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    :D Sweet set!


    The last two were especially warm/fuzzy.

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    Hazel: Thank you, Hazel. [:D]

    Jade_eyes: *glances up at drabbles...* Are you as ready for a Flowers update as my muse seems to be? (That's twice, back-to-back! :eek: 8-} [face_blush] [face_love] ) Thank you, Jade_eyes. :)

    Set will be up shortly, with a repeat of week four, UDC4. (Because once just wasn't enough!)
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    Week 4 - 4/27/09 - prompts provided by Jade_eyes (UDC 4) ? Cray Mingla and Nichos Mar

    16. Gaze

    The more she sat at the terminal and worked on the equations, the more intensely she stared at the screen, as if that alone would will an answer from its depths. Hours she?d been sitting here, trying to find an answer to the problem, to find some way to make it work. Only? nothing worked. Nothing could duplicate the human brain in the same way that flesh did? not even the captured Ssi-Ruvvi tech. And they still weren?t even sure if that worked, really?

    Then she saw something, and leaned closer to study the information. Hmmm? maybe.

    17. Wink

    ?You?re distracted,? he murmured as he watched her fidget at his bedside. ?Cray??

    ?It?s nothing,? she told him with a half-hearted smile and turned her attention to him. ?So? watched anything good on that thing??

    Nichos glanced up at the HoloVid unit that was mounted to the ceiling in the corner, then looked at her with raised eyebrows. ?You didn?t come here to talk about? that.? Then he surprised her and winked suggestively.

    Cray chuckled. ?No? I came here to be with you.?

    18. Distance

    The sicker he got, the wider the chasm was, and the more confusing their relationship became, until she announced that she had an experimental method that could work for him, utilizing captured technologies. Listening to her, he didn?t understand a lot of it, but the expression in her eyes told him that to say no would be worse than saying yes and letting her try.

    Letting her try and save his life? he was dying anyway, so if it failed, the outcome would be the same.

    He did not voice his doubts to her.

    19. Cold as Ice

    Standing in a morgue was the last thing she?d expected to be doing this morning, but here she was, looking at his body one last time. So many months of looking for answers to an unsolvable problem had led her here to this moment of no return, here in this cold place where all was silent, save her own breathing.

    Slowly, carefully, she touched his arm and was struck dumb by how hold it was.

    20. Eternal Flame

    She knew what she was going to do before she?d even so much as helped Nichos put their unconscious Jedi Master on the shuttle. Talking about it would not change her mind and he knew that. Turning, she looked at the woman-ghost silently watching them. ?We have one chance. Tell us what to do and we?ll do it.?

    Callista nodded and explained it again, how the enclision grid could be made to misfire.

    Nichos made it, but only barely, and then Cray asked one last thing.

    For the rest of her borrowed life, Callista would wish she?d said no.
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    Interesting character focus Daena :p =D=

    I'm eagerly looking forward to Flowers :cool: but I cringe at how you're going to clean up your PM list LOL o_O @};-

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    Good way to bring to light one of the most overlooked and tragic couples of the EU. :)

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    Jade_eyes: The PM list? That's easy: if they've not been to the boards in six months or more, then PM's are not sent. So... no need to worry. ;) Thank you, Jade_eyes. :)

    Hazel: Overlooked but very definitely not forgotten. Thank you, Hazel. :)

    Week 5 (08.04.06) - UDC 1 - Elsie and Riana, rooptop/alleyway...

    21. smell

    The statement seemed to linger betweent them as Elsie stared at her in confusion. It wasn't something she'd ever expected to hear from the young woman, but... it made sense, the more she thought about it. "How long ago?"

    Riana blinked. "What?"

    "Five or six months ago sound about right?"

    Riana nodded slowly. "Yes. Why?"

    Elsie smiled tiredly and started walking again, and Riana followed. "Because about then is a special day for her." Stopping at a corner, Elsie frowned at the smells. "There's a bar somewhere around here, right?"

    Riana glanced around the corner. "Probably."

    "Then we're in the right place."

    22. sound

    Seeing the subject evasion for what it was, Riana turned back and frowned at her again. "Now who is evading?"

    "I'm not," Elsie said as she turned and looked back down the alleyway they'd walked along. Then she walked to a specific spot and knelt down. "Thought so. Zam died right here."

    Riana blinked in confusion. "Who?"

    "Zam Wessel. Assasin." Elsie glanced up at her, then at the air next to her, then to another point. "And your grandfather was here, too."

    "Watching an assasin die?"

    "Sounds distasteful, doesn't it? No... and yes."

    "How can it be both?"

    Elsie chuckled.

    23. touch

    Riana really wanted nothing more than to get away from Elsie... she was always weird when she started staring at thin air for no apparent reason and saying stuff had happened that she couldn't have possibly known in a million years. But... it was the tidbit about her grandfather that kept her rooted where she stood. "Um..."

    "Reach out with those Jedi senses of yours and touch the air, kiddo. You came with, you might as well learn something while you're here."

    "Touch... the air?"

    "You'd be amazed at what it has to say." Then Elsie touched the duracrete and went very still, wincing.

    24. taste

    The air around her tasted the same as it always did: like home. What more did she need to know about it? "That doesn't seem..."

    "Just do it."

    "And I'm not a kid."

    Here Elsie laughed and stood up. "Everyone under thirty is a kid to me, so yes, you are. And learning is a constant thing... sometimes the most important thing you can learn is not the obvious one. Like the senses and what they can tell you, for instance. You have the usual five, and one more. It's that one more that can tell you something about this place that you didn't know before."

    Riana rolled her eyes in frustration. Had the woman always been this annoying? "Fine."

    25. sight

    Seeing things through her force-sense wasn't ever the same as seeing them with her eyes, but this time, she was nearly knocked out of the meditative state she needed to be in by the sheer enormity of what the Force showed her. An assassin had died here, had been chased all the way here from a bar three rooftop streets away, to be questioned. Only... before they'd... suddenly, Elsie's odd phrasing made sense. She opened her eyes and looked at Elsie. "Oh."

    "Understand now?"

    "More than I want to."

    Elsie nodded. "These kinds of things can be just that way..."
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    Original and unique use of the prompts =D= with Elsie being instructive and cryptic
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    Jade_eyes: She had to be there without being over the top. Thank you. :)
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    Week 5 (10.22.07) UDC 2 ? Irek and Ptarmaia (?um? again?)

    21. Burn

    She found him hiding in a ?fresher unit, looking so miserable that it was hard to stay upset because she?d spent so long searching. Then she noticed his hair and couldn?t help but frown. ?What happened??

    ?Cooking accident,? Irek muttered, looking away from her. ?Go away.?

    Ptarmaia blinked. A cooking accident had caused his hair to look like someone had taken a blow torch to it? ?I think? I?m going to want an explanation??

    22. Rash

    He watched as she stood up, not even caring about the screeching sound of the chair as it was pushed back. ?Being angry about it won?t help, you know.?

    ?Irek, the last thing I want right now is a lecture.? And then she left the room, intent on her objective.

    Knowing she was mad, he followed, if only to keep her from doing something rash that she?d regret tomorrow. ?Who said anything about a lecture??

    She did not dignify that with a response.

    23. Surgery

    Waiting patiently had given way to nervous pacing hours ago, and now he just wanted her to stop and sit down. ?This isn?t going to speed things up, you know.?

    She paused and looked at him, then returned to pacing. ?No, but it gives me something to do. All this waiting? hard. Very hard.?

    ?Had he been ill long?? He cringed when she stopped and glared at him. ?Sorry.?

    ?What kind of a question is that??

    ?Just trying to fill the silence, Ptarmaia.?

    It wasn?t long after that, that a nurse came out to tell them that her father had made it through surgery with flying colors.

    24. Hurt

    She found him sitting at their kitchen table, despondently looking out a window, and couldn?t help but wonder what was wrong. ?Irek?? When he didn?t respond, she moved to sit next to him. ?What is it?? He slid the datapad over to her, wordlessly pointing to the date, which only confused her more. ?I don?t understand.?

    ?It?s an anniversary.?

    ?For what??

    The expression in his eyes when he finally turned to her answered the question without him saying a word.

    25. Heal

    They?d been discussing names for the better part of three weeks and were still no closer to agreeing on any of them when her mother tossed another name their way: Tate. And then her stepfather added another: Ackbar.

    ?What do you think??

    Irek sighed. ?I think we need to not talk to my uncle when it comes to names of children. Not that I don?t like Admiral Ackbar or anything, but??

    ?Doesn?t feel right, huh??

    ?No. Nor does Tate.?

    She playfully hit him on the shoulder. ?Careful, Irek. Don?t knock my mother?s suggestion.?

    ?You like Tate??

    ?We?ll just have to agree to disagree on that one??
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    I enjoyed the range of situations and emotions and the Irek/Ptarmaia pairing. It is great to expand on characters and give them a deeper detailed future.


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    Jade_eyes: It?s fun to see them play off each other. Thank you. :)

    Week 5 - 9/29/08 - prompts provided by BigFatty ? UDC 3 - Luke and Mara

    21. Wood

    The varnished wood pressing against her back was the last thing on her mind as she stared up into his eyes. There was need in those eyes, a deep-seated hunger, but she had the feeling it wasn?t food that was on his mind. ?Kiss me.?

    ?What?? The request seemed to give him pause.

    ?You heard me, Luke.?

    He smiled and did exactly as she asked, and she returned the kiss in kind. It was long minutes before they came up for air, neither caring that they were still in the hallway just inside his door.

    22. Metal

    The metal was cool under his fingers as he sat there at her bedside, watching her sleep. He had to leave shortly for Berchest to do recon, but that part didn?t matter. That she was well on her way to healing properly did. Right now, it was the only thing that did.

    Standing up, Luke smiled down at her sleeping face. And then he turned and walked out, leaving a medic to watch him go with raised eyebrows.

    The medic stepped to the bedside, took her vitals, and smiled, wondering all the while just how close the two were?

    23. Cloth

    The cloth was soft to the touch as Cilghal handed Luke?s son to him for the first time, but it wasn?t the blanket that drew his attention. No. It was the gray eyes that blinked up at him. He smiled, nodded his thanks to Cilghal, and turned so Mara could see.

    Mara, pale and worn out from labor and illness, smiled up at him contently. ?Adorable.?


    She simply smiled and let silence reign between them for a long while.

    24. Glass

    He was on his forth Ale when she found him in his office after receiving word of what had gone on in her absence. She took the glass out of his hand, stared hard at him. ?Explain.?

    ?Explain what, Mara??

    ?The Ale.?

    ?I can?t drink in peace every now and then?? At her glare, he winced. ?All right? I failed. Failed my students, failed to keep Callista here. A student-? He was interrupted by her slapping him hard across the face.

    ?Blame does not lie with you alone, Farmboy.?

    He was left to stare as she removed the bottle of Ale from his office and took the glass with her.

    25. Stone

    The steps were cold and hard as she sat on them, waiting in silence in the large room. It was odd to sit here, knowing that a celebration had once been held honoring the other side? even stranger that that thought no longer bothered her.

    ?I?ve been looking all over for you,? the familiar voice said as he sat down next to her.


    ?Thank you.?

    Mara glanced at him. ?For what??

    ?Reminding me that not everything is my fault, no matter how much it can seem that way.?
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    Great stuff, a wonderful progression of events and emotions.
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    Excellent moments here! :D
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    awesome awesome progression of emotions

    More soon

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    Jade_eyes: That's what I was going for. Thank you. :)

    Hazel: Thank you. :)

    Jedi_Falcon: More, it is. Thank you. :)

    Week 5 - 5/4/09 ? UDC 4 - prompts provided by Mira_Jade ? Jaina/Jag, Need to Remember Follow Up

    21. Steps

    First steps taken after a traumatic incident are often memorable, and this moment was no different as she led him into their living room. He looked stunned? lost, and it hurt to see him so removed from his own life.

    Before she could give him any warning or encouragement, a tiny hurricane latched itself onto his legs and refused to let go. She held her breath for what felt like an eternity, watching the expression on his face flicker between emotions.

    ?Daddy! You home!?

    And as the surprise wore off and the reaction she?d been expecting didn?t happen, Jaina allowed herself to breathe again.

    22. Stride

    Startled, he looked down at the little face gazing up at him in unbridled happiness. Something clicked inside? he knew who this was, but a name wasn?t coming forth. ?Officer Solo-Fel??


    He winced at the pain in her voice, even with that small reply. ?Is this one? ours??

    ?Yes? yes, he is. Amlyn, go find your sister.?

    ?Okay!? And, just as suddenly, they were alone again in the living room, listening as Amlyn called out a name he didn?t recognize, and he all but collapsed to the floor. All of this was making his head hurt.

    23. Stumble

    Carefully, she led him to the couch, and nodded to her mother, who nodded silently back and went to go find both children. ?It?s a lot to take in, isn?t it??

    His eyes were clear when he met her gaze. ?I stabbed you.?


    ?And? we have two children??

    ?Three. Risha is down for a nap.?

    If there were ever a way she?d thought he was going to find out he was a father again, this wasn?t it. ?She?s two. Your mother named her.?

    He blinked, surprised at that revelation. ?Cherith. For Cherith.?

    24. Leap

    Inside, Jaina was leaping for joy. This was going better than they?d thought it would. ?Yes. And it hurt that you were missing, Jag. You?ve missed so much, I don?t even know where to begin.?

    Slowly, he reached out and touched her still-bandaged hand. He held it, fingered the bandage carefully, and frowned. There was something in his gaze that made her nervous, as if he were far away, though he was right here with her. ?I?m here now, Officer Solo-Fel.?

    ?Jaina,? she corrected him carefully. ?And yes. Yes you are.?

    25. Fall

    She was in the kitchen, talking to her mother while they made the evening meal together when she heard a loud wait could have only come from one of the children. Following the wail, she found Jag holding their son on the couch and talking to him in low tones, and slowly their son calmed.

    She watched as Jag tended to the bruise on his leg carefully for a moment, satisfied that it was coming back to him a little at a time. She returned to the kitchen and helped finish preparations for the evening meal.

    ?Feels wonderful, doesn?t it?? Her mother asked after a minute or two. ?Having him home.?

    Jaina?s answering smile had enough wattage to light up all of Coruscant.
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    Great set of drabbles. It's sad not remembering anything about your life. Loved the way you showed feelings and confusion

    more soon?
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    Ooh, Daena - wow the back story behind this set must be amazingly riveting. I hope you continue with more details if the prompts allow.
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    Great characterization, Daena! I loved Jaina's relief at the end.

    I'd love to know more. :)
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    JediFalcon: More? Oh yes. :) Thank you.

    Jade_eyes: We'll see where the prompts take us, then. Thank you, Jade_eyes. :)

    Hazel: Thank you, Hazel. :)

    A/N: I was going to do this one for Valentines Day, but I got distracted. So here it is, a little late. (Yep. It's the chocolate wrappers. Again.) And, also... one last time... in celebration for reasons I can not state... THEY FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!! [face_dancing] [face_dancing] [face_dancing] [face_dancing]

    Week 5 - 2/26/2012 - Dove Chocolate Promises #2 - Skywalker/Solo Clan, A/P

    Miracles aren't limited to the holidays.

    At first, it had seemed like a joke. As if the Force had known exactly what kind of carrot to put in front of her at precisely the right moment, and if she were to blink at the possibility, it would be gone again.

    Months had gone by since that first tentative and hopeful moment, and now, holding the fruit of her labors, tears begin to well in her eyes. It?s real, and it?s here. He?s here, looking up at her blearily, looking as exhausted as she feels.

    Do Something Spontaneous.

    ?Can I take my hands off my eyes now?? Jaina asked as he led her into the room gently. She could sense people there, but not who they were. ?Jag...?

    ?Now you can,? Jag told her.

    Jaina opened her eyes to find her mother, sisters-in-law, aunts, and a few family friends seated in various locations around their living room, gifts piled in one corner, and a banner strewn across one wall that said congratulations in multicolored letters. ?But??

    Jag slowly backed out of the room as Leia made Jaina sit carefully in a comfy chair. It had been his idea to have the baby shower anyway, but she didn?t need to know that.

    You're Gorgeous.

    People had been looking her way all evening as they ate, and Tahiri wasn?t sure what to make of it. She?d spilled nothing on her dress, she was wearing the proper shoes, though she detested them... what was wrong?

    Wiping his mouth with a napkin, Anakin reached out a hand to her and smiled. ?Dance with me??

    ?I?d love to,? she replied, and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor. Once there, she let him lead and almost, but not quite, got lost in the music. ?They?re still watching us.?

    Anakin smiled. Of course they were: she cleaned up quite nicely.

    Be Fearless.

    ?This is crazy,? she muttered after a long moment of staring at the door. ?Why do we have to do this, this way??

    Her father shrugged. ?Protocol and tradition.?

    ?Why couldn?t I be the one to wait for him, father??

    Her father chuckled. ?It would have confused people, wouldn?t it??

    Tenel Ka took a deep breath, nodded to the pages on either side of the door for it to be opened, and allowed her father to lead her down the aisle to her groom. It would have, at that.

    Dare To Love Completely.

    Padme glanced over at him as the Geonosians pulled the cart they were standing in toward the arena. It could all end for them right here on this dry planet, in the arena they were getting closer to by the second. Then it wouldn?t matter if she was a senator and he Jedi, because they?d both be dead.

    She averted her eyes when his head moved, but the thoughts kept racing around in her head until she chose one way or the other. It? none of it mattered, and she wasn?t going to lie to him or herself any longer. Not now. Not here.
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    Love Tahiri and Tenel Ka! Good set!
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    Great set to bring revisit Valentine's Day! [face_love] ;)
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    Tarsier: Thank you. :)

    Hazel: Thank you, kindly. :)

    Week Six (June 14, 2010) - UDC 6 - another set for AT-AV (DVD Box Set One: UDC 1, Week Twenty)

    26. a light in the dark

    Getting back into his X-Wing after the talks he had with both Obi-Wan and Yoda was hard. Knowledge was just settling in for real, and now he was weary as he closed the canopy of his fighter. All true?

    A purring captured Luke?s attention, and he smiled as AT-AV nuzzled his hand. He?d very nearly forgotten she?d stowed away with him. ?What do you think, hmm? Time to go??

    AT-AV did not directly answer him, but continued to purr long after they?d made the jump into hyperspace.

    27. steer by the stars

    It had been a long couple of days, Leia reflected as she watched Han tease AT-AV with a string in the center of the hold. Had it really happened? Was Palpatine really gone? She?d been there, seen the explosion from the ground? but it didn?t feel real yet.

    Han glanced over at her, saw the expression on her face, and nodded. ?I know, Leia.?

    ?Hasn?t sunk in for you, either??

    ?No.? Then Han?s attention was drawn back to AT-AV, who had caught the string in her claws and was pulling. ?Hey!?

    Leia chuckled and soon joined them.

    28. shake the heavens

    It is a calm night in the apartment when AT-AV notices something amiss. Her person is sitting with her companion, talking quietly and intently. AT-AV watches them for long minutes, not sure what to make of it and wondering all the while what they?re talking about.

    Finally, because they have yet to cook the evening meal, she joins them on the couch. Then she smells it and knows: there will be a little one joining this family.

    Her person laughs and pulls AT-AV close, and AT-AV can?t help but purr in response.

    29. beneath these hands

    Leia was sitting on a rock on YanivIV, enjoying the morning sunlight when Winter turned up and wordlessly hugged her in silent comisseration. Leia blinked at her, surprised to see someone familiar. It was strange, seeing her after? after what happened. ?How are you???

    Winter tried to smile, nodded to the carrier she?d set down. ?Someone wanted you. Your father sent her with me.?

    Leia glanced down at the carrier, stunned to see a pair of eyes staring up at her. Eyes she knew. Slowly, cautiously, Leia opened the carrier door and took hold of the Pitten. ?AT-AV!?

    Winter stood by and enjoyed the reunion.

    30. the path and the walker

    It was times like this that he wished for an old-fashioned lantern, Luke noted to himself as he wandered through the dimmed hangar. It was darker in here than he was comfortable with, and hearing something, he turned to find out what it was. Then he frowned when he saw Leia coming inside, holding something small and furry, and a woman he didn?t recognize at her side. ?Leia??

    Leia glanced up at him, smiled, and he had to blink for a long moment. She?d never smiled like that before, not even at the medal ceremony.
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    I love that cat! I totally get Leia's joy in the reunion.
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    Set dated Feb 27: SQUEEE!

    The current one: loved how AT-av was there for speical moments. :)

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