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Sept.'s meetings

Discussion in 'Killeen, TX' started by Tandeer, Aug 24, 2002.

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  1. Tandeer

    Tandeer Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 7, 2001
    September's meetings will be at the Killeen Community Center, across from Hastings on the corner of Bus. Hwy 190 and W.S. Youngs Blvd. We will meet at 2:00. I'm not sure which room we'll have yet. The dates will be Sept. 14 and 28th.

    If the location should have to chance, I will try my best to get it to you in advance or we will meet there and go someplace else.

    Topic's for discussion will be the Swap/Shop we talked about before and how to get it set up and running.
    We will also be talking about patches and or shirts with out Wraith Squadron Logo on it. *S*
    We will also be talking about how to expand and it's quite possible that by the end of Sept. that our little group could have two spin off groups. One in Temple and one in Copperas Cove. *S* This is wonderful because with each new group we have it makes our case for moving Celebration 3 to Texas stronger and stronger. *S*

    Anyone have anything else they want to talk about, just let me know or put it here on the board. *S*

    If any of you are interested in costuming, the Austin group is having their meeting on the 7th of Sept. and costuming will be the focus.

Thread Status:
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