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Shared Soul (JA / Obi & Qui Hurt mental/physical)finally UPDATED 11/10 Please give it a try.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Kampfzwerg, Jun 20, 2002.

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  1. Kampfzwerg

    Kampfzwerg Jedi Youngling

    Mar 31, 2002
    A/N: Sorry for taking me so long, but I had a lot on my mind recently. Thank you very much for your reviews. I'll trie to regard the advices.


    Qui-Gon sank back down in the seat and starred at the black holo. His thoughts were racing. He couldn?t believe what he had just seen.
    As the holo began to flicker again, he quickly brushed the salty tracks away, which the tears had left behind.
    Then a holo of Xanatos appeared. He sniffled dramatically, as he turned to Qui-Gon. ?Now, if that wasn?t touching.?

    The Jedi master didn?t react, couldn?t react. Xanatos leaned forward, a grin on his face. ?Hello, dark to light side. Anyone at home??

    ?Why??, Qui-Gon asked slowly, not able to say more.

    The grin on the dark Jedi?s face disappeared. ?You know exactly why!?, he growled.

    ?No, I mean, why did you change so much??, the master asked like numbed.

    Xanatos looked at him coldly. ?I didn?t change. I was always like this. You were just to blind to see it.? He pondered for a moment. ?Hard to see the dark side is?, he continued mocking. ?Even today you don?t recognize it.?

    ?What is that suppose to mean??, Qui-Gon asked frowning.

    ?Did you really think your beloved Padawan would have even thought, that YOU were responsible for Tahl`s dead, if I hadn?t used the force on him? No. Not you. To him, everything that?s good and equitable is unified in you. You were the light to him, that could bring him back of the deepest darkness. No. He didn?t blame you. Far from it. He blamed himself. Had been eaten up by the feelings of guild.? The dark Jedi laughed loudly. ?Even I saw it. Why didn?t you??

    The masters throat tightened, banned all air out of his lungs. Was it possible? Had the feelings of guild chased Obi-Wan all this years? Why hadn?t he told him a word? And why had he, his own master, not seen it?

    ?You want to know why??, Xanatos asked with cold tone, as if he had sensed the thoughts. ?Because you shut yourself off, so you couldn?t get hurt again. And so you didn?t see, that, in the end, you hurt him.?

    Again the dark-haired man laughed. ?I should?ve become a psychiatrist.?, he sighed dramatically. ?With that today?s session is finished.? Laughing about his own joke, he turned off the Comlink.


    Black. Everything around her was black. And silent. Panic overtook her, as the darkness began to creep up her legs. The cold, which the black brought about, send a shiver down her spine. Inhaling deeply, she fought the fear. Then she searched for the last bit of warmth, that was left in her body. But the cold seemed to be her permanent companion, recently. She couldn?t remember the last time, she felt warmth?could she? Yes, for sure she could.

    ?I swear by the moon and the stars in the skies, I will always be with you. Deep in here. And I will always believe in you."

    How long had it been? One hour? One day? But at this place, all sense of time were gone.

    What?s that? Danielle narrowed her eyes, as in some distance, a light began to part the darkness. Like hypnotised, she walked slowly towards the light. ?Danielle.? Where did that came from? A warm wind, had brought the voice to her. But whose was it?


    ?How are the drugs working??

    ?The girl is still asleep. But when she wakes up, we will see how it will affect her.?

    ?Good.? Xanatos opened the fat door and entered the cell, Chan behind him. Danielle slept shivering and rolled up in a corner. Obi-Wan`s cloak entwined her tightly.

    ?Hey, sleeping beauty.?, Xanatos said, as he kneeled beside Danielle. ?Wake up.? He gripped her shoulder and shook her roughly.

    It didn?t last long until her eyes opened slowly. She blinked against the light, which was falling through the open cell door, and tried to adjust her eyes to the brightness. Then her gaze fell on the form before her. She gasped and struggled in an upright position. She starred at him and let out a sigh of relief. Then a smile crept on her face.

    Xanatos were surprised, as he looked in this warm, green eyes. Never ever had someone looked at him wit
  2. Kampfzwerg

    Kampfzwerg Jedi Youngling

    Mar 31, 2002

    ?The last place, the ship has been seen was on Tatooine. It was said, he sold some slaves and left the planet afterwards, immediately. That?s uncommon for Chan. Usually, he looks for new ?goods?.?, informed Reeft.

    ?And where is he now??, Qui-Gon asked over the Comlink. His voice betrayed nothing of his inner turmoil.

    ?He will be on his way to Rishi.?

    ?Thanks for your help?and your silence.?, the Jedi master answered quietly.

    ?There is nothing to thank for?just bring Obi-Wan back in one piece.?, Reeft replied with a small smile.

    ?Don?t believe a word he?s saying, master Jinn.? Garen came in sight, a big grin on his face. ?He just wants his ship back.?

    ?Haha,? Reeft replied sarcastically and tried to push Garen back out of sight. ?I?m?not?like?you.? He hissed, as his friend struggled against his tries to push him out of the picture.

    ?But?you?d be ?glad to.?, Garen hissed back, still a big grin on his face. Only when Qui-Gon shut down the link without another word, the two stopped and starred wondering at the Communication unit. ?Did we say something wrong??


    It hurt to see Garen and Reeft joking together. It brought back memories. Memories of the cheeky grin an Obi-Wan`s face. Of his warm smile. Of his hearty laugh. Of the glint in those blue/green stars.
    And it brought knowledge. The knowledge that, maybe, he would never see those things again. Would never share laughter with him again. Never gleam with pride again, when the other masters wondered to whom this talented Padawan in the training halls belonged. And at worst, he would never feel the goodness and warmth of this pure heart again.


    The sun shined softly through the boughs of the big trees. Birds chirped happily. The lovely smell of flowers was in the air, calmed the senses and the spirit.

    But not all spirits.

    Only a trained eye could see the big man, who fought his way unseen through the forest.

    Never ever had the Jedi Meister imagined, that a planet with such beauty, could be full of so much injustice. An irony, that could brake ones heart.

    He reached out with all his senses and with the help of the force; searched his surroundings. Everything around him seemed to be alive. Everything around him seemed to notice him. And it seemed, everything around him wanted him to be happy. He heard the chirp of the birds and felt them send impulses of the force. As if to encourage him; as if they wanted to say: ?Have no fear, everything will be alright.?

    But he couldn?t believe it; as much as he tried. And he would only be happy again, when he would have his family back; when Obi-Wan would be at his side again.


    They stepped out in the warm sun; out of the cold ship. Danielle stopped to breathe in the fresh air and to be bathed in the bright sunlight.

    ?Go on,? a guard barged and pushed her roughly forward.

    ?Tisk, tisk. That?s no manner to treat a beautiful lady.?, Xanatos mocked and stepped beside Danielle. He watched her. ?Someone told me, that a Padawan prevented the attack on Yoda. But it was no Padawan. It was you, right?? He studied her face, searching for any reaction. As he didn?t found one, he sighed. ?It?s hard to find a good sniper, today.? Again no sign of change in her empty gaze. ?Too bad. If you hadn?t saved the little troll, I hadn?t been forced to kill Jinn`s naïve apprentice.?

    A satisfied smile crawled on his face, as she started to take flat, quick breaths.
    But when she turned to him, he almost backed away. Cause, for one tiny moment another emotion crawled in her eyes. For a tiny second, a knowledge could be seen in those empty crystals. There were no anger, no rage, no hate. Just a calm knowledge that said: ?With that, you?ve signed your own death sentence.?


    Finally he was there. After the short trip through the forest, what felt like an eternity to him, he was finally standing in front of the slavers giant ship.

    His adrenalin rose immeasurably, as he was this near to his destination. Nevertheless his mind stayed clouded of concern, made it n
  3. Kampfzwerg

    Kampfzwerg Jedi Youngling

    Mar 31, 2002


    Qui-Gon hurried to the still form of his apprentice, on the other side of the room.

    ?Padawan!?, he called full of worry.

    \*\Not anymore.\*\

    He stopped, stood breathless for a moment, glaring down at the lifeless face. Then he slowly kneeled beside Obi-Wan.

    ?Oh, what has he done to you, my Padawan??, Qui-Gon whispered, as he softly caressed the wounded face with a trembling hand.

    \*\No. Not worthy.\*\

    ?Oh force.? He was so cold. His skin so pale. His lips so deadly blue.

    The Jedi master stared in the half opened, empty eyes of his padawan and it almost looked like he was gazing back. But there was no reaction. ?Hey,? Qui-Gon said softly. ?that?s not funny, Obi-Wan. ? He waited, hoped against all hope that his apprentice would began to grin and laugh at him. As if all had been a bad joke. But nothing happened.

    \*\I?m sorry\*\

    Qui-Gon laid a trembling hand on Obi-Wan?s neck, feeling for the pulse. He held his breath and began to count silently.

    But as he reached twenty, he still didn?t feel this rhythmic beat, which would have given his heart so much relieve. He drew back his hand and took a deep breath, which almost ended in a sob.


    Qui-Gon closed his eyes and collected the force around him. With a loud click, the collar opened. The Jedi master removed it carefully. He then closed his eyes again and felt deep inside himself, searching for the bright place that represented his bond with his padawan. His heart skipped a beat as he reached out and looked for the force signature of Obi-Wan. But he couldn?t feel the bond. The bright light was gone.

    ?No,? Qui-Gon whispered as his heart shattered in thousand pieces and burned in his chest like fire. Like numbed he starred in these empty, blue-green stars, as a picture of Xanatos? satisfied grin burned in his mental eye.

    ?NO!?, Qui-Gon screamed full of anger, whirled around and hit his lightsaber with all his might against the stone floor. With a loud crack, a piece dismantled from the edge of the saber. Stone-fragments splintered from the bottom. ?You will pay for this, Xanatos, you will pay!? The words came cracked out of his mouth, as the emotions tied up his throat.

    \*\Please don?t\*\

    The big Jedis shoulders began to shake as huge sobs echoed in the dark cell.
    Slowly Qui-Gon turned back to Obi-Wan. ?I?m so sorry,? he whispered with chocked voice, while he laid his arms around Obi-Wan, drew him slowly close and laid his forehead on his Padawans. ?I?m so sorry.?

    \*\No, please.\*\

    ?Please don?t leave me,? he whispered heartbroken. ?You are my light. You can?t just leave me to the darkness.?


    ?Tahl`s death wasn?t your fault?it was mine.?

    \*\No, master.\*\

    ?There was nothing you could have done better. I am so proud of you. So very proud.?

    Slowly her rocked the still form back and force. Bitter tears streamed down his face and dripped on Obi-Wan`s cheeks, where they unnoticed joined other tears.


    ?This is your last chance,? Xanatos said, as he stood in front of Danielle. His voice could barely be heard over the noises of the market. Everywhere were people screaming sums, biding for slaves. People, if young or old, if man or woman, if human or twilek or something else, were roughly pulled up on podiums and were offered for sale. Most of them were thin, a way too thin, and wounded and dirty. But no one cared.

    ?Join me.? Xanatos offered menacingly and grabbed her shoulders. Danielle didn?t react, didn?t retreat or shook of his hands.
    He stepped behind her, leaned over her shoulder and whispered in her ear. ?I can heal your wounds.? He drew back and leaned over to her other ear. ?ALL your wounds.? But Danielle just stood there, her empty eyes looking dully on the crowd of people.

    ?Come on.? Xanatos barked and stepped back in front of her, grabbing the ripped tunica-shirt. He pulled her so close, they were nose to nose. ?Your only other choice is to be sold to one of these monsters.? He looked over his shoulder and indicated to a crowd of me
  4. Kampfzwerg

    Kampfzwerg Jedi Youngling

    Mar 31, 2002


    The missing of his purse let him feel uneasy. Memories of Xanatos flashed through his mind. Memories of the betrayal, of the hurt.
    But also this feelings hadn?t let him sleep very well the last days, he das slept in today.

    He woke from the blinding light of the sun shining on his face. Blinking against the brightness he turned to the side. The first clear sight that met his eyes were ginger spikes glowing golden and the sweet face of his fourteen year old apprentice, leaning his head on the edge of the masters bed, asleep. The rays of sunshine illuminated Obi-Wan?s face and he looked like an angel. Seemingly oblivious to the problems of the galaxy. Seemingly oblivious to the masters troubled mind. Like all peace, sweetness and innocent were unified in one person.

    Qui-Gon couldn?t help but reach out and caress the smooth checks of the boy. An unconscious smile crept to the Padawans face and he le out a small sigh. Qui-Gon returned the smile and moved his hand to the padawan braid, feeling the softness of it.

    Obi-Wan grunted in protest. The masters smile grew wider.

    Finally Obi-Wan opened sleepy eyes. When he saw the grinning face of his mentor, he smiled again and straightened. ?G?d monig, maser,? he mumbled sleepily.

    ?Good morning, Padawan.? Qui-Gon replied with an amused expression. ?Why are you sleeping with your head on my bed? Did you brake yours again??

    ?It wasn?t my fault back then! I just sat on it and it broke down.? Obi-Wan answered. ?And no, this time it?s still in one piece.? Obi-Wan?s cheeks blushed. ?I just wanted to bring you breakfast, but you were still asleep and I couldn?t bring myself to wake you. So I decided to wait.?

    ?Breakfast??, the master asked, sitting up.

    ?Yes.? Obi-Wan eagerly stood up and moved to the desk, where he had placed a tray earlier. ?Here,? he said and placed the tray on the masters legs.

    Qui-Gon looked confused. ?Thank you, Padawan. But what is that for??

    Obi-Wan smirked. ?Don?t tell me you forgot your own birthday?!?

    ?Birthday, right. But how do you know??

    ?I asked master Yoda.?

    Qui-Gon sighed. ?I told him not to tell you.? At the hurt expression on the boy?s face, he hastily continued. ?So you wouldn?t remind me that I?m continually getting older.?

    ?But you?re not getting old.? Obi-Wan smirked again. ?Well, okay you?re already getting a lot of grey hair, but inwardly you?re not old.?

    Qui-Gon laughed out loud. ?Thanks, brat.?

    ?Oh, here.? The fourteen year old pulled a little packed out of his tunica and handed it to his master. ?Happy birthday, master.?

    Qui-Gon hesitated. ?What is it??, he asked, slowly gripping the package.

    ?Open it.? Obi-Wan ordered impatient.

    Slowly the master removed the lit of the little box and cautiously lifted a ceramic statue. He nearly gasped when a miniature figure of himself and his padawan, starred back at him. The mini Qui-Gon had a prideful hand on his padawans shoulder, wearing an even more prideful look on his face and Obi-Wan smiled brightly. The figures seemed to be alive, so precise was it. The tiniest detail of their lightsabers, the beads of Obi-Wan?s Padawan braid, everything was there.

    Qui-Gon looked up and instantly saw the worried face of Obi-Wan. He could easily read the thought behind it.
    ?He don?t like it.?
    Still searching for the right words, the master said. ?I?m speechless, Padawan. Thank you very much.? ?You really thought you lost the hundred Daktaries back then? ?Qui-Gon frowned. ?But how did you pay for this??

    Obi-Wan blushed and sheepishly answered: ?I made it myself.?

    ?You made this?? Qui-Gon asked surprised.

    Obi-Wan nodded: ?I used the holoimage, made on the day we won the master-padawan-team-combat.?

    Qui-Gon looked at the statue again, awed. Minutes passed as he caressed the fine lies. Then he looked up again. ?You?re very talented, Obi-Wan. It?s really beautiful. It?s perfect. Thank you very much.?

    Obi-Wan smiled widely. ?You?re welcome.?

    One hour later

    ?Obi-Wan.? Qui-Gon said with force
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