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    Title: Sense and (In) Sensibility
    Author: AnakinsFavorite
    Characters: Anakin, Padmé, Obi-Wan, Sabé, the Jedi, the Naberries, assorted handmaidens, Siri, Bail, and many, many more
    Era/Genre: AU, Humor/Romance
    Summary: This is the sequel to Pride and Prejudice in which our favorite couple went from being bitter enemies to? being married. Padmé and Anakin thought that everything would be perfect after tying the knot, but they soon learn that it isn?t to be so. Per Anakin?s suggestion, they decide to keep their relationship a secret, but will the resulting chaos tear them apart?
    Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter (references to classes, ect), Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, or Star Wars. I am ?borrowing? Wrenga Jixton and created the identities of Miss Talek and Madame DesLauriers.
    Author Note: Seeing as how this is a sequel, it would be best for you to read [link=]Pride and Prejudice[/link] first.

    @};- Chapter One: "Oh Force... We're Married"@};-

    ?Miss me?? a mischievous voice from behind Padmé asked. Before she could even blink, large hands wrapped about her swollen stomach.

    Despite the way that the deep voice caused her heart to flutter, the young woman was feeling rather impish as she turned around. ?You?ve only been gone for a week,? she teased, placing her hands on the lapels of Anakin?s tunic. ?Go away for a little while longer and I might begin to miss you? maybe.?

    Growling, the Jedi laughed and pulled her into his strong arms, burying his handsome face into her endless curls.

    ?Shame on you, Master Skywalker,? Padmé chided mockingly, calling on the title which had been his in the first months of their acquaintance- and one he hated to be called by her. Her seriousness gave way as the young woman slapped lightly at his hands, but she did nothing more to resist his advances. ?How do you know that, as we speak, one of our children isn?t watching their father act in such an disgusting manner??

    Actually horrified at the thought of that, the Jedi turned around to find no mischievous children watching. ?The coast is clear, M?Lady- you are all mine.?

    ?For now.? Still, the stubborn woman couldn?t resist a smile as Anakin gently caressed the place where their new child grew. ?I did miss you,? Padmé admitted softly, her dark eyes looking deep into his before she contentedly rested her head upon his chest.

    ?So?? he whispered into her ear purposefully, ?how long do you think we have??

    Resisting the urge to giggle, the woman acted as if she were deeply considering their situation and replied, ?Well, if Ami is in her room doing her homework like she said she is-?

    ?That is a certainty-?

    ?-and the twins are staying out of mischief-?

    ?More than unlikely-?

    ?Then, five minutes.? Triumphant, she gazed up at him.

    Anakin was silent for one of the five minutes that they had left. ?That?s it?? he finally pouted though both of them knew that any time alone together and, regardless of their actions, was precious.

    ?At times like these, it is a pity that our beautiful children inherited your patience? or, lack thereof.?

    Indeed, the Chosen One was not a patient man- and often, a grumpy one at that. ?My dear, you have forgotten- Ami is of my own flesh and blood and yet is the soul of patience? what is your excuse for the twins?? Conveniently, Anakin turned his face so that she couldn?t see him smirking at her.

    This was just as well- he didn?t see the impish look in her eyes? until it was too late. ?Who says that patience has to always be an admirable virtue??

    For once, they actually agreed on something and chose to celebrate it with a kiss of such love and longing that?

    ?Hee! Mommy and Daddy are kissing!?


    In a Hotel? Somewhere on Coruscant, Early Morning

    Bolting upright in bed, Padmé sat there in the darkness and clutching at her chest for
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    YEAH first post [face_dancing]!!

    Excellent start to what I'm expecting to be an excellent story =D=.

    Oh man I can't wait to see what happens when they get back to the Temple [face_laugh].
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    add me to the pm list please. sorry i didnt ask to be added earlier, i just wanted 2 check this out first. but yeah it's amazing and funny..... Ankakin is [face_laugh] :rolleyes: typical male....

    edit: as i was typing my reply someone came and stole the first reply.... oh well!
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    Woo-hoo! First poster! Great beginning, looking forward to Mondays again. [face_dancing]
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    Great first chapter.

    I have a bad feeling for Padme and Anakin.

    A good feeling for this story!

    Thanks, as always for the PM.
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    Great chapter!
    [face_laugh] Hahaha they're already fighting
    i can't wait for them to get back to the temple
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    a wonderful dream for a perfect future ))
    may I join the PM list, please?
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    AWWWW what a great future that would be,I love all the A/p mushiness,its fantastic!!!!!!Can't wait for more=D= [face_peace]
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    Aww.. too bad it was a dream... but it could be a vision of the future, couldn't it? ;)

    Great to see the first chapter up!
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    Oh this is going to be fun to read I can tell. Keep it up and keep me on the PM list.
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    I know I've said it before but this was a GREAT start! Love the way you kicked it off with bunches and bunches of Anakin/Padme goodness. [face_love] It's just what I needed to make me smile as my three-day weekend is coming to a close.

    *happy sigh* I love these two - and this story - like P&P - has such an air of romance to it. What a perfect combo!

    Can't wait for more! Yay! Congrats on a great start to what promises to be an excellent sequel!
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    great post!!!!!!

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    At first I wasn't sure if I'd like the Sense and Sensibility sequel, but now I'm certain that I will. Please add me to the PM list. I really liked the breakfast had a touch of silliness to it (ex. month vs. week) that stuck with me.
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    whew! I finally read Pride and Prejudice and absolutely loved it! You did a really great job merging both star wars and pride and prejudice together, while adding your own twist to it too! =D=

    I look forward to reading the sequel. [face_dancing]
    May I be added to the pm list please?
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    [face_laugh] great start!![face_laugh] whose weddings plans?? Obi's??
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    That was awesome!=D= I can't wait for the next update. Could you please add me to the pm list? Please update soon
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    barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen - just like she always wanted! [face_laugh] I really liked the wedding night scene that you threw in there. Although she loves him, Padme was openly nervous - and talking about the dead wife may not have been the wisest comparison, Ani. [face_not_talking]

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    So he's been married before and older than her....interesting [face_thinking]

    Good chapter
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    Loving this already!

    Let the romance and the mischief begin!
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    Love the mush.[face_love] I thought it was cute the way both Anakin and Padme were nervous. By the way how old are they in this story?

    Thanks for the PM. :D
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    Great start! I blew through the first one (sometimes it's nice being sick) and loved it all, and this looks likes it is going to be at least as fun. I especially loved the dream; if only that could be canon!

    Please add me to the PM list. I give you lots of chocolate!
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    Oh, Master. Such hilarity and it's only the fist post!!!

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    Nice beginning! :) Looking forward to more!
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    Great beginning! I lurked through most of P&P, but please please add me to your PM list! I promise I'll be good!
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    Author Replies:

    Happy Friday, Everyone! I hope DRL is treating you all well!

    I?m glad you?re all enjoying the story thus far? it?s going to get crazy! I know that there are times in my own marriage that I run to other people for help saying, ?You have to help me calm down or I?m going to throttle Edward.? The problem with Anakin and Padmé here is that they are going to have the traditional problems married couples face? but they?re going to struggle more so with them because they can?t get outside support/have enough time to solve the problems- hence the chaos.

    randomangel22: Congrats on the first postie, my friend! I always try to guess who will get it first? and you seem to be excelling in that department!

    JediKnight_Padme: *Shrugs* I don?t blame you- sequels are usually not as good as the originals- but I?m going to give this my darndest effort! Consider yourself added!

    ChewieSkywalker: Mondays are good days? Tuesdays are cursed when it comes to posting. I?m about to leave my Tuesday?s open? it seems to jinx my stories!

    Laine_Snowtrekker: Hee! We?re already getting bad vibes here!

    Lady_JediSkywalker: Ah, yes? the Temple is going to be where all the fun is!

    Mirik: It will wind up being more like a nightmare. You?re added!

    naadi: And you all probably thought I couldn?t write mush! HAH!

    jumpforjoy: It could be a dream? or a nightmare!

    WANNA-BE-JEDI-KNIGHT: Don?t worry- you won?t be removed from my list unless you ask? or fill my max of unopened PM?s!

    VA_Parky: Thank you for looking this over for me- it meant a lot! You know how nervous I was? Is it me or is fighting A/P much more interesting than when they?re not? I suppose it?s the conflict?

    TahiriVeilaSolo69: Thank you! Don?t worry- you won?t be removed except for the reasons I mentioned in Wanna?s reply!

    rb657062: To be brutally honest, I wasn?t sure if I was going to like the sequel either? that?s why I was hesitant about committing to it, but once I had it plotted out- I really like where this is going. It might even be better than the original? Thank you for your vote of confidence, though!

    Oh, thank you! I?m glad you enjoyed that insanity? and didn?t mind the way I was tearing it up reediting it and such! It?s amazing how much I didn?t notice when posting *hangs head in shame* Ah well, it?s all beautiful now! Of course I?ll add you to my list!

    michaellover: Yes? their wedding is going to be chaos, thanks to our favorite couple!

    CallistaSkywalker85: Thank you! You?re definitely added!

    Jaded_Rose: Yeah, we all *know* that was her life?s ambition right there! I threw in the wedding night part on a whim? it really wouldn?t fit anywhere else?

    ROTSFan: Yes, in P & P, it was revealed that Anakin had been married to Saché? and that he?d had a child with her in secret.

    HandmaidenVeme: They are seriously going to need therapy after this one? or restraining orders!

    Anakins_Queen: Padmé is eighteen? and Anakin is twenty-three.

    Onoto: Gotcha. I know? being sick and bored can make you do things you?d normally never do- ie, have the attention span to sit there and read a story you?d normally be like ?Ack! There?s a thousand posts!? *Snatches chocolate* Ooh! Bribery! You?re added!

    queenberuthiel: I?m glad you?re enjoying this? and I hope to see you around a little more often!

    jedi_princess18: Thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy this!

    Jazz_Skywalker: Hee! That?s okay? I?ll add you, my friend!

    PM List: If you wish to be added or removed, just let me know!

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