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    This was a Dumb Idea.

    But I never fully understood the term 'got bitten by a plot bunny' until I got the idea for this. 8-}

    With thanks to Layren for betaing a lot of it ;)


    Red of the blood that'll be spilled in future years...

    He has the gift of seeing into the future. He has had this gift ever since he was born. But only now he is an adult...and a Sith...does he begin to use it how he thinks it should be used.

    Now he senses the things no others can...who will live and who will die. This, he feels, is a useful gift for someone who will choose who lives and dies. He will choose. Not destiny. The darkness. Him.

    He examines the tall Jedi. He senses this one will die. He smiles. He smiles wider when he realises it will be his apprentice who will strike this powerful warrior down.

    He senses other things too. He catches snapshots of battles. Clones. He senses deaths. The deaths of all the Jedi. The triumph of the Empire. The triumph of darkness.

    The triumph of darkness.

    There will be no-one to stop him. He will win.

    He turns his attention to the ten-year-old boy. The Chosen One. Little does he know he's already been picked to be the ultimate tool of the Emperor.

    The ultimate tool. He reaches further. Love...LOVE will be his downfall. He looks at the girl. She will be the one he loves. She will bear him children....

    A boy...the son of the Chosen One....

    An even more powerful tool. And his. All his. He plans it out in his head. He maps every little detail that will make the universe his. For it WILL be his.

    Then he senses something else.

    The apprentice Jedi.

    Not a boy.

    Not a man.

    This impatient foolish one would cause trouble for him.

    Would mess up his plans.

    Would hide the Son Of The Chosen One. Would help teach him in the ways of the Light.

    Well, decides the darkness, he WON'T.

    The Sith Lord looks a little more. He sees the hangar at Theed. He sees the elder Jedi lying there close to death. He smiles at this...but he doesn't smile for long.

    His apprentice, the demon with skin like painted fire, stands at the edge of the pit.

    The young apprentice, the Jedi, leaps from the pit. He slashes his Master's sabre through the air.

    A few seconds. The boy is the winner. The child won the fight.

    His apprentice....the killing, fighting machine who HE created....would die at the hands of a child.

    It seems to him like a insult.

    Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, hastily forms a new plan....


    Blue of the storm of anger inside the tears....

    The boy, the Jedi apprentice, sits in the ship. He does not look out of the window and he does not stare at the floor. He looks straight ahead. He hears the echoes, although he wants more than anything not to.

    He tells himself he is not really thrown aside. His Master is just in a panic. His Master wants peace. Wants an end to the corruption and the suffering.

    [And if his own apprentice...his own [i Padawan[/i]...must be thrown aside to achive it, then so be it.]

    He worries. He worries that perhaps the Council will let his Master train the Chosen One, and he, instead of becoming a Knight, will be tossed away with the rubbish. Sent away with no-one to care about him. No-one to smile at him. No-one to put an arm around him. No-one to reassure him.


    It's Master's fault, he thinks to himself. Stubborn man.

    [He just wants the galaxy to be a better place.]

    Well, damn him, he can find another way of doing it!

    He doesn't feel like moving. He stands there like a statue being eroded away by the rain.


    Yellow for the sunset that marks the end of day....

    The older Jedi has spent the past few minutes mentally berating himself. He knows that there were very few ways that could have gone worse. He does not know what to do about it, and the not knowing takes up half his mind. The other half is too consumed with worry to do anyth
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    This looks kinda cool! :) I'm not exactly sure how this one will play out (I assume from your last line that there's more in the planning, right?) but I like it so far. I love your descriptions. I've not seen something like this before, it is rather interesting! :D
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    Happy_Hobbit_Padawan: Thanks for reading! And there is more...lots more...

    1. Darkblood Tower

    When Qui-Gon Jinn woke, oddly enough, the first thing he actually thought of was that he was inside one of Obi-Wan's dreams. Inside his heart. Inside the dream-world in his Padawan's heart. He wasn't sure why he thought this. It just seemed the logical thing.

    He had never had a bigger shock then when he found out he was right.

    The confirmation that he was right came in the form of a winged demon with green eyes who introduced himself as the Dreammaster. It materialized out of seemingly nowhere and hovered above the ground in front of him.

    "Welcome," it said in an unnervingly normal voice.


    "You guessed right, Master Jedi. You're in the dreamworld that your Padawan's heart has created."

    "Oh." He felt tempted to ask 'Can I go back to sleep now?' or something along those lines. He realised this situation didn't really seem all that unusual to him. And that made him terrified...well, as terrified as a Jedi would allow himself to be.

    "What...I mean, how....why am I here?" And how can I get out?" He remembered with a jolt of horror that some very important things had been left behind -namely, the Queen and the Chosen One. He got to his feet. "Show me where the exit is."

    "Dreamworlds don't have exits." The Dreammaster said casually. "You're trapped."


    "Well, strictly speaking you didn't have to be imprisoned in here," the Dreammaster said. "But it seemed a good idea. This world is formed by your Padawan's heart. You're in it....and we figured he'd be terribly lost without you."

    Guilt rose up in him like a tidal wave looking to drown someone. "Where is my Padawan?"

    "You see that tower?" the Dreammaster said. At first Qui-Gon couldn't, but when he strained his eyes a little he could see in the distace a tall building stretching into the sky -the sky was blue, red, yellow and black, why hadn't he noticed that before? -and it had no windows. He could only just make out the details of it, but he was sure that was true. It was black. Like it had been burnt in a fire. Like it had been set on fire on purpose and the people inside had been screaming and banging on the walls trying to escape but their screams had been lost in the night. He realised he didn't want to look at it for long.

    "Yes, I see the tower."

    "Well, your Padawan is beyond that tower. We call it Darkblood Tower."


    But the dreammaster was gone. The Jedi Master wasted no time. He started running. He had to find his Padawan. And he was only beyond the tower, and there didn't seem to be anything here, so he'd have to be alright, he'd have to be....


    Obi-Wan Kenobi was worried. For the past few minutes he'd been trying to let his worry escape him. It just wasn't working.

    He'd mentally noted everything around here that was was a desert. Well, it was sand, anyway. Or maybe dust? It was whiteish-yellow-grey, as sand generally was. And the sky was frightening mixture of colours- red and yellow and blue and black. Sunset, sunrise, day and night, he thought to himself. Far off in the distance was a tower. Beyond the tower was nothing but darkness. Shadow.

    He was looking at the sky, wondering if there was even a was hot enough after all...when the Dreammaster showed up and introduced himself.

    "So you're Obi-Wan Kenobi," he said, looking him up and down. "I expected someone a little more intimidating. Someone who actually looked like a Sith-slayer..."

    "A Sith-slayer?"

    The Dreammaster conjured a piece of fruit from the air and started eating it, ignoring the question. "Someone who looked more like your Master, maybe."

    His Master! Questions flew around his mind like vultures. Was he here? Was he alive? He had to be...
    "My Master? Where is he? I have to find him...tell me!"

    The Dreammaster watched with vague interest. "Very impatient, aren't we?" He watched as the boy pulled his w
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    Up. *whistles innocently*
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    The Darkblood tower sounds pretty scary! So Obi and Qui are on separate sides of it, and can't see beyond it?

    "Betcha didn't think your own heart would be so boring!" [face_laugh]
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    Happy_Hobbit_Padawan: Yeah I liked that line too. :) Thanks for reading!

    2. Like They Never Were

    Jedi Master Yoda knew the Code better than almost anyone, Mace supposed. There is no emotion. He forced his worry through him, breathing it out.
    "Have you sensed anything?" he asked quietly from behind Yoda, sitting on the red sofa behind him.
    Yoda opened his left eye and then his right eye. "Vanished like they never were, it seems."
    "Maybe they are hiding themselves...."
    "Doubt it, I do."
    The candles in the meditation room were burning down by now. They'd been in here for hours. Repeating the same conversations over and over again. Every time Mace glanced through the floor-to-ceiling window he saw the sun had set a little lower. Maybe it was about time Yoda gave up.

    Mace leaned back on a cushion. The candles were scented ones, and that particualar scent always made him sleepy. Three Force signatures fluttered through his brain.

    "Master Yoda? Knights Tachi, Muln and Eerin are here. I'm guessing they want to talk to us about their missing friend."

    "Know what to say, I do not."

    Mace would ordinarily be slightly taken aback that Master Yoda, head of the Jedi Order, did not know what to say, but then a gentle ringing sound came from the electrical system in the wall.

    "Enter." Mace called.

    The door opened and three people came in. Siri of the most beautiful women in the Order, although Jedi were discouraged from purposely setting out to make themselves look beautiful. Then there was Garen Muln...Mace remembered that when they had been younger, Garen and Obi-Wan were rarely seen out of the presence of the other. But those days were over. And Bant Eerin, the shy and quiet Mon Calamari, hovered between the door and the room, wondering if they had just disturbed Master Yoda's meditation or not.

    Yoda picked up his stick and climbed off his meditation couch. The young Knights bowed.

    "Masters." Garen began. "we...well, we wish to know if our friend is dead or not." It had been only one day since the disappearance of Obi-Wan and his Master, but Yoda had a feeling that Garen...and the others, come to that...had spent a whole night with no sleep, worrying.

    "I don't think the two of them are dead, Garen," Mace said, hoping not to be insensitive to the young Knight' feelings. "But I confess I am beginning to lose hope."

    "I, too, am," Yoda said, his eyes closed again. "Inform you we will, if we find the slightest trace of your friend."

    Siri nodded slowly. Mace had a feeling she would like to be not in here, but outside searching for her friend herself. "Yes, Masters."

    All three Jedi bowed, and turned to go. Bant, who hadn't spoken, lingered again between the door and the room. She opened
    her mouth, as if to voice how truely worried she really was...but then she too must have remembered the No emotion rule, for
    she left.

    A few minutes later and Mace rose to his feet to leave too- some Jedi could go for weeks on end without sleep, but Mace was not one of those. He walked to the door, but then it flung open, and a tall red-haired woman walked in. Garen's Master...well, former Master, the boy was a Knight now...Clee Rhara.

    She bowed low, probably realising it had been a bad idea to just barge in. "I'm sorry for my intrusion, Masters. But I was wondering if there had been any all...of Master Jinn and his Padawan."

    So Clee was worried about her friend too. Of course. She and Qui-Gon had gone through training together, Mace remembered.

    "No. There is nothing," Mace said, rather sharply, and then continued in a softer tone. "Your former Padawan was just here. We told him the same thing we've just told you. No sign at all of either of them."

    "Right," Clee said, in a very worried voice. "I apologize for all this, I really do, but the last thing thing I ever said to him was that he should be more understanding about his Padawan's feelings, last I heard they had a bit of an arguement about who was being Kn
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    [face_shocked] It's never a good thing when even Yoda doesn't have a clue where they are! More please. :D
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    3. Sand and Blood and Water

    Jedi did not get bored. Well, not often. It was understood if a young Padawan, after being holed up in the Temple for months with no missions and nothing except classes felt a little fed up. But Jedi Masters should not.

    Then again, Qui-Gon didn't suppose many Jedi had been in this situation.

    The sky changed occasionally, although it always stayed the same four colours. Sometimes it shook, and sometimes a low rumbling noise came from it. The first time that had happened, Qui-Gon had hoped it meant there was about to be a rainstorm. It was intolerably hot. There was no breeze. It was even worse than Tatooine. But there had been no rainstorm and no more signs of one. He was lying on his side in the dust now. Very thirsty. He knew there was no water anywhere.

    He'd run to the tower. Run for ages. He'd forgotten that in this heat you couldn't run for too long. He'd practically crawled the rest of the way. He'd reached the tower...he'd tried not to look at it, and felt foolish for doing so...and found he couldn't get past it. Couldn't go find his Padawan.

    Just couldn't.

    He'd tried thousands of times. He had often been described as 'determined' by his friends (and 'stubborn' by his enemies, but that was irrelevant) and yet he'd finally given up and sank down in the dust. He was tired. And thirsty beyond belief.

    Their bond had been cut. Qui-Gon supposed it must have been cut after the scene in the Council Chambers. Obi-Wan had probably cut it...Or not. Sometimes, when the people at both ends of a Force-bond were angry with each other, it just sort of cut itself. He'd heard about it.

    Oh, why were you angry with him, you old fool? Like a spoiled child, used to getting his own way, who snaps at his best friend when an adult tells him he did something wrong...

    [That should be enough for you...Now get on board....]

    Stupid, stupid arguement.

    Just a few days should never have happened....

    [All I asked was when I would become a Knight, Master. That does not mean 'you are worthless as a teacher and I want to get out of here as fast as possible.']

    ]In a different situation, different time, he could have made that sound like a joke....

    [I know you didn't, my Padawan. All is forgiven. I love you.]

    Oh wait, he hadn't said that at all. Something more like....

    [Very well, my Padawan. I know. But next time, it would be much appreciated if you would consider other people's thoughts and feelings before you open your mouth. Your worst flaw, Padawan.]

    Except it wasn't. So why'd he said that? Inventing failures so he'd have an excuse to keep his Padawan by his side? How selfish. He knew it was selfish and the though of that selfishness always awakened a dull anger. And wasn't it so funny that he had been telling his Padawan to think before he opened his mouth! To have some understanding of other people's thoughts and feelings!

    "Ha ha ha."

    The Dreammaster was standing behind him.

    "I think it's very funny too," he said brightly. "So we had a widdle fight, did we? Two of them?"

    "Go away."

    "I'd rather not, I'm so terribly bored. Enjoying your stay here, dear Jedi Master? Anything I can do for you?"

    He didn't imagine the Dreammaster would really give him anything, but it wouldn't hurt to try. "Some water. I need water."

    "Ah yes. It is rather hot out here, isn't it?" The Dreammaster conjured up a glass of crystal water, that glittered in the sun that wasn't really there...and then he drank it all himself.

    Qui-Gon groaned. "I need water. Human beings can't survive for too long without it. Please."

    "What's the point? You're probably going to die anyway. But tell me-what would you do for some water?"

    "What would I do? Why?"

    "Supposing you had to face a challenge to get water?"

    "I don't care."

    "A difficult challenge?"

    "Oh, for pity's sake..."

    "Ah-ah, hear me out. Supposing there was very little water left.
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    Poor Qui. He's hearing it straight from the Dreammaster. I really liked the part where Qui was remembering his fight with Obi and thought he had said something nice, but then remembered he had snapped at him instead. Poor Qui, and more poor Obi! Fighting all those demons!
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    Happy_Hobbit_Padawan: Ack, forgot to reply to you last post. *blushes* Thanks for continuing to give feedback. :)

    4. Trapped Inside His Biggest Dream

    He supposed he had been lucky, really. At least they hadn't sent him back to Tatooine. He was safe at the Jedi Temple, curled up next to a raging waterfall. He tried to remember what this room was called. Room of a Thousand Fountains?

    It had been he who'd alerted the Queen and the security forces that the Jedi were missing. He'd wanted to talk to them. He'd searched the whole ship. He'd yelled and shouted for them and felt anxiety burst like a bubble inside him. He'd stood before the Queen as a flustered Captain told her that the Jedi had vanished.

    He could hear the Queen's words as plain as day.

    Well, the handmaiden's words. The handmaiden-who-was-really-the-Queen's words. Padmé's words. She stepped away from the other handmaidens, and said in a voice that sounded to him more frightening than frightened:

    "There is a dark force at work here. One we have no power over. But I will tell you this: Jedi or no Jedi, we are returning and we shall take back what is ours!"

    Later she'd sought him out. Told him she was sorry for her deception, but it had been necessary, and would he forgive her? He hadn't even thought about the fact that she might have thought she'd wronged him- but he told her he forgave her anyway. And she told him that the situation had changed, and as soon as they got to Naboo she would find a way of getting him back to the Temple. They'd be able to look after him there. He had wondered if they actually would...

    Getting from Naboo to Coruscant had been a bit of a complicated business. Amidala-Padmé-had been telling one of her soldiers to take Anakin, to search the villages and find a place for him to hide until the fighting was all over- but then a Gungan warrior, overhearing, had said his brother was a rogue Gungan who lived in a house in the middle of a lake in one of the villages and he owned a ship and he'd fly Anakin back right there and then if they provided a small fee.

    Well, stranger things had happened.

    And now he was stuck here.

    He wondered what the worst thing about this situation was. He was lonely and even-unbelievably- a little bored. When he had
    shown up here, a Jedi Knight had simply led him to a small, cramped room with a bed and holovision in it and told him he should stay in there. Anakin thought the room had previously been used as a storecupboard. The Jedi probably guessed he thought that, because they had eventually changed their minds and let him explore the Temple. They had given him very strict rules about where he could and couldn't go. He could go to very few places, apparently. He was in the Jedi Temple - and trapped inside his biggest dream.

    And he missed his mother. He was frightened for her, too. What sort of things happened on Tatooine, after all? Slave raids, Tuskens, masters who would murder their slaves for little or no reason...he didn't want to think about it...

    Or...the Queen. The handmaiden. The beautiful girl...Padmé. Queen Amidala.

    What if something terrible happened to her? She was returning determinedly to her planet with no Jedi. What if she was badly hurt? What if she died?

    She wouldn't let herself die, a voice told him. She's like you. She doesn't give up.

    He listened to that voice with relief, then another one came.

    She's in danger.

    He had a feeling this voice was the Force.

    She's in danger.

    He tried to block it out. She isn't. She's fine. She's taken back her planet and they're celebrating....

    He heard- or sensed? - some people heading in his direction. Masters Yoda and Windu? Sure enough, when he turned his head he saw it was them.

    "Anakin," Mace said, looking down at him, "there is still no sign of him."

    Anakin's eyes met the stern brown ones. "Will I...have to leave?" He had mixed feelings about leaving...on one hand was his only family and on the ot
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    Ah. So Qui/Obi disappeared on the way back to Naboo, after their little spat over Anakin. [face_shocked] That certainly changes things for Naboo! Feel bad for Anakin, he must feel like a fifth wheel. He was in the Jedi Temple - and trapped inside his biggest dream. :( At least Obi's friends are being kind! :)

    I like this story! I offer you a can of de-lurking spray I found on another thread. *sprays thread* 8-}
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    I just came across this. I liked how you made Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan both vanish into the dreamworld. I hope that they will be able to resolve their differences. And Obi's friends are being kind to Anakin. Keep up the good work.
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    Anakin is just a little boy after all it's good Obi's friends payed him a visit, can't you just feel his lonliness. I think the powers that be at the temple are handling Anakin badly - contributing to his fear, now dear author, more Qui and Obi please. :) 7
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    Happy_Hobbit_Padawan: Thanks! And I guess your de-lurking spray must've worked. ;)

    dianethx: Hi! I've read some of your stories...I've been reading bits of Betrayal too, but haven't read the whole thing yet...anyway thanks for posting!

    jedi7: Here's more Obi and Qui. :D Well, more Obi anyway...

    diamond_pony2002: Yup. Poor everyone! :D Thanks for posting!

    5. Truth and Lies

    "I'm disappointed you're not dead, you know!"

    Who was...that?

    "Very disappointed, oh stupid little Padawan person."

    That wasn't my Master...or was it...please no...He opened his eyes and saw the grinning face of the Dreammaster.

    "Don'" Obi-Wan managed to groan out. "Or little."

    The Dreammaster ignored him and looked around. "Mind you," he said "I am quite impressed that you beat all the monsters.
    Very impressed, actually." He produced a glass from nowhere and filled it with water from the hole in the ground. "Take a drink. You deserve it. You've been pretty beaten up, by the way."

    "I'm sure I could have worked that out on my own." He was bleeding all over.

    "Yep," the Dreammaster said. Obi-Wan took a long drink. "Did you know that your Master sent the monsters?"

    Obi-Wan didn't spit out the water or drop the glass. Instead he simply stared at the Dreammaster and said "I don't believe you."

    "Then you should," the Dreammaster said casually. "He did."


    "You place far too much trust in him, dear little Kenobi."

    "He's my Master," Obi-Wan said stubbornly, and added "I love him."

    "Ha!" The Dreammaster snorted. "Perhaps you never considered that he doesn't love you?"

    I have....

    He swept all the images of what his Master had said before the Council away. Let them pile up in a corner of his mind. "Go away, would you?"

    "Are you trying to think of a way to get out of here, then?"

    "Yes. I need to. There's things happening in the real world, and I need to be there to help sort things out..."

    "Well, you won't be able to sort things out for a very long time, I regret to tell you. How would you react if I told you only one of you can leave this world alive?"

    Obi-Wan's throat went dry and a chill passed through him like a ghost.

    "You my Master?"

    "Fast, aren't you?"

    "But can't...let it be my Master, then...let him live..."

    The Dreammaster looked straight at him. "You don't think he loves you, do you?"

    "Of course I know he loves me!"

    "Then why are you on opposing sides, genius? This is your heart and it doesn't lie, you know."

    Obi-Wan was silent.

    "Before you decide who lives and who dies, I thought I'd tell you some things about your Master," the Dreammaster said. "First of all, he did send the monsters, whether you believe me or not. Second of you know I can read people's minds?"

    "Many Jedi can do that..." A thought struck him. "You weren't once a Jedi, were you?"

    "No. The Jedi aren't high on my list of favourite people," he snapped. "Anyway, people's minds...I can read them as I choose."

    He glanced at the Padawan. "You're thinking're thinking how desperately you want to get home. You're thinking about your friends...there's a pretty blonde chick and a boy who looks...well, a bit like you really, and a Calamari girl. And a few others...and there's the Jedi Temple...hmm, nice place..."

    Obi-Wan nearly fell over backward. He'd never known anyone to do that before...when another Jedi read his mind, he felt them reading his mind...he hadn't felt that at all...

    "And I read your Master's mind," the Dreammaster continued casually. "He didn't notice. His mind is a seriously strange place...and a lot of very interesting things happened when you two were friends, right?"

    "We're still friends."

    "Maybe. Whatever. Anyway, I looked right inside his mind, and there was a girl..." and Obi-Wan guessed who he was talking about and felt his insides go slightly numb. "Or a woman. A beautiful
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    Must have got hit with that de-lurking spray. This is pretty darn good.
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    You can drop over anytime. I just posted another one update this morning...

    Now on to your story - That Dreammaster seems to be the one with multiple personalities - not Qui-Gon. Poor Obi-Wan. He's already seriously confused and likely to become more so before the game is done. I liked how you have Qui and Obi on the two sides of the tower (Obi's heart) - great image there.

    Looking forward to more.
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    I really like your Dreammaster character. I mean, I don't, because he's being mean to Obi and Qui and keeping them apart and twisting their words and everything. But he's fun to read. :)

    For one short second the Dreammaster looked almost human. "Hey kid," he snapped. "I didn't set out to use my powers this way, you know!" Hmmm. Wonder what he meant by that.
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    clark1016: Thank you. :)

    dianethx Obi and Qui have a lot to go through before the game's done. :( Here's some more, and thanks!

    Happy_Hobbit_Padawan: I love the Dreammaster. He's just so much fun to write. :D I imagine that the Dreammaster was sort of a Han Solo type, maybe more arrogant and cruel...and then he suddenly winds up with Dreammaster powers and finds himself servant to the evillest thing in the galaxy. Maybe I'll write that story someday. :) Anyway thanks for reading!

    Thanks to beta-reader Layren for helping me with this chapter...and putting up with my whining. :D

    6. An Unexpected Guest

    Qui-Gon had been waiting for what seemed like years and years. Maybe the Dreammaster was purposely not going to show up. He would never tell if Obi-Wan was alive or not....

    No. Don't think about it. There - is - no - way - he - could - be - dead.

    But of course there was a way he could be dead...this was all his fault....all of it.

    There was a loud cough from behind him and he turned to see the Dreammaster.

    "Are we worried?" he said sweetly.

    "Tell me," Qui-Gon said hurriedly. "Is my Padawan alright?"

    "Yeah, mostly. He's alive, if that's what you mean."

    Thank the Force...

    "So," the Dreammaster went on. "It's very boring here, isn't it?"

    "A little." he answered cautiously.

    "I think I ought to jazz things up a little...."

    This could be nothing but bad news. "No."

    "Maybe I could have you two hack each other to pieces..."

    "What?" He felt sick. Really and truly sick. Images flickered unbidden across his mind, each one more disturbing than the last. "Do you know how...easy it would be for me to take this," he reached for his lightsaber "and...kill you?"

    "Jedi don't seek revenge," the Dreammaster said idly. "Besides, what would you do without me?"

    Qui-Gon pulled his lightsabre from his belt and held it in his hand.

    "When one of you gets weaker, the other one gets stronger." the Dreammaster said brightly. "One of you will have to die for the other one to stay alive. I told that to your Padawan...seemed only fair that I tell you as well."

    "Then he will not be the one who dies," Qui-Gon whispered.

    "Won't he? He does so care about you..."

    "And I care for him." the Master whispered. "I do."

    "Mmmm-hmmm. I'm sure you do. But I do so like the idea of both of you, trying to kill each other..." There was a zing and a flash of light and Qui-Gon stood up with his lightsaber ignited. He swung it in the Dreammaster's direction...and missed. One glare from the demon and it deactivated in his hand.

    "Temper, temper," the Dreammaster said, but Qui-Gon could tell that he was angry. Or frightened...

    Qui-Gon sank to the sand in despair. The Dreammaster still hovered around. "Want more water?" He produced a glass.

    "No! Not after what happened last time..."

    "But you can't survive for too long without it...remember?"

    "I feel fine now." That's a bit strange, come to think of it...

    "Oh yeah...that's because your Padawan's been hurt," the Dreammaster said. "Remember...when one of you gets weaker...."


    The Dreammaster sat back, his eyes closed. Then suddenly he shot up. "Ha! It's perfect..."


    "Ah, you just stay there..." the Dreammaster said cheerfully. "You'll be getting a visitor very shortly...."

    He flew up into the sky. Qui-Gon tried to follow him with his eyes, but he lost him in the black part of the sky. Then he heard footsteps behind him.


    He knew who it was and joy and fear hit him all at once. "Xan?"

    He turned around. The black-haired young man who the Jedi Master thought he'd never see again was standing behind him. He was grinning. Grinning wickedly, but Qui-Gon didn't notice. can't be....

    But it was.

  21. Happy_Hobbit_Padawan Jedi Master

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    Grinning wickedly, but Qui-Gon didn't notice.

  22. CYNICAL21 Jedi Padawan

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    f_o_w - I wish I had time to read and review your lovely fic, but I don't - not right now anyway, and I'm sure you can figure out why.

    But I wanted to make sure I took the time to express my gratitude for your kind words and thoughtful support during this dark time of my life - and David shares my appreciation.

    We won't forget it.

  23. dianethx Jedi Master

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    Oh, dear. When Qui gets better, Obi gets worse. This is not good. And then there is Xanatos - always stirring the pot!!!

    Does that mean if Qui-Gon hurts himself in some way, Obi-Wan would get better????

    Keep it up!
  24. clark1016 Jedi Youngling

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    How did I manage to miss the update?!
    And now you just throw Xan into the mix to really make things interesting.

    This is a neat concept for a story, by the way. Keep it coming.
  25. female_obi_wan Jedi Youngling

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    Ack! I've been planning a post but don't have it yet [face_blush] (Darth Schoolwork, ya see) so I'll just do the replies now and get the post up here during the week or something :D

    Happy_Hobbit_Padawan: First, thank you so much for nominating the Dreammaster for the OC awards [face_love] And Xan will certainly be spreading trouble in the dreamworld...;)

    CYN: You guys take care of yourselves. You'll be in my thoughts.

    dianethx: You'll see ;)

    clark1016: Thank you! :)

    However, even though I didn't post here I have just put the 41st post (arggggghhhh...) on GST: Making at Before The I suppose if you want you could go check that out. (and even if you don't want...check it out anyway) ;) Just kidding. Thanks to you all for reading!
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