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So NV Shadows of the Sith (The Rise of Darth Xane)

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by Voidwraith, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Voidwraith

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    Mar 3, 2008
    Hello. I'm going to be posting a story soon based off the tabletop game i've been running for about the last year with Jankarakk. I'm trying to decide on an interesting format that will combine detailed sections for important conversations, specific events and then a bit of descriptive narration for the exciting parts.

    So you'll see more soon.
  2. Voidwraith

    Voidwraith Jedi Youngling

    Mar 3, 2008
    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

    The New Republic struggles to bring unity to the many planets that make up its council, while dealing with the Imperial Remnant that harasses its borders relentlessly. This is compounded by the constant scandals of Borsk Fey`lya. Even the Jedi are not beyond his reproach.

    Meanwhile, on the edge of Imperial Space, a newly commissioned casino plays both sides. A failed Jedi by the name of Sen-nar Jal has given up on the force, seduced by the power that comes with crime, and money. Little does he know that a shadow rising from within Imperial Space will soon engulf him, and the only thing that can save him is his Jedi training...

    (chapter one)
    ***The Shimmering Lekku***
    An Imperial Lambda class shuttle docks with the casino. Its exotic design easily accommodates the transport vessel, where other more larger vessels must dock with the many transport modules floating in orbit at 13 different points near the casino, where private shuttles come to transport passengers.

    A darkly robed figure descends from the shuttle. He has no body guards. His only weapon is a single lightsaber attached at his waist, hidden beneath his robes. He enters the main meetings room.

    Sen-nar Jal is fairly typical for a Corellian. Dark dashing hair, dazzling blue eyes, and a glimmering perfect smile. His more obvious body guard is a comrad from Yavin IV named Jerrod. The two of them are discussing some trivial matter when the "guest" walks in.

    That tingle in the force draws both their attention to him. Between them in the center is a twilek dancer on a circular platform with various holorecorders. On several platforms throughout the room and the casino are holoprojectors showing both her current dance and some recordings from a few others.

    Stranger,"Greetings Sen-nar. My name is Vijo Shin. I believe we had an appointment?"
    Sen-nar,"Ah yes! Mr. Shin. Please, come join me here at my VIP booth. What drink would you like?"
    Vijo,"Thank you for the offer, but i'll pass. I'd prefer to get directly to business."

    Vijo takes a seat across from Sen-nar. "I need to see the proto-type." Vijo says. Sen-nar replies,"Not a problem." Sen-nar flips a switch and a panel in the center of the table inverts and strapped to it is a light repeater of unique design.

    Sen-nar,"Notice the extra power cell? The designers will have that removed for the production module. We are going to a micronized cartridge feed for the clip. And then a separate one that will fit along the bottom stock that will power the plasma bomb. Think of it like an energy grenade launcher, and a repeater combined into a nice compact piece of death bringing beauty. I call this model the JAL-39. The final production model you'll be receiving is the 42."

    Vijo,"Excellent. I'll give you 5 million credits for the first shipment. 20 million for the next 3."
    Sen-nar,"I'm ecstatic that you've agreed to my price, but I have to ask, why the secrecy? My contacts in the Black Sun have never heard of you, and even the few Moffs I deal with have no idea who you are. Yet you fly such pretty Imperial hardware."

    Vijo,"Am I not paying you enough for you to keep your mouth shut?"
    Sen-nar,"It's not that. Just that these guns could eventually be traced back to me if I don't know what kinda precautions I need to look out for. Plus I don't sell my weapons to terrorists. If I find you are using them to aid in any campaigns against the New Republic, i'll have to hunt you down and take them back. Trust me, you can't hide deep enough in Imperial Space to get beyond my reach."
    Vijo smirks. He pulls his hood back to reveal his bald head and a scar across his right eye covered by a wicked black tattoo design. His eyes glow with a blue inner light. "I respect a smuggler who has a bit of venom in them. You are no coward, which is why i'm even willing to deal with you, as opposed to others that could get me better hardware at less cost. But I like these guns, and so i'm willing to pay more for them. I also like your business practices. You are
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    Aug 27, 2003
    Man that Sen-nar Jal guy is a real cool customer :)
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    Sep 5, 2004
    He has his moments. I've seen cooler :)
  5. Jankarakk

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    Aug 27, 2003
    I haven't....not recently at least.
  6. KleptoKlown

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    Sep 5, 2004
    So when do we get more of the story? I wanna hear more! Er... read more, as it were.
  7. Jankarakk

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    Aug 27, 2003
    yeah come on slacker!!! :p
  8. Voidwraith

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    Mar 3, 2008
    In the passing months, Sen-nar Jal spends a tremendous amount of resources attempting to track down the mysterious Vijo Shin. When conventional Imperial and Republic contacts fail he turns to the only group to ever be totally reliable. Sen-nar heads to Yavin IV, to visit his old master..Corran Horn. But this chapter doesn't start there. Instead we visit the Imperial Remnant.

    Deep inside Imperial space Jedi Ranik Orann struggles to uncover a dangerous Sith plot. His very unlikely ally in this struggle is an ex-reborn Jedi named Dakkar Ixion. Most people just call him "Blue" due to the color of his uniform. They were paired together at the request of Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon and Chief of State Organa Solo. Nobody knows where Blue came from exactly, but for now he seems dedicated to Pellaeon.

    Dead space.

    It exists in the place between stars. Violated occasionally by comets, and asteroids, but for the most part empty, very cold, and very dark. No place for a medical fleet. Eight transports, and 3 cruisers sit idle in the middle of nowhere.

    Skimming through the shadows is a shimmer in space. I bend in star light, but not enough to register more than just space dust. It drifts near one of the cruisers. With the lightest of dings it hovers next to the large vessel and then a small docking cable attaches to the hull of the vessel. The cloaking field shimmers away to reveal a jet black TIE interceptor with a pair of dark blue stripes on the outside of the ion foils. Two shadowy figures in thin space suits crawl out and with expert precision cut a small crawl whole into a maintenance bay.

    "Lightsabers...gotta love them." Ranik turns his green lightsaber off, and clips it to his belt. "They don't call them the universal cutting tool for nothing. Now lets move." Blue reaches his hand back the way they came. The circular piece of metal moves back to the hull and quickly moves back in place. Arcs of electricity flare from his finger tips. The metal heats up on the disk and the hull, and fuses back in place. Ranik makes a grimace but says nothing as they proceed cautiously out of the room.

    The medical personnel are easy to get around. Most of them are easily fooled with well placed mind tricks. Eventually Ranik gets to the science bay, and Blue gets to engineering.

    The crawl tube to engineering has minimal security. Not because they are foolish, but because its incredibly difficult to move through them if you aren't a droid. Blue slides out of the shaft as if he were as limber as a snake. The storm trooper guarding the main door never sees him coming. His arms quickly wrap around his neck. The only sound to break the monotonous sounds of the engine is a faint crack, and then the sound of a body being slid back into the tube. Blue dons the storm trooper armor. "I hate these." He thinks to himself.

    Quickly moving over to the security grid mainframe he connects a computer spike, and a small data pad. A program quickly engages. Security systems get a momentary blip and then a diagnostic screen does a "routine" reboot of the system in 1 minute intervals. Ensuring the bad door programs do their job. Each system is only down for 10 seconds.

    Blue catches a momentary shimmer of movement out of the corner of his eye. With the speed of a vornskr he whips out his lightsaber and blocks a blow as a shadowy hooded figure emerges from nowhere.

    Ranik walks casually into the science bay. The first hall is a quarantine chamber. He waves his hand casually at the operator. "You don't need to run a sterilization. You will let me pass." He says gently. The operator repeats back convinced "I don't need to run a sterilization. I will let you pass." The doors to the main hall open.

    With a slight grin on his face he strides quickly down the hall. A droid half way down the hall notices him. Before it can so much as bleep, its chassis buckles and twists in upon itself until its a small ball of scrap and crushed repulsor parts on the floor. Ranik quickly scoots
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    Mar 3, 2008
    They are a means to an end. I'll find this Vijo, and make him pay for double crossing me.

    Sen-nar sat in the meditation chamber. They say picking up an old skill is like riding a bike. Needless to say he was quickly learning that the ways of the Jedi are more art than skill. He couldn't get his mind off his reason for being there.

    "You must let go of your anger. This was the hardest thing for you before. Its why you left. You won't let go." Master Horn paced around Sen-nar. "Feel the force flowing through you. Focus on that, and let go of your emotions."

    Attempting to change focus, Sen-nar thought of his bar, and of a cool glass of Corellian brandy. "I said let go of your emotions, not tempt me with a good reason for a break. We aren't going anywhere until you start to make progress. I can go for days without eating, can you?" Master Horn smirked.

    Sen-nar knew better than to reply. He just concentrated. Silk sheets. He grimaced.

    "Let go. That means stop thinking. Don't try. Just do." Corran urged.

    Sen-nar listened. The sound of the breeze against his ear. The trickle of water off leaves from the morning dew. The chirping of small insects.

    The force began to flow. It was just a trickle at first, but soon Sen-nar felt connected to everything around him. He could feel everything with his eyes closed. Like ripples in a still pond, everything made an echo in the force.

    "Excellent! Now lets go get some brandy." Corran chuckled as he helped his student and friend up.

    "Its about time I figured it out. I can be so stubborn sometimes. But I have a question." Sen-nar asked.

    Corran replied,"You expected it to be a white nothingness didn't you?" "Yes. But instead I was still hearing and focusing on everything else around me. That's far from nothingness." Sen-nar stated.

    "I said to let go of your emotions. That's letting go of yourself. You were in the moment. Truelly aware of where you were, and not focused on where you are going. You weren't thinking of your emotions. So what I said to do was true." The two of them traveled back to the Jedi compound.

    For weeks Sen-nar relearned lightsaber skills, and then began to pick up new ones with his new connection to the force. Before it only came in flits and moments. Now he could call upon the force almost instinctively. He enjoyed being out in the field most. Sparing with the other students. Where most of them were focused on learning Ataru styles, he focused on Soresu. It was rare that a student found a way through his defenses. He would wear them down and then strike when they couldn't go any more.

    It was during one of these practices when a black ship of unknown make landed outside the temple complex. Sen-nar had seen that ship before. Its called the Voidwraith. Its pilot is a bounty hunter named Orin Char.

    A black armored figure strode out of the ship. Master Katarn stopped the exercise at the sight of him. "What is a Shadow Trooper doing here?"

    "I thought the Shadow Troopers were droids Master Katarn?" One of the students replied. "Not the ones that were part of the Reborn Jedi." Katarn replied.

    Master Horn strode out and met the man. The two of them walked together into the temple. Master Katarn glanced over to Sen-nar. "Sen-nar, come with me. I may need backup." The two of them quickly made their way inside the temple. It didn't take them long to get to the Praxeum. Master Skywalker and Master Horn were about to engage in conversation when...

    "Master Katarn, and Padawan Jal, feel free to come inside." Master Skywalker beckoned. "I figured you'd find a way to see what was going on. May I introduce Orin Char."

    The black armored figure turned around toward Sen-nar and Kyle Katarn. At the center of his armor was a green glowing chamber with a crystal fragment glowing from within. He reached up and removed his helmet. His hairless flesh was pale. The eyes that stared back at Master Katarn and Sen-nar were not normal. They were black orbs with blue lines of circuitry reaching a blue glowing central LED lens. Cyb
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    Aug 27, 2003
    uh spider sense is tingling.
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Imperial bases never knew what hit them. The Void Wraith's effectiveness was frightening. By the time Orin and Sen-nar were finished disabling the defenses of a supposed fuel refinery, there wasn't much left of the front of the facility. This place was strange. It was in the middle of an asteroid field, and on top of that there was an odd form of "gravity well" generator that pushed the rocks away. It took quick a bit of slicing and interrogation on Orin's part to get the codes that allowed a window to open within it. Once you get within a certain perimeter of the base, you are passed the shield and nothing can stop you..except a few squads of Tie Interceptors. But those have a hard time launching when your bay is hit by strange cluster bombs.

    The remaining squad on patrol couldn't come back in due to the shield not being able to be lowered. Something about the communications array being destroyed so they couldn't transmit codes to request entry. This place was huge. It looked more like a construction facility or shipyard.

    Orin faded away as his colors blended into the background and then eventually disappeared. Sen-nar pulled out his lightsaber, and the two of them went to business. The stormtrooper garrison didn't have much hope of stopping them. The hallways were just wide enough to give them room to move, but not wide enough to overwhelm them. Not a single blaster found its mark on them, and most of that fire went back into someone else in the crowd.

    The doors to the command center open. Commander Uleras sits confidently in his chair. "Greetings Jedi. You can put down your lightsaber now, and surrender. I promise to have mercy on you." Sen-nar replies,"I won't." The Commander topples over the back of his chair and slams into one of the control consoles. The shadowy assassin behind Sen-nar flops on the ground in half. Orin quickly vanishes again. Sen-nar strides over to the Commander.

    "Now, lets start with the base codes...."


    Not quite sure how they got it, but its apparent they didn't build it. A large capital class ship, alien origin. Which isn't saying much, but in this case, unlike anything ever seen.

    Orin,"Huh? Interesting. They call it the Dark Matter."
    Sen-nar,"Oh? You know what I find more interesting?"
    "It has the same design style as your ship."

    Orin's helmet doesn't betray his face as he raises an eyebrow at Sen-nar, but doesn't let his body language betray anything.
    "I noticed as well. This might give me some answers as to its origin."

    Sen-nar,"Are the charges set?"
    Orin,"Yes. You sure you can pilot my ship?"
    Sen-nar,"Yes. You are the only one that can pilot the big ship. I don't have a horrendous cybernetic implant protruding from the back of my head."
    Orin,"Fair enough."

    The Void Wraith gently docks with the Dark Matter, while Orin begins bringing its systems online.

    "Oh Sen-nar? You are going to enjoy this."

    Sen-nar,"Why is th--"

    At that moment the large ship implodes. Ripping itself through some form of compressed inner-space. About three seconds later, existence happens again.

    Sen-nar,"Sith spit!!! Could you warn me next time before you decide to shove me through a sarlac's backside?"
    Orin,"Where's your sense of adventure?"

    At that moment a shadow in the force passed through both their perceptions.

    Both look at each other,"What was that?"
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    I think there should be more of this.

    And more Sith.

    That is all.
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    I will get him on it! :D
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    Hmmm this voidwraith guy is a serious slacker. I must track him down and give him....incentive to continue.