office.

    Kad was pleased that those he had summoned had arrived promptly. He was less then pleased by the less than respectful attitudes displayed by them all so far. But he let it go, as a Mandalorian he was far more interested in results than in insincere gestures of respect, and he knew these beings could bring him results.

    He waved the two newcomers inside. "Deputy Commander Finwerk, Knight Holle, join us..." Vizsla didn't bother wasting time bringing them up to speed on the attack on Muun homeworld he knew they would have heard of it already. "I have spent most of the time since the attack co-ordinating with the leaders of various Alliance worlds. The Verpine are nervous, the Mandalorians defiant and the Muun are furious." The last part probably could have gone without saying. Early reports were that the devastation there was tremedous. "Most everyone else is some combination of the three. Several worlds have agreed to send relief supplies to the affected areas, and a troop of Mandalorian Protectors are also acompanying them to provide extra security. In addition the fleetyards at Fondor are working overtime to replace the vessels that we lost."

    These were all things that perhaps were not necessary for these men to know, but none were a secret. The Mandalorian presence had already been announced on the holo-net, a way to try to asuage the fear that must be felt by the surviviors on Muunilinst. The work being done on Fondor could be deduced by anyone, it was the major supplier of capital ships to the Alliance.

    "But none of that need concern you now. I need the three of you," he indicated Malkuth, Mir and Sol, "to find out whatever you can about this Vong Empire. Weaknesses and strengths political, economic and military." Everyone in the room knew that once those targets had been identified it would make striking back far easier. "Lord Malkuth, you will be in charge of your team." He knew the Sith was more of a political animal than an operator, but placing him charge of the group would help to ease that discomfort. Or so Vizsla hoped. It would also keep the Sith well away from the seats of power here in the Capital. "Go wherever you must, but bring me answers."

    He turned to the Deputy Commander now. "You will stay here with me for the time being. We will coordinate the efforts of forces and ensure their safety." He appraised them all once again, looking for signs of weakness. He and his clan had always had a particular distaste for those that demonstrated that particular trait.

    Satisfied that he had found none he dismissed them. "Keep this from the Imperials and Neutrals," he nearly spat out the name of the newest faction to emerge in the Senate. "If we can defeat this Vong Empire threat on our own, without the help of the other parties, then new systems will rally to our cause. This is not a crisis gentlemen, it is an opportunity. To remake the galaxy as we see fit."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Malkuth
    Kad's Office

    To remake the galaxy as we see fit.

    Darth Malkuth liked that. He also liked that he was in-charge of this little trio. His eyes glowed in anticipation of the impending opportunity and he gave Vizsla little attention at this time as they gleamed. He acknowledged the appraising look, but it meant nothing to him. He had instantly recognised that the wily Mandalorian had sought to pair him up with the two individuals most well-equipped to stop his machinations, and to send him away from the Capitol.

    Smart man.

    But no Sith.

    All-but leaping to his feet, Malkuth brandished a grin at the two of them and tugged his Senatorial seal of office back to his hand. "Alright, Mir, Sol, you have two hours to prep yourself and meet me at Senate Hangar 51 - leave messages for loved ones if you want to. Commandeer a ship there - I'll leave it to you what type, unless you can't make a decision yourself - and I'll go have a sanisteam." His grin compressed into a smirk; he knew he smelled something rotten from his hours-long flight. "We're going to head to the most logical place that the Vong Empire has yet to appear at, so the ship will need to be stealthy, look as trampy as it can, and try and have some guns." He spread his arms. "This is the Rebel Alliance - it's bound to have some oddities in it. If either of you have a personal ship that suffices, then we'll take it, especially if it can store my TIE Blur, but if not, that's fine." He had a slave-rig which could always come in handy, after all. He threw a salute that was derogatory than professional to the Supreme and Deputy Commanders, and cheekily added. "Keep a fleet handy for when I find something, will you?"

    He strode towards the door, cloak flowing, and glanced back over his shoulder.

    "Need to know where we're going, for now, until we're on-board. Don't forget to sweep for Imperial surveillance devices."

    And he was gone, heading towards his quarters with a swift summon of an airtaxi. A few gestures to fuzz memories and holocams - to stay in-character, and he was through the turbolift system having spent a mere ten minutes travelling. He was already removing his clothes before he made his way fully into his room, discomforting a few within his corridor within the Senatorial suites. He was topless in time to throw a wink at a rather attractive Twi'lek, and then he vanished into the room, dropping the rest and all but dashing to the shower. As Senator for a world which had been lost to the erratic shifts of the Deep Core - a blow which had been caused by the destruction of a chain of S-thread boosters by the Jedi - he had a substantial refugee population available and as such was entitled to the perks of the job... such as a shower with real water.

    As he rinsed, he mused on the location of their mission. The ship parameters he had set for them were general, so he could potentially use the ship to enact rescue missions or to be sneaky. Their target had to be related to the Vong Empire, and more information about the legendary Sistros was available than what he knew the Alliance had on the Vong. They're arrival on the scene had accelerated his plans, and so he needed to accelerate theirs. That required him to anticipate where the Vong would strike next, then he could back-track from wherever they gathered their strength. With a better ship, and three Force users, they could actually track a fleet as it fled, rather than hope to catch up in-time for the navicomputer to be ready.

    After a full hour in the shower, he was fully dressed and settled his affairs. Making a record in his Holocron of today - well, he called it his, but he'd simply installed one beside the Holocron's true owner because he had no knowledge on how to create a Holocron - he took ten minutes to deal with that and then another recording a message to Cavan, hoping his... whatever they were, was well in whatever satellite galaxy the Zeltron was wandering. The updates were cryptic, and seemed to involve some Federation interacting with the Remsi Republic, a power whose territory surrounded Sekot's latest location.

    With half an hour to spare, he still hadn't thought of the exact location. But, Malkuth took the opportunity to take a deep breath and slow down. He'd been going at a hundred parsecs a time part, and he needed to get a grip. This wasn't like dusting crops - to quote the late Han Solo - so he had to take his time. Sol and Mir would not give him any freedom, so he had to create opportunities for them to be separated when the time was right. That would require work. If he was re-attach with Relus and complete his latest scheme, then he would need to get this very right.

    Finally dressing, he took a slower return trip and nibbled on the fingernail to his thumb, as he mused. Two lightsabers, one holdout blaster. Various Force powers, and one highly political mind. But he also had Mir and Sol as well, who could certainly help him undo this Vong Empire before it became a true thorn in his side. He also needed to reassure them that he wasn't a cackling maniac, much like he had with the New Sith when the unification had teamed him up with former opponents... not that, as far as he was aware, there were any active Sith left in the galaxy.

    Nodding, he arrived at Hangar 51 a few minutes late to see what his comrades had found.

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    Oct 25, 2012
    IC: James Macedon, Lord General
    En Route to The Inferno Above Corellia...

    James took a small shuttle to his flagship. He had seen Shira following him from the meeting hall and didn't care. She was a fool and would not be permitted aboard his ship. Let her sit and wait and have nothing to report to her "Empress." This is why it must happen. There is so much distrust. Spying on a Lord General? Ridiculous. Had he not earned the Empress' trust? Apparently not.

    His ship pulled into the hanger of The Inferno and landed softly. His Security Chief, Alexis Mortis, was waiting for him. She quickly saluted. "Alexis, don’t let that ship following me board. I don’t care what they say, they are not allowed on this ship. Did you bring my vault?" She motioned to a hovercart which came over bearing a small safe. While he glanced at it, she pulled out her comm and ordered Control not to allow the following ship access to the Star Destroyer. Inside the safe was the holocron. The key to everything. "Thanks. Where is this Envoy Naire sent?"

    "Here he comes now," she said calmly. A tall Muun came walking towards him, flanked by two Stormtroopers. He approached and began to talk. "It is time, Lord General. Do you have the item prepared for me?" General Macedon studied the Muun. "Ah, so Naire sent you, to what? Retrieve the holocron from me? It took her long enough to realize I had it..." he trailed off as he opened the safe. It hissed open and Macedon retrieved the item inside. "Very well, give this to Naire, from me.” In the time one might take to blink an eye, James pulled the item from the safe. Only it wasn't a holocron, but a blaster. A cold look glazed over James face. Ruthlessly he pointed the barrel at the Muun's forehead and pulled the trigger twice.

    The Muun collapsed to the ground, two steaming holes burned into his head. Without blinking he turned to Alexis. “Load my things aboard the shuttle. Send a confirmation to Kad Vizsla and let him know the plan has been enacted. Then get on board yourself." He turned to the two Stormtroopers and looked at them. He could use a couple troopers loyal to him. He looked at their patches and ID Numbers and recognized them as the Santos Twins; Henry and Ghent. They were loyal to him and him alone. "You two as well. We leave in five minutes."

    As they hustled around him, loading some supplies and prepping the ship, James looked around the hangar. So this was the end....or was it? Naire would stop at nothing to get the holocron in his possession. She would even kill him, her own “kin” to get her hands on it. With it, she would possess "The Triplets" and be utterly unstoppable. And if she couldn’t have it, she would ensure no one else could as well. He couldn't allow that to happen. Even if it meant going down this road.

    His thoughts were interrupted by a blaring siren. Stang! She had come! He quickly joined his team of 4 upon the shuttle and it began to take off. If only James had left a few minutes earlier…

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    Sep 2, 2012
    IC: Empress Emiliana Volshe
    Coronet City - Imperial Palace Hangar

    Neither of the two stepped forward and one of the guards shook his head as she looked to him. It mildly surprised her, she thought they would've taken the opportunity in a heartbeat. It was too late for any real discussion anyway, as they had almost arrived to the shuttles. She turned her attention forward to watch the hangar bay doors grow closer with each step. The Grand Vizier or Grand Admiral would have a decent amount of time to approach her en route to Coruscant.

    The guard on her left took a few hurried steps forward to open the high security bay doors. They slid open in perfect timing with her steps, letting her glide through to the hangar. The low whirr of the Delta-class shuttles rushed to her ears as she stepped through the small doorway. Three other shuttles waited, their stark light grey contrasting with the pristine black floors, and their engines joining into the din. The guards moved forward to block her from the rest of the hangar, falling in with her until she reached the ramp onto the shuttle. Her feet clicked up the durasteel ramp and she ducked into the stale air of the main corridor. It was dim and sparsely decorated, a great contrast to the wide open hangar.

    She turned right mere steps ahead and turned into the large Imperial stateroom. The guard glanced over the various rooms contained within, ensuring it was safe before heading out to stand in front of the entrance. Though the room was quite depressing in colour scheme, it was quiet; which was extremely welcome. It was tastefully furnished, the small living area containing a few couches and small kitchen to the side. The Empress sat in a somewhat plush chair, closing her eyes and taking in the calm while it lasted. She knew it wouldn't last long.

    A muffled flare of the engines gently rocked the shuttle a few minutes later as they began coasting to the flagship which waited in orbit.

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    Sep 2, 2012
    IC: Nairę Vastila

    En route to Rhen Var

    Nairę watched a panel upon the wall absentmindedly; her mind lost in thought, waiting for the confirmation that Vader had arrived. It was barely functional, emitting only a weak, flickering glow. The years spent without proper maintenance tended to make it difficult for the already obsolete equipment to work. She didn't move her eyes at all, waiting for a single small red blip to appear near the edge of the screen. And soon enough, it did. The Supreme Commander's shuttle was perfectly on time, just like his fleet had been. The blip began to coast across the space between the two ships, pulsing a deep red with each jump forward.

    She picked up a datapad, checking to see if James Macedon had sent a reply to her, raising an eyebrow as she found no message. Of course she did expect one soon enough. She knew that he still believed she wasn't as "evil" as the others had said - as her actions had said - as much as he tried to hide it. Or he thought that at least that she wouldn't kill him if given the chance. That her acting as his sister would have changed something between them. But she wouldn't get rid of him, not right away. He still could prove useful.

    She set the 'pad down again, amused that getting something from deep in the Empire's core might prove to be so simple.

    As she focused back on waiting for the Supreme Commander, a hum started in her throat and hung eerily in the stale air. An old folk tune she remembered from her days of studying Febrayasis. The song gave her a sense of euphoria as she hummed it, a reminder that she was within reach of conquering her past. She grinned slightly and finished the tune, turning away from the display towards the table at the centre of the room. Vader would be arriving any moment to plan their attack.

    Her hand hovered to the steel console next to her, a worn microchip sitting on the cool metal surface. She picked it up and looked back to the map on the wall, feeling her pulse begin to quicken. Nairę could already hear the screams of terror echoing in her ears, joining in with those of the hundreds of Febrayasi she had gotten rid of so many years ago. Growing louder and more fulfilling as the dot drew closer. Her grin widened.

    The door behind her slid open just then, a soft hiss the only warning. She spun on her heel as Vader entered and quickly kneeled to the floor, two bodyguards beside him.

    "What is thy bidding, my Mistress," he said, his head lowered.

    Nairę stepped forward, standing close enough that he should feel inferior. "Rise," she said curtly, waiting for him to obey. Once he did, she continued, "Our plans for this attack are not typical."

    She placed her hand over the table, watching his eyes as she dropped the chip. It clattered to the surface, in her ears it was more a ringing of success. "We will gather our ships on Rhen Var, including the newest ones," she purred. Their recent ship thefts had been quite lucrative. "You will lead half our fleet to the shadow of the moon Gus Talon, and feed this distress signal through."

    Nairę paused, motioning to the microchip.

    "I will lead the other fleet, on the opposite end. Once a ship is sent to the distress signal, board it and proceed with the attack. A friendly ship attacking will disorient them, of course. I will bring the second fleet of newer ships to blockade the planet."

    She paused and bent her chin down, casting a shadow across her features.

    "And there is one final move we must make." Her hand motioned to the table, asking him to take a seat. She took the chair at the head of the table, her eyes darkening. The next words were more of an inhuman snarl, dripping with the pure malevolence she had been holding back. "And they won't see it coming."

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    Oct 25, 2012
    Above Corellia

    The Vong were amassed behind the moon of Corellia. Their cloaking shields enabled, the NGE had no clue that Naire was there, ready for her next attack. If things went her way, Naire would cripple the NGE right here and blockade them on the planet. Perhaps even capture the Empress. And of course there was James Macedon and his holocron to deal with.
    With that the Vong Fleet attacked in full force. With a fleet that rivaled that of the NGE, and then some. And the Battle of Corellia had begun…

    Moments later, in the heat of battle, Naire targeted The Inferno, Lord General James Macedon’s ship, and blew it to pieces. It was utterly obliterated and turned to nothing to dust.

    TAG: ALL

    (The Lord General is now presumed dead.)
  9. Holonet News

    Holonet News Jedi Youngling

    Feb 23, 2013
    Holonet News Report, Issue #2

    "This just in, with Ken Glassdoor. Reports are flooding the Holonet News Station of an attack against Corellia from the fearsome "Vong Empire." They have recently began a bombardment upon the New Galactic Empire fleet and the Empress herself has been caught in the firefight. I am on location above Corellia and it is a dreadful sight indeed. This is truly a war of the likes that has not been seen for sometime. Already casualties are in the thousands and the sky is littered with debris. One can only hope the New Galactic Empire will be able to hold off the Vong until more help can arrive. I am being instructed to retreat to a safe area by Corellia Air Control. More later. Ken Glassdoor for the Holonet News, out."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Vader and the Holocron
    The Battle of Corellia

    Nairę Vastila, as ever, was a genius. It hadn't stopped him retrofitting his officers escape pod with a hyperdrive in the past, but it had surprised him on more than one occasion. The fleet arrived, jammed the transmissions of Gus Talon, one of the three Corellian moons - well, two and a half, as the moon Shadow had lost a chunk of its surface to a Hapan bombardment over a century ago during the time Darth Caedus, and 'allowed' a single, pre-determined distress signal to go out. With all the necessary codes - how Vastila had managed that was beyond him - a single Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer, the Gorgon, came to the aid of the moon and its 'minor' imperilment. A swift commando raid later led by Vader himself, including launches by stealth-equipped landing craft and droids magnetizing themselves to the hull, and an internal coup, and the Gorgon was the vanguard of the armada.

    The Imperial Fleet in orbit, despite the threat, had been partially divided up to attend to Muunilinst and Hapes. As ever, Vader ordered his forces - the variety of Alliance-class assault frigates, Imperial-class Star Destroyers and Corellian DP20 gunships not to deploy fighters, and to focus on a frontal assault, as they had beforehand. Local forces, including Corellian Strident-class Star Defenders, complimented pocket Turbulent-class and Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers, launched everything they had, and focused their shields to reflect that their opponent was purely attacking from the front. And, despite being on high alert, the Imperial Fleet was caught completely flat-footed when the Gorgon, having 'fled' from the approaching Vong Fleet and having been accepted behind enemy lines in the chaos, opened fire on the undefended rears of several of the major capital ships not a few moments before the rest of Vader's fleet hit their line.

    Their defenses shredded, the battle stations orbiting the planet fell, and Vader authorised the launch of fighters. Waves of elderly E-wings, TIE Starhunters and Preybird starfighters all poured down, tangling with disorientated defenders, nipping at their positions. The Imperial Fleet, as organised as ever, consolidated its position around the last two battle stations, which gave them a position from which to counter, as the ground-based planetary defenses were finally free to let loose as the two fleets separated.

    And that was when she arrived, with the more modern of the Vong Empire's vessels, including captured Scythe-class battlecruisers, Dragons and Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers, and the battle became a true cataclysm, and the Inferno, one of the flagships, was destroyed personally by Nairę - the position which the NGE had consolidated broken by fire from two directions... allowing Vader to direct his fighters to take out those pesky ground-based defenses and for his capital ships to begin moving into orbit above the major spaceports.

    The battle was on-going, but in the first few minutes much of the Imperial strength had been lost...

    The heroes of the Empire, of the galaxy, would need to turn the tide, and fast.

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  11. Darth Aiser

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    May 26, 2006
    IC: Jusick Tur-Mukan
    Location: Military Wing of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant

    He had finished refilling his drink and was looking at the Galactic map as it continously updated from Intel Analyst and Ships transponders and sensors. He closed the Mandalore zoom-in screen and went back to Corellia to montoring the moving of the NGE Imperial Court, several Blue blips were in orbit, all was going as plan..

    "Oh you have got to Kriffing me!!!!" He shout as he watched as a fleet of unknown blips began to register by ships and planetary sensors... The Blips were showing as Orange-Red, He did not have authority over a single space asset in play but he did have ground forces.

    Quickly he called up the surface shots and grabbed a Comm Head set which auto syched to frequency of the Command of the garison.

    "This is Imperial High Command to Imperial Ground Forces Corellia" he said calmly into the microphone
    "Sir, We are under attack by a Large..." "I know I have a Live feed at the moment you are authorized to deploy all ground space weapons and OPEN FIRE NOW!" He interupted with haste. "Firing weapons sir," "Good now I want all Anti-Air forces to open fire on anything that flies anywhere near the Palace and the Ground to Space weapons, The rest of your forces I want deployed to the outer defenses if you are under threat of being over run you are to gather as many men and weapons and supplies and make for the Hills, If we lose contact your orders are to engage in Guerilla warfare." He was panting as he watched in horror at the attack.

  12. Chewbacca89

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    Oct 25, 2012
    En Route to "The Senators Office" on Coruscant

    A lone shuttle zipped through the hyperspace lanes from Corellia to meet with her secret Ally. She had escaped the Battle of Corellia by the skin of her teeth. She had hit the hyperdrive just as The Inferno, and all aboard it had perished. This had to She opened a channel and her partner stepped forward to talk to the image of Vizsla. "We are en route and will be with you shortly. Everything went to Hell above Corellia I'm afraid. Out."

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  13. Admiral Volshe

    Admiral Volshe Force Ghost star 10

    Sep 2, 2012
    IC: Empress Emiliana Volshe
    Hyperspace - En route to Coruscant

    The Death Squadron, led by the Triumphant, had just jumped into hyperspace when the Empress' comm began to beep urgently.

    She picked it up, only expecting a mere message from one of the Imperial Court's members.
    Instead, she was greeted with the frantic voice of a commander in Coronet City.

    Corellia had been attacked.

    She rose from her seat, rushing through the room to the small set up of comms and information terminals. The HoloNetNews blinked onto the screen, the anchor looking as confused as he sounded, explosions detonating in the distance.

    "This just in, with Ken Glassdoor. Reports are flooding the Holonet News Station of an attack against Corellia from the fearsome "Vong Empire." They have recently began a bombardment upon the New Galactic Empire fleet and the Empress herself has been caught in the firefight. I am on location above Corellia and it is a dreadful sight indeed. This is truly a war of the likes that has not been seen for sometime. Already casualties are in the thousands and the sky is littered with debris. One can only hope the New Galactic Empire will be able to hold off the Vong until more help can arrive. I am being instructed to retreat to a safe area by Corellia Air Control. More later. Ken Glassdoor for the Holonet News, out."

    The Empress took a strained breath. Staring momentarily at the blackness of the screen, she tried to sift through her thoughts.
    They still thought she was there, which could be an advantage. But there was still those who hadn't escaped.

    She clicked on the comm, sending a message to Coruscant. She tried to hide the boiling anger that turned her voice to a growl. "Coruscant High Command, this is the Empress. The Death Squadron, including the Inner Circle is safe as of now. Do not disclose this to any other forces, I want them to believe we're on planet still. I wish to hold conference with the Supreme Commander Tur-Mukan and the Supreme Grand Admiral at once, on this line. Do we have any reports of who else has safely escaped the planet? "

    She changed the channel, ordering the fleet to continue to Coruscant as fast as possible, and requesting the Imperial Court join a meeting in the stateroom at once.

    One final click, and she sent a message to Senator Sandstrider.

    "Senator, this is the Empress Volshe of the New Galactic Empire. I apologise for the lack of response earlier and for the short message now. I am just receiving reports of a grave attack upon Corellia. I accept your offer, request your urgent assistance if it is possible and hope that we will be able to protect the innocent citizens of the galaxy. As my last request, I ask that it remain secret I am not currently on Corellia, the Vong believe I am, and I wish to not compromise Coruscant's safety."

    She sighed again, clicking it off and trying to avoid the imminent rush of volatile anger for as long as possible. Already she was beginning to grow irritated with each passing second. Unfortunately, she had no information other than those citizens were in grave danger, and it would take precious time to gain the information that they needed to save them.

    Her fists clenched tightly, she got up from the chair in exasperation and fury, beginning to pace.

    And once again she silently vowed that the Vong would pay.

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  14. Skywalker_T-65

    Skywalker_T-65 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: Daniel Sandstrider
    ACS Victorious Bridge

    As Daniel waited on a reply from his fellow Senator, he felt his comlink beep. Pulling the device out, he saw a simple text message on the device, the source being the room he had given to Joden Kerr.

    "Attackers not, repeat not, behaving like historical 'Vong' of 120 years ago. Believe name being used as deception/distraction. Important, maybe vital, that Yuuzhan Vong resident on Zonama Sekot not subjected to any form of punitive action; actual or threatened. Need to discuss with you in depth at earliest convenience. Joden Kerr.".

    Daniel raised an eyebrow slightly at that, Why would he think we would do anything to the Vong on Sekot? They obviously had nothing to do with this...the technology alone discounts that.

    Putting the message into the back of his mind for later, Daniel turned back to the viewscreen. Looking out the window he could see the wreckage of the Golans being collected for scrapping, while Hapan ships patrolled the area. As he was watching, a fleet of ships dropped out of hyperspace in the distance. However, neither the Victorious nor the Hapans made any move to fight the fleet, as they all bore Abydonian markings. Which was to be expected, as the majority of the fleet was Victorious class battlecruisers, Stargazer class frigates, and Temple City class corvettes. However, at the center of the formation was the newly completed flagship of the Abydonian Navy, the ACS Savior.


    The multi-kilometer long warship moved up next to the much smaller Victorious, and came to a halt. Daniel let a small smile cross his face at that, as this ship would be needed if the Empress or Senator Vizla (though the latter was unlikely considering how any Mando felt about neutrals) wanted support. But before a channel could be opened with the larger ship, an aide came running up with a datapad.

    " see...this..." the man panted, as Daniel took the 'pad from his hands.

    And the Senators eyes widened at what he saw. Devastation was the only word for it. Even what had happened at Hapes was minor compared to this...

    "This just in, with Ken Glassdoor. Reports are flooding the Holonet News Station of an attack against Corellia from the fearsome "Vong Empire." They have recently began a bombardment upon the New Galactic Empire fleet and the Empress herself has been caught in the firefight. I am on location above Corellia and it is a dreadful sight indeed. This is truly a war of the likes that has not been seen for sometime. Already casualties are in the thousands and the sky is littered with debris. One can only hope the New Galactic Empire will be able to hold off the Vong until more help can arrive. I am being instructed to retreat to a safe area by Corellia Air Control. More later. Ken Glassdoor for the Holonet News, out."

    "Corellia...these...Vong....are more gutsy than I expected. I doubt the NGE can hold them off if they were surprised like that..." Daniel mused, before his hypercomm went off.

    "Senator, this is the Empress Volshe of the New Galactic Empire. I apologise for the lack of response earlier and for the short message now. I am just receiving reports of a grave attack upon Corellia. I accept your offer, request your urgent assistance if it is possible and hope that we will be able to protect the innocent citizens of the galaxy."

    Daniel didn't even need to think about it. He quickly spun around and started to walk off the bridge of the Victorious, shouting orders over his shoulder.

    "Keep the Victorious and her group over Hapes and provide whatever support the Hapans need. I'm transferring to the Savior and taking the First Fleet to rendezvous with the Empress," Daniel said, not even slowing down, "And send for Mr. Kerr...he's coming over to the Savior as well. I'll be able to have that talk he wants in hyperspace."

    A chorus of 'Yes Sir's' echoed behind the Senators back as Daniel entered a turbolift to the hanger. Soon enough he was on a shuttle for the Savior with a second shuttle waiting for Mr. Kerr. Daniel could only hope he was able to move fast enough to help the people on Corellia...

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  15. docking_bay94

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    Jul 26, 2008
    IC: Lt. Heath Kolarn
    Imperial Palace and the Surrounding Area

    The Empress had given him no orders, not even to follow, so Heath stayed where he was. She had always been... less direct than the Emperor, and generally no orders meant to stay put. She would get around to him eventually. She always did. In the meantime, he just had to be patient. Orders would come.

    Orders hadn't come. Instead, the Vong came. Soon after the Empress's departure, a fleet of Vong ships swarmed over the orbiting fleet, massacring the unprepared starships and orbital platforms. In true Imperial form, they had put up a good fight, but it would never have been enough to win. Monitoring the situation from the security station in his quarters, Heath did his best to piece together the enemy's next move. They hadn't broken orbit and run like last time, and were spreading out their fleet to prevent departure from the major spaceports. So, it was going to be a blockade. A siege. In that case, the enemy would act quickly to shut down any surface-to-orbit weapons or ships on the planet. This would mean battles in the skies with the Air Defense Force, bombings, and, eventually, landing craft. Landing craft would hold enemy ground troops. In the absence of orders, Heath was under standing orders from the Emperor to act under his own initiative to promote the well-being of the Empire, and he planned to do just that.

    A few minutes later, Heath stood assembling his various weapons, clad in his full Scout Trooper armor. He decided on two combat knives, his slug-thrower sidearm, a high-caliber slug-thrower sniper rifle (meticulously calibrated), various grenades, and a standard issue blaster carbine. Modern armors had evolved along with weapons technology, meaning that most armors were designed to dissipate energy charges and minimize blaster damage. The slug-thrower weapons would tear through them like paper. Satisfied with his equipment, Heath moved quickly through the halls of the Imperial Palace, running through high-priority targets in his mind. Coronet Spaceport, various gun emplacements and airfields, barracks around the city...

    Wait. What is the most important thing in the whole Empire? What would Naire love the most to take from the galaxy? The Empress. And if the Vong were attacking Corellia... They must believe the Empress is still here. Perfect. Heath needed them to keep thinking that as long as possible. He turned on his heel mid-stride and dashed to the Security Office of the Palace. There, the Colonel in charge seemed supremely annoyed to have a mere lieutenant barge into his office, until Heath spoke a brief security code. That shut him up quickly.

    "Colonel, with the Vong victory in orbit guaranteed, it is only a matter of time until ground forces storm Coronet City. I cannot possibly stress any more than I am right now how imperative it is the Vong believe the Empress is still on Corellia. Thus, for all you know, the Empress is in her Palace Chambers at this very moment. Is that clear?" After a nod of affirmation, Heath continued. "All available security forces and any Army forces nearby need to be stationed throughout the Palace. We need to make this place a fortress. You are in command here, and your men will be looking to you. I expect you to do your duty." Heath saluted the Colonel, who then left to organize the Palace's defenses. Meanwhile, Heath sat at his desk and accessed a secure comm channel to the Director of the ISB. They needed whatever edge they could get to bog down the Vong on Corellia, and as a masters of propaganda and manipulation, ISB agents would be just what they needed.

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  16. Shereshoy Cabur

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    Feb 2, 2013
    IC: Mirjahaal Parjii
    Kad Vizsla's Office

    "To remake the galaxy as we see fit."

    Plain and simple mission...

    Mir could feel Malkuth's glowing satisfaction as he was named the captain of this mission.

    Letting the Sith feel in control...good move Vizsla, would've done the same...

    "Alright, Mir, Sol, you have two hours to prep yourself and meet me at Senate Hangar 51 - leave messages for loved ones if you want to. Commandeer a ship there - I'll leave it to you what type, unless you can't make a decision yourself - and I'll go have a sanisteam. We're going to head to the most logical place that the Vong Empire has yet to appear at."

    Which he has no clue as to where that is...

    "so the ship will need to be stealthy, look as trampy as it can, and try and have some guns." He spread his arms. "This is the Rebel Alliance - it's bound to have some oddities in it. If either of you have a personal ship that suffices, then we'll take it, especially if it can store my TIE Blur, but if not, that's fine." He threw a salute that was derogatory than professional to the Supreme and Deputy Commanders, and cheekily added. "Keep a fleet handy for when I find something, will you?"

    Pretty sure Vizsla would like to slit his throat after that...

    He strode towards the door, cloak flowing, and glanced back over his shoulder.

    "Need to know where we're going, for now, until we're on-board. Don't forget to sweep for Imperial surveillance devices."

    Once Malkuth had hastily made his way out, Mir looked back at Vizsla. He could feel his curiosity and slight annoyance during that brief glance.

    Well he must not know who I am...

    He gave Vizsla a nod and made his way out of the office and into the turbolift. Mir understood Vizsla's annoyance. Like any normal Mandalorian, he wants to know anyone he's dealing with like the back of his hand, and for him to not know much about Mir definitely doesn't sit well with him. It also told Mir that Mand'alor must've not said much about him to Vizsla. Mir was perfectly fine with that, but it also made Mir think of something else. Does Mand'alor not trust Vizsla? Seems a bit odd that Mand'alor wouldn't divulge information to the Senator of Mandalore about a fellow mando'ade.

    The turbolift stopped and opened up. Mir made his way out of the Senate building and headed toward the landing platform where Rami waited for him in the Obsidian Falcon. On his way there, he opened a private comm channel with Vizsla and wrote a brief message that said "Oya manda, mando'ade jaon mayen..."

    That should put his questions and doubts about me at ease for the time being...

    Mir also felt that Kad might want a direct line with a fellow mando'ade, during this mission. Mir passed by a small market and decided to buy two steaks, one roba one nerf, for Rami.

    I'm sure he's even hungrier after dealing with that pilot who tried to hijack my ship...

    As Mir arrived to the Obsidian Falcon he found Rami waiting for him at the top of the boarding ramp, excited as ever that Mir had finally come back. As Mir boarded the ship, he gave Rami a good rub on the head, "I saw you toss that aruetii pilot like a ragdoll. Looks like it was fun." Rami purred as Mir took off his beskar'kals and settled into the pilot seat. He brought the boarding ramp up, lifted the Obisidian Falcon off the landing pad and made his way towards the Senate Hangar 51. Rami was right next to him, staring at him expectantly. "No sorry bud, it's a fact-finding mission. But I have a good feeling it'll turn into a hunt." Rami grunted and laid down on the floor. Mir's HUD flashed a signal indicating a Holonews update, and he turned on a screen on the ship console to see what was going on.

    "This just in, with Ken Glassdoor. Reports are flooding the Holonet News Station of an attack against Corellia from the fearsome "Vong Empire." They have recently began a bombardment upon the New Galactic Empire fleet and the Empress herself has been caught in the firefight. I am on location above Corellia and it is a dreadful sight indeed. This is truly a war of the likes that has not been seen for sometime. Already casualties are in the thousands and the sky is littered with debris. One can only hope the New Galactic Empire will be able to hold off the Vong until more help can arrive. I am being instructed to retreat to a safe area by Corellia Air Control. More later. Ken Glassdoor for the Holonet News, out."

    Well, looks like we're going to Corellia...

    As Mir approached the Senate building another thought occured to Mir.

    Why was Mandalore aligning themselves with the Rebels? Why did Vizsla enter politics?

    Mir could tell Vizsla was a man of actions rather than a man of delegating.

    Why didn't Mandalore stay out of these politics and simply continue life as mercenaries?

    Mir knew the answers to those questions would arise with time. Right now he decided to focus on the mission. He brought the Obsidian Falcon into the hangar, and opened the boarding ramp. "Hey Rami I've got something for you." Mir grabbed the bags with the steaks in it, walked down the ramp - Rami following closely behind clearly smelling the steaks, drooling - and tossed the steaks onto the ground. Rami gleefully pounced on the steaks and began gnawing at them and occasionally tossing them around before gnawing on them some more. Mir gave Rami another pat on the head, "Stay by the ship, try not scare anyone." Mir could feel the anxiety from nearby pilots in the hangar, clearly caused by the sight of a Nexu. He made he way back to the pilot's seat and noticed he had 45 minutes to kill so he decided to get some shut-eye. He kicked back and closed his eyes.

    47 minutes later...

    Mir woke up to a familiar presence entering the hangar. He got up, made his way down the boarding ramp, and stood there waiting for Malkuth. As Malkuth approached he said, "So it looks like the Vong aren't actually Yuuzhaan Vong..."

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  17. Shira A'dola

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Shira A'dola
    Coronet City, some hallway

    Shira grinned as her cloaked spider droid watched the General, relaying all the information from a small vid-chip into her hand-held display. He was too confident. She didn't need to follow him to track him, evidenced by his orders to let her ship - what ship? - follow him to his destination. Hiding in the rafters above the pillars, she leaned against a post, confident in her knowledge no one could see her as she watched James as though watching a holo-vid.

    As she watched his doings, her brow furrowed, eyes narrowing in apprehensive confusion. Holocron? He had a holocron? Where did he get that? How? Eyes and ears sharpening as she heard the name "Naire", she watched intently as a tall Muun met with him, then was quickly shot dead, before the General spoke of a plan. And then...

    Silence. Black.

    Staring at the screen in horror, she launched herself through the rafters before jumping to the floor, using the Force to aid her in her speed, her only thought to get to the Empress, her safety her own responsibility. Able to slip past the closing doors before take-off, she sped through the corridors, jumping off walls to avoid confused bystanders before bursting into the Triumphant's throne room. Ears flicking back as she heard the HoloNetNews, she paled. She'd been right. The General's ship had been destroyed. Watching the news stunned, she brushed the Empress' mind again.

    //Naire is real. This is proof. She's after a holocron the General had in his possession. I don't know where or how it came to his possession. He was going to contact someone named Kad Viszla, telling him that 'the plan had been enacted'. I don't know what this plan is or what it entails. He had met with a Muun envoy from Naire. The General shot him. This is all I know.//

    Withdrawing from the Empress' mind, Shira took up her position to the left and slightly behind the throne before following the Empress to the stateroom. Her body was tensed with stress the the overwhelming sense of impending suffering and warning through the Force.

    The war had begun.

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  18. Tim Battershell

    Tim Battershell Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Joden Kerr IV
    Guest Quarters, ACS Victorious - Hapan Space.

    HNN had just flashed up it's 'Breaking News' graphic, with a voiceover reporting yet another 'Vong' attack (this time against Corellia) when the summons; in the form of a smart rap at the door and an announcement "Pack your things quickly, please, the Senator wants to see you aboard the 'Saviour' and he's in a hurry.... There's a shuttle waiting for you!"; came.

    Packing was quick and easy; in fact Joden had not unpacked; so all that he needed to do was to grab his shoulder-bag (now looking somewhat incongruous with his, now emptied, canteen strapped to the outside - but when one had as few spare Credits as Joden was now well accustomed to having, looks didn't matter; removing any need to re-purchase a potentially highly useful piece of kit did) and present himself at the door.

    The shuttle ride was a revelation, one which sent Joden's respect for Senator Sandstrider and Abydos at least two notches higher. A very large Squadron (perhaps a Fleet) of characteristically Abydonian-designed ships had reverted from hyperspace, several of them sisters (as far as he could tell) to the 'Victorious', along with smaller consorts - all with a solid, workmanlike, look about them. Those alone would have brought a satisfied gleam to the eyes of any Planetary or System Leader (even one from the Expansion Region or Inner Rim), but what really took Joden's breath away was the ship they were in formation around. The largest he had ever seen, she too showed the hallmarks of Abydonian design philosophy and appeared to be brand-new, not at all a repurposed hull; her ranks of weapons' emplacements mute testimony that she was no mere showpiece but was intended to go well into harm's way and to do considerable damage to an enemy once she got there! And that ship, apparently, was the shuttle's destination!

    The 'brand new' impression was confirmed as Joden was escorted to the Senator's location; crewmembers were still putting finishing touches to the decor as well as sanibuffing away the odd lingering stain, drip or scuff mark on the decking, and then there was the pure, clean, smell of the air in her passageways, quite unlike the metallic smell and taste of air that had been recycled over and over again. It would get like that after a few weeks or months, but was not like it now.

    After a few Turbolift rides and, what seemed like, a lot of walking (during which time he had the distinct impression that the ship had gone to lightspeed), Joden and his escort arrived at an unassuming door, which the escort knocked on respectfully, opened and indicated that he should step inside; which he did to find the Senator waiting for him. Bowing deeply, Joden said;

    "Thank you for seeing me so promptly, Senator. You know me as Joden Kerr but I am actually a Ghola of the Jaden Korr line of clones. My peculiar Force-signature (which I'm sure you've noticed) is a hallmark of the Ghola process; to be blunt, this iteration of my body was grown from cells removed from a donor cadaver, not (as with normal cloning) from a living template. The process appears to have had an additional side-effect, by accident or design, in that I occasionally get access to memories from the first two Jaden Korr iterations when I am under stress - and what's been looped on HNN over the past few hours would be enough to stress anyone! I had such an 'Other-Memory' episode aboard 'Victorious' and that was the reason I got on the Comm to you, my apologies for doing so, but what the 'Other-Memories' reveal has always been important. In this case, they were all to do with the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, the intervention by Zonama Sekot that helped end it and the aftermath. You, as a Force User, may have been able to access Temple archives and if so might know a great deal about the Yuuzhan Vong (including the fact that the word 'Vong', on its own, is considered a deadly insult - except in the context of the old Warrior-caste's Battle-cry - absolutely taboo in any other), but others probably wouldn't.

    Unhappily, that word became the common, Galaxy-wide, reference for the Yuuzhan Vong during that war; and that word is what HNN is constantly repeating now. Certainly the Bothans still have the attitude that hostilities continue to exist between them and the Yuuzhan Vong, they made a very special type of war-declaration during the crisis, one that only a total genocide can end; and there were incidents even a number of years afterwards where Bothans attempted to get to Zonama Sekot to finish the conflict in line with their declaration.

    Goading the Citizens to pressure the Galaxy's Leadership into attacking Zonama Sekot would, I think, be a good move on our mysterious enemy's part. Even then, Sekot had powerful defences, which have probably been improved since; and a ship and crew lost, or even interned, is a ship and crew less for our enemy to contend with.

    On the other hand, while I don't think that the reformed Yuuzhan Vong under the wardship of Zonama Sekot have had anything to do with these attacks, we should bear in mind that an entire section of their priesthood (those dedicated to their War God, the 'Slayer') was literally abolished overnight by Sekot's intervention. Some may have gone rogue and be lusting for revenge; as well as a return to their privileges and power. Nor should we forget that the cult of the 'Jeedai' played a significant part in the liberation of Coruscant, and that cult was unified and focused into an army by just one being, a comparatively lowly, and completely out-of-power, Intendant.

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  19. Pearlsaber

    Pearlsaber Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 29, 2013
    IC: Hawk Pearlsaber
    ISB Offices, Corellia


    Hawk snapped out of his meditation. Something bad was about to happen, but he didn't know what. R3-S12 was startled by Hawk's jerky response to seemingly nothing. He started to beep and whistle. Then, he heard sirens.

    "We're being attacked!" someone shouted from the hallways.

    That was all Hawk needed. He knew that Corellia was about to be invaded by Naire's forces. They were after the Empress. Of course, he hadn't become Bureau Director of the ISB for nothing. A million thoughts were running through his mind.

    He knew that the Empress was on her way to Coruscant. He had been debriefed about Naire's past and knew in his gut that an attack on Corellia was going to happen sooner or later...

    Just then, a holo appeared. Someone he did not recognize.

    "Director, this is Lt Heath Kolarn, head of security at the Imperial Palace. We need your help."

    "What is it lieutenant? As you can imagine, I'm somewhat preoccupied."

    "I understand, Director. However, the Empress' safety is at stake. We know that she has left Corellia, but the Vong do not. I propose we use this to our advantage.

    "Alright, alright. What do you need from me?"

    Hawk was growing impatient. He would have probably given him a million credits if it meant he had more time to get his thoughts together.

    "I need you to send me some of your ISB agents. I think they could help with the siege on Corellia. We need to distract the Vong from getting to the Empress. I have a few ideas..."

    Hawk couldn't argue with him. He might ask more questions if he had more time, but he didn't. He had to get off of Corellia.

    "Alright, lieutenant. I'll send you a few agents. I expect to be debriefed on your tactics in the process. I will be off-planet, but you may contact me if you need to."

    "Thank you, Director."

    The holo disappeared. It was risky to send agents to someone that he had no connections with. But, he trusted Kolarn. He had a boldness about him that Hawk appreciated. He could not sense any ulterior motives with him. It was a worthwhile risk.

    "Loga, I need you to send 5 of our best agents to assist Lt. Kolarn at the Palace Security office immediately. In the meantime, prepare my shuttle, along with a decoy ship. I'm going back to Rori. I need to command the ISB from an inconspicuous location. We cannot be compromised again. Prepare your things."

    "It will be done, Director."

    Loga loyally went to work on what Hawk had requested. He was a loyal aide to Hawk since he began as Director. They had become close friends throughout the years. In the meantime, Hawk changed into his Grey Robe. He tucked his WESTAR blaster and lightsaber into it. If he was going into hiding, he wasn't going to be in his bright red uniform. He wasn't scared, of course. But, he knew that camouflage went hand-in-hand with espionage. A Bureau Director of the ISB cannot always "look" like the Bureau Director of the ISB.

    "Your shuttle is ready, Director"

    Hawk walked out of his office, now with all of his important belongings waiting on his shuttle. After he boarded, he would contact the Empress as to his whereabouts.

    As he was walking to the ramp, the port commander said, "Director, you can't leave the planet. The Vong are approaching quickly. You'll never make it."

    He was right. It was too risky. Hawk didn't even respond to the commander. He, Loga, and R3-S12 headed for the Palace Security Office. He would pair up with Lt. Kolarn and figure out a plan.

    "Bring my files to Palace Security immediately."

    He remembered his lightsaber that he tucked into his robe. It had been a long time since he activated the silver blade. But, he felt like the time was approaching when he would need it again. He would be stuck on Corellia for now. It was time for war.

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  20. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
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    Kalvic "Kal" Dallin
    Space Around Corellia

    "Lead, we have a problem."

    The statement that his wingman issued over the comms turned out to be the biggest understatement of the year.

    It had been over a good hour since their patrol had started and it had begun to wind down, especially with the break up of the Imperial Fleet. Apparently being given orders and directions as to where to go, small battle groups started to break off and make jumps into hyperspace. Kal assumed that most of those Star Destroyers and frigates were heading to Muunilist and Hapes in order to provide relief efforts. But others were probably heading to important, Imperial worlds to defend them in case the Vong decided to make their strike against the Empire there. Nonetheless, there was still a formidable presence orbiting Corellia though the Pellaeon-class Destroyers, such as the Manticore, were now mostly supplemented by Corellia's local security forces like the Star Defenders.

    Kal idly monitored the fleet and more then once his gaze would be drawn back to Corellia as he wondered if his brother was either on the surface or been assigned to another sector of space and was even now being ferried within the belly of a Destroyer or troop transport. Last he heard, Kadmin - his parents had liked their K names - had sent a message about whether or not Kal would be available to meet up on the surface of Corellia as he was briefly stationed there. By then his patrol had been approved and Kal had declined though would be free later if his brief stay turned out to be longer. There may be a message for him waiting in his quarters on the Manticore at this very moment in fact.

    "Alright Mailocs, we'll circle around the Sentinel and then form back up at the Manticore," he finally spoke into his comms. "I think we've done enough sightseeing."

    They never completed that pass around one of Corellia's Star Defenders for that was when everything went straight to the Corellian hells. It started with an alert that passed throughout the fleet and a declaration of battle stations Quickly, Kal turned his head left and right while cycling through his primary monitor to spot the danger. He found it near Corellia's moon. At first there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary for when he looked, all Kal could see was one lone Pellaeon-class Destroyer that seemed to heading to reform with the rest of the fleet. But that was when he saw what was coming up behind the warship...

    No way, Kal thought in disbelief.

    Despite having thought that an attack on Corellia was possible, he hadn't expected this. Data was being fed into his monitor and Kal's eyes scanned the readings, blinking quickly. Star Destroyers. Not modern ones mind you but old Imperial-class Star Destroyers that were supported by just as elderly ships like assault frigates and DP20s. While the numbers did surprise the pilot, he reassured himself that it was still going to struggle to even be a close match with the Empire's modern vessels. Still, he wondered where the Vong Empire - for who else could it be? - managed to get this many warships. He shoved the question from his mind; now was hardly the time to ponder that.

    "Mailoc Squadron, form up and prepare to engage!" he ordered and got a whole host of 'affirmatives' while his squadmates once again converged around his fighter.

    The rest of the fleet was already preparing, launching more of their fighters and bombers while forming a line to meet the enemy fleet. While the enemy had been surprising, seeing the organized line of capital ships and swarm of Imperial starfighters once again put Kal at ease. The Vong were trying to mess with the krayt dragon and all they were going to get were the teeth.

    Then why was there this uneasiness? Though Kal felt the cool feel of determination and duty take over while his focus was centered on the upcoming battle, something bothered him. He realized what it was a moment later.

    Only their capital ships are attacking, Kal suddenly thought. As a pilot of the Empire's designated interceptor, it was starfighters that were his main concern, not capital ships. And as he scrolled through available targets, he wasn't seeing any. I wonder what their starfighters are waiting for.

    He got his answer a moment later. As his squadron had been located near the far side of Corellia, it had taken time for them to meet up with the rest of the fleet. And during that time, the two opposing fleets had come within range and opened fired upon one another.

    And the battle station that Mailoc Squadron had been passing exploded.

    What the frak? Kal's TIE shuddered and, on reflex, he turned his starfighter away from the now flaming battle station and the debris it was throwing out. Over his squadron's frequency, he though he heard a surprised cry that was abruptly cut off by static. Kal jerked his head to look back while shouting, "Status!"

    "Six is gone!" That was Chit. "He got caught in the fire!"

    What fire? Kal got his answer as soon as he asked it. Behind his squadron - and the entire Imperial Fleet - was one lone Star Destroyer that fired not only into the unprotected back of the battle station they just passed, but everything else Imperial around it. One of their own was attacking them from behind! Getting a horrible feeling, Kal brought up the warship on his monitor. It was the Gorgon. The same Destroyer that had been running away from the fleet. It turned traitor!

    "The enemy ships are launching their starfighters!"

    There was nothing Kal could do about the Gorgon. The other Imperial vessels were returning fire but the damage, as he could see, was already done. A hole had been opened up in the Imperial defenses and the Vong were quick to take advantage of it which included launching their fighters. Now having a target that he could focus on, Kal vectored in to meet them.

    "Don't worry about that Destroyer," Kal tried to reassure his squadron. He needed to get them focused now. "The fleet will take care of it. The starfighters are ours. Don't let them use this chance! Stick to your wingman and pick off as many of them as you can that are trying to get through."

    The furball was already underway by the time Mailoc Squadron reached the battle. Scanning for targets, Kal was again surprised by the elderly starfighters that the Vong were throwing at them; E-Wings, Preybirds, and Starhunters. They had been good starfighters during their time but against the modern Predators, they were going to be easy pickings. His first kill made it clear on that. While his squadron split into its three flights and chose attack vectors to make their entrance into the furball, Kal spotted his first target: an E-Wing that seemed to mostly be ignoring the starfighters. Possibly making a run at the capital ships instead. Kal dove to meet him.

    He was nearly nose-to-nose with the E-Wing before he fired, red lasers reaching out from his cannons to strike at the fighter. The individual lasers splashed against the fighter's shields which held but it got the fighter's attention as it broke off and tried to escape to the left of the Empire's defensive line. Pulling back on the yoke to even out his dive, his Predator moved to follow the E-Wing and easily brought it back in his sights. A flick of his thumb switched his lasers to fire quad-linked and he mashed the triggers. A quad burst of red laser fire struck the back of the E-wing, its weakened shields not able to handle the fire and two of those four shots drilled directly into its tail. He must've hit the E-Wing's power generator as it only briefly caught fire before that minor blaze turned into an explosion as it detonated.

    His second target was just as easy. This one being a slower Preybird, he came up from below this time, stitching its belly with laser fire. The pilot rolled the Preybird to port but Kal followed it with a roll of his own and, applying some rudder, he kept him in his sights and shot again. The next salvo of laserfire took out its aft shield and the Preybird tried another roll though Kal expected a trick and cut his throttle while following the maneuver. He guessed right, the Preybird having attempted to do the same and get Kal to streak by. Seeing his failure, the pilot switched his throttle to full and climbed but it was too late; a dual-linked burst struck behind the cockpit, shattering the canopy with the impact and no doubt killing the pilot.

    The starfighter engagement, at the very least, seemed to favor the Empire. They had numbers but their now-inferior starfighters paled in comparison to the maneuverability and killing power of the TIE Predator. A glance at the capital ship battle dampened any thoughts of turning the tables so easily. The defensive line was now split in two, each group focused near one of the two battle stations that still stood in the face of the enemy assault. Despite the surprise attack, the fleet was reacting well to reform and counter attack. Unless the Vong had anymore surprises up their sleeves, this could still be turned around and end with an Imperial victory.

    But they did have more surprises and just like that, any advantage that the Empire had in this battle was immediately dashed. Kal's computer registering new contacts, moving in behind the Vong's outdated fleet, he again flicked his thumb while hoping it was reinforcements. It wasn't. Though the first vessel that appeared on his monitor was a Pellaeon-class, that sense of dread threatened to take him when he realized that it was not friendly. Worse, it wasn't alone. There were more, modern Destroyers that were paired Scythe-class battlecruisers and formidable Dragon ships that had served as Krayt's personal arsenal back during the war.

    Where the frak did they get them?

    Zander, apparently seeing the new threat as well, came over his comm with, "Lead, we have a problem."

    The situation deteriorated pretty fast after that. The defensible positions that the Imperial Fleet had crumbled in the face of these reinforcements as both old and new fleet took position and fired from two positions. And with the addition of these modern capital ships came modern starfighters to supplement the Vong's arsenal; including TIE Predators of their own.

    Kal acquired one on his tail and for a brief moment he did wonder why one of his own ships was attacking him. His confusion passed instantly upon the first pair of laser bolts striking against his aft shield. Shunting energy into his shields to replace what was lost, Kal rolled his Predator right, up onto the blade-like wing and pulled back on the yoke to start a loop. He counted the seconds, then cut his throttle back and inverted to perform a second, faster loop before throttling back up and rolling right. The enemy Predator was right in front of his nose and Kal shot a pair of lasers at him. They splashed against his shields and the Predator spun away in response. Kal followed.

    The battle was going terribly. Their backs practically pressed against Corellia itself, Kal was chasing this TIE within his own lines. The enemy Predator was actually gliding along the hull of a Turbulent-class Destroyer before Kal finally got him with a quad-burst, vaporizing him as the four lasers struck right in the center of his ball cockpit.

    He found himself in a minor lull and Kal took a quick stock of what was going on. It wasn't good. Imperial Fleet? Disoriented, ships falling one-by-one. Vong Fleet? Slowly enveloping both the fleet and Corellia to contain and finish them. Space superiority? Gone. Planetary defenses? Gone. Ground-based defenses? Under attack. They were being picked apart and even now the Vong warships were moving into orbit over the major spaceports. This was unbelievable. More importantly, this was unacceptable. They had to do something.

    Hoping that it too hadn't been destroyed, Kal switched comm channels, "Manticore, Commander Dallin here. Respond." There was a pause, a long one, and Kal felt his insides start to grow cold. "Ansem, do you copy?"

    At that, there was a response as the the Star Destroyer's captain came to him with, "I'm sure you can see we're a little busy right now, Commander!"

    "I understand that sir, but this isn't doing us any good." Kal spotted one of his squadmates, Mailoc Eleven, with a Predator of her own on her tail. He dove to assist. "The Vong have us against the wall. They're encircling us and preparing to finish us off. We have to go on the attack!" He switched channels. "Eleven, break port now!"

    She did and Kal fired a burst of quadded laserfire at the enemy Predator, catching its port wing which liquified under the combined fire. The pilot tried to turn away but, with the damage that had been done, Kal just slid his crosshairs over the Predator and finished it off with another quad burst. Ansem came back.

    "Attack or defend, it seems that we're dead either way."

    It was a terrible thing to think about but seeing what was going on around him, Kal had to agree. "Turning this around seems slim but we have to do something." He was checking his monitors, trying to find a weak point. "On the left flank. An Imperial-class Destroyer accompanied by an assault frigate. Its the only thing that I can consider a weak link that they have. Send some bombers and the 63rd my way and we'll try to do some damage. If anything, it'll give them something to think about other then just pounding our fleet. Even if we can't turn that flank around..." he trailed off, that confidence he was feeling faltering, but he shook his head and spoke solemnly, "...even if we can't win, we may be able to create a hole for some vessels to escape. Maybe evacuate a few of our ground forces. Civilians. Give them a chance to fight another day."

    There was a long, long pause. Finally, Ansem replied, just as solemnly, "...I'll see what I can do."

    Kal didn't have to wait too long. During that time he checked out in what kind of shape, exactly, the 63rd was in. He felt his breath leave him. His own squadron, Mailoc, had suffered the loss of a full flight. Farlus, Challat, and Bulfus suffered just as badly or even worse. Their losses combined, the 63rd Fighter Wing had nearly been cut in half. And he doubted that their numbers would last much longer.

    "Commander Dallin, I've managed to coerce a squadron of Neutralizers, survivors of Sentinel. They're willing to strike back to avenge their ship. Its not much but its what you've got"

    "See if you can get anyone else," Kal replied. "A couple of frigates would be nice to push any opening we make."

    "I'll see what I can do. Good luck."

    "You too." Signing off, Kal didn't feel as elated as he should be about striking back at the Vong. It was a pretty good bet that he was sending everyone under his command on a suicide mission; whether dying in their attempt or succeeding but only at staving off the inevitable. But they hardly had any other choice. Switching his frequency, Kal spoke, "All members of the 63rd, this is Commander Dallin of Mailoc Squadron. Come about on a heading of one-two-five, mark one-seven. The two capital ships are for the bombers we're escorting. Let's give them something to remember us by!"

    The twenty-eight remaining members of the 63rd made what could be their last fight to their targets. Kal tried to go for stealth and thought that he may succeed. Flying within the wreckage-strewned orbit of Corellia, there were plenty of debris around to hide their approach and, hopefully, the Vong wouldn't expect this desperate strike.

    "Mailoc, we're going after the frigate. Challat, Bulfus, and Farlus will support the two flights of bombers that go after the Destroyer while the third assists us with the frigate. Remember, fly close to the outer haul on your attack run on the Destroyer. Its class was terrible when it came to trench runs made by enemy fighters."

    They all came in on the two capital ships and Kal focused on the assault frigate. Not for the first time did he wish that Predators were equipped with their own warheads but it couldn't be helped. But it didn't make them useless. The remains of his squadron split up, attacking both port and starboard side of the assault frigate with their laser cannons. They struck uselessly against the frigate's shields but that was to be expected; right now, their attacks were only meant to keep the frigate's shields even and stop the crew from focusing all power directly at the incoming bombers. Fire a salvo of lasers against the starboard side of the frigate, Kal pulled up and broke left, dodging turbolaser fire that shot at him in response.

    With the interceptors distracting the frigate's gunners, the flight of bombers made their run, launching torpedoes. They exploded against the frigate's shields but, soon, a couple penetrated and struck at the hull itself. Though he juked his fighter around to avoid anymore fire, Kal did his best to take a look at the damage. He didn't have to as one of the bombers came in with, "We have starboard-side penetration. Port-side impacts damaged the hull but did not penetrate."

    "Focus your torpedo run solely on the port side. Mailocs, begin strafing run on the port side. Keep their shields even!"

    The second run did the job. The bombers, diving towards the frigate in loose formation, fired their next salvo of torpedoes at the frigate's port while the Predators laced the starboard side with laser fire. Weakened beforehand, the shields gave out and, combined with the torpedoes of the bombers and the lasers of the starfighters, the frigate was gutted. Its weapons ceased to fire, lights went out, and the frigate started to drift within Corellia's orbit. It was out of action.

    Kal took a look at the progress with the Star Destroyer. There were charred sections of the hulls, the occasional fire, but it was proving to be much more tougher to take out then the frigate even with more of the starfighters focused on it. But as he watched, Kal watched a trio of fighters - a bomber and two Predators offering it protection with their own shields - streak along the hull of the Destroyer. One of the Predators took a direct hit from a turbolaser shot, transforming into a fireball, but the other two ships continued on. Pulling up, the bomber launched a torpedo directly into the warship's shieldless bridge.

    That'll cripple it, Kal though confidently. Such ships usually had auxiliary bridges but the loss of the main one will disorient the crew. But even as old as it was, the Star Destroyer refused the die and continued to fire at the fighters that assaulted it despite a couple more torpedo strikes slamming into its hull.

    That was when Kal noticed a pair of shapes driving right towards it. Afraid that the Vong were getting more reinforcements, Kal started to turn his fighter around to engage but stopped. No, this time the reinforcements were theirs. Two Ardent fast attack frigates, preying upon the weakened Imperial, unleashed a salvo of turbolaser fire into the disoriented ship. Hull plates liquified and the minor blazes that had previously been burning along the Destroyer now turned into a full inferno that sought to consume it.

    Kal let out the breath that he had been holding. A minor victory. It wasn't much but it was a chance. Maybe not to turn this around but let them last just a bit longer, whether to flee or wait until reinforcements arrive he didn't know. But he was very-much aware that the battle was far from won. Steadying the shaking in his hands and wiping the sweat from his brow, Kal started looking for more targets.

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Naren Omatta
    Imperial Meeting Hall

    The lieutenant he had spoken with briefly had left not too long after the Empress and the remainder of the council had vacated the council chambers. By the looks of things the higher ups were on their way to Coruscant, no doubt to plan some sort of counter to the increasing Vong threat. His mind was for the most part focused on where he might be deployed given the order likely to soon be released as he walked to his private shuttle. It really did dig at him in regards to their seeming incapability to strike back at their aggressors. He would give a great deal to have the opportunity to have the damned terrorists in front of him in person if only to for once have the ability to do something about it. That sort of chance was highly unlikely to happen soon however. He sighed, choosing to forget for the moment the long term effects of stress and sighs might have on his face. He glanced in a mirror on one of the halls as he passed, just to make sure everything was pristine and nothing required any touch ups.

    Leaving the main meeting hall complex he was joined soon by a pair of stormtroopers, the mandated person guard, more of an honorary thing given the assumed safety of the location. He glanced about at the impressive Coronet City architecture and pondered the possibility of some short term shore leave if they were here longer than a few days. He had not had any time to see the wonders of the planet since he'd been here, with everything focused on business. If not, as he suspected, he would have to consider Corellia in his short list for the year end's leave he annually filed. Such a prospect had promise he supposed. By the time they reached the spaceport the sun was close to setting, providing a stunning backdrop against the skyline of the city. A few moments later he had reached his shuttle, and dismissed the stormtrooper detachment who now that he had reached his next destination had other things they no doubt had to do, even if not so important as their previous task.

    By his own orders that he had implemented since he had first achieved the rank necessary to do so the pilot had begun taking off the moment he was aboard, having already accomplished the preflight checks before hand. He made his way to the shuttle's cockpit, preferring in the shorter flights to have a few that the main cabin lacked. Watching the rays of light that the setting sun gave off fade to the darker blue and then black of space speckled with stars was a lovely view on its own. The sight of the amassed imperial fleet above the planet was certainly an inspirational sight to the Omatta, his eyes already picking out specific ships based on the minute differences between them. His own ship he spotted the easiest, a rather impressive Bellator II specimen, the Implacable, was stationed not far from the forward edge of the fleet. Despite the magnificent sight, a sense of dread began to build in his gut. His father had once said that the Omatta family had built up quite the instinctive gut feeling over the centuries, and that it was important to trust it. It had saved his life on one occasion, and had helped him save the lives of some of his men at times as well. A quick word had the man increase to combat speeds.

    A wise word indeed, and in the blink of an eye Admiral Omatta suddenly desired to take back his wish from earlier as the Vong fleet, identified by their transponder signals, revealed itself. At first much of it seemed to be updated older ships, and the numbers quite considerable, leaving Naren wondering just where it was Naire had found them all. In the ensuing firestorm that opened the battle, he watched as the Inferno was blown to pieces, and early target of the attackers. A quick check confirmed his fears, the Lord General had indeed been by all accounts aboard when the vessel was destroyed. Why couldn't he have at least been aboard his ship when the damn terrorists, if impressively armed and equipped terrorists, attacked? The shuttle's recently increased speed saved it at least twice as massive turbolaser bolts moved through where it had just been, though the shuttle was doubtfully the target, unless the Vong knew his private shuttle's transponder, which he would not by any means put passed them. A sense of rage swept through him though at the sight of at least one vessel turning traitor in the middle of the battle apparently, and he loathed traitors. Every second of the remaining flight time of the shuttle seemed its own hour, the time pressing forward in a painfully slow manner to the admiral.

    Once the slow torture had passed and he was finally, finally, aboard his pride and joy to command vessel he ignored the wrinkling and rumpling effect it would have on his dress uniform and his own decorum and flat out ran to the turbolift and subsequently the bridge. He strode boldly onto the command deck, eyes instantly glancing through the damage and status report screens on either side of the bridge in the 'pits' as they were commonly called. No damage or casualties yet reported, though the forward shields were down to just below eighty percent. Had he the time for it, he would have taken a moment to once again pat himself on the back for calling in favors and familial ties to have his flagship to be one of the few first, and thus far only, ships upgraded with the new wave of shield generators. He wouldn't have been surprised to see the forward shields closer to sixty percent were it not the case. His eyes glared at the second readout from the section of the pits managing the Implacable's complement of smaller vessels, most notably its interceptors, fighters, and bombers. barely a third were launched thus far, and he had drilled his crew for results fifty percent faster than this. He wasted no time in beginning to issue his commands and thus inform his crew of his presence.

    "Open all auxiliary flight deck launch doors, decrease deployment wait times to bare minimum safety regulations. I want all remaining fighters and interceptors launched in less than ninety seconds, bombers to follow, relay order to all nearby vessels with support craft complement still aboard! Transfer ten percent of aft shield power to the bow, if any shields sections drop to seventy-five inform me immediately, if we take more than ten percent in a single salvo the same order stands!" The practiced or perhaps inherited, maybe both, commanding presence came into affect quickly as the admiral barked out orders and expected them to be followed. The deployment order would be considered dangerous on most her imperial majesty's vessels, but Naren had trained his crew under just these circumstances on multiple occasions, they could handle it and he knew it. "I want all vessels in our defense sector targeting a single cruiser, take it down and move on to the next, I want concentrated firepower!" At glance at the holomap of the battle yielded more orders. "Send three squadrons of interceptors and one of bombers to aid the Manticore and her fighters. I want all cruisers and escorts in that grid sector to rally with her and watch our flank, that damn traitor vessel, and any flanking maneuvers these terrorists attempt to get at the planet. Any Vong ship that gets in their range I want turned back or reduced to scrap!"

    "If any Coronet or otherwise tug boats are available, I want them launched behind the defense stations, have them keep them from crashing into the planet should our enemies attempt to replicate their earlier successes. We will not allow another Muunilinst or Hapes here! Any planetary defense fighters not in the air I want launched and screening Coronet and the palace from any assault, up to intercepting baradium warheads! I want any out of system imperial vessel in our sector not with her Imperial Majesty's contingent en route now!" Taking a moment to look out the viewport he remembered the age old adage, be careful what you wish for. Clasping his hands behind his back in a recruitment poster perfect commanding stance he contemplated how to further turn this situation around. "Someone get me in contact with an interdictor, and get it nearby inside a defensive formation. Finally, somebody find me their thrice cursed flagship!"

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    IC: Lanna Shakal
    Reef Fortress, Hapes
    After the comm with the Senator ended Lanna went to her lavish office and sat down at her desk. She began sifting through files and reports on the destruction both her planet and others like it that have suffered. She sighed often, wondering what the point of all this was. What was Naire’s goal in all of this? What was the point in destroying these important worlds? If Naire wanted to rule, why was she ruining what she had to gain? Mygeeto, Cloud City, Munnilinst, and Hapes were all worlds of galactic importance; what the reasoning behind the destruction? To turn each party against each other? Lanna laughed shortly.
    The tension between the Rebels and Imperials was already great. Besides, if anything the war was uniting them, if hesitantly.

    Lanna turned on the Holonet. "- flooding the Holonet News Station of an attack against Corellia from the fearsome "Vong Empire." They have recently began a bombardment upon the New Galactic Empire fleet and the Empress herself has been caught in the firefight. I am on location above Corellia and it is a dreadful sight indeed. This is truly a war of the likes that has not been seen for sometime. Already casualties are in the thousands and the sky is littered with debris. One can only hope the New Galactic Empire will be able to hold off the Vong until more help can arrive. I am being instructed to retreat to a safe area by Corellia Air Control. More later. Ken Glassdoor for the Holonet News, out."

    Lanna buried her face in her hands. All this destruction. Why was she unlucky enough to be alive now? Why hadn’t she been born in an era of peace? Some would call it destiny or the will of the Force. She just hoped the Force knew what it was doing.

    Lanna received a call from the Queen Mother. “Senator,” Her Majesty said in her most regal voice, “I need to focus on rebuilding my government. I have decided that since you are Hapes’ representative in the Senate, I am appointing you to be my voice. The Hapan military will take whatever you say as my word, until we regain a certain amount of stability. Ta'a Chume Dan might have been rather small population wise, but it was home to Hapes' major leaders.” Lanna’s eyes widened with astonishment. The Queen Mother paused before continuing, “Of course if you want my opinion on anything, feel free to ask. And remember, the moment your voice does not match my own, I might decide to silence it.” Lanna nodded. “Of course Your Majesty. I will do as you ask.” The Queen Mother smiled. “Excellent. I know you were planning on returning to Coruscant, but I would like you to deal with security measures before you depart.” Lanna nodded again, before the transmission was cut.

    After Lanna had gathered her thoughts she contacted the Admiral of the Hapan navy. “Yes Senator?” “Admiral, after the attack on Corellia I want to increase security in the Consortium. From now on no one enters the Hapes Cluster without our knowing and permission. Do you understand?” I understand Senator,” she said. “but the Cluster is a large chunk of space we’re dealing with. Not just 1 world but 63. Not to mention the Mists.” Lanna forced an edge into her voice. “I know what I am telling you, and I understand the size of the task. Do your best and remember lives are at stake.” “Of course Senator,” came the reluctant reply.

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    IC: Sol Holle
    Kad Vizsla's Office

    "To remake the galaxy as we see fit."

    That phrase echoed through Sol's head as he made his way back to his home. The phrase seemed a bit imperialistic(not referring to the Empire), but if the Rebellion could capitalized on this opportunity he supposed it would be in everyone's best interest. He just hoped that this new leader he was placed under would know what to start with and more importantly where they were starting.

    Sol began to become frustrated by the lack of instructions Malkuth gave him as he determined what he'd have to take, which ship to take, people he'd have to contact, and so on. The frustrated Jedi eventually decided to assume he'd be gone a bit longer than his "long" trips normally take. Upon deciding this Sol moved to a console on the side of his living room wall to access his shipyard information and to wake up his old R2 unit. Sol punched several codes into the interface and droid sparked to life and began communicating back to the console. "Yes, yes Rusty we're moving out again, a bit longer this time than usually I'm guessing. Begin all the regular pre-flight testings and so on." The droid replied with several whistles and beeps and closed the transmission. Now it was time for Sol to prepare some of his own things to take.

    About 30 minutes later Sol had all of his needs, and a few of his wants stuffed into an old tribal Dathomiri backpack. Satisfied, Sol made his way out of his apartment and down the lift and out the foyer of the apartment complex, saying his good byes to the receptionists on his way out. With about an hour still left, Sol decided to walk to the landing bay his ship, the Skybreaker. On his way to the landing bay Sol stopped by a Holoboard to see an amber alert type of broadcast with people crowded around.

    "This just in, with Ken Glassdoor. Reports are flooding the Holonet News Station of an attack against Corellia from the fearsome "Vong Empire." They have recently began a bombardment upon the New Galactic Empire fleet and the Empress herself has been caught in the firefight. I am on location above Corellia and it is a dreadful sight indeed. This is truly a war of the likes that has not been seen for sometime. Already casualties are in the thousands and the sky is littered with debris. One can only hope the New Galactic Empire will be able to hold off the Vong until more help can arrive. I am being instructed to retreat to a safe area by Corellia Air Control. More later. Ken Glassdoor for the Holonet News, out."

    This was not good. Sol stood staring wide-eyed at the board as it showed images of the current attack. The quickness of it all was absolutely astounding. The Vongs had taken out Harnadian, and Cloud City with such quickness and ease. Somehow Sol knew that Coronet City would be no different. He hoped that Kad and Dil where very aware of this because if Corellia fell the next logical place to go would be Coruscant.

    Picking up his pace Sol headed over to the bay the Skybreaker rested. He swiped his ID card past the scanner and walked into the docking bay. Throwing his backpack on a table in a lounge type area Sol made his way into the cockpit where a dark red R2 unit had himself connected to the ships droid brain. "Glover, preset coordinates to Corellia for me please." The ships droid brain picked up the command and responded in a monotone intelligent sounding voice: "Absolutely master Solomon."

    "Thank you Glover, also do me a favor and warm up the mass drivers please," Sol said as he sat down in the pilot's chair. With a bit of a humming noise the Skybreaker took off and headed in the direction of Mir and Malkuth.

    Right on time, the Skybreaker landed in Hanger 51. Glover landed the ship next to the Obsidian Falcon as Sol made his way to the ramp and stepped out as it touched the ground with Rusty behind him. He saw Malkuth and Mir talking and walked up greeting them with a hello as Mir finished: "So it looks like the Vong aren't actually Yuuzhaan Vong..."

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    IC: Alexis Mortis
    Aboard The Flyby Night

    Thy Flyby Night was a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. On board were four humans. Alexis Mortis was one of them. She was the Head of Security for James Macedon, former Lord General of the New Galactic Empire. She was roughly 5'7'' and weighed 125 lbs. She had long, raven-colored hair and blue eyes. She was a trained tactician and specialized in stealth combat. She had actually been trained outside the formal military selected by James for his security team some 3 years ago. She had taken over as Security Head shortly after the destruction of Cloud City on Bespin. She was very competent, but quite frankly was a little overwhelmed. She was only 21, after all and was beginning to question her ability to protect James. Especially after the attack at Corellia. She thought back over the recent events...
    James had sent her aboard the Flyby Night and she had prepped the ship and was ready to take off. She looked outside and saw Him standing there next to the dead Muun. That, she mused, had been a necessary evil. After all, the Muun was prepared to kill all of them over the holocron. In fact, she had determined James had probably killed him 2 seconds before the Muun would have killed them. This was war. And the Muun had chosen the wrong side with Naire. Not that the New Galactic Empire was the right side either, in her opinion. She had seen the seedier sides the Empire and how corrupt it had become. The totalitarian rule imposed by the Empress did nothing but stifle the corporate and civilian sectors and the freedoms of others. And now it would do nothing, but lead to the Galaxy's demise. That is why she supported James' plan, in fact had suggested some of it to him. Kad Vizsla had been very receptive to the idea as well. James' had been very busy these last few months and Alexis had facilitated a lot of the plan. In her mind, this might just work.

    As James had boarded the shuttle ramp, sirens blazing, Naire arrived. As she watched waited for him to finish boarding, the universe around them blew apart and all Hell had broken loose. The Inferno literally turned into a flaming pile of shrapnel. She frantically watched as James was blown further inside the ship and slammed into the floor. She slammed the ramp closed and found one are of space still clear debris. Flaming metal shot around them and before they were completely engulfed, she punched the pre-loaded hyperdrive coordinates. They had made it. Hopefully.

    She had flown out of her seat and rushed to the loading ramp to find James' crumpled form on the floor, a bloody mess. It was then that she realized the feelings she had for him. The moment she saw his body, sprawled out in a lifeless stupor, she realized the truth: she loved him. And so the Lord General had died, and others must carry on his work.
    Now she sat in the cockpit, a tear rolling down her cheek. Shaking off the thought, she wiped her eyes. They were quickly approaching Coruscant, but had not heard back from Kad Vizsla yet which slightly concerned her. She turned the holocron over in her hands and studied it. Apparently, it held the key to destroying Naire. Which is why she had to get it to Vizsla. She looked behind her and saw the two troopers knocked out. She had finally forced them to get some sleep. They all needed to be well rested before arriving on Coruscant. She threw the holocron on the console and stood up. She walked back to the small medbay to sleep for a bit and hopefully escape her broken heart.

    Alexis Mortis:

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    IC: Daniel Sandstrider
    ACS Savior, Personal Quarters

    Daniel listened to Joden's story, and nodded at certain intervals. Him being a clone, and far from an average one at that, explained the Force Signature. It also explained why he came to Abydos instead of going to the rebuilding Ossus, or Coruscant. While far more lenient than their older counterpart, the New Jedi Order still was judgmental in so many ways. Hence the reason Daniel started his own order.

    But Joden's personal tale aside, he did raise a good point about the 'Vong', and the actual Yuuzhan Vong. While it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that some of the extragalactic travelers were working with this upstart 'empire', that was no reason to attack their fellows on Sekot. Especially considering that the Bothans were quite willing to carry out genocide against them.

    But what did he expect Daniel to do about it? The Senator/Jedi/Admiral was just one man. And while he was the leader of the Neutrality Pact, they were the smallest faction in the Galaxy. There was nothing he could do to stop an attack on Sekot, not without help from the others.

    "I understand what you are saying. But there is not a lot I can do to stop the Bothans, or anyone else for that matter, from attacking Sekot. My fleet is far to small, and the Hapans have too much territory of their own to cover to send a fleet that far out. I could offer Sekot refuge in my territory if it came to that, since Abydos is at least somewhat nearby. But..." Daniel was interrupted as the Savior and its fleet dropped out of hyperspace.

    "We've arrived at Sarapin sir. The NGE fleet is waiting for you to hail them."

    Daniel nodded, and shrugged at Joden, "Duty calls. It seems we can't have a full conversation. I'll talk more when I get the chance. Right now, I need to help save Corellia."

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