MN set up a chat room?

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by PepperWindu, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. PepperWindu Jedi Youngling

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    Hi, I am a 41 year old woman. Has anyone ever thought of making a chat room for us Star wars fans? It doesn't even have to be local. I just want to meet more of my own. I feel alone in reality land around here. I would especially like to meet a special man to share my love of SW and all Sci fi. Any one think this is a good idea? And If so how do I set it up.

    Master Jedi Ruthann
    Ps. I thought I could put an icon in here. how do I do that?

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  2. mirax80 Retired Midwest RSA

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    Unfortunatly, we are unable to set up a chat room here on the boards, but you can either try
    the JCC:
    or the New Users:

    Also, our offsight boards: We have a chat set up on there, but we hardly use it anymore.

    The top 2 would be your best bets for talking to people.

    As for icons, what is here is all that is avalible. Unfortunatly we are unable to upload our own.

    And Welcome!
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