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    Throughout the Clone Wars the Coruscant Security Force has waged a silent war on the capital planet against Confederate terrorist and intelligence agents. A short month before the end of the Clone Wars, a terrorist attack strikes the CSF headquarters, during a meeting with the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee. Initial findings point to a mole inside the CSF or the SBI, and a joint investigation is launched at once. If the Separatists are indeed inside Coruscant?s elite security force, then the consequences could be quite dire. The investigative teams must find the truth and quickly, before any more harm is done. Everyone is a suspect at this point.

    Welcome to Shadowplay. This game does have a definite conclusion and actual hints to the identity of the guilty party(ies) will be presented by the game master. I may even select one of the players to play a less than innocent role, though most of the guilt will be with NPCs that I will be playing directly. You will be the investigators in a very dangerous game of cat and mouse. Not everyone will survive this RPG to the end.

    Some references will be made to events in Republic Commando: Triple Zero and Republic Commando: Order 66, however, the game itself is not based directly off of these books. When the game starts before the attack, the opening post will include the attack and aftermath.

    {Available factions: [link=http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/CSF]Coruscant Security Forces[/link] (CSF), [link=http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Senate_Bureau_of_Intelligence]Senate Bureau of Intelligence[/link] (SBI), Jedi Order (one slot available, a Knight attached to the CSF). For other factions, please PM me first to discuss}

    ---Skin Color:
    ---Hair Color:
    ---Eye Color:
    ---Other Details:


    Please PM all character sheets to the myself for approval. If you want something special, PM first before spending time building a sheet.

    One Simple Rule: No Godmoding, violators will be struck down by the Force (I.e. Me). Since many of you are playing as investigators, godmoding will include in-depth, out-of-character knowledge. Though part of the game is to discover the culprits, it is also about game play and character development.
Thread Status:
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