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Star Wars Seven Jedi

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by fistofthedarklord, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC: Let's see if I can get back into this! :D

    Lei'ra La'Orin - Lee
    The Jumpin' Java Tavern, Mos Eisley - 1:13p

    Taking Kat's hand, she and Lee entered the tavern. As they walked in, Lee concentrated, checking on the aura's of the beings she passed,
    making sure that there was no threat. Kat's aura was pretty bright. Lee found herself smiling in spite of things. They soon found a table and took a seat, while waiting for the others.

    Lee expanded her shields, to hide Kat's aura better. "Oh, Im sure the others will catch up with us very soon. But we can at least order something to eat while we wait."
    She quickly waved over a waitress. Sitting down, Lee gave Kat a grin. "Okay kiddo ... what you feel like eating?, while we wait for the others?" she asked. She ordered whatever Kat wanted to eat, and then picked something for herself as well. It was not long before their meals came, and Kat happily dug in. Lee tasted a bit of the meal, but she was busy keeping a watchful eye out. She rubbed her wrists once more.

    A vaguely familiar presence came through the door, as Kat and she ate her meal. She relaxed, but only slightly. What was his name...oh yes, Blud.

    He sidled in moodily, looking around and noticed them. Lee was surprised when he suddenly walked back outside. She took a bite of her food, but didnt say anything. After what felt like a few long moments, he came back inside the tavern, reaching into the parcel he had slung over his back to pull out the doll .. she guessed it was for Kat.

    "Hello ladies," he said cheerful enough. "How is everyone?" He sat down on the other side of Kat, and held out to her the doll. Lee was quite, as Kat noticed the doll, and acted as any small girl would. Her lekku moved slowly, as she looked over the man.

    "You look thirsty." she stated softly, as she waved the waitress over to order him a drink.

    She hoped that whatever came through the door, would be the other people that they were waiting on.

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  2. Darth_Walters

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    Feb 15, 2006
    OOC: I honestly never imagined we would try to revive this. Really cool that we are though, I remember it being a fun RP. However, what I don't remember are the details. If I say something that doesn't make sense to the story forgive me and I'll try to correct it.

    ~Inside Mos Eisley~


    Saxon Threk

    Saxon stood, apart from the crowd, mortified by what had just occurred in front of him. Obviously it had not gone as Blud had planned. He felt the heavy loss of a fellow Jedi's death stir deep inside him. Despite the Jedi's code on emotion, Sax could not help but let it all in, to feel it.

    Blud's voice broke through on Sax's comlink, ?It's time to meet up. I?ll see you at the Jumpin? Jawa.?

    It was all Sax could do to murmur a crisp "Right", as his mind was still reeling. The hulking Jedi had shown such brute force before his demise. It appeared very unjedi like, but Sax felt the acceptance of his death, like a lamb accepting it's slaughter. His actions simply felt right. While Sax could not clearly identify if the fallen Jedi acted on behalf of anger, it certainly reminded him of his past actions on Mustafar. The undying, unjedi like thirst for revenge for those that betrayed the Republic.

    Sax began to make his way towards the Jumpin? Jawa, making sure to avoid eye contact. Blud had taken a lot of time in order to remain under surveillance, and Sax didn't want to ruin it. As he made his way towards the cantina, Sax pondered the motivations of his fellow remaining Jedi. 'All of us are exiles, discarded from the world' He thought. At a time when all seems lost, when fighting seems futile, why keep going? Why follow the Jedi code? Before walking into the Jumpin? Jawa, Sax arrived at a theory. Perhaps the Jedi mind set is changing to better the situation at hand. If acting on emotion helps their wellbeing, and that of others, maybe such actions justified.

    Saxon walked in the dimly lit Cantina and made eye contact with his fellow companions and began to make his way over to their table.

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