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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Chewbacca89, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Shereshoy Cabur

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    Feb 2, 2013
    IC: Mirjahaal Parjii
    Somewhere in the Forest of Duro

    Mir nodded back at Sol while he was waving and shoving his steak sandwich into his mouth. He went back into his pilot seat and began powering up the Obsidian Falcon, while Rami stared at Sol and his R2 unit. "Come on bud, let him sit in the co-pilot seat." Rami got out and made his way to the cabin of the cabin, next to Rusty. Mir lifted the ship off the ground while the boarding ramp closed and took off towards the space. While exiting the atmosphere, the Duro space security commed the ship. "Ewok Punter, this is the Duro space security, he have no record of you entering the atmosphere in the first place. State your reasoning." Mir responded, "Saying hello to your mother." and with that cut off communications with the Duro space security, and activated the hyperdrive. "Here we go, let's see how that space battle is going." and the ship vanished out of Duro space.

    In hyperspace

    "Sooo we might be dropping out of hyperspace and be awfully close to the battle, if there is one when we get there."

    Could really use some fun right now...

    Within a couple of minutes, the console began to notify that they were about to drop out of hyperspace soon. "Here we go..."

    Mir flexed his fingers again, and steadied himself as the stars began to change from lines to dots. All of the sudden they dropped smack dab in the middle of a massive space battle. Starfighters from both sides flying in every direction possible, and Mir immediately began to take evasive maneuvers. "Oya! We haven't missed it!" he opened their group comm channel and said, "Watcher One we're in Corellian space, we're going for the biggest cruiser." Mir took note of the hole in the Vong fleet that the Empire was trying to get through, and many of their forces began to head towards that direction. He put his attention back to the mission at hand, and immediately pulled up on his controls to avoid a turbolaser blast. In the back he could feel Rami's excitement.

    He pointed the Obsidian Falcon back towards the cruiser, and went straight for it. Two Vong starfighters began to fire at him, but Mir easily avoided the fire with a barrell roll to the left. Not wasting a second, he pulled the triggers on his control to unleash a barrage of laser fire right back at his attackers. They split apart, one going left and one going right, which perfectly worked out for Mir as he sped through the opening and left the two starfighters behind. The two starfighters both turned around and began to pursue Mir. Expecting them to turn back around, Mir activated a timer bomb and released it into the space behind him while still speeding for the cruiser.


    The Obsidian Falcon shook as the bomb exploded, he didn't care if it hit the two ships or not, but instead it provided a distraction while he activated the cloaking. On the sensors within the two starfighters, both who flew through the premature explosion, his ship winked out existence. Watching the starfighters break off, Mir began to take twists and turns to avoid laser fire and fighters, since he could not use his weapons while cloaked. Nearing closer to the cruiser Mir noticed an Empire fighter being chased by two Vong fighters, coming directly perpendicular into Mir's path. He flipped over the ship just in time for the three fighters to fly barely a meter over his underside. He continued to fly upside down as he flew next to the cruiser's hull. Once he cleared the cruiser's hull turrets, he made his way down to the bottom of the cruiser, away from the hangar openings, and deactivated the cloaking. He settled the Obsidian Falcon down and sealed his underside with the belly of the cruiser.

    Mir hopped out of his seat as he opened the comm channel again and said, "Watcher One, we're about to go in." he made his way to the backside of the ship where a hatch was located, unlocked and opened it. "Here you go Sol, cut us an opening here and we should be entering the air conduct system. I'll be right behind you."

    TAG: Sinrebirth, Jumpin_Jesus
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  2. Jumpin_Jesus

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    Oct 9, 2012
    IC: Sol Holle
    Corellian Space

    Sol settle down next to Mir in the copilot's seat and finished the last of his sandwich. He couldn't help but chuckle at his ship's callsign as the Duro Space Security tried to contact Mir. Within the next few moments they were in the thick of the battle for Corellia. Sol was impressed by Mir's flying skills and was glad to be with him in this mess and not Glover. Not that Glover wasn't a good co-pilot/pilot, but he always took a statistical view of things which often terrified Sol.

    Soon they were latched onto the bottom of the biggest Vong Cruiser and him and Mir were making their way out of the cockpit. "Here you go Sol, cut us an opening here and we should be entering the air conduct system. I'll be right behind you.

    "Alright Mir, stand back for a second, the long handle on this thing makes it hard to maneuver it in tight spaces like this." Sol said as he ignited his lightsaber and made a circular opening big enough for them to fit through. In a few seconds Sol had it cut open completely and lifted himself through and levitated Rusty through the opening behind him. "Alright, we're out of the way," Sol called down to Mir.

    Tag: Genet-Cabur Kyramud, Sinrebirth

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  3. Shereshoy Cabur

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    Feb 2, 2013
    IC: Mirjahaal Parjii
    Vong Cruiser

    "Alright, we're out of the way," said Sol.

    Mir pulled himself through the opening and out next to Sol. He took a look around and noticed that they were in the air conduct system.


    Rami lept through the hole, giddy as ever, and heeled next to Mir. Activating the comm channel with Malkuth, he said briefly, "Watcher One, we're in. We'll let you know when we find a datajack." Mir pushed the cut out circle from the opening, back over the hole, and faced Rusty, "You're time to shine Rusty, lead the way." Then he looked up at Sol and said, "Let's hope things goes smoothly, and we're out of here as fast as possible. Sooner the better. If we end up getting seperated, don't worry about me, and just meet me back here in the ship ready to go."

    TAG: Sinrebirth, Jumpin_Jesus

    OCC: @Jumpin_Jesus I'm giving you free reign to write our mission to the datajack and back to the ship. You're welcome to write whatever you want and when writing just assume I'm behind you following you. Should you want me to do a diversion, just say so and continue writing. I'll write my side of the story once you call for the diversion and we split.
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  4. Jumpin_Jesus

    Jumpin_Jesus Jedi Padawan star 1

    Oct 9, 2012
    IC: Sol Holle
    Vong Cruiser

    "Let's hope things goes smoothly, and we're out of here as fast as possible. Sooner the better. If we end up getting separated, don't worry about me, and just meet me back here in the ship ready to go."

    Sol sure hoped that he and Mir would not get separated and more so that they did not get their cover blown. Having a whole cruiser of Vongs chasing you down is not fun at all, even on non-organic ships. "First of all Mir, I'd advise you to stay behind me the whole time unless I say otherwise. In the event we run into a large number of Vongs we can't sneak past I'm going to use chain-lighting on them or a force net. If I use chain lighting I have a hard time controlling to whom it goes next, so just be careful." Unfortunately for the force user, push and pull had no significant effect on the Vongs. The most it would do is make them stumble or become unbalanced. However there was another technique where the Jedi could control the air around the Vong and increase it's pressure, effectively crushing it slowly. Sol did not like to use that tactic though, he saw it as too cruel to be used on anyone.

    The four saboteurs made their way though the air duct system with the R2 unit leading the way. They had been walking for about twenty minutes before Rusty paused and made several quiet beeps indicating that there was a grate in front of them leading to a hallway where a jack was at. The droid continued to beep as it dropped a probe in between the slots of the grate. There was a small red light coming from the probe but it soon turned blue. The blue indicated that there were no heat signatures detected where red indicated heat signatures present. Sol moved in front of Rusty and removed the grate and dropped down, followed by Rusty, Mir, and Rami.

    The four of them were in a small room leading to a long hallway where there was a room at the end with a datajack in it. This may not seem so daunting but the walk way leading to the room was lined with doors that could open at anytime. This is what made Sol insanely anxious, that a Vong could appear at anytime they were walking down the hallway.

    And that's exactly what happened.

    When they were about halfway through the narrow hallway two doors opened. One in front of them and one further down. The Vong coming out of the closest door bumped into Rusty and made a shocked grunt and began to yell out something in Vongese. He did not get past the second syllable. By that time Sol had already put his blade straight through his head. That did not solve the second problem though. As the other Vong watched this happen he was able to make out something in Vongese that probably meant intruder before he was hit by a stun from Rusty. The Vong's second cry for help turned into a mangled scream of pain that ended as Mir had put a well aimed shot into the back of his head with his blaster. "Nice sh....." Sol's whisper trailed off as three more Vong's came out of the room the second one had come out of to investigate the cause of the thump the fallen Vong had created.

    This was a true Nightmare scenario.

    As the three other Vong's realized what happened they began calling out to everyone in the hallway and doors began to slide open. Soon Sol and Rusty were back to back with Mir and Rami attempting to stave off the oncoming Vongs. When the Vong's began coming out of doors closer to them Rusty started to use his flame thrower to get them and Rami would jump out at the unsuspecting Vongs to maul them. As the Vong's began to make their way down Sol's end the Jedi conjured up an extremely powerful chain lighting attack that traveled through all three of the approaching Vong's, killing them, and opening up a pathway to the end of the hall where the door was.

    "Mir! I want you and Rami to cover us and slowly fall back to the door as Rusty and I open it, and when I tell you to duck, duck!" Sol shouted to the mandolorian as he ran down the hall way, using the force to fling the dead Vong's into their open rooms. Once he had made it to the end of the hallway Sol sliced at the door in an "X" movement caused the now fragmented door to start to collapse on itself. Before it could do this Sol picked it up with the force and screamed "duck" to Mir and Rami as he hurled it down the hall way at the oncoming Vong's hoping to incapacitate them giving Mir and Rami time to make their way to the room.

    Now they were in the datajack room with Rusty frantically slicing into the system. Luckily they had either killed or rendered the Vong's in that corridor unconscious so they were mostly alone. Within ten minutes Rusty completed the slicing and had downloaded all the information from the datajack and they were ready to move again. As they began to move back down the corridor, they moved the Vong's bodies back into their rooms and sealing the doors.

    "Alright it's probably gonna be fifteen minutes or twenty minutes until they discover the bodies," Sol said as they neared the grate they came though. "But we'll be looong gone," he said to Mir, smiling. With the flick of his wrist Sol lifted Rusty and Rami into the duct then lifted himself up and helped Mir up. After Sol replaced the grate they started hustling down the duct and finally through the hole the came though back to the Obsidian Falcon.

    @Genet-Cabur Kyramud, Sinrebirth

    OOC: This probably got kinda god-moddy, but they were NPCs so i figured it was ok. If Chewie and Bardan object to it I'll be sure not to do it again at all or not without their consent first
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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sinreb Irth

    The last Emperor of the New Galactic Empire, now an AI, traversed the HoloNet, connecting the dots of the catastrophe. While he could not access the ships or networks of the Vong Empire, he could generally access those holocams and vessels of the Empire and even the Corellians. Even if the data was fragmentary, the message was a clear one.

    The Empire was losing the Battle of Corellia.

    Thousands had died already and more would as the engagement continued. A cordon was being established across the system, and it would only be a matter of time before it was secure.

    The Empress was secure, but even he had been unsure of that with the cacophony of data surging through him. But that was a given. Now, though, on nearby Sarapin, the Empire was reorganising, but it would not be long before the battle was over and the Imperials didn't have the assets to hand... stopping mid-journey to Muunilinst and Hapes, vessels were rushing back and only getting themselves destroyed. Now order was being resumed, Imperials were instead flowing to Sarapin but it would take time to assemble a force even remotely substantial enough to attack the Vong armada.

    And so he was ready when the Empress called him.

    Emerging as a small hologram, the Emperor appeared, cloaked and refined, with a soft smile to his lips. It was his natural pose, if an AI could have such a thing. "Empress, how can I assist in these dark times?"

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  6. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Malkuth
    Battle of Corellia, high orbit

    The small three ship task force launched, and Darth Malkuth reached far into his reserves. He had been part of many an immense battle, and there were so many variables for a commander that it could overwhelm a Force user. En route, he layered his perceptions, readied his mental defenses.

    The memories of his betrayal by the Yevetha...

    The memories of his brief tryst with a love that was never his...

    The memories of his former life, of his progenitor...

    The memories of the dark one within him...

    Compacting his Force presence to that of a small mite, he kept himself close, so, in the Force, he would be difficult to find in the middle of an engagement.

    And, finally, his core, shielded beneath enough psychic anguish to perturb a determined probe. Whatever Naire was, and there many, many rumours, he would not be caught flat-footed. Or so he hoped.

    The tunnel of blue that was hyperspace collapsed, and he jerked himself to port straight away as a blossom of turbolaser fire filled where he had decanted. Detecting the cronau radiation from his arrival, he would have been dust had he not been so attuned to the Force. Vong vessels - he could tell from the markings on the older Belarus-class star cruiser, flanked by three Corellian DP20 gunships - had taken up position near the likely egress points from Coruscant. It wasn't an oversight on Malkuth's part, purely a misunderstanding of how badly matters were going here; the Empire must have been struggling quite poorly if the Vong were able to dedicate capital ships to securing the likely points a ship would arrive from Coruscant.

    He reached into the Force, nudging his ship a little higher as he bucked over the hull of the cruiser, and then winced as he creased the shields with his own. A burst on his repulsorlifts sent him higher, and then he had to dive down as an E-wing came screaming at him, cannons blazing through the spot he had nearly ascended to. He gritted his teeth, reaching out and tried to jostle something loose from the passing ship, but the moment had passed. With a flick of a lever on his console he brought his stealth countermeasures up to full force, and then dropped his shields and threw the spare power into his engines.

    In a moment he had broken the cloying web of turbolaser blasts and starfighters,and was arching towards the main battle itself. A rapidly closing circle of modern vessels was contracting around the main Imperial fleet, several dozen capital ships and two battered Golan VIII stations caught within the tightening noose. There was very, very little he could achieve there. But, scattered in orbit, was a plethora of much older vessels, which seemed to be contemptuously detaching themselves from the main engagement and taking up positions around the planet and moons... as if the efforts of the Imperials really meant nothing to them. Practically, there were only so many vessels which could be crammed into a small space without collisions, but the move had to be causing the newer vessels more damage. The psychological impact, however, would have been tremendous - the Imperials didn't matter to the Vong.

    There was a confusing scene where a Pellaeon-class ship not sporting Vong markings was rushing into a confrontation with Ardent-class frigates and another Star Destroyer in the middle of the refugee lane, but he passed it by because he couldn't contribute to even that smaller engagement. A tangle of fighters and lesser ships were trying to regain a foothold over Coronet City, but even that engagement already seemed lost to the Imperials; they were starting to pull back.

    His wits about him, and tactical situation, keeping his Force senses close. He dare not reach out with the Force, but had to, to find his comrades. They were not here, but his eyes were drawn to a Bothan mark II assault cruiser, which was in a high orbit above the main Imperial formation, and he knew that they would be making an attempt on that vessel.

    But, then, he brushed the Force signature of what could only be Naire, and like he had fallen into a black hole. His entire mind emptied into the terrific void that was her, and he knew, emotionally, what he had none intellectually - that she was pure and utter nihilism. Emptiness at its very core. She had every intention of taking the entire galaxy down into that void, and make it completely and utter empty.

    His mind was momentarily wiped clean, and he released control of his starfighter, letting it drift in the sea of turbolaser fire, a rainbow of blue, green, yellow and red that blurred his vision. He lolled, and his head dipped into this chest. But, his body reacted in the way it always would, always seeking to contract, always seeking to withdraw from the world and shield itself, and his mind naturally tugged itself closed, as if acting unconsciously, and he slipped free of the edges of the void that was Naire.

    For a long, long moment, he just hung them, eyes unfocused and his ship dead in the water.

    "Watcher One, we're in. We'll let you know when we find a datajack."

    He did not respond.

    If his comrades had any inclination that he was alive - and he could sense, remotely, that they had arrived from a different egress point - they would not believe what they were sensing now. And then, a blaster shot creased his ship, jostling it, shaking him up and shaking him out of his stupor.

    He took a deep breath, blinked back the tears, closed his suddenly dry mouth, and activated the comm. "Watcher One here; whatever Sol does, don't let him reach out for Naire. Very, very dangerous."

    He hadn't even noticed that one of the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers had vanished. But what the Force did tell him was that he had to get to Sol and Mir; fast.

    IC: Vader

    Somebody had noticed Vader and his escapades, and he began to wonder at the tactical mind behind this little counter-offensive. His mind seemed drawn to connect the actions over Coronet City with these here, and he was half-tempted to conclude that the Empire was in such dire straights that it was taking orders from a snubfighter jockey. He promptly dismissed his conjecture as ridiculous - surely the Empire would never get that desperate.

    With a smirk, he watched the pair of capital ships become a trio, but he was no longer on the bridge - or where the bridge had been - and was instead safely within his escape pod, a sphere-like construction which, due to his high rank, was a command level pod, and as such included shields and a hyperdrive. It was not standard PSD fare; he had ejected the garbage that was the Imperial command level pod and left it above the Corellian moons - this pod he brought with him regardless of how well Naire's plans went.

    The Gorgon took the fire of the Manticore badly, as in, it's shields completely collapsed a fair chunk of the upper hull was cut right off. But he didn't care, simply because it didn't matter. The two Ardent-class ships were rolling towards the rear of the Gorgon, but he had already ordered half of the power from the remaining shields to be focused there because, fundamentally, the ships engines were the weapon; information that the pocket tactical genius within the Imperial ranks seemed to have divined.

    "Now, Supreme Commander?"

    The message came over his comm channel from his consolidated Predator wing, and Vader shook his head, despite them not being able to see him, simultaneously slapping open a channel. "Not yet." He keyed another channel as the Gorgon slowed, its engines starting to push into the frame of the vessel as it lost structural integrity. Refugee ships desperately threaded the void, risking the capital ship battle and their lives to reach the one safe jump point.

    Vader was already darting away, activating what few stealth countermeasures the sphere had to hand - which weren't many as it was really designed to run and jump, not command an engagement despite its full HoloNet suite - and had put a fair amount of distance between him and the refugee screen. In-fact he was closer to the main engagement, the roiling wave of devastation and destruction that had engulfed the Imperial fleet.

    "Now, Supreme Commander?"

    The voice of this officer was not the high-pitched anxiety of someone poised to go to war. This one was the near exultant breath of a man on the edge of ascendancy. It was uttered in Vongese, as did many of the patriots within the Vong Empire, as if mastering the language made them close to Yun-Yuuzhan. Vader smiled, and returned the statement.

    "Do ro-ik vong pratte!"

    And woe to our enemies!

    With that, his remaining crew members - a handful, now, as the rest had been scattered through the engagement, preying upon Imperial vessels while acting as harmless escape pods, or commanding the domineering AT-AHT's as they advanced through Coronet City - activated every remaining tractor beam projector they had and latched onto everything they could, be it refugee ships, Imperial fighters, the frigates, the Manticore - and overloaded the reactor core and activated the self-destruct.

    The explosion was large and glorious enough that Vader, with a few minutes lead, was buffeted by it, and his sensors were firmly scrambled, so he couldn't tell what damage had been done. But he still had the comm's, and when, visually, he could tell the explosion had died down - and the subsequent chain of explosions to damaged vessels, he thought he could spy - he contacted the Predator wing.

    "Now you can pull apart the rest."

    He grinned as he imagined his Predators falling upon the survivors with no mercy.

    With that, Vader assigned his attention to his own survival, and felt himself drawn, unerringly, to Bothan mark II assault cruiser in a high orbit over the main engagement. His new flagship, he decided. Without consulting Naire - he didn't want to reveal her location in the battle anyway - he set down in a hangar near the entry point that Genet and Sol had chosen. He didn't notice their ship, but he was about to barge in on their engagement nonetheless.

    Upon discovering the dead crew, the Vong commander, a wily old Bothan, named Dusa immediately set about securing the ship. Hangars were easy to check on, and then he ordered the surface of the ship to be scanned, picking up the vessel but, at the angle it had landed, not a single gun could touch it, and flying would be particularly tricky; not every Vong was as expert a flier as Mir.

    With little other options, he had his crew flood the tunnel between the quartet and their ship. with corrosive and poisonous gas. The Bothan was hoping to divert them so they would have to space-hop out of a hangar, and he promptly ordered that all hangars be vented and exposed to space; hoping to then trap them on-board entirely.

    But, one of the hangars had a higher priority calling - the captain couldn't vent it. as he was locked out by Vader's codes. Which meant he had a severe problem; he couldn't stop the infilitrators, and when Vader found out he had allowed infiltrators to all but escape, he'd lose his head... and there was only one real way out of the ship, through that very hangar, atypically closest to the infiltrators ship. This was all information their astromech droid would have immediately, even that the ships computer had tried to vent this hangar and couldn't.

    Vader, for his part, sensed commotion aboard the ship but put this down to a ship being at battle. His white sphere settled down, broadcasting the standard 'white flag' message of an escape pod. The four of the infiltrators would already be close to the hangar in either case, enough for Vader to detect, at very least, Sol., in the ducts.

    This little group was interesting, to say the least.

    He dropped out of the pod, leaning heavily on the side and clutching his side. His masque was still intact, so he would appear a wounded human, especially from the cut in his chin; his ship had no Vong markings, and he stumbled to the floor. In the Force, he was a Yuuzhan Vong; as devoid of a presence as Naire was devoid of love and affection - he would project no danger sense.

    "Help me..."

    As if on cue, a motley band of Vong - humans, Rodians (they had a lot of Rodians) and Twi'lek - were running through the corridor leading to the hangar, baying for blood. Now the infiltrators had a choicel; take the hangar route out of the ship, and save the wounded man, or abandon the man and take a much harder route...


    TAG: Chewbacca89, Admiral Volshe (for Naire if needed), Yuul_Shamar, docking_bay94, Darth Aiser,Genet, 1374421]Jumping

    OOC: Leaving it to Sarge to describe how successful Vader is, leaving it to Volshe to respond to Malkuth's probing if necessary, leaving it to Aiser to deal with the fact that the AT-AHT's have breached the perimeter and are in the city if he so wishes.

    EDIT OOC: Slight amendment to reflect where Sol and Mir actually are not docked at the hangar.
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    Oct 25, 2012
    NPC: Kyle Makrama
    Coruscant, A Senator's Office...

    Kyle Makrama scaled down the wall of the building. His ship was parked above him on the landing pad on the roof. It was a Stealth X and had guided him to his destination without setting off a single alarm bell in his targets mind. And in order to keep his target from detecting him, he had to move fast. He was sure the man would be distracted by the ongoing attack on Corellia. As soon as the sacking ended, he would be more likely to be discovered. Kyle Makrama was a Maladian; the only one competent enough to take down his target. He continued to belay down the rope a couple more stories and then stopped. He pulled out a datapad and examined it. The GPS locator indicated that his target was on this floor. Kyle slowly lowered himself down and peered through the window. The man he was after appeared to be conversing with someone else and studying a datapad. Kad Vizsla. This was the man he was hired to kill by the Empress of the New Galactic Empire. And he did not fail.

    Slowly, Kyle reached for a decapitator disk on his belt...

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik, Admiral Volshe
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  8. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Admiral Naren Omatta
    Space over Corellia

    The battle was not going well, no matter how many minor successes they scored or how many of the Vong ships they disabled or destroyed, which was a good few what with primary targets being weapons and engines destroyed even if the vessel wasn't, there were just too many. No doubt had the Empress' detachment along with a few of the outsystem deployed fleets been here, they would have long since sent this pack of thugs and berzerking zealots packing. The Implacable was holding steady, even with bow shields down to sixty-four, no sixty-three, percent and starboard shields at ninety, and was very much acting like a solid rock anchored against the unrelenting tide. Around the great dreadnought fighters of either side swarmed and most of her Imperial Majesty's vessels arranged themselves in near perfect formation. He sighed internally as he spotted one of his frigates of to starboard reduced to scrap before an explosion scattered its remains like a wind scattering the ashes of a person. None took the smaller vessels place, all ships were already engaged. They were losing. The very thought stung at him, prior to this day, if things continued in this pattern, he had never tasted of this bitter thing called defeat outside training simulators and it was all the more bitter for the real men and women, so dedicated to their empress and empire, dieing every second.

    "Lieutenant, redirect what's left of Beta and Gamma squadrons to cover the breach." He ordered the officer managing the Implacable's fighters. He turned his gaze once more to the three dimensional holo grid showing everything that could be found in the battle, including a smaller one showing Coronet. Vong troops had dropped there not long ago and were pressing hard. It didn't help matters that the refugee escape lane was under heavy assault, with the traitor vessel, possibly boarded, he muse, practically ramming its way forward. His eyes widened at the thought, but it was too late for a warning to do any good, and no doubt the captain commanding the Manticore was already well aware of the threat. His eyes flicked over the few ships just outside the bulk of the conflict at the rear of his formation and above the world they were attempting to defend. His thoughts were interrupted by an aid quickly handing off a datapad to him. Knowing that such a thing would not be handed to him in the middle of battle without the item in question being important he skimmed the file. There were reports of the Empress still in Coronet! What in the name of...

    No, he saw the Empress' shuttle depart shortly before his own, she was off planet he knew. But the Vong didn't...

    A cruel smirk adorned his face. Were he not in this circumstance, and gazing a mirror, he would have thought he pulled it off quite nicely. Seems someone ground side was playing a game with their attackers, something he would be most happy to aid in. If one of the things they desired was in fact her Imperial Majesty, and they were willing to take this great number of losses, as indicated by both the space battle and the growing conflict on the ground, no matter how many of the navy's vessel's they were destroying in turn, than he was going to use it to the best of what he had at hand. Noticing the aging Pellaeon class destroyer nearest to the planet and currently mostly being left alone due to its position, he glanced at the readout. The Alecto then. It had at the start of the battle only had two thirds of its fighters aboard, as it was due for dry dock for replacements and ship maintenance. It did however have a couple battalions of stormtroopers left of its ground detachment aboard. He immediately dismissed the walkers, their transports were too slow, but the troopers, they could help greatly with whatever plan those in the palace were concocting.

    "Relay the following orders to the Alecto," He said, addressing his com officer. "Deploy both Stormtrooper battalions groundside to Coronet, combat drop protocols, to report to whoever is manning things at the Palace. Have whatever fighters you have left escort them on the way down. Admiral Omatta out." The message sent he turned back to the main display. His eyes focused on the interdictor, the Web Weaver, that he had not far behind his flagship near to the heart of their formation. His thoughts drifted back over all the military history and odd tactics he had studied at the academy and in his own time before a grin spread on his face, dim though it may be. The interdictor had not activated its gravity well generators yet, which was good. "Web Weaver, I want you to begin altering the effects of your well generators as per the Rogriss manuever." He wasn't entirely sure it would work if he had to use it. It would mean exposing the interdictor outside its protective bubble of ships for it to work, and even then it had only been done once, over a century ago in a battle between one General Solo, and a self proclaimed Warlord Zsinj. But if it did work if, or more likely when, he had to use it, it might cause some confusion amongst the Vong fleet and send at least part of it into disarray. Maybe even enough for the fleet to escape if they got a chance. He hope they were reinforced before retreat became the better option.

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    Commander Kalvic "Kal" Dallin
    Corellia Orbit

    With his fighters making a straight shot towards the evacuation lane, there was nothing much for Kal to do except watch as the battle went on with his teeth clenched and his grip tight on his yoke. His knee bounced impatiently and every kilometer that they managed to clear felt like it took an eternity. He found himself completely helpless and he detested the feeling.

    Should have stayed, he thought to himself, the three words becoming a continuous mantra in his mind.

    It looked like it was going well, however. As the Manticore got into position, attempting to shield the fleeing refugees, it fired its full arsenal of turbolasers, ion cannons, and torpedoes upon the approaching Gorgon. The enemy warship's shields lasted only scant seconds before the barrage broke through, the green and blue fire slamming into its hull. The armored hull collapsed, entire sections blasted apart as turbolasers carved all along the front of the Gorgon. The ion bolts hit and spread along the Destroyer's surface like blue spiderwebs as they shorted out its gun emplacements and whatever electronics happened to be in the way. Lights flickered and went dark as they were shut down and the automated fire lessened as circuits were blown. And right in the middle, torpedoes slammed and exploded, causing huge gouts of flame to erupt all over.

    Combined with the fire of the Ardent-class frigates that shot at its engines from behind, the Gorgon was being torn apart. Which was why, when it exploded, Kal assumed that they managed to hit and destroy its power cells or something else that was both important and volatile. But the explosion that enveloped the Gorgon was much bigger, the giant warship detonating all at once. The display was not a ship that simply had its power cells hit.

    It self-destructed!

    He realized the horrible truth just as the explosion of fire and debris reached out and sought anything and everything possible. The smaller frigates were buffeted, their shields failing in the face of the powerful explosion that actually managed to get them to list horribly. Rents were torn into their hulls as they struggled to right themselves.

    But the Manticore was the worst off. The Gorgon having been making a break towards it and the Manticore moving to meet it, it had brought itself in the most unfortunate position. When the Gorgon exploded, not only did the Pellaeon-class Destroyer get similarly hit by the shockwave and fire that shorted out its shields, but there was also the debris that was thrown at it not just from the explosion but, this close in orbit, Corellia's gravitational pull that directed the debris towards it. The results were devastating in a way that a torpedo barrage couldn't match it as great chunks of the now destroyed Gorgon passed through the weakened shields and struck the Destroyer directly. Hull plates collapsed inwards as tons upon tons of metal - measuring from the size of an ejection seat to starfighters and even larger - battered against it. Holes were ripped open, atmosphere vented, and Kal could only imagined how many of the Manticore's crew was being exposed to vacuum.

    The Manticore listed badly, completely ravaged. As it did so, Kal was able to see its engines that sputtered as they struggled to keep the Destroyer aloft.

    No, no, no...

    "Horrible..." a voice breathed over the channel and Kal identified it as Mailoc Eleven.

    Fearing what he was going to find, Kal reached out and cycled through the data that was being fed into his primary monitor. Distress calls being sounded, beacons being launched from within the evacuation lane from disabled refugee ships. There were a good number that had managed to escape the explosion unscathed, whether from being at the right place at the right time or the Manticore had been able to shield them. But Kal knew there were some that didn't make it; he had noted the number of refugee ships, whether brave or insane, that tried to fly inbetween the battling capital ships in an attempt to escape. He didn't see any of them now.

    How many? he questioned himself as he continued to cycle through. How many ships? How many lives on each one? How many did we lose?

    He couldn't tell, not right now, but if he looked into it later on he may get a more definite answer. Launch records from the starport, data from the Manticore or other Imperial ships that had been meant to guard them, he could get a rough estimate from them once the battle was over. Right now he knew it was too many and the exact number would horrify him later.

    And it was only going to get worse.

    "Lead, detecting enemy fighters on approach vector!" Zander's voice suddenly blared. "They're heading for the refugee ships!"

    He saw them. His sensors identified a full wing of TIE Predators. Their transponders emitted hostile designations and even if it didn't Kal would've known something was wrong when they assaulted the crippled ships. The fast frigates, though damaged, were still able to defend themselves, firing at the approaching enemy Predators while their own, surviving Predators went to engage them. Kal had left two of the reinforcing squadrons of Predators to defend the evacuation zone in case of a starfighter attack like this. He had hoped, that coupled with the Manticore, the frigates, and whatever else the Empire could send its way, it would be enough. But the Gorgon put a huge dent in their plan. The Predators, who would've been outnumbered two-to-one anyway, now faced even more odds as the Gorgon's destruction had caught a few of them as well.

    The enemy Predators did turn to engage theirs, others assaulted the frigates, taking advantage of their weakness to perform strafing runs. And yet there was a number of them that bypassed them all and headed right for the grouping of refugee ships. The disabled vessels that continued to convey distress beacons only attracted the attention of enemy laser fire and the ones that could still fly scattered in a panic while the TIEs gave chase.

    Kal fed energy into his engines. Already pushed to the max, he ran the risk of overheating them and one of the lights on his monitors blazed in warning.

    He paid it no mind. For a brief moment, Kal wasn't even within Corellia's orbit anymore. Rather, he imagined himself on Borosk. Back during Krayt's assault on the world. When Imperial citizens such as these had been caught in the crossfire, being mowed down by Krayt's forces due their Lord's declaration of Borosk and its citizens being traitors. One image that Kal had burned into his memory that day was a Quarren, all red-skinned and tattooed up in the typical markings of a Sith Lord, wielding a lightwhip that slashed at the air left and right, striking down whoever it came in contact with whether it be loyalist stormtroopers or civilians, battle cries and laughter issuing from his throat as he condemned the Imperial loyalists to death.

    Kal had remembered that day. He had felt helpless, scared, and angry. It was the first time he picked up a blaster and when the gun filled his palm and his finger slipped within the trigger guard, he had still felt afraid. But his anger was still there as well and with that blaster, he hadn't felt as helpless anymore.

    The pilot's fingers slipped onto the triggers of his TIE's control yoke. He didn't feel helpless here either. He felt the underlying fear at the idea of possibly dying but it was nothing like the terror that had gripped him when he had been a child. But that anger was with him now as it had been back then. It burned deep within this layer of control and training that had been built into him upon joining the Academy and what now took over.

    His voice was tight when he spoke. "Munitions check." The surviving bombers from the doomed ship Sentinel quickly reported that they were down to their last torpedoes. The other bomber squadron, the one that had reinforced them in time to assault the Vong ships over Coronet, had little less then half.

    It didn't matter what they did now. This was the last leg of their journey. All they could do was save who they can and make sure they got out alive.

    Once the bombers were in range, they went for missile locks. Kal saw the change in their enemies' attack patterns immediately, the fighters that were being targeted breaking off their attacks as their warning systems took note of impending target locks and trying to break them. He was sure a number of them succeeded but upon seeing torpedoes launch from the bombers, he knew some were just not good enough. The barrage of missiles would surprise the enemy, put them off balance, and, more importantly, even out the odds a bit more in their favor when those torpedoes hit. That was when he and his fellow squadmates attacked.

    Kal targeted a fighter that managed to avoid the torpedo aimed at him, the missile nearly scraping his port wing. With his lasers set at single fire, Kal unleashed a hail of red lasers at the enemy Predator. Focusing on this new threat, the Predator pulled up and Kal mimicked the maneuver to follow him, his fingers tight on the triggers as he fired shot after shot at the Predator. Some hit the shields, most missed, but Kal wasn't going for accuracy.

    The Predator didn't realize what he was going for either until the torpedo that had previously missed him circled around, caught up to him when he wasn't looking, and went right into his engine, blasting it right through his cockpit.

    Kal watched the explosion dispassionately. Glancing to his starboard, he spotted another Predator. The transponder said enemy. He started turning towards it but that was when red lasers suddenly shot past his fighter which rocked when one or two hit his aft shields. He glanced at his aft monitor, noted the pair of red dots that marked enemies on his six, but he just shunted some power towards his shields and continued after the fighter that he had spotted before while he danced his Predator up and down, red laser fire going wide as the two enemy TIEs followed after him with guns blazing.

    His Predator shook at the impact of more lasers hitting his aft shields. In turn, Kal fired a dual-linked burst of fire at the TIE he was pursuing, striking it and forcing it to break hard to port. He was about to do the same, allowing his Predator to move to port as if to follow it, but then he immediately rolled up onto his starboard wing and pulled a tight turn before he rolled back to port with another such turn to bring him back along his original course. Except this time, he was now behind the Predators that had been chasing him, the two having overshot him as he had pulled his turns. Targeting the one to starboard, he gave it a quad burst.

    All four lasers struck the enemy's aft shields that nonetheless held in the face of the fire. The TIE dove and vectored away. Kal let him go and his gaze coolly focused on the other one. He pumped another quad burst into this one's shields as well and, with a flick of his thumb, he switched to single fire and jammed his fingers on the triggers. The hail of fire bled away the remaining energy of the Predator's shields and, with careful shots, Kal's lasers were soon striking at its port wing. The metal became twisted and warped, nearly shearing off but that was when Kal ceased fire.

    Allowing a couple seconds to tick by, Kal let the enemy pilot attempt to juke and jink its way out from in front of his nose in an attempt to save his own life.

    You already forfeited it, Kal thought, his anger soothing under this cool cruelty. But only a little. Die.

    His next shots severed the damaged wing entirely, causing the enemy TIE to spin, out of control. He held onto the triggers, still firing in single fire as he tracked the spinning fighter. The red lasers stitched all along its remains until, finally, it blew apart.

    The enemy TIEs had pounced on the refugee ships like a pack of mad dogs that sought an easy but equally juicy morsel. But Kal and his fellow pilots put them down like one. Throughout the next few minutes, Kal was kept in a tight, single-minded focus. Find a TIE, chase a TIE, kill a TIE. All that he could remember was a TIE coming into his crosshairs and when there wasn't one, he made sure to find a replacement. Just as the captains of their capital ships had displayed beforehand, Vong personnel seemed wild and savage, just wanting to kill whatever they could find. Deadly in their own right and when he found himself with an enemy on his tail, Kal wondered if they were seeking him out because his fighter marked him as a squadron leader. Similar to the practices of the actual Yuuzhan Vong pilots back during the war.

    It would explain why the others are dead, he thought. Garnellis, Kipsin, Wern...

    But such wild tactics were lacking in other areas as well. The 63rd had worked together for so long, flown with one another for years, understood each squadmate like their own brother or sister. It led to tactics and work between two or more squadmates that allowed them to pick apart the enemy. And as Kal looked to spot to find another target, he saw the fruition of all that hard work take shape in the form of a complete lack of enemy TIEs.

    And yet, this new lull allowed him to see just what they truly lost.

    While scanning for enemies that were no longer there, Kal spotted the crippled hulks of their capital ships. And floating all around them was a small debris field of shattered refugee ships.


    Kal only barely made out the arm of the corpse that had bumped into his fighter.

    The anger bled out of him, his fingers that had been gripping the control yoke with all his might going limp. Suddenly weary, he took another look around. There were still refugee ships that still flew, some perhaps damaged but they were there and that was all that mattered. They could still save some lives yet.

    The frigates limped along but they were similarly alive. After a brief update from their captains, Kal was given assurance that while the frigates were no longer fast, they could still move and still fight with what engine power and armaments they had left. But the Manticore...

    "Manticore, status?" The engines still flared, lights were still on; signs that the Destroyer still lived. And yet it took a while before someone responded.

    "Lieutenant Enricson here."

    Kal frowned at that unfamiliar voice. The name rang a bell though and he tried to find an explanation for this. A quick inhale of breath signaled his realization. Enricson was part of the auxilary bridge crew. Which meant only one thing...

    "Lieutenant Enricson, I want a status update on the Manticore." Kal tried to keep his voice calm and even. "Both the ship and the crew."

    "The Manticore is currently running on thirty-five percent engine power," the Lieutenant started to explain. "Enough to keep us from being pulled in by Corellia's gravity, even enough to get us out of orbit, but this ship isn't going anywhere. Not in this state and not with this battle going on. Shields are still down - we can't bring them back up - and armaments have been reduced to a third. For the primary bridge crew...most of them are dead. The bridge was compromised and most died to vacuum exposure. A couple made it out, including Captain Ansem, but he's currently being looked after in the infirmary."

    Kal sighed with relief at that. Some good news at least. The problem, however, was that the Manticore was practically dead in space. Saving it was going to be out of the question. "Lieutenant, I suggest all remaining crew members evacuate and join up with the column of refugees. We're leaving; there's no point in staying anymore."

    "The announcement has already been made. We'll scuttle the ship and disembark soon."

    "Affirmative." Kal cut the channel and took a look at their own forces. It wasn't good. The long, hard battle had reduced the 63rd to less then half their numbers; eighteen Predators total. His own squadron had six left with Farlus at three, Challat with five, and Bulfus with four. A lot of people that are going to be missed. Even more experience that can't be replaced...

    They still had the bombers, even if some lacked torpedoes, and a squadron and a half more worth of Predators. He would have to split them up, have them cover different parts of the convoy when it rolled out. The frigates could still be saved, would still be able to follow, so they still had some defenses. But they had to go now before someone else in the Vong fleet decided to pick them up.

    With Ansem incapacitated, Kal established his own channel to the Tyrena Starport. "Tyrena Starport, this is Commander Dallin of the 63rd Fighter Wi-"

    "What are you doing!?"

    Kal was thrown into stunned silence at the voice that shouted over his comms. The voice was feminine but that was hardly what made him so surprised. What did it was how absolutely hysterical the person on the other side sounded. Not sure if he was understanding the question right, Kal just started with his reply of, "We're escorting the remaining refugee ships out of Corell-"

    Again he was interrupted. "Escorting!? The Nine Circles is gone! My mother was on that ship! I had her boarded as soon as it was said it was clear!"

    Oh damn it. Now he understood. He was speaking to one of the traffic controllers who had just lost a family member to the ambush. "Ma'am, I'm deeply sorry. The Vong had sent a ship on a suicide run and we weren't prepared-"

    "You said it was clear! You said they were going to make it out and that you were going to defend them! Where the frak were you then!?"

    Kal felt his throat tighten and he tried to clear it while desperately trying to think of a way to explain himself. What was he to say? That he had been assaulting another section of the Vong fleet, leaving the refugee ships in the care of the others? He had thought the passage would be secure, that they would be able to hold back what they could...

    He couldn't say anything. Instead, he tried a different tact, "Ma'am, the evacuation is continuing. We only have a few minutes before we pull out so I suggest you find a ship of your own and evacuate."

    She came back after a moment, her voice bitter. "Yeah why not? I might as well go up there and join-"

    Kal cut the channel and immediately hated himself for it. He knew what she was going to say and he just didn't want to hear it.

    The channel beeped at him again and, giving himself some time before answering, Kal took a deep breath and opened it back up. "Commander Dallin here."

    "Commander, this is Tyrena Starport." The voice was different this time. Male, more controlled. "We have five more vessels on station and passengers are about to be finished loading. Although we have reports of several private and personal vessels from the outskirts that are insisting that they join with you."

    "They have ten minutes," Kal replied, his voice calm and controlled now. "After that we have to go whether they're here or not. I'm sorry but we can't stay here any longer."

    "Understood. We'll direct all remaining traffic in your direction. And Commander, thank you."

    Kal didn't reply and once again cut the channel. His eyes were blurry. Not from tears mind you and the pilot pushed up his visor so that he could wipe at the sweat that now streamed down his face. He was exhausted. The battle was taking its toll on him in more ways then one. They needed to go. Staying here would just invite more tragedy.

    "Two" he spoke, opening a line to his second. "Start herding the refugees out of here. Consolidate the remaining squadrons and then split them up as best as you can. I want our starfighters protecting as much of the convoy as possible. I'll have one of the frigates lead the way, the other will hang back to cover our rear until we're done."

    "And the Destroyer?" Zander questioned.

    "A lost cause. Its going to be scuttled. Or maybe we can use some automated defenses of our own. I don't know. We just need to go."


    Kal winced at his wingman's hesitant tone. He knew how he felt. The Manticore had been their home ever since they had graduated from the Academy. It was going to be missed.

    "Actually Lead, I have something to bring to your attention. Long range scans are picking up new signatures."

    Kal feared for the worst. "Enemies?"

    "No sir, transponders suggest neutrals - possible friendlies. They're Hapan Battle Dragons and from what chatter I've gotten so far, they are contacting several of our ships and advising what forces can escape to flee with them."

    Kal mulled that over. Hapan Battle Dragons? Here? He wondered why the Hapans would be here considering they probably had more important things to worry about within their own borders. But if they were potential allies then who was he refuse any help they could offer? At the very least, they could most certainly ensure a clear hyperspace lane for the refugees once they move out.

    "Get the convoy moving to them, Two. I'll contact them and let them know we're coming."


    As the surviving members of his fighter wing started rounding up the refugees for the journey out of here, Kal hailed the small fleet of Battle Dragons. "Hapan Battle Dragons. This is Commander Dallin commanding the remains of the 63rd Fighter Wing. I have several refugee ships here and will be sending them to you with starfighter and frigate escort. Confirm, please."

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    IC: Mirjahaal Parjii
    Vong Empire Bothan Mark II Assault Cruiser

    On the way back to the ship, with Rami besides him running and chewing on the last bit of a human arm he ripped off one of the attackers, Mir thought of the Vong-wannabes they encountered.

    Were they speaking the same language as the Yuuzhan Vong? It sounded like it but something was off. And then there's the mutilation a lot of the Vong-wannabes did to themselves...these people are insane. I'd much rather attempt the Kessel Run with timer bombs on my ship than be one of these kriffing people.

    Mir made a small note to himself to upload the recordings on his HUD to be sent to Vizsla to be analyzed. It should shed some light on these Vong-wannabes. He also noted that they weren't actually Vong as he was able to use the occasional Force pull/push when Sol wasn't looking, that much gave Mir some relief.

    On the way back to the ship, nearing the grate, Mir had a moment of barvy balls and decided to add something to the mission. As Sol reached down to help Mir through the grate, he said. "No, I've got something else in mind. You go to the ship and get Rusty to upload the data to the computer and send it to Watcher One and the boss." He didn't want to mention Senator Vizsla's name in case someone overheard them. "You wait there for me to come back, and if I tell you to leave, leave, got it?" Then Malkuth's voice came over the comm channel, "Watcher One here; whatever Sol does, don't let him reach out for Naire. Very, very dangerous."

    Shab...his voice sounded strained, wonder if Naire might've gotten to him.

    "Also close down in the Force and don't reach out to anything, especially Naire. Watcher One sounded like he had a close call with Naire." Before Sol could protest's Mir decision, let alone respond, he turned around and took off back down the hall with Rami closely following him.

    Finally alone, I can use the Force. This is barvy for most people, but...I've been in worse situations.

    Not a second later, his buy'ce indicated the hallways began to fill with poisonous fumes.

    Ok now this is becoming a real aaray in the arse.

    He immediately turned and said to Rami, "Rami go back to the ship and get out of here!" and he Force pushed Rami back down the hallway to the grate, and turned the opposite direction away from the room with the datajack. "Watcher Three! Rami is headed back to you, they're filling this place with poison gases, you need to get out of here NOW! I'll find my own way off this blasted cruiser!" He then diverted the comm channel to Malkuth, "Watcher Three is leaving the cruiser, I'm still on it, I'll let you know when I get off." He closed the channel with his team, and sealed up his beskar'gam and his buy'ce began to filter the air for him. In that instant he heard a motley band of Vong rampaging down the hallway towards the hanger where a human male laying calling for help. His escape pod had no markings so Mir couldn't tell if he was Vong or Empire.

    Well that group certainly doesn't look friendly to him...

    Mir couldn't waste time helping others so he simply took a frag from his belt and threw it down the hall, using the Force to guide it to the middle of the group. It exploded and blew the majority of the group apart, while causing the hall to collaspe.

    And there goes the escape-via-hangar plan

    Mir immediately turned and ran down the hall and turning another corner. He tapped into the Force to augment his speed and began to take short leaps to hurry along the way. He reached out into the Force searching for the reactor core room, after several seconds he found a room matching the specs of a reactor core room.

    That has to be it...not that far from here

    Mir frowned as another crew of Vong-wannabes began running down at Mir like a bunch of rabid strills. He counted six and drew his shotgun. Without slowing down he pulled the middle two wannabes towards him - both Rodian - with the back Rodian's face lined up with the front's back of the head, and landed his feet on the first wannabe's chest. As he landed he smashed the barrell of his shotgun into the first Rodian's head and pulled the trigger. Instantaneously both heads blew apart. Mir lept off the headless corpse and landed between the remaining Vong-wannabes, two on each side. He extended his arms out, one palm facing each pair, and Force blasted them into the walls of the hall and rendering them unconscious.

    Resuming to his race to the reactor core room, he let the Force guide him towards it, taking several twist and turns until he came to a stop. He could feel the room off to the side directly above him. He took several steps to the side, brought out one of his lightsabers from it's hidden holster in his forearm, and used it to cut out a hole above him. As the cut-out circle fell, he Force lept through the hole and found himself surrounded by 10 surprised Vong-wannabes.

    Oh too bad Rami couldn't be here, he'd be loving this so much...

    Just as the surprised Vong began to realize he was an intruder, Mir brought his other lightsaber out from it's hidden holster, lept to his right slicing two Vong-wannabes in half. It gave him an opening which he jumped through, placing the rest of the Vong-wannabes directly in front of him. Behind him was the reactor core room. Quickly, he lept over the wannabes, before they started advancing and Force blasted downward causing their knees to buckle. Some simply fell, other we're smashed into the floor. Landing on the opposite side he jumped forward as he jammed his left lightsaber into a Vong and spun clockwise, slicing the Vong to his right as he brought his right lightsaber into the skull of the Vong on his left. Finishing he spin he found three of the remaining six Vong jumping at him. He immediately put both of his sabers into reverse grips, crouched and dove forward. As he dove forward he drove his saber through the flanking Vong bodies as the middle Vong cleared over and landed behind him. As Mir landed he rolled onto his shoulder and stood up, and found himself standing next to one of the Vong who had the misfortune of being in the middle of Force blast. He brought his boot up and obliterated the Vong's head with a Force enhanced heel smash. Hearing the Vong behind coming at him, he deactivated his lightsabers, put them back in their hidden holsters, drew his blaster, and without looking put a laser between his eyes. As the Vong's body dropped he pointed his blaster at the remaining two on the floor and put them out of their misery.

    He looked up at the reactor core room in front of him and ran into it. Making sure no one else was around he began smacking detonator bombs on the three columns and then a few on the controls in the middle of the room. Once all the detonator bombs were placed he immediately extended his sense to find a way off.

    Come on...where are the escape pods...

    Within a few seconds he found them and to his relief they were directly ahead of him, back down on the lower level where he was. Mir hastily made his way back to the hole, and jumped down through it. He took off down the hall, sprinting with the aid of Force, and turned the corner. As he made his way to the opposite end of the hall, another two Vong-wannabes appeared from a door in the middle of the hallway. Mir pulled out his shotgun, reloaded it, and lept onto the wall, flipped off of it, and landed behind the two Vong, with the door to his left. Using his 360 degree view on his HUD he noted that more Vong were coming towards the door. He Force pulled the Vong on his right, pivoted his body so that the Vong he grabbed was between him and the other Vong. Slapping a sticky bomb on the forehead of the first Vong and Force blasted the two of them back through the doorway. He headed back down the hallway as he turned the corner he heard his bomb go off.

    After another turn and several minutes passed by he found the escape pods and quickly jumped into one. Immediately he hit the launch button, pulled out the detonator and opened the com channel with the Watcher team, "Watcher One and Three, I just left the cruiser in an escape pod." he grinned "and left a nice surprise for these Vong-wannabes." and he pushed the detonator.

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    IC: Jusick Tur-Mukan
    Imperial High Command, Imperial Palace, Coruscant.

    He stood over the display showing the space battle falling apart and listening in on the Military coded channels. As with every great battle they must all come to an end, They had bloodied the Vong badly but they just kept coming and he understood that the remaining Imperial space forces were about to leave and re-group. Ground Forces could in theory hold a planet for a time without space support but it would be invain with an Armada in orbit and a never ending stream of troops. It was to late for the Ground forces to leave the planet, but they could get of the open and safe from orbital bombardments and go into hiding until Evac-rescue raids can be formed and implemented. He turned to a wall and slammed his fist into the wall and cursed at it all, he hated defeat, he hated leaving people behind enemy lines. They had tho in fact managed hold off long enough to allow time for civilians and officials to escape, With that return to the current view of Coronet City, It wouldnt hold for long not when the Imperial Fleet leaves at any rate, They could hold the palace but it could be easily sieged and starved out. or bombed, with that he did an about face and set his jaw and opened his comlink with the Lt. Kolarn,

    "Imperial High Command to Lt. Kolarn, We have determined that the time has come for retreat, Troops will begin falling back to the Palace, I proprose an Organized fall back. The transports should be loaded up with as much supplies as you can and troops and begin sending them to the following location(Cordinates show an area within the Northhills) That is in the Northern Hills, From here you can observe Coronet. Send Troops ahead and then the 2nd grouping I want ALL VIPS and Troops not in combat loaded up and sent out and Finally, all remaining defensive troops are to get out of there in the faster landspeeders and head out, You and your staff are in charge of making sure that the troops get out and before the Final wave You are to make sure all Det Charges and Scuttle Charges are armed and set to Blow the Palace we can not afford to let the Palace to fall intact to Vong Forces. Once you are at the outpost Alpha in the Northern Hills you can use your remote transmitter to send along this channel use the tight beam setting to send on this channel just make sure you aim this roughly at the primary star, and if you must move be sure whenever you send a message to send where you will be at so we can send tight beamed signals back to keep from eavsedropping or signal trackers. We will also be organizing a way to get you and your men off planet along with the VIPs. Your Primary mission, Keep your heads low and don't get killed. Imperial High Command out, and good luck"

    Next he commed the Orbital Defense batteries that remained " Orbit Defense Control, Imperial High Command here, You have orders to cease firing and get to your transports and get the Anti-Air Walkers and go the Northern Hills and regroup with main military presense on planet and rember to destruct your cannons and I have been told to thank you guy for the help from the Space guys." he told the guys with a chuckle. "Yes Sir, we shall blow our guns and retreat to the Northern Hills and tell the space guys they are welcome." "Will do High Command out." with that he stepped back breathed a sigh and pulled up a chair with a cup of water and began watching as the Imperial began its fall back and retreat.

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  12. Jumpin_Jesus

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    Oct 9, 2012
    IC: Sol Holle
    Vong Cruiser/Obsidian Falcon

    "No, I've got something else in mind. You go to the ship and get Rusty to upload the data to the computer and send it to Watcher One and the boss. You wait there for me to come back, and if I tell you to leave,leave, got it?"

    Sol groaned at hearing this, he did not want Mir and Rami to get themselves killed, but he knew he could do nothing to stop them. "Alright Mir, be careful and may Allya and the force be with you." As the two of them started back down the hallway Sol heard some shouting about poison gas and was soon met by Rami flying through the vent. The way Rami had flown into the opening puzzled Sol. He did not think that Mir could have thrown him like that by hand, unless Rami could fly, which is highly unlikely. Sol shelved the idea to focus on making it back to the ship.

    As Sol turned around to go back he heard Mir's voice shouting again, "Also close down in the Force and don't reach out to anything, especially Naire. Watcher One sounded like he had a close call with Naire." The Jedi decided to take his word for it and temporarily severed himself from the force, thus making himself an absence in the force.

    Not too long after Sol made it to the ship he began to fear for Mir's well being. He had been gone a fairly long time without checking in and this made him worry. Deeming he was far enough away from the cruiser, Sol reconnected himself to the force and reached out to try and grasp Mir's and maybe even Malkuth's presence to make sure they were ok.

    That was a mistake.

    Upon feeling just a small lick of Naire's presence, Sol collapsed feeling as if he had been hit in the stomach with a sledge hammer. He was able to fall on Rusty unfortunately , while he was uploading the information, almost snapping the droid's connector with the computer. After about five minutes in a daze, being assaulted by horrible empty, feelings of pure nothingness Sol was able to regain control of his body and push himself off of Rusty. With a slurred voice Sol attempted to contact Malkuth, "Watcher One....Naire....I've never felt something as powerful as that before, not even in the Dark Lord's presence..." Sol's voice trailed off as he used the energy to conceal himself from the force once more. "There isn't a seer, a Witch, a Jedi, or a Sith that can create that kinda of presence in the galaxy...What is she?" Sol flung himself back into the pilots chair after finishing the sentence to be met with Mir's voice.

    "Watcher One and Three, I just left the cruiser in an escape pod. And left a nice surprise for these Vong-wannabes."

    Good, Mir was ok. Sol couldn't imagine breaking the news of Mir's demise or capture to Rami. It would probably result in a week's long stay in a bacta tank. "Excellent, Watcher Two, Rusty is uploading the data right now to Senator Vizsla and Master Finnwerk. Do you want me to pick you up before we head back to Duros, Watcher Two?" Finally able to stand, Sol made his way over to Rusty to finalize the data he was sending while he waited for the response. After pushing several buttons on the panel Sol sent the data to Kad's office to be reviewed by him and Dil.

    Within twenty minutes of very stressful flying, Sol had maneuvered the Falcon out of hostile fire and was now sitting on the outskirts of the battle waiting patiently for either Mir or Malkuth.

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    Nov 7, 2012
    IC: Lanna Shakal
    Aboard The Lorellian
    "Now if I may ask, what is the situation there at Corellia?" Lanna answered, "I can't tell you much, I am a politician, I'm not trained to assess this sort of thing, but I can tell you this: your fleet is outnumber by the Vong. Corellia is blockaded, it doesn't look very good. To my untrained eye, it all looks very chaotic, I'm sure anyone else would have told something different. Unfortunately everyone else is either busy or dead." That last bit was so true, it almost hurt to say it. Lanna had know several people on Hapes that could have done better, but were now dead.

    Lanna's aid came up to her telling her that Commander Dallin of the NGE wanted to send refugee ships to the Battle Dragons and they wanted confirmation. Lanna nodded. "Of course. Tell the Captain to confirm." The aid nodded then he walked off. Tags: JediMaster_1977, Sarge221
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    Jul 26, 2008
    IC: Lt. Heath Kolarn
    Imperial Palace, Coronet City, The End of the World

    The Supreme Commander had been a large help throughout the battle. The reinforcements and AT-AHTs had given them a major advantage throughout the city, and the Vong had actually been pushed back for a time. In the end, the AT-AHTs on either side wiped each other out, reverting the battle back to its original state as an infantry war. Heath had lost comm contact with the surface-to-orbit guns, but since most of them were still firing he assumed things were going relatively well over there. The Palace was in a more... interesting position.

    Vong scouts had been looking over the Palace defenses for a while now. Many of them had been picked off by snipers, but they had a relatively good idea of the Imperials' positions. There was a stillness in the air, a sort of calm that had Heath on edge. He stood on a balcony, surveying the surrounding killzones through his sniper scope. Several heartbeats passed. Suddenly, the silence was rent as Vong berserkers screamed and charged the Palace from all directions. Several of them carried detonation charges, hoping to blow open the Palace's fortified entrances. Not a one made it. Imperial stormtroopers were notoriously accurate, and their reputation was well earned.

    Seconds later, a second wave charged. This time, however, sappers and engineers began setting up fortifications throughout the killzones, using the berserkers' bodies as support for the hastily thrown together cover. The last Vong soldier died and fell forward, his outstretched hand barely touching the bottom step leading to the main entrance.

    The next wave charged before the final shot had been fired. These soldiers were much more skilled, running from cover to cover and taking potshots at the Imperials raining hell down on them. Many of them reached the base of the steps and took cover behind the various statues and other aesthetic effects, but were pinned down by the Imperial forces. They weren't going anywhere anytime soon.

    So far, it had been standard military tactics. Suicidal, but standard. Eventually the Vong would run out of cannon fodder to throw at them. They had to know they were doomed if they kept this up. The Imperials might actually even win.

    Then the real horrors started. Slowly, figures began to advance in uneven lines across the killzones. Several stormtroopers opened fire briefly before realizing their error. Each Vong soldier pushed before him a citizen of Coronet. The civilians were used as meat shields, absorbing any blaster fire from the Imperials. Consequently, the Vong advance slowly rolled forward, nearing the steps to the Palace.

    From his balcony, Heath readied his equipment. "Colonel," he spoke dispassionately into his comm, "Have shoot any bit of Vong that pokes out from behind those civilians. I want as much damage as possible done without harming the civilians." He then shouldered his rifle and took a deep breath. In his scope, the top of a Vong soldier's head poked out from behind his meat shield. Crack. A shot rang out. Click-clack. Heath worked the bolt. Crack. Click-clack. Crack. Click-clack. Crack. Click-clack. Clack. Click-clack. Heath dropped the empty clip and inserted an new one in one swift motion, then continued firing. Crack. Click-clack. Crack. Click-clack. Crack. Click-clack. Crack. Click-crack. Crack. Click-clack. The Vong had reached the steps and started up. Now below the Imperials' range of depression and out of the line of fire, the lead Vong troops broke into a run and began setting charges to blow the doors. Heath heard the Colonel relaying orders to fire teams inside the Palace, getting ready to open fire on any Vong that entered the Palace. More Vong kept advancing, using a seemingly endless stream of civilians as shields. They must have visited the residential districts and crisis centers, rounding everyone up. That's why the attack had been so long in developing.

    The doors blew, and rockets streamed in, catching the Imperial fire teams off guard. They struggled to regroup as Vong troops rushed in, quickly closing to the Imperial positions. In close quarters, their ferocity overwhelmed the stormtroopers. It was a blood bath. However, as soon as the Vong entered the main hallways past the entrance areas, they were met by a hail of blaster fire and forced to pull back and regroup.

    The Vong soldiers continued to advance. Crack, Click-clack. Crack, Click-clack.

    The Vong had begun to bring their hostages into the Palace now, marching them forward relentlessly. Refusing to fire on the civilians, the Imperial forces fell back. The Vong won the entrance halls without a fight.

    Heath fired until he ran out of clips, then began to calmly pack up his equipment. Just as he turned to go back inside, however, something caught his eye. Looking back through his scope, Heath coolly took in the sight before him. Since only a small number of civilians were needed to shield the Vong within the close confines of the Palace, many of them were left under guard outside. As the Vong advanced into the Palace, more and more of the Vong guards were drawn away. Finally, there were only a few left. They boxed in the civilians, who seemed to realize the Vong were paying them little mind. Just as they seemed ready to attempt to overwhelm their guards and run, the guards turned and, as one, opened fire.

    Turning away from the blood and screams, Heath hurried back inside to the Security Room, now his headquarters. The Colonel was there, trying to organize the Imperial forces who were retreating further and further into the Palace. "Colonel, I hereby authorize the use of lethal force on citizens of Coronet City. Mow them down and drive the Vong from the Palace."

    Everyone in the room stared. Not a sound was made for a full second, as the shock of what Heath had just ordered sunk in. The Colonel opened his mouth to protest, but Heath held up his hand to stop him. Typing in a few commands, Heath linked his helmet log to the display screen in the room, showing the Colonel and his staff what was being done to the civilians left outside. "Colonel, there are no civilians in this war. The Vong want nothing more than the destruction of the Empire. The two pillars of the Empire are the Empress and the People. We cannot save the People. They are already forfeit. We can, however, save the Empress. Firing on those civilians would be a mercy to them, Colonel."

    Thump-thud. Thump-thud. Thump-thud. Heath's heartbeat sounded loud in his ears. It felt wrong to continue to deceive the Colonel like this, but this was the strategy Heath had come up with, and he must play it to the end. As far as everyone in Coronet City was concerned, the Empress was still in the Palace. Heath would keep it that way.

    Gritting his teeth, the Colonel turned back to his command console and gave the order. Before too long, the sound of blaster fire could be heard, as the two forces finally began to do combat. The civilians caught in the middle were quickly slaughtered.

    An urgent message came in from the throne room. The Vong vanguard had surged forward, knowing the Empress was there, and was close to breaking through and killing the ISB agents within. “Colonel, continue to oversee operations from here. I will move to assist our forces in the Throne Room.”

    Heath sprinted down empty corridors towards the sound of battle. The Palace was massive in scope, and individual battles raged throughout it. The order of the Imperial troops was beginning to break down as firefights turned into brawls. Taking a shortcut known to few, Heath bypassed one such engagement and arrived at the throne room. A small contingent of stormtroopers, about twenty in number, defended the doors, pinned down behind various bits of improvised cover. Vong troops pressed them hard, and soon would win the doors. Unluckily for them, Heath now stood behind them.

    Unslinging his carbine, Heath charged and opened fire, catching the Vong soldiers off guard. He emptied his power cell into the back ranks, slaughtering the disorganized Vong as they turned to face him. Tossing the gun in the face of the soldier nearest him, Heath drew his combat knife and stepped in close to a group of them, eliminating the advantage of numbers and firepower they held. Weaving and dodging, Heath slashed at everyone around him. Moving like water, he avoided their clumsy punches and slashes, dodging and countering all their blows. The Imperials that had been pinned down took advantage of this distraction and opened fire on the Vong, tearing them apart. It was soon over.

    Heath approached the commander of the Imperials and saluted. “Lt. Heath Kolarn. Who are you, sir?” The man sighed in obvious relief and returned his salute wearily. “I’m Commander Kadmin Dallin, and I’m extremely relieved to see you, Lt.” Heath shook the man’s hand and commented, “It looks like you’ve had a busy day, sir.”

    Just then, Heath’s comlink buzzed. It was from a Lt. in the security office, marked as urgent. Heath opened the message, and was surprised to hear a voice recording from Supreme Commander Tur-Mukan. Heath was initially dumbfounded by the Supreme Commander’s orders. Didn’t he know what was going on? They were being totally overrun. These orders didn’t make sense. However, on further inspection, Heath discovered the message had been time-stamped for two hours prior.

    Furious, Heath called the security room back to ask why he hadn’t been notified of this earlier, when something could actually be done about it. However, he heard only static on the other end. “Kark, they must have been hit already… Alright, Commander Dallin, get your troops inside the Throne Room and bar the door.” They all moved inside as Heath tried to figure the situation out.

    Heath hacked into the security systems from a monitor inside the Throne Room, trying to sort the whole mess out. It seemed like there were still small pockets of resistance, but the majority of Imperial forces had been wiped out. Between the Imperial Army and the citizens of Coronet, casualties likely ranged in the millions. There was little else Heath could do here, so he gathered the survivors around him and explained his new plan. Nearby, there was a hidden passage that would lead to the secure bunker the Supreme Command had mentioned earlier, the one that had contained the AT-AHTs. The survivors would reach the bunker, then make an opening that lead into Coronet’s sewage system. From there, they would escape the city and head for the coordinates the Supreme Commander had given them to regroup.

    As the survivors began to make their way to the secure bunker, Heath tapped into the command channel of the Imperial Navy. “To any ships still in orbit, this is Lt. Heath Kolarn. I am requesting an orbital bombardment of Coronet City. Please acknowledge.”

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  15. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Admiral Naren Omatta.
    Space over Corellia

    He would have already called out a retreat were the fleet not surrounded on all sides. The Implacable's bow shields were down to nearly fifty percent, the starboard at eighty, and the port at ninety-five. He had never felt like such a failure in all his life. Most of the vessels in the fleet had sustained moderate damage not counting the Implacable, more than one drifting corpse of a starship bearing imperial colors was present. And what the orbital satellite footage was showing of Coronet made his insides churn, the Vong were using civilians as meat shields. That was bad enough before sometime after gaining entrance into the palace they appeared to... He couldn't bear it. As commanding officer of the fleet for the moment, it had been his responsibility to keep the Vong off planet, and now the civilians were paying for it with their lives by the thousands, if not millions. The com officer brought a message to his attention, one Lt. Heath Kolarn was requesting an orbital bombardment of Coronet City. Despite the noise of the bridge, it seemed for a moment that all paused in their work for the barest of seconds to glance to the Admiral, who in turn glanced to the large screen with the satellite feed to which a few followed before turning back to work. In that one moment, the Admiral felt like he was twice his actual age.

    How did it come to this? Another frigate in imperial colors was destroyed in a large explosion. The fact that there were accompanying explosions amongst the Vong fleet did not matter. "Lieutenant, this is Admiral Omatta." A pause, that seemed very much longer than it truly was. His face and voice went to drilled in imperial standard to avoid stuttering and breaking down completely. "Request confirmed." It felt like a massive weight, akin to someone dropping a few tons of durasteel onto his shoulders, had slammed into him. Selecting the appropriate frequency to the only ship large enough close to the planet. "Alecto, an orbital bombardment request has been confirmed. Target is Coronet City, acknowledge." There was a long silence before he got a response in which he both heard and felt the sorrow filled sigh. "Orbital Bombardment orders acknowledged Admiral."

    He had recorded up a short message, and had it sent via Imperial Hypercom with the highest level of encryption he had access too with the recipients being her Imperial Majesty and Grand Admiral Jalin Mioree, though he didn't list names given the game being played groundside. It went as follows: "To those whom are receiving this, the fleet has and is taking heavy losses. Retreat not possible, we are closed in on all sides. Estimates figure similar situations groundside. Civilians are be used as meat shields by the invaders or rounded up and slaughtered. One Lt. Heath Kolarn has requested orbital bombardment of Coronet City, it has been granted. I will take full responsibility for this action. Admiral Omatta out." With the message sent, and no specific names mentioned for the recipients in the event the encryption was broken by unfriendly parties, he turned back to the satellite feed, forcing himself to watch as mass turbolaser fire fell like rain on the beautiful city he had only earlier this day planned on visiting during his upcoming shore leave.

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  16. Darth Aiser

    Darth Aiser Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2006
    IC: Jusick Tur-Mukan
    Imperial High Command

    He stared at the display of Battle of Coronet in disgust, He had ordered them to retreat and they hadn't responded or anything, and so he watched as the forces were pushed back until from his view of the palace troops were pouring into it. The commander on the ground was smart to order the orbital bombardment, perhaps they may at the least get VIPs on the ground out, He had only recently been informed by Military Intel that in fact the director of ISB was missing and last seen in Coronet, and with the Palace being overan he couldn't use the communications recievers without alerting the occupants. They were on there own, Maybe they would figure a way out and get to those coordinates. Then his Comm buzzed and He noted it was orginating from the Orbital Defense Units,

    "Sir we have made to the location you specified kinda middle of nowhere, We are reporting that either the Army got lost or was decimated but there are no signs of any army or military groups around here, We set the Batteries for Auto-Fire with timed charges in the Turrents and Ammo Dumps." The Commander of this group was obviously tired out from the hiking and running. "Good remain at the position, The Army will be delayed how long I am not sure they didn't receive the bug out orders I sent and are currently pinned down in the Temple, Your unit is much to small to be effective against the ground forces to even be a distraction. I will be making back-up arrangements as fast as I can, but your orders are to just hunker down and keep your eyes open, if for any reasons you must move contact me first." ~He said as he could hear the toll of the stress in his voice, "Aye, Sir We will hunker down and report to you if we move or see anything we feel you should know about, and did you order the planetary bomardment That just began?" he asked as Distant Thunder could be heard over the Comm, "I didn't order that but I belive the Palace units are still alive and trying to get out and to your location. If that is all Imperial High Command out." He cut the link and then scrolled over to the Space Battle which he could Tell was almost over, The ships and their crews about to be massacred because they was no avenue of escape left.

    He had an Idea but he would need approval. Scrolling thru he dialed back the contact that was the Empress....He triplecated the security and signed it with a an Extreme Military Piority call. "My Lady, the Palace in Coronet is being overran, ground forces have been mostly decimated as the commander on the ground either refused my order to pull out or didn't receive my message. They are probably about to breakout into some kind of escape because someone on the ground has requested and it was fullfilled to bombard the city from orbit, which has deteriorated the remains of the fleet are trapped, and about to be massacred. I have a Plan but it would need to be authorized by you personally. My thoughts are land/crashland the fleet on the surface and have crews escape and go to ground and meet up with other survivors on the ground, they are units of the Defensive orbital batteries until a time we can get a rescue mission sent." ~after he started the call did he realize in the time he had spent over the display watching the battle his hair was ruffled and his uniform was beyond wrinkled,.

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  17. Admiral Volshe

    Admiral Volshe Force Ghost star 10

    Sep 2, 2012
    IC: Nairę Vastila
    Space above Corellia

    As the violent explosion destroyed his ship, Nairę glanced up with her eyes deep abysses into her uncontrollable anger. Rage overtook every fibre in her body. She did not like being deceived; those who would even think of it near her would be subject to horrific fate. James already had been, though she wished she had had the power to lengthen his pain. The golden orange burst now lost among the stars, the skeletal remains of what had been his ship floated lifelessly in the blackness. The holocron was gone with him, Nairę realised. Ire gripped her. She turned to embrace it; felt it pulse through her and feed every cell with raw power. He couldn't pay, so much as she wanted to make him. The rest of the galaxy would have to take his place.

    As the Force drove through her she stopped pacing and stood still upon the bridge of the modified Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer. Her cloak turned her into a shadow, one the crew behind her only dare to glance at. She fixated her eyes upon the space in front of them; the ship was positioned at a vantage point high above the battle. Vibrant bolts of gas shot across the vacuum between the capital ships below. The Vong ships had closed most of the distance and now floated in a tight offensive line. They were mismatched - the fleet seeming to be nonchalantly chosen from throughout history - but it hadn’t done anything to take away from their strength. Fighters snaked between them and pummelled the now shieldless ships of the New Galactic Empire. Lambent tufts of flame leaped up before dying out into deep black scars along the hulls. These were near effortless to destroy, the Vong ships had already taken down some of the Dreadnoughts, among the numerous Star Destroyers and a single Hapan Battle Dragon. The debris remained floating in the vacuum as if it were a warning to those remaining. A few of the Imperial ships were still relatively unscathed; most were guarding the atmosphere directly above Coronet City. But that was about to change.

    Nairę simply raised her hand. A Duros to her side, dressed in a poor imitation of Yuuzhan Vong armor, nodded and spoke in a code language to the crew. She counted the slow seconds in her head, watching the Vong fighters fire cease and the explosions suddenly die out. The Empire fighters took the chance to swing into formation, heading for the underbellies and bridges of the ships. Their attempt was short lived as a group 40 strong of Vong fighters, only a minuscule insignia defining them from the NGE, swooped into the fray and began to once again fire upon the weakened ships. Ships among the squadrons of TIE interceptors and fighters burst into vibrant flame as the Vong caught them off guard. As they struggled to reform, peeling back and spinning to attack the enemy fighters, the Vong headed for an already weakened Interdictor. Without shields it quickly fell victim to the sudden volley of shots, the bridge crumpling inwards and crushing the upper levels. They quickly moved to the next target, weaving in and out of debris and laser fire before succeeding in taking out its communications and shields in mere minutes.

    Her eyes flickered with amusement as the Imperial fighters regained their formations to only be greeted with a now emaciated group of Destroyers. Carbon scoring tarnished the once perfect greys and twisted metal jutted from the now destroyed ship systems. She took a step forward and this time spoke to the Duros.

    "Send word to Vader," she snarled, startling him -though she had only touched on the deep vortex of emotions within her. "Tell him to proceed with our second plan immediately."

    The Duros bowed deeply and headed for the small comm console. The second plan was ingenious, something Vader himself had suggested. She laughed, restricting it to a breathy cackle. Once they had used it to cripple them further the Empire's forces would be forced to surrender or be obliterated.

    Her mind flashed back to the holocron. She needed to find it somehow. James being her only informant - and now among the debris - meant she had no point to begin her search. The surge of darkness came again at the thought of his betrayal. She grit her teeth and paced forward. The most obvious place would be with the Empress. Her and the Sage Sistros both knew of its potential, the treasure it promised to the Febrayasi or Vasalian who opened it. The triplets and the potential to awaken her mortal enemy... or to destroy the galaxy before it could react.

    As her mind wandered a light pull began at the edge of her mind. A dark grey spot skirting along the edges of her aura, trying to avoid being dragged to its centre.

    A sing song version of her voice rang in her head."So you'd like to understand me then?"

    It both intrigued and entertained her. Of course whomever it was underestimated her power, but she was willing to play along. It might serve her later on; to alter their perspectives.

    She let it dip in and out of her mind, waiting for it to delve deeper. It did. Within the blink of an eye she began to pull the energy toward her own; then sending her emotions toward it in an attempt to overwhelm it. A Sith, she could tell. She continued to drag it down, deep into the churning core of anger and resentment. Random and disturbing images flitted across her mind and she shot them towards the other's mind, distracting it from her iron grip. Deeper she pulled it; loosening the other mind's grip on reality.

    It began to fight her as her mind pulled it too close. She slowly eased off her attack, letting it believe it had won, until it finally slipped out into the far reaches of space.

    The footfalls of the Duros returned, his nictitating membrane flicking nervously over his vermilion eyes.

    Nairę snapped her head to the side. "Yes?"

    "I have given him the message, my lady," he said quickly before bowing again. His eyes returned to hers, the pupils widening slightly.

    She sighed angrily at his nervousness and fear, wanting him to just speak and quickly give her the information. After months of serving on the bridge, many of them still obviously feared her. "What else?"

    "Our land assault is successful," he stumbled over the sentences. "The ships attempted an orbital attack, but only minor casualties occurred. They are nearing the courtyard outside the Corellian palace, the Empress is still inside."

    Nairę's fingers curled instinctively with the news; her eyes fulgid with malevolence once again. "Tell them to wait. I'll be on planet within 20 minutes. Prepare a shuttle. Instruct Vader to command the rest of the battle."

    Her words shocked him. It showed quite blatantly on his face. If this showed the potential to be the fall of the Empire, she would not remain in a ship. The taste of victory would be much sweeter face to face. No fear seeped into her mind, Nairę knew that she would win. Her power was more than that of anyone who could possibly be in that room. She grasped a multi channel holo recorder and slipped it into her pocket before turning away from the wide open bridge and the battle beyond it. She would set it up during the confrontation and slice into the news broadcast, forcing the galaxy to realise the harsh truth about the Empire and its allies: how pitifully weak they were. She couldn't help but let her usual grin spread across her lips as she walked down the dim corridors. They had no chance. The triplets were lost to history, hidden in some far corner of the galaxy. The last slim window of time the Empire had was closing and she would be there with her sabre in hand to seal it.

    Her shuttle was ready when she stepped into the small private hangar. She covered the distance quickly with long strides, dipping into the Force lightly to propel herself forward. As the shuttle took off, she settled into a meditative trance and made an attempt to harness her energy for the imminent attack.

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  18. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Commander Kalvic "Kal" Dallin
    Corellia Space, Evacuation Lane

    As soon as Kal got confirmation from the Hapan forces, he didn't waste any time. With his fighters having been split as requested, he uploaded the coordinates of the small Hapan force to the refugee vessels and Tyrena Spaceport in case it had yet more transports that could make it in the next couple of minutes. He also sent the coordinates to whatever Imperial vessel remained, broadcasting along the Imperial battlenet with a simple message: that a minor gap was open for any and all loyal soldiers of the Empire who would wish to continue to fight another day.

    He didn't expect many to respond. Not just because, with the Vong tightening the noose, that their warships would be trapped but he doubted that there would be many who would wish to abandon the Empress if she was within Coronet.

    Kal felt that desire as well; to do all he could to defend and allow the leader of the New Galactic Empire to escape and lead them to a future victory that would repay the Vong in full to what they not only did to Corellia but Hapes and Muunilist as well. But a look at the line of refugee ships and his depleted fighter wing convinced him otherwise. The valiant soldiers and pilots of the Empire were not only loyal and dedicated to their Empress, but to the people as well.

    Besides, he had already tried once and it cost the lives of a number of Imperial citizens and naval personnel. The only way he could atone for that failure was to make sure that these few made it. To show that, no matter what, the Empire looked after its own and that the survivors would hold this lesson close to their hearts and become that much more united in their cause.

    Naive? Perhaps. But it was hope and even the smallest bit of it was what could keep a man going.

    With one of the damaged Ardent-class frigates leading the convoy, Kal's flight of Predators escorted the head of the pack as they made their way to the Hapan force. He did, for a brief moment, wonder if this was another trick by the Vong, another disguise that would unveil itself when the Battle Dragons opened fire on the approaching Imperial forces and their refugees. Kal tossed that fear to the wind though. Considering the Vong's ferocity now that victory was achieved, the Battle Dragons would've been charging straight into battle at this very moment. Besides, they had been calling for Imperial forces to retreat on their position for a while now.

    Kal only let himself feel completely at ease once the first frigate passed the grouping of Battle Dragons and jumped into hyperspace. Following in its wake, the refugee ships did the same.

    He could jump as well. All TIE-related starfighters now possessed hyperdrives which no longer restricted them to needing a capital ship to ferry them. But he didn't. Pulling his Predator up in a loop, he turned it around to face Corellia.

    It had gotten worse during his flight to the Battle Dragons. Around the planet, around the fleet, the Vong were circling, tightening their hold. There would be no escape for anyone except for the small trail of refugee ships which now ended, the second frigate and its own fighter escort protecting the rear. Any Imperial ships or forces that wanted and could join them did. For the rest...only luck was with them now.

    "Keep up patrols around the refugee ships and the Hapan Battle Dragons," Kal transmitted to his fighters. "Once the last ship jumps, we'll follow suit."

    Again that urge. The one that denied that the fight was done, that they could go back and do one more assault. To make sure that the Vong's capture of Corellia would demand a high price of blood and bodies. But he dampened it yet again. It was too late now. By the time they flew back, the Vong would probably have secured their blockade and any attack against it would be suicidal. They could fight, and fight bravely, but they would die very quickly.

    Letting out a long breath, Kal brought his fighter around, passing close to one of the Battle Dragons as his flight fell into their patrol, watching as the Vong blockaded the world they were supposed to have defended.

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  19. Admiral Volshe

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    Sep 2, 2012
    IC: Empress Emiliana Volshe
    Space surrounding Sarapin.

    Right before the holo of Sinreb faded into view, the Empress received yet another priority message. This time it was directed from Jalin Miloree. She opened the comm line to await his response. She also took another glance at the reports filling the datapad screen, switching it from the seemingly endless text to a map of the battle. Their previously numerous ships were outlined with a faint blue glow, and now were cornered above the planet. The red of the Vong ships had multiplied like deadly viruses, near a hundred of them now surrounding the Imperial ships and removing all hope for a victory.

    The sinking feeling of loss broke through her concentration, intense anger rising up at both herself and those involved in the battle. She seethed at the thought of the catastrophic failure. For the amount of ships, ground forces, and resources the Empire had, a loss was unthinkable. The Vong had clinched their victory from such warped odds. The Empress' thoughts struggled to find the hole in their plan, to place the blame on some easily fixable problem. Each minuscule detail seemed to deal the fatal blow and did nothing for her temper. Closing her eyes and taking heavy breaths, she carefully tapped into the trapped emotions and used them to push her mind into a state of clarity and determination. There was no point in finding the Empire's flaws now; there was still time and ships left in the conflict.

    There wouldn’t be time or the resources for a regroup in system; they would have to either attack now or retreat. She would need to convince them that she was safe if they were to follow her orders. Their loyalty prevented them from standing by if she would happen to be in danger. The Empress hoped that Tur-Mukan had gotten the refugee ships safely out of system; it would certainly make their next move much easier.

    The ethereal glow of the holo drew her attention away from the ‘pad. The Emperor Sinreb now stood before her on the table, the miniaturised version of him not losing any of his former regality.

    "Empress, how can I assist in these dark times?" he asked; his expression somehow managing to be warm even through the projectors icy blue.

    She bowed her head slightly at the projection and pondered his question for a moment. The most important issue was Corellia; both the battle and her own imminent reappearance. Hopefully Sinreb had collected more information than she had been sent. Planning around Naire’s next move would require every piece of information they had. Her surprise attacks had already proved to be more than any one of the parties could handle.

    A sudden realisation came with this thought. Her fleet of ships was enormous, new classes among the Corellian attack.
    Where would she have gotten new Imperial ships?

    The Empress sighed lightly and focussed back on the holo. “I have two things to ask of you,” she began, “I already must announce that I am not on Corellia. Naire will soon discover this, no matter how long we delay the impending loss and blockade. This brings me to the key decision that must be made. Do you believe it wise to issue a retreat order and risk our current location, or to stall the retreat and give us a cushion of time to plan and prepare?"

    She paused as usual, giving the words time to settle. “Another plan is welcome, if you have one. I also would like to request you find records on Empire aligned shipyards, as you know they have recently built ships which are exclusively Imperial classes. I trust you to find the most promising records more quickly than any one here.”

    It may have seemed an odd request, when she had such an extremely wise and experienced advisor at her disposal. But time was of the essence, and in the chaotic aftermath of the battle she wanted to ensure the Vong could not restore their fleets. With the information and successfully foiling the Vong’s attempt to gain ships the next battle’s result might be more favourable. The Empress certainly didn’t want another devastating loss - not only because of the effect on the galaxy - but also her fear of failure.

    She nodded again to the glowing image, and sent another small echo in the Force to signify she had finished speaking. In the seconds between his replies she split her consciousness, allowing a part of her mind to wander and explore the nearby corridors for any sign of the others. With only the enticing hum of her stifled fear and ire greeting her, she turned her attention to finding Shira and requesting an update.

    As she sent the message she reverted some of her focus back to the holo; still reaching out with the Force to detect any visitors.
    Her head turned to full focus as the small cobalt figure of Sinreb quivered then began to speak.

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  20. JM_1977

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    May 23, 2011
    IC: Jalin Mioree
    Space around Sarapin

    Jalin had just gotten off the comm with the Empress. What she had told him was a valid point. The forces at Corellia were a lost a cause. There was no point in sending in more troops into a battle that was already lost. The NGE fleet may have lost the battle, but Jalin had a plan that could possibly swing the recent events in the Empires favor. He walked back over to the console and pulled up Senator Shakal who was still online waiting for his response. "With all due respect Senator I have just talked to the Empress herself and the two of us came to a mutual agreement. Sending more ships and units into the Corellia Battle Zone would just be futile and unnecessary. I recommend you pull your fleet out as well, for your sake."

    He tried his best not to sound rude or stuck up with his response. "I have a plan though to make sure the loses at Corellia weren't in vain, and if you are interested in participating send someone to rendezvous with me at my main fleet just outside the Mygeeto system within 3 days time. There we will discuss things further. Admiral Mioree out." He pressed a button disconnecting from the conversation. Then he pressed another button bringing up another Chiss figure up on the hologram. "Lieutenant Grecco, prepare my shuttle for takeoff within the half hour. Prepare the navicomputer to set a course for the shipyards at Kuat, then to my fleet at Mygeeto. Its time to execute Operation THUNDERSTRIKE."

    Mioree had created this plan only for dire situations, and what had happened at Corellia Jalin Considered this to be a dire situation. He just hoped this wasn't going to backfire on him and cause more damage then what had already happened.

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  21. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    GM approved post!
    IC: Admiral Naren Omatta
    Space over Corellia

    Only a handful of cruisers and their escorts were left. At one point a pair of bodies had bounced off the transparisteel viewports. He had forced himself to watch. The Bombardment of Coronet had not been as successful as he would have preferred. The Vong had pulled back on someone's orders and thus only a few fell to the strike. He turned his gaze back to the battle holo. It was bleak. Unless something change, and now, they were all dead. Sure, they had inflicted more than they lost, and a swathes of the Vong fleet were damaged, disabled, or destroyed. For every one of her Imperial Majesty's vessels destroyed, the navy had taken vengeance several times over. But in the end that only made up a third of their force that he could see. And it was nowhere near enough. The Implacable had lived up to it's name, being the only vessel left in the fleet with all shields online. True enough, the bow shields were down to quarter strength, the starboard at fifty percent, the port at sixty, and the rear at seventy-five. One of the reasons was also that the Vong fleet were focusing on the smaller ships around her. More and more they were being bled to death. If this was to be his end though, he aimed to bring down an entire chunk of the Vong fleet by himself. He could certainly do it at cost of hastening his own destruction. Perhaps he should...

    "Sir, report from Web Weaver, alterations successful." Were there to have been some sort of music playing right now, he assumed it would have included some form of heavy percussion or chanting. He enjoyed them as one of his many selections among music. "Attention, all ships, port heading, flank speed! Web Weaver, form up behind Implacable, the rest around Web Weaver!" Of the two arms that had encircled the fleet to both destroy it and reach the planet, the one off to port was the less numerous, if only slightly. He spoke again, this time just to his crew "Redirect all aft shield power to the bow." As the new sources of incoming fire grew larger in the viewport he grinned with pride, something he admittedly had a lot of, as the shields, at least that of the bow's, glowed under fire, once more, for a moment at least, back to full strength. One of the ships, a should-be-in-the-junkyard Imperial class vessel was much closer than the others by far, and was unleashing it's broadside on Implacable, if only because it was shielding the rest of the imperial vessels from the oncoming fire. It was an almost always fact, definite in imperial designed ship, that a vessels broadside had many times more guns than those in its forward batteries. Still, the broadside of the single destroyer, hopelessly out of date with whatever the extreme range shots from the other ships managed to it, was nothing but a few gnats pecking at his shields.

    'You're out of your league boy.' Naren thought, all it was doing was delaying them. "Temporarily relay all shield power to the forward shields." The Implacable already moving at flank speed, merely stayed the course. By the time whoever was captaining the obsolete ship caught on, it was by far to late. "All hands, brace for impact!" He could have sworn he caught an ensign grinning like a madman as he too braced for what most of them had guessed was coming. The Implacable's shields met their obsolete counterpart. The counterpart shattered. His shields met the by modern standards rather weak armor. The armor buckled and broke. His shields met undefended hull, and the Implacable obliterated what was left of the ship in front of it. The cost? The total percentage he had left to distribute amongst his shields had gone from two hundred and ten percent to to a mere hundred, only enough to give all angles quarter strength. He maintained their focus for now as they closed to short range with the ships in this arm of the Vong fleet, midway between Corellia and where their attack was originating and thus the bulk of their fleet.

    "Direct all remaining shield energy to the port shields, and bring the side around. Have Web Weaver pass underneath, after a thirty second count." An impossible to suppress fury lit his eyes. The broadside of an Imperial class vessel was that of a few dozen anti-ship turbolasers and ion cannons organized into a few batteries per side. Truly impressive and destructive back in the day. In terms of numbers most modern vessels its size held only a few more guns in said arc than it did, though they were up to date. The Bellator II class Star Dreadnought that the Implacable was boasted thousands of guns in hundreds of batteries along either of its broadsides, all the absolute latest in imperial weapons technology, previously blocked by allies on either side. 'Revenge, as they say, is hell' "It's time for a bit of payback." He spoke, breaking bridge decorum. "OPEN FIRE!" Naren had a strong feeling that he wasn't the only one taking enjoyment in the sight of dozens of the older or obsolete, and even a few modern, of the damn enemy's ships buckle, break, or outright shatter under the Implacable's finally fully unleashed broadside.

    "Bring us about! Shield Power to the bow!" He ordered, with the ship soon orienting itself to the port of the much smaller Web Weaver as what remained of the fleet formed up behind. The Implacable used its tractor beams to knock away any debris that might threaten the interdictor it was escorting. As they reached where the section of this arm of the Vong fleet had been broken, the Star Dreadnought's port batteries opened up, beginning to rip the Vong ships closer to the planet to shreds, at least those unlucky few of them closest to the ship. Web Weaver began to take heavy fire from the ships on the spaceward side of the Vong arm, as more ships from their main force closed to firing range. "Web Weaver, execute maneuver code name Rogriss, starboard arc." There was a moment, a seemingly prolonged moment, where nothing happened. Then in one massive cascade the interdictor unleashed a massive gravity wave heading into the oncoming ships. The Rogriss maneuver essentially rewired and reversed an interdictor's ability to generate gravity wells similar to planet's into a massive push, likened to hundreds, possibly thousands as it had never been tested under recorded conditions, long range tractor beams set on push rather than pull. Vong ships were tossed about, some colliding as chaos reigned.

    The remaining imperial fleet swarmed around and past the Implacable, almost free of the gravity well of Corellia, as their fighters, whatever was left, returned to the hangars, home ship not mattering in the rush to make it out. The Star Dreadnought on the other hand slowed down, unleashing broadsides on any ship that tried to interfere, those few close enough to fire not tossed and shoved about by the gravity wave. "Attention all ships, make for the following coordinates when you clear the gravity well." The location was one in the middle of deep space between systems, hopefully it would give them time to get their bearings and a full list of damages and casualties. One by one, ships vanished from view, disappearing into hyperspace. When all but Implacable had departed, the ship finally followed suit, and the stars streaked into lines before vanishing in the swirl of faster than light travel.

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  22. Chewbacca89

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    Oct 25, 2012
    Above Corellia

    The New Galactic Empire and the Neutralists fled Corellia for safety. They had lost the battle against the Vong Empire. They had lost it the moment Naire had chosen to attack them. And now they were devastated and in disarray. The Vong Empire now controlled the sector and had effectively blockaded the planet. They prepared to raze any resistance found on the surface and to take Coronet City within the hour.

    The Vong planned to skip from planet to planet, leaving a path of ruins and destruction in their wake. What was the point of conquering a world and then trying to keep its citizens in line? No. They would simply come, eradicate, and vacate. In this manner they would instill terror in their foe. The citizens of the galaxy would not fear occupation, but an untimely demise. Thus their mere presence in a system would cause the people to bow to their will.

    After destroying the surface of Corellia and killing anyone of authority or importance, the Vong Empire would regroup and prepare for the next stop: Sacorria. It was one step closer to the core and would provide another challenge for the hatchling Vong Empire. They would no doubt be cocky after their multiple victories on Hapes, Muunilinst, and now Corellia. Those attacks had all been to grab the galaxy’s attention. Now the real war would start.

    Obviously after Sacorria, they would keep skipping inward towards their endgame: Coruscant. Naire would divulge little details about her plans there. Rumors were running rampant that she intended a mass execution of every politician, dignitary, or otherwise important person. This blow would cripple the galaxy and bring down the house of cards.

    On other fronts Naire was currently attempting to assassinate both the Empress of the NGE and the Supreme Allied Commander of the Alliance. It was vital to cut off the head of her adversaries. Then the rest of them would become nothing more than frantic, desperate group of cowards. Her assassian tailing the Empress had lost her, albeit momentarily. Meanwhile another assassin was in wait on Coruscant for the Allied Commander.

    The Vong also decided it was time to plan an attack against Byss. It was there, after all, that an ancient weapon lay. One that would swiftly change the tide of the war. And the galaxy. And last, there was the holocron. Thought to be destroyed with James Macedon, but if recovered, held the key to destroying Naire…

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  23. Chewbacca89

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    Oct 25, 2012
    IC: Alexis Mortis
    Aboard The Flyby Night

    Alexis awoke to the sound of the ship chiming repeatedly. She slowly opened her eyes, groggy and exhausted. She looked for the source of the chiming and realized it was the navicomputer. They had arrived at Coruscant. Alexis slid into the pilots seat and turned the controls back over to manual. While the auto-pilot could easily take them in, she preferred not to leave anything to chance in case something went amiss. There was too much of a risk with the Holocron on board. "Hey! You two! Wake up!" she yelled over her shoulder. Instantly the two troopers came rushing forward and saluted her. "At ease men. We are approaching the planet and I need all eyes and ears alert. No telling if Vizsla even got out message. He never responded. We don't know what kind of welcome is waiting for us."

    As they slowly descended Alexis began to sweat. Just talking to the Allied Commander was nerve-wreaking enough without everything else going on. She was also upset about what had happened to James. There was enough weighing on her mind that she was distracted. Thats why it was one of the Troopers and not her that noticed the heavy guard escorting them to the landing dock by Vizsla's office. When she finally noticed them she shot a puzzled look around the cockpit. The Troopers shrugged and one reached for the comm. "This is the 'Flyby Night.' This is a diplomatic ship and request that the escort pull out." No reply came through the other end. The Trooper repeated the order, this time practically yelling. No response came back. "They are leading us away from Vizsla'a office Miss."

    Alexis narrowed her eyes. "I wonder what is going on. Should we--" KABOOM! The entire ship buckled under the explosion that rocked the hull. "Who fired upon us?!" Alexis screamed. "It appeared to come from a anti-aircraft turret somewhere planetside. If we take one more hit like that we are going down." Alexis frantically tried to get some control on the ship, but to no avail. She wasn't a very skilled pilot. Instead of evading, she decided just to try and land somewhere. She would be better in a ground fight than stuck up here in the air like a giant target. She punched the comm back on again and dialed a memorized frequency. "This is Alexis Mortis to Kad Vizsla. Please respond. We are being attacked and require immediate assistance!"

    Just then, another blast hit the hull and the shields went offline.


    IC: James Macedon​
    Aboard The Flyby Night
    James slowly began to awaken from his coma in the medbay of the Flyby Night. Pain emanated from his head like hell was opening up inside him. He struggled for a minute to sit up then was knocked back down hard as the ship was hit by the blaster fire. He felt another jolt as the shields went offline and he passed back out, away from the pain. ​
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  24. Darth Aiser

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    May 26, 2006
    IC: Jusick Tur-Mukan
    Shuttle Landing on board the Veers 1 of 5 Turbulant Class Star Destroyers used by the Army, Orbit of Centax 1

    Jusick checked as he secured his Combat gear in place and carried his helmet in a Sachel over his shoulder as he strolled down the ramp of the shuttle into the Emergency Hanger below the Command bridge. "He had made a promise and made a plan before leaving Coruscant and uploaded the data to the Veers' Computer. He was on the bridge before he knew it and looked over the crew this wasn't a Naval ran vessel instead it was Soldiers and Former Naval men hired by the Army. "Alright I want 20 shuttles and I want their crews in the ready rooms for this mass briefing. That is all Captain" he told the officer that had appeared at his side. The Captain went and did as he was told as Jusick went to the Confrence room and tied it in with the Ready rooms and Confrence rooms aboard the other 4 vessels.After he got confirms that all shuttle pilots were in on the Briefing he took a swig of water and began the briefing, " Pilots, I am Supreme Command Tur-Mukan, Our Armed forces have lost the Battle of Corellia there are presumed pockets of survivors on the ground, our mission is to rescue them from certain death at the hands of the Vong, Our Primary Goal is to rescue military personal but there are also large numbers of Civilians that are need of rescue we will get what we can of them, You will proceed to Corellia before the Task Force, you will drop out of hyperspace here in the sensor shadow of the planet" He said as he made a section of space glow opposite of Coronet city and Vong Fleets "You will then proceed to fly at low alitude to Coronet City. The fleet will be right behind you so don't linger any longer than you have to. Got It?" he stated as he stood back and recived acknowledgement from the crew of the 20 shuttles.

    He stood on the bridge having finished the breifing and even made an adjustment for himself, He would travel to the surface aboard a shuttle to pick up the "Empress" and the group he had sent to the a gathering point in the Northern Hills. This was going to be a quick mission. He looked out the Main view screen over the Bow of the Veers and saw the 20 Shuttles that had gather at the jump point. He picked up his Headset comm unit and put it on, "Corellian Strike Force, Good Luck and Bring our troops home, See you soon. Imperial High Command out." with that he saw the shuttles jump into Hyperspace. He then glanced out the viewport at the other 4 Turbulant class Star Destroyers. The fleet compromised of the Veers, Intruder, Bantha Hauler, and Triumph. He looked at the Timer on the board and waited for the 17 minute mark that would give them roughly 10-15 minutes to stop and load. The ships had manuevered for the jump and every captain had been briefed in on the maneuver he was going to pull. As 16 minutes scolled he issued the order, " Rescue Fleet, Jump" And the ship lurched as it and the other 4 jumped to Corellia. He fastened his helmet and walked to the Emergency Hanger Bay and boarded his own assualt shuttle and personally briefed the pilot on where his 2 LZs were, the palace, and Alpha spot in the Northern hills.

    Corellian System, Strike Force,

    20 Imperial Assualt shuttles crashed out of hyperspace behind the planet right where they needed to be and descended thru the atmosphere and got as low as they dared and remained out of sight as long as the could crossing the southern pole with the icy waters and snowcovered land, they sped at full speed, for coronet city flying over the water as to remain as low as possible. They approached the city and noticed blaster fire in areas across the city and proceeded to strafe enemy troops and land quickly to retrive anyone. 2 of the shuttles broke off to go to the government buildings and Cor-Sec Headquarters and get Corellian officials.

    Rescue Fleet 5 TSDs dropped out of hypspace where the shuttles had and proceeded at flank speed into the Atmosphere and leveled off in the stratosphere and flew to Coronet City.
    "Imperial High Command, to Rescue Fleet double shields on the Dorsal side and prepare for Orbital Bomardments on us" Tur-Mukan said as he looked at his counter and nudged his pilot. With the nudge the shuttle droppedout of the Leadship and flew straight toward the palace as the fleet began to take position over the city and began striking enemy ground forces and Laser fire began to pour from orbit. The loaded shuttles undercover of the fleet overheard began pouring back into the ships.

    Tur-Mukan Stood by the door with his Blaster rifle ready if needed as the Assualt shuttle began firing at ground forces in the Courtyard where he noticed his targets VIPS including Lt. in ISB uniform from the palace and on the other side Naire. "Land the Shuttle Behind that group there we need them aboard NOW!" he shouted to his pilot. The Shuttle landed with a thud and he took position in his robes with the Glowing T visor glaring from under his cowl as the Door opened up and the Survivors jumped in breathing heavily and dirty and bloodied. He looked across at Naire as the shuttle lurched up and the door slamed and proceeded to the Northern Hills and picked up the Group there and proceeded back to the Veers which just passed overheard and he was the noted he was the last Shuttle onboard.

    "Imperial High Command Time To GO!" as his shuttle flew in the hanger bay he wasn't sure of his losses as he heard the TurboLasers firing and ship shook under the fire in all less than 30 minutes over coronet not bad. He strolled back to the Bridge. The Captians had already been begun to leave when the 20 shuttles were onboard and Veers had stayed with the Shuttle so their was a Hole in the Flank they burned thru and jumped to safety outside system before the jump to Coruscant and Centax 1.

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    Nov 7, 2012
    IC: Lanna Shakal

    Aboard The Lorellian over Corellia

    Lanna waited for the Grand Admiral to respond she stared into the void of space and watched the refugee ships jump into hyperspace. She gazed at the ships of both the Empire and the Neutrals and wondered what stories of heroism were being written that would never be told. She knew that this day would change the future, and she knew she had her part to play in it, she only hoped that part meant bringing the Vong to their knees.

    Eventually the Grand Admiral reappeared on the comm transmitter and she listened to him speak. "With all due respect Senator I have just talked to the Empress herself and the two of us came to a mutual agreement. Sending more ships and units into the Corellia Battle Zone would just be futile and unnecessary. I recommend you pull your fleet out as well, for your sake." Lanna nodded. Her own captain had suggested pulling out, but she had stubbornly insisted on staying until nothing could be done or until their own damage had been too great. She wasn’t going to waste lives and she was glad the Empire agreed.

    The Grand Admiral continued. "I have a plan though to make sure the loses at Corellia weren't in vain, and if you are interested in participating send someone to rendezvous with me at my main fleet just outside the Mygeeto system within 3 days time. There we will discuss things further. Admiral Mioree out." As he disconnected, Lanna was already planning her next move. “Prepare for a hyperspace jump,” she ordered. “Set course for Mygeeto. Send the rest of the fleet back to Hapes for repairs. I want more ships standing by.”

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