Phx setting DPI in Photoshop???

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by DarkSiderSteve, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. DarkSiderSteve Jedi Youngling

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    Im not really sure how to do this...

    I click on Image Size in Photoshop and I am presented with the Width and Height dimensions for the Pixel Demensions and Document size as well as the Resolution setting- which is PPI (pixels per inch). So.. how would I go about setting a document to say 300 DPI? I change the resolution to 300 but thats only PPI. Does anyone know what number I would use in the resolution settings to reach the setting of 300 DPI? Any help would be most appreciated. Any help would most appreciated. Thanks
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    It's a little complex to type everything out but...

    It depends on the starting image size.
    PPI = Pixels Per Inch
    If your image is "borrowed" from online, its usually 1" x 1" @ 72 ppi
    Or something that low

    Increasing just the PPI will make the image have more pixels per inch.

    Its best to increase the PPI to 300 and inlarge the size at the same time.

    If your image still dosent come out right after resizing & want further help, PM me.
    I can point you to some free PhotoShop plug ins & other free programs that help on image resizing.
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