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    Great sets: Irek and Tamaia are fun together. In the second set, strangers was heart tugging. =D=

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    Great update and can't wait for more [:D]
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    Tarsier: It's sort of the Rip Van Winkle effect with her, isn't it? Thank you. :)

    Jade_eyes: Thank you, Jade_eyes. [:D]

    JediFalcon: Thank you. :)
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    Week 4 (10.15.07) - UDC 2 - Han and Luke...

    16. Shuttle

    None of them say much in hyperspace, but it's all Han can do to not break the silence and turn around to ask questions of Luke. He'd gotten part of the story from Leia on the way from Tatooine, but... some things just didn't make sense or really add up. And the fuzzy image of Luke doing a trick somersault to land back on the skiff, squarely on his feet to catch a lightsaber, was one of those things that kept running through his mind. Where had he learned to do something like that successfully? Had he really missed that much in the time he'd been in the carbonite?

    17. Fighter

    He watched the teenager in the flightsuit climb into the cockpit of the fighter from across the hangar. There was a purpose to his actions. Determination. Glancing down at the metal case in his hands, Han paused. He'd had that kind of determination once... on the other side of this conflict. Was that why he was so hesitant to join in for these people, now? Because he knew what they were flying into?

    A rumbled question from his copilot and he had to nod in agreement. "We'll see..."

    Chewie simply grinned knowingly and helped him load the last of the cases.

    18. Freighter

    He'd called it a piece of junk, once. Dismissed it at first glance and spoke his mind without a second thought. Now, as he watches it rise from underneath, he can only think of the reply he'd gotten from Han when he said it. "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, Kid."

    Letting go of the weather vane and dropping to relative safety, Luke finds that he totally, whole-heartedly, agrees with that assessment. The ship was a sight for sore eyes.

    19. Capital Ship

    "What kind of cards are these?" Han asked after a moment of looking over Luke's shoulder. They all had pictograms of ships on them, instead of the numbers and symbols he would have expected.

    Luke glanced up at him. "Hmm? Oh. Flashcards to identify which ship is what from one's cockpit. Wedge gave 'em to me."

    Han gestured for the deck of flashcards and thumbed through them for a few moments. Finally, he handed the deck back to Luke. "That's a capital ship. Like a Star Destroyer, only bigger."

    Luke looked at the pictogram with interest. "How much bigger?"

    Han's response spoke volumes. "Big."

    20. Space Station

    He'd had no time to sit down and absorb anything before the ceremony. No time to adjust to what had happened to his home or his family. No time. And now, as he sat in the comissary staring at his food tray, he could only think of the station his torpedoes had blown up. His, and no one elses. Because he'd listened to a familiar voice and trusted. Should he have trusted...? A hand landed on his shoulder, startling him, and he turned to find Han looking down at him, concerned. "Hi."

    "Going to eat that, or stare at it?"

    Luke blinked, surprised at the question. "Eat it. Eventually."

    "Glad to hear it, Kid."
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    Liking these, Daena - especially # 20. I've often thought that there had to be a lot going on in Luke's head after ANH, and IIRC, I don't think we've seen much of a response to that IU ... [face_thinking]
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    Great moments showing a growing respect and friendship & more than literal use of the prompts =D=
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    Those were very insightful moments. :)
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    =D= Loved these especially focusing on Han and Luke's friendship. :) You write them both so well. @};- Excellent job!
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    Very nice! Love seeing Han and Luke like this. :)
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    Loved this set :) can't wait for more.

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    Onderon1: No, I don?t think we have, either? Thank you, Onderon. :)

    Jade_eyes: Thank you! [:D]

    Hazel: Thank you, Hazel. :)

    dancing_star: Thank you, Star. :)

    Tarsier: Thank you. :)

    JediFalcon: Thank you. :) More? tonight!
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    Week 4 - 9/22/08 ? prompts provided by KELIA (UDC 3)

    16. Bantha

    The wind of the desert was barely an afterthought as the man sat atop the beast of burden and fought the urge to yawn from exertion. It was one thing to use the Force to make an illusion and have people believe you to be someone else temporarily, but entirely another to do it for a couple days straight.

    Why were they getting to Jabba?s palace this way, again? It made no sense to his tired mind. None at all.

    17. Dewback

    Han glanced at the animal as he stepped out into the bright afternoon sunlight outside the cantina in Mos Eisley. For a moment, just one, he wondered what it?d be like to live here on this dry, arid, somewhat forsaken planet full time. To deal with creatures like that one that seemed to have a mind of it?s own. Was it simpler than potentially flying through blockades?

    Then he shook his head and continued walking. He had a charter to ferry somewhere else, and a Hutt to pay back for that dropped shipment that wasn?t really his fault.

    18. Eopie

    He wasn?t sure what to make of the comment his Master had made before departing again and heading back to Mos Espa on that creature. The boy who had helped them get a hyperdrive to replace the broken one? What was so special about the boy?

    Shrugging, Obi-Wan got to work installing the new drive and tried to clear his mind of questions. It didn?t quite work and a nagging worry kept him distracted for an hour or two?

    19. Tauntaun

    Major Derlin sighed as he waited for the report from the medical droid on the Taun Taun, and wondered how it could have died so suddenly and what could have caused the wounds. The beasts simply did not just die like this. Not at all.

    Then the deck officer ran up to him, speaking almost too fast to be understood the first time and the Major had no more time to wonder about such things. He had a young man to locate.

    20. Wampa

    If droids had had subroutines for sighing, 21-B would have been doing exactly that. Repeatedly. Did they really need someone to tell them that this Tauntaun hadn?t died on it?s own? Really? It just boggled the mind at times?

    The droid did not look up as voices rose around it, it?s focus on the task at hand: determining the case of death. The fairly obvious cause of death: claw marks and blood loss from something huge. It would leave the determining of that something huge to someone else.
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    fine use of the prompts and a great spectrum of scenes/characters
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    great set of updates. More soon:)
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    Hey there! You're still churning out these drabbles like nobody's business! I have no idea how you can keep coming up with so many fresh ideas. Awesome job!!

    I have to say that I loved Week 4 with Han and Luke. It's just so true to their characters that I can practically hear them saying the lines.

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    Jade_eyes: Thank you, Jade_eyes. :)

    JediFalcon: I can totally do that? Thank you. :)

    ginchy: Have been working on Luke & Han characterization together, so that?s wonderful to hear. Thank you, ginchy. :)

    Week Four ? 08/15/11 ? prompts provided by NYCitygurl


    They twirled and moved across the open floor space of his quarters long into the morning hours, neither wanting the evening to end. The music had changed many times, but they?d stopped paying attention to it. Fast or slow, it was still music, and it was the first and last day of the year.

    Making it through another year was worth celebrating.


    Her feet ached as she stood on them and surveyed the activity on the bridge, knowing that if either of them had been absent, something would have been amiss. When he glanced her way, she allowed the faintest of smiles to cross her lips, and his eyes lit up. Then he looked away.

    Watching him, she wondered if perhaps it would have been worth it to have made everybody wonder at their combined absence. Life was, after all, for living, was it not?


    It was one of the few times in recent memory that she?d let herself relax anywhere, and the sun felt warm on her skin as she raised her head to look over at him. At his shirtless form as he laid on a beach chair. ?This is nice.?

    ?Mmm?? was his only response.

    Which was just as well? she didn?t really want to talk, either. Just wanted to watch him lay there, soaking in the sun.


    ?We can?t tell anyone about this,? he murmured as they strolled along the beach that night under a single moon. ?Not at all.?

    ?Oh, I don?t know,? she teased him as a wave lapped at their feet and then receded again. ?It?s been a nice couple of days.?



    He pulled her close into an embrace. ?This stays between us.?

    ?Just us??


    ?All right?? She kissed his nose and smiled. She knew how much he valued his privacy, even from the crew. ?Just us.?

    They walked along the beach for a while longer in the darkness.


    It was three years before he allowed their relationship to become open knowledge, not that anyone else with eyes hadn?t figured it out long before that. Smiling down at the bundle in her arms, Shada smiled. Mornings in their now-shared quarters just weren?t the same anymore. It was different? new.

    The infant yawned and blinked up at her sleepily, and Shada wondered why they?d tried to keep it a secret in the first place. Their little one looked just like his father.
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    SQUEE! SQUEE! I didn't know who it was at first. What a pleasant surprise. =D= Very nice!


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    Very squee squee. Very nice, more soon
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    You're welcome! Aww, these are so sweet!! (Especially the last.)
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    ...not that anyone else with eyes hadn?t figured it out long before that.
    I didn't think trying to keep it secret was likely to do them much good. :)

    Lovely set.
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    Jade_eyes: Glad it was a nice surprise. Thank you! [:D]

    JediFalcon: You know I?m not gonna say no? Thank you, JediFalcon. :)

    NYCitygurl: It was the last one that was a total surprise. Thank you, Nat! [:D]

    Tarsier: With the amount of UST flowing between them? Nope! Thank you, Tarsier. :)

    Week 4 - 4/27/09 - prompts provided by Jade_eyes (UDC 4) ? started out as an AU for Dolph...

    16. Gaze

    He stood stock still on the street leading to the Jehar palace, staring at the remains of what had been his parents. He?d been called home to identify them, and now? now he couldn?t so much as speak. Rage was building inside him. Rage at those who had called for slaughter. Rage at the Jehar ruling class.

    A hand on his shoulder did nothing to sway his feelings. ?No.?

    ?You?ve seen,? Kirana Ti told him. ?Come on. Let?s go now.?

    ?I want?? Slowly, he let her pull him away down the street. She didn?t let him finish that thought.

    17. Wink

    Being back at the Praxeum felt strange. As if nothing and everything had changed since he?d tried to leave in the middle of the night and ended up taking the Dathomirian woman along when he couldn?t talk her into staying behind.

    No one, not even Master Skywalker, had asked him what happened. Maybe it was the expression on his face, or maybe? he was running out of maybes. Perhaps it didn?t matter. Nothing, not even training and listening to lectures on the nature of the Force, seemed to matter anymore.

    18. Distance

    It was like a cruel joke that he?d end up in a tavern on this day, of all the days he could have ended up in a tavern on some planet. He stared at the mug for a long, long time, wondering if it mattered that he commiserate this day by himself.

    His attention was drawn away from the mug of Ale when a woman sat at the stool next to him and ordered an Ale as well. Dolph blinked when she downed the mug, paid, and asked for another. ?Are you? all right??

    She downed two more before answering him.

    19. Cold as Ice

    Over several hours, he?d learned a couple things about her. One, her name was Cray. Two, no, she wasn?t looking for companionship of any kind. Three? she was having a month that rivaled his year, and just wanted to get blind drunk for reasons she didn?t want to explain.

    And four? she intrigued him. ?I?m cutting you off.?

    She simply stared at him, almost seeming to dare him to actually do it with her eyes. ?Oh??

    ?Yes. It?s what a friend would do.?

    ?Who says you?re my friend??

    ?Did I say I was yours??

    20. Eternal Flame

    Cray rolled her eyes and looked away from him. ?No. You didn?t say that. Thank you.?


    ?Trying to be nice.?

    A hand on her arm caused her to look at him again. ?So can I walk you to??

    Slowly, swaying a little with the effort, she stood up and nodded. ?All right. Guide me? What?s your name again??


    She leaned into him heavily, and just that suddenly he was supporting most of her weight. ?Let?s go, Doll.?

    ?It?s Dolph,? he corrected her as he led her out the door.

    ?That?s what I said??
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    Interesting use of the prompts with little developed characters =D=

  23. Falcon Chosen One

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    Nice addition and Cray's totally fallen down drunk and it was nice for Dolph to recognize it and help her :)

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    Had fun catching up! [face_dancing] Wonderful as always. :) =D=
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    Jade_eyes: That?s half the fun. Thank you, Jade_eyes. :)

    JediFalcon: I?m still wondering why she went on a bender, there. Thank you, JediFalcon. :)

    dancing_star: Thank you, star! [:D]

    A/N: I?m going to do that last set again, because those two (and those prompts) intrigue me, but first? (I was so very tempted to try the Justice League just once with these. I still might.)

    Week Five (June 14, 2010) ? UDC 5 ? Riana and Solen and?

    21. Super

    ?Catch him!!!!? was the first thing he heard as he came home that night, and closed the door quickly. Catching the flesh-colored missle in his arms, Solen smiled at his son. ?Running away from Mommy, are we?? His son grinned up at him.

    Riana joined them a moment later, slightly out of breath. ?Oh, good. You caught him.?

    ?I thought you were telekinetic??

    She glared daggers at him. ?I?d like to see you try to catch a three year old that also has telekinesis. It?s not as easy as you think it is. And do resist the urge to laugh at me, sweetie. I can send you to the couch tonight.?

    22. Bat

    ?Some days I think you?re part Bat,? her mother?s friend muttered behind her as they entered an alley in the lower levels. ?And really, Riana, shouldn?t you be at home rather than searching building tops with me??

    Riana paused, glanced at her. ?What?s a Bat??

    ?Nocturnal animal that uses echolocation,? she explained succinctly. ?But that?s not the point. Stop evading.?

    Riana chuckled and surveyed the alleyway that was really a bridge between buildings and the roof of another. ?The men in my life needed to have some bonding time, Elsie. And I hear you have this interesting story about teaching a ghost how to cook??

    ?Who told you that??

    ?The ghost.?

    23. Wonder

    The shapes were spinning fuzzily beyond his reach, coming to him and then seeming to fall up and away again and again. He?d nearly catch one and then it would dance away from him seemingly of its own accord.

    This went on for a long while until, one by one, the shapes landed slowly around him and someone, his mother, picked him up with a smile. He babbled at her, pointing down at the shapes, and she shook her head.

    He wondered, as she sat him in a high chair, when the shapes would be allowed to play with him again?

    24. Hawk

    They were on a planet far removed from Coruscant and she couldn?t get enough of the animal life here, especially the birds. Everything was just so? alive, for lack of any better way to describe it. She leaned into him as they stood together on a path not far from the cabin they were renting. ?Can we just stay here??

    ?For today??

    ?No. For the rest of our lives.?

    Solemnly, he pulled her tighter into the embrace. ?Does feel right, doesn?t it??

    Giggles reached their ears and she smiled. ?It does. Even our little one seems to agree.?

    25. Lantern

    It was late at night on their second day at the cabin when she caught him with a flashlight under the covers. With raised eyebrows and a smile, she joined him and together they read the whole chapter by lantern light. Then she took both the book and the flashlight away. ?Awww, Mom? can?t I just keep reading it? Please??

    His mother smiled, shook her head. ?No. Now is for sleeping. You can read more tomorrow.?

    ?With you??

    ?If you want to.?

    She sat by his bedside until he fell asleep.
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